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Two Players The Dolphins Shouldn’t Draft

Two Players The Dolphins Shouldn’t Draft

Some players, projected by experts to be drafted by Miami, should be on the NO list

Some players, projected by experts to be drafted by Miami, should be on the NO list

Despite first round projections, Miami should pass on these players

Over the last couple of weeks, we have mentioned numerous players that would be a worthy selection for the Dolphins with their first round pick. Now, it’s time to talk about those Miami shouldn’t look twice at.

Two players Miami needs to stay away from are Linebacker Charles Harris and Safety Jabrill Peppers.

Before NFL football fans have my head on a stick for saying these two players are not worthy, let me say that they are both talented football players. However, based on our defensive schemes and some warning signs, these two players are a bit too risky for the 1st round pick, despite their talent.

Harris is a 3-4 outside linebacker, and Peppers is a jack of all trades, but master of none. Miami needs a “sure” hit with their first round pick… and these two may not be the surest.

Harris definitely has potential, even though he bombed the combine. He has the speed to be an edge rusher, but many scouts feel he is not a great fit for a 4-3 defense. My concern is that he could suffer a major setback in terms of learning a new position. Maybe it’s once bitten twice shy due Dion Jordan–I don’t know. Yes, he’s a guy with a ton of potential. But due to playing out of position, and with the less than stellar combine that make you wonder if he has the work ethic, there are too many question marks for my tastes. Many have even predicted he could end up getting selected in the second round.

Miami needs players who offer the greatest chance to contribute immediately

Peppers had an outstanding season last year and was up for the Heisman award. However, this was more because he was an all-around player, who not only contributed at his main defensive safety position, but also provided big plays on punt and kickoff returns, with 1 punt return touchdown, and had 3 rushing touchdowns on offense. First, I can’t really see him getting much of a chance to do returns or trick play for us, since we have Drake, Landry and Grant. But the main problem is he lacks instincts and doesn’t make big plays, as his low turnover stats indicate. The instinct part will play a much greater role at the NFL level. Also, Miami could find slightly less production for far cheaper later in the draft.

Will these two be busts? I can’t say. But it would seem other payers out there will have much better odds at being a success. What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins News fans thoughts about whether or not Miami should remove these two players from their draft board?


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  • Dunner

    I hear and understand the possibilities of great value for certain injured players. I believe that this regime is trying to avoid players with injury history, both free agent and draft. This team needs guys that can stay healthy, thats exactly why it was so easy to move Albert. Should (when) Pouncey get injured again this season, I believe that would be his last season here as well. Having said that, I am a big proponent of drafting Sydney Jones in the third if hes still available (torn achilles). So those kind of players are risky, but in the right spot or undrafted FA, could turn out to be high risk high reward.

    I too hope that Miami avoids both players mentioned, unless obviously they unexpectedly drop to the 2nd/3rd rounds. Cunningham to me has room for 10 pounds of good weight, and even though he may need to improve his tackling, the guy is a all over every play all play. He has the ability to create havoc, and with this defense if he creates havoc there should be player(s) there to clean up. Not to mention he can cover TEs and RBs. Not to mention a high character guy to boot. So I would not be disappointing with Cunningham. My choice if available would be Reddick or a trade down to get another third round pick to use on Jones. A draft such as Reddick (#22) and Willis (#54) would be huge for our defense and the future of the defense. I’m ready for a young explosive LBer to team up w Kiko, Timmons. All your top tier teams have a difference making LBer (ie: Hightower = Pats, D.Joens = Atlanta, Mack = Raiders, Marshall = Denver), its time New Miami, its time!!!

    • Steve


      Cunningham has a lot of upside I agree. But who ever the Fins draft 1st should be without a doubt a starter and help to raised the Bar in performance for the Dolphins.

      What’s is troublesome to all of us fans is that the Fins pay too much for players by trading away draft picks etc. with very little production from them. I could be very wrong but it appears that we never get any draft picks when our players get picked up by another team from those teams?

      I keep saying this and I hope that I’m wrong but I see this management trading away 2018 draft picks on more lemon players. I would rather they do their homework and just used their own draft picks.

      Realizing that their intent is to get the best players. We cannot afford to come out of this draft without 4 starters the players are there! The Fins should not listen to these TV draft experts they promote to many mediocre players.

      • admin

        totally agree Steve. They need starters without training wheels with their first pick… and maybe their second as well. They need at least 2 starters this draft… AT LEAST. 3 starters with two solid contributors would be a very good draft. This might be asking a lot. If you go look at the first 2 Seattle drafts in this new regime, those kinda of drafts would bring Miami to the top. Again, that is asking A LOT!!!!

    • admin

      Again, I’m no expert, but I like Jarred Davis a lot. Reddick made a lot of plays, but Temple doesn’t have the same level of competition as say Flordia. Davis looks like a guy who could play MLB or SLB. Reddick is a projection… Jimmy just did an article on this, so I have been looking into both players.

  • Steve

    Summary on the our 2016 Draft Jeremy Tunsil performed well as a rookie and played well we all can agree.

    The rest of our draft picks hopefully will play better this 2017 season.

    1. Though I like the player etc. 2016 was not a good draft! Why? Some of the players cost to many draft picks.
    2. Do we have the coaches Who can developed these player?
    3. We started out with 8 picks in 2016 and we got 1 starter?

    When the Dolphins make draft trades they end up with the Lemon to many times.

    The Dolphins will get more production with the safe players and stop mortgaging the draft picks for Lemons.

    2017 In the 1st Round If not a top lineman or
    Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama, Dalvin Cook RB, David Njoku I would trade out of the 1st round. These are sure starters with the Dolphins.

    Note: Based on The Dolphins track record they will gamble and trade away 2018 draft picks?

