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Williams Won’t Sign And James Gets 5th Year Option

Williams Won’t Sign And James Gets 5th Year Option

Williams is seeming more pouty than professional by still refusing to sign his tender.

Williams is seeming more pouty than professional by refusing to sign his tender.

Williams really showed a lot of maturity in 2016, despite missing a team meeting

Right Tackle Ja’Wuan James has had his fifth year option exercised by the Miami Dolphins, but on the flip side, Damien Williams is still refusing to sign his tender.

With voluntary workouts underway, it seems like Williams is choosing reverting to the type of attitude that has had him floundering for most of his career.

Yes, Williams will have to sign his tender or sit the entire year. So he will sign sooner or later.

But Williams need reps, needs to display leadership, and needs to be in the right mindset to raise his level from last year. And that’s what it’s going to take to get him the contract he thinks he deserves.

So far his career has had highlights riddled by immaturity and inconsistency. Williams is a talent– no doubt, but the prime reason he hasn’t made a bigger impact in the NFL is mostly due to himself. He played hard his first year and even generated some talk about being a surprise player of the year in 2015. But fumbles and inconsistency had him fall into Philbin’s doghouse.

Maybe he believed the hype and rested on his laurels? Could this be repeat? Maybe he thought his highlights last year earned him the right to a payday this year? It seems like he shines every other year… and it looks like this is brewing to be another down year.

Williams might find this isn’t a winning move for him

Williams will be a back-up Running Back, but he’s the best 3rd down blocking back on the squad who is strong and fast enough to break the big play, and he also offers a lot of versatility. Is he essential? No. But, he is a very nice quantity to have on this offense. Maybe he just wants an excuse to skip the workouts.

While the Mike Tannenbaum is reinforcing that these are voluntary practices… it’s with a wink-wink to any NFL football fan. And Damien, whether he realizes it or not, it projecting an image that has cost many players under the Gase regime. Certain players could miss these practices and not miss a beat–prime example is Suh. Damien’s history shows he’s likely not one of them. Gase and the rest of the NFL is watching. And this won’t likely end the way Williams thinks.

On a good note, James will be back in 2018.

Yes, James had several terrible plays that cost the Dolphins huge and nearly sent Tannehill to the hospital a couple of times. But he rebounded very nice and ended the season as Miami’s best Offensive Linemen. Exercising the 5th year option was a no-brainer. The near 9 million he will make in 2018 will be cheaper than a FA tackle of equal ability would cost. Also, Miami won’t be forced to draft a tackle high in next year’s draft.

James received a lot of grief last year… and deservedly so. But given his whole body of work, I’m very happy that they made this move. James has all the tools to be a dominant Right Tackle. I can see Adam Gase getting James at the top of his game and proving the Dolphins to be very smart to lock in the 2014 1st round pick for more years.

To bad the same it appearing unlikely be said for Williams… seems like the door is opening up for Free Agent De’Veon Smith… a rookie who has a heck of a lot of support from both fans and critics. Time for me to keep a keen eye on this kid. Go Fins!!!


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  • Lemmus

    …1st round reach, 4th year RT James who had an, at best, “inconsistent” performance this past season that repeatedly put TH in serious jeopardy, has his option picked up at a cap cost of 9 mil despite said performance


    …UDFA 4th year RB D Williams, who hasn’t started a game in 3 years and has a current pc avg of 3.3 yds, refuses to sign his tender offer but hasn’t “yet” been cut or traded by the “message man”, Gase

    …oy veh

    …oh yeah, I forgot …we’re talking about anything other than a failed draft where we quite possibly didn’t get a single starter …except a 5th rounder who might, repeat might, start only because he has zero, repeat zero, credible current competition

    …I say again, oy veh

    …but oy veh, we have a really great UDFA RB who just maybe, might, possibly, could even make the team …a potential pro-bowler passed over 137 times last week because everyone knows Wakes and Bradys happen all the time

    …yeah, yeah, yeah I’m being a negative nellie ’cause we just had an unbelievably successful FA, draft, and UDFA recruitment

    …oy veh

    • admin

      ” NE is #2 in UDFA’s on their roster.
      – NE is #2 in UDFA’s they signed and are on any NFL roster
      But the #1 team in all of these, the team that has signed, developed and kept the most UDFA’s since 2011 (24 on their roster last year)?” From a Pats fan.

      Everything you point out Lemmus is hard to refute… but understand this, if you took a single off season of the Pats in a bubble, without context, you’d say what a terrible job. You *%#$-can top players, trade back nearly always… and on and on. But genius and brilliance are often misunderstood due to thinking outside the box and seeing over the horizon. Now, I’m not saying Tannenbaum, Grier, and Gase are any of these. But if they aren’t, forget it anyway. If they aren’t, they’ll never beat the Pats, and even if BB retires, they’ll likely not win a ring unless they are at least brilliant on both coaching and the talent acquisitions side because of this team-build design. The process that this regime has taken can only be navigated by genius… and maybe by brilliance. So far, Gase appears brilliant… that’s not enough. This new DC talent level must be at least brilliant as well. Gase–given this roster and roster design– must be genius if Tannenbaum and Grier are not at least brilliant or pull a few amazing drafts out of their rears. Scrap this whole thing unless this crew is special. Unless they can take theirs and beat yours, and take yours and beat theirs, we will be nothing more than a blip. Last year had some spectacular events: the trade back netting 3 players, Gase bringing the whip, turning the ship around just as it was about to sink, and defying the money men and making the playoffs. Maybe it was luck or an easy schedule… or maybe it was something else. With Gase, I find myself not having a hard time accepting he is brilliant. Genius? Not so sure about that. But with Grier and Tannenbaum, I find myself having a hard time buying in, but there have been some anomalies that hint at maybe they are more than is thought of them. The patience, the plan itself–despite the level of difficulty, the ability hold to the plan, and some of the choices they’ve made. Likely this is a mirage. Likely it will collapse in on itself… but it wasn’t as likely as it was last year. There has been progress. That progress has earned in my eyes the justification for me to consider that maybe I’m not seeing what they are seeing. Time will tell, and that time is fast approaching.