Week 13

Week 13

Measuring Stick

The New England Patriots have been the kings of the AFC East for the last decade, and Tom Brady can’t play forever, so eventual someone will challenge them, and unseat them from the throne.  All empires come to an end, and even though the Patriots appear  to be in the driver’s seat, and on cruise control to win the division, their time in the sun is coming to an end.  The question is, will the Miami Dolphins be the team, that can dethrone them, and create the next dynasty in the AFC East.  At the moment it appears that the Jets are on the decline, and the Bills can’t seem to even find which way to go.  The Phins appear to have finally found a coach and QB to build their team around, so it will be interesting to see how they measure up against the Patriots at this early juncture in their career.

If the Phins are going to beat the Pats this year, then this will be the game they do it.  I really don’t see them winning a late December game in New England, so their best chance to score a victory would be this Sunday in Miami.  The Patriots have been on a roll winning 5 in a row, and Tom Brady is in one of his zone’s, where he has not thrown a pick during the winning streak.  I don’t know why, but one of the few teams in the league that has given Brady trouble in the past, has been the Dolphins in Miami.  If the Phins can find a way to get a steady pass rush on Brady, then there is a good chance they can create a few costly turnovers.  The other key to the game will be if the Phins can parlay their impressive running performance from last game into this game.  This will be key, because not only will a solid running game move the chains for the phins offense, but it will more importantly be the best defense against Tom Brady, because it will keep him off the field, and if he isn’t on the field, than he can’t hurt you.

The current line on the best sportsbook on the web has the Miami Dolphins as the +7 point underdogs.  What is odd, is that this line has not budged all week, and after seeing the Patriots average 43.8 points over their last 5 games, and the Dolphins only averaging 19.2 points a game this season, it would appear on paper that the Phins should get the doors blown off them, and the spread should be a lot larger.  This seems like a trap for football gambling fans, with them all pounding the Patriots giving only -7 points, and putting them in parlays, and teasers.  I think the Phins actually have a chance to win this game, and I would not be surprised if the Phins won by a touchdown, which would not only ruin every straight bet wagered on the Patriots, but it would cause all money line parlays, and special teasers to lose as well.


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