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Zach Brown V.S. Dolphins Front Office

Zach Brown V.S. Dolphins Front Office

Brown is now a Redskin... was the Dolphins FO too cheap?

Brown is now a Redskin… was the Dolphins FO too cheap?

Brown has a chance to show Miami they were wrong but were they?

I’m not sure how this one will turn out: Zach Brown V.S. Miami’s Front Office.

Brown just signed a one-year deal with the Washington Redskins worth up to $4.65 million. Miami could have had him for around 6 million per year but chose to stick to their guns at a one-year deal with a value of 3-4 million. He thought he deserved more, and it seems that the Skins thought so as well.

Of course, the Redskins have a history or overpaying… Fin Fans are hoping it continues.

The Dolphins are now left with Koa Misi and two chances to fill out the position and/or get someone better.

Without Brown, they must use a premium chip to get someone to fill the position. They could use a later pick and wait for another vet to shake free post draft or after the Post Season. But that’s a shot in the dark that could leave a big hole in the defense. That’s not even taking into account Misi’s injury history, which most  NFL football betting fans think is likely to continue.

Brown wasn’t the most sought after Free Agent… that says something

This will put pressure on the Front Office to get this right. If Brown has an excellent season and the Dolphins brass strikes out, then this could be a big hole in their resume and the foothold that critics of Mike Tannenbaum use to voice cries for change.

But, the script can be flipped the other way as well. If Brown flops and the FO brings in a winner, then it would be a big and bright and shiny feather in their cap.

Either way, this will be a critical crossroads, not only in the Front Offices’ future but likely in the 2017 season as well. SAM Linebacker will now have a bright light a highlighting on it as the Guard position as a reason for this year success or failure.


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  • Steve

    Lesson’s learned or Lesson’s not learned?
    Miami Dolphins: 5 Best and Worst 1st-Round Picks in Team History
    5th-Best: Troy Vincent The ex-Badger is a five-time Pro-Bowler (1999-2003) and three-time All-Pro (2000-02). Vincent has 47 career interceptions,
    5th-Worst: Sammie Smith
    The ex-Seminole amassed 1881 career rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns but is mostly remembered for his 17 fumbles as a Dolphin.
    4th-Best: Richmond Webb Webb is a seven-time Pro Bowler (1990-96) and four-time All Pro (1992-95).
    Dan Marino’s longtime left tackle is in the Dolphins’ Ring of Honor and is a candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
    4th-Worst: Jamar Fletcher
    the Dolphins selected Wisconsin cornerback Jamar Fletcher with 26th overall pick. In his eight-year career, the ex-Badger started 12 games and posted seven interceptions.
    As salt in the wound, the New Orleans Saints selected quarterback Drew Brees six picks after Fletcher.
    3rd-Best: Bob Griese The Boilermaker standout was a two-time AFL All-Star (1967-68), six-time Pro-Bowler (1970-71, 1973-74, 1977-78), two-time NFL MVP (1971, 1978) and two-time Super Bowl champion (VII, VIII). Griese and Earl Morrall led the 1972-73 Miami Dolphins to the NFL’s only undefeated season.

    3rd-Worst: John Avery Avery played three seasons in the NFL with the Dolphins, Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings. The diminutive (5’9″, 190 lbs) former Rebel accumulated 639 career yards from scrimmage and scored four touchdowns.
    2nd-Best: Larry Csonka In 1968, the Miami Dolphins selected Syracuse running back Larry Csonka with the eighth overall pick. Csonka bulled his way into the Pro Football Hall of Fame by rushing for 8081 yards and 68 touchdowns. The Ohio native was a five-time Pro-Bowler (1970-74), three-time All-Pro (1971-73), two-time Super Bowl champion (VII, VIII) and the Super Bowl VIII Most Valuable Player. Csonka was known for his toughness and a nose that was broken repeatedly throughout his football career.

    2nd-Worst: Eric Kumerow
    In 1988, the Dolphins selected Ohio State defensive end Eric Kumerow with the 16th overall pick. In three seasons with Miami, Kumerow failed to start a game and only registered five career sacks.

    Best: Dan Marino Miami’s first-round selection of the 1983 draft was none other than Dan Marino at 27th overall. Marino is the best Dolphin of all time and arguably among the best quarterbacks in NFL history.
    The first-ballot Hall of Famer passed for 61,361 yards and 420 touchdowns in his storied 17-season career. Marino still holds various NFL records.

