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Ugly Week Of Camp Has Fins Reeling… But Not Knocked Out

Ugly Week Of Camp Has Fins Reeling… But Not Knocked Out

Miami isn’t out of quality QB’s… they just might be short one

A lot of bad news has come out of camp, but…

The reaction to one of the worst stretches of bad news ever to come from a Dolphins Training Camp ranges from ‘another wasted season’ to ‘this sucks, but we’ll be fine’.

It’s easy to understand the ‘sky is falling crowd’ given that in the stretch of a week Jay Ajayi had a concussion, Reshad Jones was diagnosed with a calf injury prior to camp, Isaiah Ford is done with a knee injury, Mike Pouncey is still a big question mark, Ted Larsen tore his bicep and will be out at the very least of several weeks–if not the season, and Ryan Tannehill is in the verge of being done for 2017. 

That’s a hell of a lot for a team to absorb after only a handful of practices.

It’s obvious why being uber positive about Miami’s situation is a bit Polyannish. But, while I do see clearly the rationale for the concern–ohh, do I ever–I just can’t get on board with the ‘end of days’ crowd either… at least not yet.

Miami is deep in a few areas and thin in many. So if there’s a couple of more blows to some of the thin areas, maybe then I’ll throw on the ash and sackcloth and mourn with a couple of bottles of rum.

Good teams are resilient and are rarely knocked out

But is far too early for that kind of talk.

First, there’s no doubt that a healthy Tannehill offers a higher ceiling than Matt Moore… but just one simple stat from 2016 shows you aren’t slumming with #8: Moore had the #1 Passer Rating when under pressure (100 plays minimum).

True, it’s somewhat of a small sample size. So this stat isn’t the be all and end all. But the statistic does play a part in the overall picture.

Moore is a quality QB that could start for at least 6-8–maybe even as much as 10–teams over their current starters. So if Tannehill is out, his loss will be mitigated… not negated, but mitigated. Most teams in the league would kill to have that kind of insurance policy.

Again, for those who are ready to jump out of their socks at my notion of Moore, this is about him being mostly a facilitator… with the occasional big play and being the lead horse in a win. I’m in no way saying he can carry the team for 16+ game. He can’t. But he can be a strong positive factor to a successful season.

Let’s do a comparison using Tannehills 2016 season with 13 starts verse Moore’s 2011 season with 12 starts:

Tannehill 2016:

Pct: 67%, Yards: 2995, Avg: 7.7, Avg. / G: 230.4, TD: 19. INT: 12, 20+: 37, 40+: 11, Sck: 29, Rate: 93.5

Moore 2011:

Pct: 60.5%, Yards: 2497, Avg: 7.2, Avg. / G: 192.1, TD: 16. INT: 9, 20+: 38, 40+: 6, Sck: 36, Rate: 87.1

Given the above, the best pay per head services know it’s not like the Miami QB situation is going from a Porsche to a Yugo, if Moore takes over.

In actuality Moore’s skill set compliments this offensive scheme better than Tannehill’s in some parts. Although, as far as the complete package goes, Tannehill’s mobility and deep ball does make Moore the more limiting option.

Still the sky isn’t falling… unless Moore goes down too because Brandon Doughty would be a disaster.

You have to also factor in Moore’s personality, which is respected and liked by the team–chemistry matters. And then you add in he’s thoroughly familiar with the system and the other members of the offense. So bringing the likes of the mercurial Cutler, who needs to build relationships as he fine tunes a system he’s familiar with doesn’t seem like an upgrade. This isn’t to mention Cutler’s salary, which will be decent. And given that money could be spent elsewhere to improve a team that has needs, I say the wise move is to roll with Moore and get a better backup.

In the end the only thing that matters is what Adam Gase think… and it will be interesting to find out what that is. Go Fins!!!



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  • Randy Lenz

    I don’t think they want to ruin. the small home base now. Kapernick wore a Pro Castro hat and t shirt. when he was in Miami. he would tur off quite a few Cuban Finn fans don’t you think.

    • admin

      I don’t see Kap as being in the cards. All the kneeling stuff aside, he just doesn’t fit the scheme. Slow reads, slowish delivery, not very accurate… none of those fit Gase’s system. I think Ross would be dumb enough to pull the trigger and anger his base. He has proven to be oblivious in the past, Randy. Gase though is cut from a different cloth. Thank God.