Week 3

Week 3

Can the Phins shoot down the Jets this Sunday?

Each year the Miami Dolphins play the hated New York Jets twice, once at home and once away.  For the past decade we have predominately been a poor team, however whenever we beat the Jets I feel like it has the power to wash away the memories of a bad season.  Obviously I want the Dolphins to win a bunch of games and make the playoffs, but if you told me the Dolphins would only win 6 games in each season over the next two years and lose to the Jets all for times, or we would win only 3 games this season and 2 next year and beat the Jets four times, I would hands down take the latter choice.  I hate the fucking Jets, and their fans, and I am from New York.  When I was 12 and went to the game with my father, where Marino faked the spike and threw a touchdown to win the game, I was dressed from head to toe in my Dolphins gear, and even though I was a young kid, I had to sit there and get abused all game by those asshole fans.  I mean give me a break, what other organization in sports has their fans verbally assaulting 12 year children, who are fans of the opposing team.

Now with a pivotal game approaching on Sunday in Miami, I would like to see phins fans pack the stadium and support our boys, so we can shoot down these Jets.  Santonio Holmes has already publicly ridiculed our secondary, which is ironic because he is the same guy that threw a hissy fit under the pressure in the last game when the Jets season was still sitting in the balance.  If anyone on that team should keep their mouth shut it should clearly be him.  In response, Sean Smith, said it plain and simple “we are not worried because we will let our playing do the talking.”  This statement gave me a new found respect for Sean Smith.

This is going to be a tough hard fought, nail bitter of a game, because these teams know each other so well, and that is what happens when they play each other.  After last weeks performance by the Dolphins, I truly believe we can parlay that win into another winning performance against the Jets, however it is not going to be as easy.  The Jets definitely have a better defense then the Raiders, so football gambling fans should not expect to see another 35 point performance by our offense.  This game should be a real dog fight, with both defenses taking control of the game.  The game is going to be won by turnovers and special teams, so only time will tell.

The Dolphins started off as the +3 point underdog for the game and have now seen some heavy action from football gambling fans, and are currently only +1 1/2.  I don’t usually like to see this heavy of a move in one direction, look at what happened Thursday night when all the football gambling fans bet the Panthers from -1 up to -3.  That didn’t turn out to well for football gambling fans wagering on the Panthers.  Regardless, I would bet with my heart and there is no way I would ever say to take the Jets laying the points in Miami, so obviously my opinion is heavily biased.  But I truly believe we have a strong shot at winning this game.



  • Jake

    Agreed. I hate the freaking Jets and their douche bag fans. Have been a Dolphins fan all my life and have been on the fin roller coaster a long time. Hoping they can pull it out today more than ever. Would be a fantastic victory for all us Fin fans. Any win over the Jets and Pats is Super Bowl caliber for me. GO FINS!!!!!

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