    Worst: Dion Jordan The third overall selection of the 2013 NFL draft has turned out to be former general manager Jeff Ireland’s crown jewel. Ireland traded up to the third slot by giving up Miami’s first- (No. 12) and second-round (No. 42) picks to the Oakland Raiders for the right to draft Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan.
    After starting one game in two seasons and producing three sacks, Jordan has been suspended for the entire 2015 season. The ex-Duck violated the NFL’s policy for performance-enhancing substances for a third time. Recently released from the March Dolphins 2017

  • Steve

    Defensive End is a position of need and Walker would really be a nice picked up at the 3rd round.

    Demarcus Walker Ranked 97th about 10 Best DE

    Another reason the Dolphins should trade out of the 1st round for more picks.

    This DE is under the radar really a beast!
    Defensive End Ranked 13th Ranked 124th in draft prospect
    Tanoh Kpassagnon || Most Underrated Player in College …


  • Steve

    Hello Dol-Fans

    Another scenario: What are the Pro’s and Con’s IF! The Dolphins traded out of the 1st round completely?

    Each draft under this management we go further into debt trading away our draft picks and it appears we come up short?

    I would bet! This management will fine away to trade away some of 2018 draft picks on a gamble for a player who will not pan out again?

    As a Fan I would like to see us in the surplus with draft picks. Had it not been for compensational picks how many picks would the Dolphins have in this 2017 draft?

    • Dunner

      I am all for trading out of the first round with a team that has one the top 5 picks in the second round. As a Miami fan I can only hope that the QBs don’t start to get picked until the 20’s that would increase the value of our 22nd pick and we can maximize the return.

      If the QBs (4) do start to come off the borard before the 20’s, that could also work in our favor; meaning 4 players that would have been taken or deserve to be taken prior to the top 4 QBs could slide and be available at 22.

      So it will be a interesting Thursday night (less than 3 weeks away 🙂 🙂 🙂 ). Either way I believe we are in a decent spot even though it is at 22. In a perfect world we trade down 11 spots and some how get Cleveland’s two # 2’s (33 & 52) or get their second rounder (#33) and third rounder (65).

  • Dunner

    There is a hole at the OLB spot (Sam). Misi can not be counted on, unless they view and/or think that Trevor Reilly is a possible “Sam” backer? He seems to have the size (6’5, 245) to play there, can he take on and shed a pulling lineman? To me this is a hint that a LBer very well could be the pick at 22.

    One thing that Bushrod and Larsen provide the O-Line with is availability. I truly believe that Gase feels totally comfortable w Bushrod at guard. He did improve as the season went on, after all last season was his first season playing guard. Key to the O-Line will be Pouncey. If Larsen and Bushrod are the starters our line will be fine if Pouncey is in the line-up. Not sure how comfortable I feel relying on Pouncey?

    I don’t see safety and CB as pressing needs. We have 3 fifth round picks and I’m thinking that is where you will see both those positions addressed. Of coarse I’m all for taking Sydney Jones in the third. That leaves us with a dire need at LBer/Guard/DE. 3 picks in the first 3 rounds, would not be surprised to see each position filled within those 3 rounds!

    If we had a game this Sunday we could field a team, covering every position except the “Sam” LBer spot. Serviceable guards are on the team. Again, another reason why I don’t see them taking a guard at 22.

    • Lemmus

      “If Larsen and Bushrod are the starters our line will be fine if Pouncey is in the line-up.”

      …look Dun, whatever it is you’re smoking (and it must be some good sh*t) may I point you to your beloved PFF stats on that duo …saying that Bushrod “improved” over the last part of ’16 is like saying that Turnstile Thomas “improved” over the 1st four games of ’16 …both still stunk to high heaven …when you’re stuck in a bottomless well, just keeping your head above water may be an improvement over drowning but it’s not getting you out of the well, eh

      …unfortunately, I agree with you that the 22nd will likely now be the best available LB …what I don’t agree with is that there will be a starting caliber G available at 54, much less at 97

      …as of now our starting OL is worse than it was in Jan
      …Albert is gone, Tunsil is in his LT slot with little experience
      …Larsen, a 4 time fail on other teams, replaces Tunsil at LG
      …Pouncy at center until he inevitably gets hurt again …no real bu
      …Bushrod, the lowest rated G in the entire NFL last year is at RG
      …James is at RT and the jury is still out on him
      …and Urbik, Steen, and another warm body are the backups