    I contend the Dolphins do their homework we can gain 7 starters without trading the 2018 draft picks.

  • Steve

    2016 Draft Results:

    1st Round: Laremy Tunsil with the No. 13 overall selection. The fact the team was picking No. 13 was news because Tannenbaum traded down from No. 8 in a trade with Philadelphia. And the Dolphins got two veteran starters in Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso from that trade. And then on draft night, Miami got a guard they believed would eventually be their starting left tackle in Tunsil despite the fact the player was graded No. 2 on their draft board. And then Tunsil played well as a rookie.

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/armando-salguero/article144102259.html#storylink=cpy

    2nd Round: Xavien Howard with the 38th
    missed nine games. That means Howard only played seven games in 2016 and he was solid but not spectacular in those games
    3rd Round: In the third round the Dolphins picked running back Kenyon Drake with the 73rd overall selection. Drake played all 16 games and was mostly a special teams player. He had a 96-yard kickoff return touchdown that beat the New York Jets in Week 9. He showed promise. He showed off his 4.3 speed. But if Drake’s role doesn’t expand fairly soon, investing a third-round pick on a special teams player is not value.
    3rd Round: In the third round the Dolphins picked wide receiver Leonte Carroo with the 86th overall selection — a pick they added by trading away a sixth-round pick last year and a third- and fourth-round pick in this looming draft. So the Dolphins invested a lot to take Carroo. And the investment seemed worthwhile early on when Carroo started the first game of the season and caught two passes right out of the gate. Except he caught only one more pass the rest of the season. And by the end of the season he had fallen out of favor to the point that he was a healthy scratch the final three games of the season, including the playoff game while Rashawn Scott, who came to the team as an undrafted free agent, was active ahead of him.
    6th Round: In the sixth round the Dolphins picked receiver Jakeem Grant with the 186th overall selection. And there was a lot of noise made about how fast the 5-7 Grant was and how that would be an asset on both offense and special teams. Didn’t happen. Grant had a 74-yard punt return touchdown against Buffalo and that was his highlight moment for the season.
    7th Round: Quarterback Brandon Doughty with the 223rd selection. And Doughty made the team…for about two days. And then he was cut. Then he was signed to the practice squad where he spent the remainder of the season. The interesting thing here is that in December when Ryan Tannehill injured his left knee and the Dolphins needed QB help. But they did not promote Doughty. The team signed T.J. Yates off the street because he had more NFL experience.
    7th Round: In the seventh round the Dolphins selected tight end Thomas Duarte with the 231st overall selection. Right away it became apparent Duarte had to grow into an NFL player. He looked

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/armando-salguero/article144102259.html#storylink=cpy

  • Frantz

    PEppers i think will be a good player in an already very good defense or he will shine in a very bad one . He can be a good SS but we have already an excellent one .
    Another player i would skip is Zach Cunningham . Very lean and not very fast , he have a great football mind but you cant have a MLB (because hes too slow to play OLB) so light and with opinable tackling.
    Both Cunningham and Peppers are 100% football players ( that cant be said about some other high regarded prospects ) and character should be the first thing to be evaluated BUT they both look to me as college standouts with a difficult translation into the NFL due to irreparable shortcomings.

    • admin

      I pretty much agree, Frantz. I do think both players– including Cunningham–could obviously turn out well. But, I think due to need, need of immediate contribution, and possibility of other players offering greater impact that other players are far more attractive for the Fins current situation. Zack is thin, and that is a hard one to project. Some guys have capped out genetically at this point and others just didn’t have top notch fitness programs. So, it’s a hard projection. I like Peppers as a pick, but with Jones already here, his seemingly limited big play ability and Miami other needs, I see a guy like Lamp or Derrick a better fill at 22. But, George says I’m a dummy, so who knows.

      • Steve

        Hello Dol-Fans

        last year 2016 draft the Miami Dolphins Started out with 8 selections.
        The Miami Dolphins will begin the 2016 NFL draft with eight selections, including one pick in each round and two in the seventh round, as a result of last season’s trade, which sent cornerback Will Davis to the Baltimore Ravens for an extra seventh-round selection.

        The NFL officially announced each team’s draft picks and slotting on TuesdayThe NFL officially announced each team’s draft picks and slotting on Tuesday, which will be held April 28-30 in Chicago.

        The Dolphins will select with the 13th overall pick in the draft. Miami has held the 13th selection two previous times in their history, drafting LB A.J. Duhe in 1977 and RB David Overstreet in 1981.

        Round One – Pick No. 13 (trade down with Eagles from pick No. 8 that produced CB Byron Maxwell and linebacker Kiko Alonso )

        Round Two – Pick No. 11 in the round (42nd overall)

        Round Three – Pick No. 10 (73rd overall)

        Round Four – Pick No. 9 (107th overall)

        Round Five – Pick No. 8 (147th overall)

        Round Six – Pick No. 11 (186th overall)

        Round Seven – Pick No. 6 (227th overall) from the Ravens for Davis, and Pick No. 10 (231st overall)

        Next are the results of this 2016 draft.

  • Steve

    Yes Jimmy you called it!


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    2. Elijah Hood Ranked 27th running back *****
    RB Elijah Hood vs Georgia 2016
    https://youtu.be/mXA40uQ-mm0 vs FSU

    3. Seth Russell is ranked 14th Best QB *****
    Heisman Darkhorse || Baylor QB Seth Russell Highlights ᴴᴰ
    4. Tim Kimbrough || “SAVAGE” || Georgia Highlights Ranked 22 Best ILB *****

    5. Freddie Burden (Georgia Tech C) vs Pitt 2015
    6. Travis Tuiloma (BYU DL) vs Utah 2015 Ranked 37th DT
    7. Dante Barnett || KSU Highlights SS