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Why Is Miami Bringing In So Many Rookie Wide Receivers?

Why Is Miami Bringing In So Many Rookie Wide Receivers?

Is a message being sent with so many rookie Wide Receivers being brought in?

Is a message being sent with so many rookie Wide Receivers on the roster?

Five rookie Wide Receivers seems a bit much

The Miami Dolphins are entering the 2017 season with 21 Rookies and 14 of them undrafted.  A curious point is that five of these rookies are Wide Receivers.

Just in pure numbers, rookie WR’s account for 22% of the class. That’s by far the most rookies at any one position, which seems very odd, considering that Wide Receive is already arguable the deepest and most talented position: sure fire starters in Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills, and De’Vante Parker,  high price-tag Leonte Carroo, returner Jakeem Grant, and Rashawn Scott who started over Carroo in 2016.

On the surface it seems Miami is simply using the best available player philosophy…. but, is there something else lurking below the surface?

Why didn’t we acquire five Guards, or five Defensive Ends, or five Linebackers, or five Defensive Tackles?

Honestly, I can’t read Adam Gase‘s mind, but it does seem odd to acquire five Wide Receivers, when we already have 3 locked in starters and a fourth near-guaranteed a roster spot in Carroo–whom Miami traded up in the 2016 draft to acquire.

 Receivers are the one position Miami didn’t need to stock up on

So Miami decided to invest five new players on a position that at best is going to only yield 1 or 2 roster spots with probably zero playing time, when Miami could have loaded up on players at positions that Miami still doesn’t have a clear starter at.


The most obvious:

  1.  Carroo is being pushed to deliver. This might be a clear sign that he needs to start closing in on the price of his purchase with far more production.
  2. Grant might find himself in a gun fight for his roster spot as returner. This could be a step-up or say good-bye battle for the little speedster.

The likely:

  1.  Parker needs a signal that play time is over. All your talent isn’t worth jack on the trainers table. Parker doesn’t risk being cut, but next year is the final year of his contract, so he needs to produce now and Miami needs to know he can prepare like a pro.

The remote:

  1. Landry insurance. Landry was told to come in without a hold out and prepared, and then a contract would be worked out. So far there hasn’t been any headway in negotiations, so even though there is plenty of time, maybe Miami is just preparing for a worst case scenario with a trade of Landry or an eventual hold-out. I don’t see this happening, but isn’t that what insurance is for… the unexpected disaster?
Some of last year’s receiver might very well be looking for another team

I can’t say what the rational for all these WR’s, whether it’s this or that, but Wide Receivers is the one thing that NFL football fans were sure Miami needed least to stock up on.

Does Tannenbaum and Gase have something up their sleeve?  Or this could all just be me overthinking this? You must admit, a hidden agenda isn’t far-fetched, because now-a-days, Miami usually doesn’t do things without a plan in place or an eye towards the future?


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  • Dunner

    LOL! Thats funny, first thing I thought was trade also.

    • admin

      haha… I think they leave an escape hatch there just in case. This regime think on its feet pretty well and tries to be thorough. If that’s the case, I like it. Although, I pray Landry stays. Maybe a backend WR could offer even late round compensation…

  • Dunner

    I wondered why myself??? Could it be to set up a phenomenal special teams???? Or could it be that they are just football players that love the game???

    Maybe this is why:

    Damore’ea Stringfellow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Afkg5ECpWvU

    Drew Morgan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMx3l6VmOVM

    • admin

      I don’t know jimmy came up with that one… he thinks it’s something. It slipped by me and when I began to consider it, I think there is something there too. Just not sure what. Trade, special teams, ousting of Grant, pushing of current receivers, just good talent, or maybe they are going 3 back and 6 WR’s this year? It will be interesting to watch and see. Maybe it’s nothing.