      …what puzzles the heck out of me is how anyone thinks that OL will be “fine” against our ’17 schedule …imnsho, if that is our starting OL come August, we’ll be lucky to be 6-10 come Jan …damn lucky

      …my sole hope rests on Gase

      • Dunner

        That is exactly how I feel; “my sole hope rests on Gase”. I agree with you about Bushrod, but I don’t see our line any worse than last years with Pouncey in the line up. That is the worst case scenario. I believe there is a starting guard at 54, though I’m not sure we take one there. I was starting to feel as though we were going to take Lamp at 22. The more I listen to the “pro’s”, read articles, I don’t think that we will take a guard at 22. Unless Reddick is there, I don’t see us taking a LBer either. All smells like a trade down to accumulate another 2nd and/or third round pick. Every extra pick in the 2nd and 3rd rounds can very valuable in this years draft.

      • admin

        I see the ray of light as this… although, it’s thin: ‘We have only so many bullet, we don’t want to sacrifice the future, so we must focus our limited bullets on THE most critical positions that will get Miami into the playoffs. DE, LB ( for this season at least) are more critical than the critical need of G’s due to the fact that 8 games will be played against 3-4 defenses, and against those schemes the role of the G is just to double. Not saying I’m totally sold, but at least there is a possible rationale. I agree it’s thin, and I’m a bit concerned, but the draft will bring a lot of clarity to the picture.

        • Lemmus

          “the role of the G is just to double” …I especially love the “just” bit

          …if the Gs can’t “just” double the the NT and the DE then Ajayi goes nowhere …its very difficult to run outside against a well played 3-4 …the most effective attack has been to double team the NT and a DE and run it inside …but if your OGs can’t get it done …well, you “just” lost, eh

          …and it’s not just “thin” mj, its Salquero bs …lines like that are, imnsho, why his role was downsized by the Herald before the season ended last year

          …and then of course, 8 teams are only half the schedule …will we be “fine” against their 4-3s? …inquiring minds want to know, eh

          …we need TWO OGs, mj …ones who can do a mite more than “just” double …4 other teams have clearly said Larsen couldn’t get it done …and PFF made it clear that Bushrod didn’t

          …I’m well aware that we need defense from this draft …I just don’t agree that we’ll be “fine” with our current OL …and I’m not buying any rationale that tries to downplay the need to finally fix it …really fix it …this year …now

          …not bashing you, just trying to point out the kool-aid that Salquero is pushing

  • Dunner

    All this points to is a LBer taken at 22??? Why else would they not pony up an extra 1.5 mil (scheme fit/player)?

  • Stephen Fabrizio

    The team needed to reach and pay this guy the $6 million. Misi is average at best, not to mention a neck injury that he is recovering from. Need an OLB at #22 or at the very least in the 2nd round if we take a Guard at #22.

    • Lemmus


      • Lemmus

        …Misi will be ok as bu LB, he can play all 3 positions but is no longer a sure starter at any and is an injury away from forced retirement…that leaves us with a hole at OLB that must now be addressed in the draft …the only “good” note is that this draft is deep in starting caliber LBs

        …neither Bushrod nor Larsen are starting caliber Gs imnsho …both are retreads from other teams who showed little ability in ’16 to competently fill a starting role …that leaves us with 2 major holes at LG and RG that must now be addressed in the draft …and this draft is G poor …even the top rated G this year would have been a 3rd rounder in the 2 previous draft classes according to several scout reports …and there are a number of teams expected to take OL in the 1st round including GB in serious need of a G and just behind us …which becomes a real issue in considering any trade down, much as we could use an xtra pick

        …and with only 3 picks in rounds 1-4, we still have real depth needs at DT/DE/S/CB …so even if the FO pulls a rabbit out draft wise, its very likely that post draft we will still have serious deficiencies

        …which leaves us trying to fill those holes from the waiver wire where 21 teams will have priority over us …good luck with that

    • admin

      I agree Stephen, IF they don’t find another solution. I’ll give them this draft to find a fix. But the SLB and G situation are keys to their competence. IF they do a 2015 and think they are smarter than their abilities, then I will lose a lot of confidence… If they pull this off, then they will enter the top level of talent acquisition. If they don’t they will end up fools.