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Will Fins Finally Add Dynamic Tight End In Offseason

Will Fins Finally Add Dynamic Tight End In Offseason

The addition of a quality Tight End is key for 2018

The addition of a quality Tight End is key for 2018

Tight Ends offer easy yards for QB’s 

As an Offensive Coordinator, Adam Gase has a history of success utilizing Tight Ends in both Denver and Chicago. However in Miami, he hasn’t had anything more than used toilet paper to work with.

No, I don’t think TE is THE primary need this Offseason, but it’s certainly a top contender.

There are a lot of positions that could use an upgrade, but there are zero prospects on this team who are certain fill the role of a quality starting Left Guard, Tight End, and defender to cover opposing TE’s. NO. ONE.

Yeah, I like MarQueis Gray and I think he is a great find for the H-Back role.

A.J. Derby could be a nice piece of the TE puzzle… could be.

Thomas Duarte? He’s been active only one game in near 2 years.

Jesse Davis has been Phinsnews 2018 Adopted POY since Week 2 of the Preseason, but due to his height and skillset, he isn’t a Left Guard. Right Guard, yes. But a PB ‘block alone’ LG–NOPE.

Issiac Asiata? Nope. He’s a Right Guard too… if he can get his footwork a lot smoother.

Now, amid all the frustration of fans and the poor season, Stephone Anthony is a bit forgotten and looking like a pretty darn good acquisition for a 5th RD pick… but still, I wouldn’t bank on him in the role of cover LB. Not with Kiko Alonso being the utter disaster in coverage that he’s been.

I just don’t get how they could believe him to be a high cover LB. His tape last year screamed, NO! *Sigh*.

Anyway, these three roles are critical to the success of 2018–even if some of these aforementioned guys do pan out, and in the process you double up these spots, even better.

The days of Tight End Keith Jackson are long, long gone

Some might scream, ‘What about QB?’

Whatever you think of Ryan Tannehill, at the very least even his detractors realize he’s fairly competent when given time. And if Matt Moore is brought back, he’s one of the better backups. There’s no way you can equate the QB squad to the empty void at LG,TE, and LB cover defender.

Now are Miami’s QB’s a Superbowl caliber group? And should Miami draft a QB? That’s a fair debate. Not a debate for this article, but a fair one. 

The primary goal for 2018 must be about righting the ship by building consistency… and quality TE play goes a long way towards helping an offense do that.

If Miami can install discipline and consistency, then that would be the first step towards a SB caliber team. And if not, then a new regime is on it’s way in 2019.

In his first season as Head Coach, Gase had Dion Simms, who just never turned into the play making TE that everyone was expecting when he first got drafted. Then this season, Gase brought in Julius Thomas, whom he had success with in Denver, and Anthony Fasano

Miami keeps going into each season with the same weaknesses

Despite decent stats of 41 catches on 63 targets for 388 yards and 3 touchdowns, Thomas has been a big disappoint.

Fasano has been used more as a blocking TE, because he excels at that–although he hasn’t played like the #1 blocking TE in 2017, and has been used sparingly in the passing game with 11 catches on 13 targets for 106 yards and 1 touchdown. 

Both players should be gone after this season, especially Thomas. 

Back to Derby, who Miami gave plenty of chances to show if he has what it takes: He didn’t make much of his opportunity because he was targeted 5 times with only 1 reception for 11 yards.  However, it should be noted that he was covered much of the game by Pro Bowl Safety Marcus Peters, so expect him to get another dress rehearsal in this final game against the Bills defense.

But either way, this does speak to Derby’s limits, even though he may very well be part of the equation.

Time for the Fins FO to wake up and smell the coffee

TE’s offer cheap yards, are the security blanket for QB’s, and present match up problems. Offenses that don’t take advantage of this position enter games with one hand tied behind their back. Miami must end this one-armed approach in 2018.

Most pay per head sportsbook software providers do not have a Tight End this year who at this point is expected to be drafted in the first round. But there are a handful of the top TE prospects that are worthy to be selected in the 2nd and 3rd round, and Miami would be wise to zero in on one of these youngsters. This list includes South Carolina’s Hayden Hurst, Oklahoma’s Mark Andrews, Wisconsin’s Troy Rumagalli, Stanford’s Dalton Schultz, South Dakota State’s Dallas Goedert, and Penn State’s Mike Gesicki.

Miami could have a solid unit of Debry, Gray, and a quality talent from the draft… and if they don’t find a steal of a TE who can block and receiver, then add in a low cost FA vet who can block well. 

The NFL is a passing league and the most dangerous and explosive offenses in this league have a talented seam-threat at Tight End. It’s high time Miami adds this element to their offense.  What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins News fans thoughts about whether or not Miami can and will finally find a play making Tight End this Offseason.  


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  • Lemmus

    …couldn’t agree more on a top flight TE …just don’t know how we’re going to get him …the cap virtually rules out any high quality FA and we certainly don’t need another Thomas …the LG has to be our top concern …and if they cut Pouncey and/or James, then that becomes just as critical

    …then it’s a coverage OLB and those are usually high round picks

    …but here’s the thing, our entire draft may be dictated by Denver who desperately needs both a QB and a LG …if all the top QBs are gone when they pick 6th, they will likely take Nelson …there are no other Gs worthy of a 1st round pick, so we could take an OLB instead …or an OT …its going to be an interesting draft night 🐬

    • admin

      I think… and I’m only starting to crack into my research of the draft… so this is off the cuff–I really need to get better at knowing the players from college… that a solid TE can be had in the 3rd. The guys in the FB comments mentioned Fumagali .. he looks promising, but likely a 2nd rounder. Miami will have to do magic to get all three needs of LG,TE, and cover LB, along with a QB prospect, RB depth. Anthony could play big as well as McMillain’s return. Williams I think is a big signing too. Anthony panning out could let them get TE and LG help in the 1st and 2nd. Sterup and Smith could also play big… would love to see Sterup do well. But I didn’t like what I saw in Preseason… maybe he has grown. I tell you though, we don’t talk enough about the addition of Dave DeGuglielmo… guy has this OL playing on a much higher level.

      Good point on Denver… I think they will certainly go QB… but I think the Colts might go QB as well. Luck’s shoulder doesn’t seem a guarantee to bounce back…

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