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Tunsil Absence & Urbik Release: Focus Remains On O-Line

Tunsil Absence & Urbik Release: Focus Remains On O-Line

Urbik was a great low key signing that paid big dividends in 2016

Urbik was a great low key signing that paid big dividends in 2016

Urbik was hurting worse than he was letting on… as tough guys often do

I want to write about something other than the Miami Dolphins Offensive Line, but near daily, the news forces me back.

I’m tired of going back to watch more film of the Dolphins O-line play to get a better understanding of the situation… well sort of–love them ‘big uglies’.

But with Kraig Urbik‘s release in a injury settlement, the focus is again on the Offensive Line.

While Urbik (my 2016 adopted player) is no longer wearing aqua, and I feel like I’ve lost my good friend, Jesse Davis (my 2017 adopted player) is now the near certain starter at Left Guard for the Miami Dolphins.

And yes, after watching every Davis snap near a dozen times, he is a quality starting Guard.

But now there’s more on the O-Line front.

Another piece of news leaves me wondering if Urbik’s release means the Dolphins are looking to use his spot to bolster another area.

Laremy Tunsil had a terrible game in Week 3. He had a very off game and just didn’t look focused. Today he was strangely absent from practice due to his continuing personal reasons. To magnify the issue, Sam Young was beaten like a drum in practice while attempting to replace Tunsil…. much like he has all season long.

First, I can’t remember an elite starter being excused this much for personal reasons… so, all I can do is hope and pray that things work out well for him and his family. No matter what, real life always takes precedence over a game.

But, for the Dolphins, the show must go on.

Urbik departure leaves a void in experience and flexibility

Both Ja’Wuan James and Tunsil have struggled. Injury and personal issues have likely been a factor. Gauging how much a factor is just throwing darts. The concrete issue is that there isn’t a true starting 3rd option.

Eric Smith certainly looks promising, but he’s a rookie and needs marination. Young on the other hand seems to be having a down year, and I’m not sure he can pull up out of the nosedive.

So maybe Urbik’s release is the Front Office hoping a quality vet shakes free that’s healthier than Urbik to bolster the inside?

Or, since Urbik can’t resign with any team till Week 4, maybe Miami wants some extra time with the young guys to see if any are keepers, before they bring him back after a nice rest?

…Here’s another possibility, maybe they are concerned with the Left Tackle spot and need the money and space to find a viable back up who can start in case of injury or an ongoing personal problem?

Honestly, your guess is as good as mine and not even the best pay per head services can say for certain. I’m just spit balling, but this has been one weird camp and Preseason, and I’m just trying to make head or tails of this craziness.

But I’m absolutely not confused about this: Right now Miami’s elite LT is struggling and often absent, and there isn’t anyone behind him who can hold the fort down in case of an emergency. Surprisingly, I’m not all that concerned with the O-Line’s interior like I had thought I’d be–as long as Pouncey is healthy. Now though it seems just before Week 1, the Tackles have become a rather large question mark–I think I’m going to buy stock in Pepto-Bismol. Go  Fins!!!


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    • Lemmus

      …if you read that carefully, it makes it pretty clear that Miami has no intentions of bringing Urbik back in 4 weeks, else they would have placed him on IR …nor would Urbik have had any incentive to accept the injury settlement (and its strictly his choice) …his only incentive toward the injury settlement is to make himself immediately available to other teams …the financial incentives/disincentives on both sides are clear …and despite all the fan talk and fin pr push, it would appear that they decided Urbik wasn’t worth the 1/17th of 1.2mil each week to keep on IR

      …doesn’t mean he won’t be back if the OL suffers as much as it looks like it could …just that its not likely

  • Lemmus

    …afaik mj, Urbik can sign with any other team immediately …only Miami has to wait 4 weeks

    • admin

      From what I read, it was until Week 4 with any team… I’ll look into it. Guess, I misread.

      • Lemmus

        …you were not alone in that …there were numerous reports, many by those who should know better, who said the same thing …I just happened to read a conflicting report and looked it up to see who was right

        • admin

          That why the boards are awesome thanks sir. Hurts to know he’s gone, must have been far worse than was being let on. Least I have Davis.