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Will A Little Luck Be The Fins Cavalry

Will A Little Luck Be The Fins Cavalry

Can Miami turn it around like last year with some help from lady luck?

With some help from lady luck, can Miami turn it around like last year?

I hate to think Miami needs luck… but I’ll take it

Last year, the Titans were the team to nearly sink the Dolphins in Week 5. A 30-17 beat down had everyone questioning Miami from top to bottom of the franchise… much like now.

This year, the Miami Dolphins have definitely been on the short end of luck, which started in training camp when Ryan Tannehill went down for the season. But are the winds changing with an injured starting Titans QB Marcus Mariota?

Here’s another question: will the Tennessee Titans end up being this year’s spring board to a successful season? Will an all but dead season rise to life like 2016?

For those who think Miami’s failure is a talent thing, the answer is no. For those who think it’s a coaching thing, the answer is maybe. And for those who think it’s both talent and coaching the answer is hell to the NO!!!

But for the sake of the season, the future of this regime, and a good time this season, let’s all hope that it’s maybe–at least till tomorrow’s game is over.

No one really wants the Fins to win because the team was helped with an injury… except maybe if it was a  Superbowl win. Generally, fans want their team to win against the best, because that’s the only way to tell if your team is for real.

If Miami end’s up losing that “L” in luck will be replaced by another consonant

But, every now and then when the poop hits the fan, and there’s a chance to save the season, fans will take a win anyway they can get it.

Sad to say it, but that time is now.

No matter where you stand on why the Dolphins have sucked hard this season, all Fin Fans want to see Miami win. There’s likely no tomorrow with a road game in Atlanta next week. It’s do or die to at least create the illusion of hope. Let the Findom become one for one more game… before the inevitable debates about the future begin.

So what’s up with Mariota? He suffered a hamstring injury during the Titans last game against the Texans, and wasn’t able to finish the game. Even if he does play, he’ll be limited. If he doesn’t then the Titans Offense will be a shell of itself.

The Titans were clobbered by the Texans 57-14, which included Mariota’s 2 rushing touchdowns before he was forced to leave the game. Matt Cassel took over, but all he could do was go 4 of 10 passing for 21 yards, 2 interceptions, 1 fumble and 2 sacks.

Ouch, that stat line feels a lot like Miami’s over the last two games.

Whether he will or won’t play, there’s still nothing certain. It’s been such a mystery that various betting software for bookmakers didn’t even have a line posted on the game as late as Wednesday, because they are still awaiting to see the Titans injury report. However, it’s very telling that on Tuesday the Titans went out and signed QB Brandon Weeden. Even though Mariota’s hamstring does not appear to be serious, the signing of Weeden seems to forecast him possibly missing the Dolphins game, which is fine by me.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good

Regardless of who ends up being the starting QB, Miami is still going to have to find some way to generate offense and score points. It does not matter who the Titans have under center if we put up another goose egg on the board. Another glimmer of hope on the offensive side is that the Titans defense is coming off a 57 point shellacking with rookie Deshaun Watson throwing 4 touchdown passes.

I would hope that our receiving group would also be able to make some plays against this shaky Tennessee secondary, but that there’s only so much luck you can hope for. Miami will have to do that one on their own… man, do I hope they do! Go Fins!!!


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  • Lemmus

    …I expect to see some personnel changes …TE Thomas benched and Fasano/MG taking his snaps …better yet, bench Bushrod and start Asiata …he may not be ready but just how bad can he be compared to Bushrod …lets find out …PFF downgraded Steen to 47 out of 70 Gs after the NO fiasco …and we thought 30 was bad …but his backup, Davis, is even worse …so yes, a bit of luck would be just dandy

    …or I’ll just settle for Gase pulling another rabbit out of his hat …anything, eh …hell, he might even go totally rad and let his OC actually do his job 🙂

    • admin

      With Davis I don’t like what they are doing. Taking a converted tackle in his second year and running him in for a down and taking him out is ridiculous. And with Steen he was third or 4th on the G chart. Urbik and Larson would have started over him. So 47 isn’t shabby for your 3rd-5th string G. Bushrod should have been a back up, but as you pointed out 3 mill is a hell of a lot of cash for that kinda play. I don’t know Lemmus. My confidence stemmed from Gase. But his talent evaluation and play calls have been subpar. Thomas and Bushrod are losing choices… and the ultra conservative play calls! The pass protection isn’t the main problem and is being helped by getting off track early and being in 3rd and long. This is all Gase. We’ll see. Hoping I don’t have to write about a dead season and dying regime.

      • Lemmus

        …I broke down and watched it to see if what the stats were saying was accurate …they were …but we won, barely, thanks to the defense …absolutely no thanks to the OL …Cutler was forced to move in the pocket all day …virtually every passing down, the OL leaked one or more defenders into his face, never getting his feet set, miracle there were not more interceptions …and Ajayi …that he made as many yards as he did, most of them late, is almost solely on his effort alone because he got damn little help up front …virtually every run, Ajayi hit traffic at or before the line …a better DL would have stopped him

        …the defense played well, even the pup bit a couple of times …maybe there is hope …both Tankersly and Harris had a good game …Suh was phenomenal …Jones more than earned his keep …all three LBs had a good day …but keep in mind that this was home in early October with the temp hitting 114F on the field and the new stadium design giving shade to the home bench and full sun to the opponents …that’s what I call a REAL home-field advantage, eh

        …but the offense really stinks and its not Gase’s play calls or Cutler that are the major problem …despite all the M-oore-ons in the stands, not even Brady could have executed with that OL in front of him

        …it is however, Gase at fault for the OL play …next week will be a massacre if something isn’t done …fire the OL coach, fire the OC, release Bushrod and eat his contract, put Davis or Asiata in at RG, get Larsen and Urbik back …I don’t know if any of that will work …what I do know right now is that the interior OL, including Pouncy and the coaches, need to have a “come to Jesus” moment in Gase’s woodshed

        …and then of course, Parker injured his ankle …and did anyone else note Grant can’t out jump his mamma? 🙁