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The Obvious Isn’t Always Obvious: Select Wisely

The Obvious Isn’t Always Obvious: Select Wisely

Dion was supposed to be the next Jason Taylor

Dolphins intended to select the next Jason Taylor by picking Jordan

Get too cute when you select a pick and you risk outsmarting yourself

The NFL 2017 Draft — and finding out who the Miami Dolphins select  — can’t come soon enough.

It appears that Miami may be done–at least until the draft is over–in the free agency department with the FA cupboards bare. Now their focus is on the draft. One thing Miami must remember is, don’t get cute with projecting a player, select players that fit the scheme. Miami needs immediate contribution.

The reason I say this is obvious: Dion Jordan. He’s gone and now considered one of the, if not the biggest, draft bust in Dolphins history. It didn’t help his career that he was suspended multiple times and had multiple knee surgeries. But he was also forced to play a position that he never really played in college. And on top of that he was asked to put 20lbs. in his first off season on a bum shoulder (and they had zero indication he would need drugs to do that–yeah, right).

They were trying to make pie in the sky… and that pie hit them square in the face.

Our base defense is a 4-3 Defense. Miami should be selecting defensive players that have played in this type of defense in college or, in a lesser optimal scenario, have skills that translate better to a 4-3, instead of a 3-4 defense. Yes, translation can work. But it adds more chance to the already difficult task of making it on the pro level. Miami must do better than last year’s draft, and every extra bit of difficulty added to new prospects could have severe consequences that this young regime might not recover from.

Miami must select day one a player who can contribute right away

This sounds simple enough: don’t reach. But Miami hasn’t always applied this strategy when drafting or signing free agents. There are many examples of Miami acquiring a new player that they ask to basically play out of position. Just last year, Jermon Bushrod, who was a tackle his entire career, was asked to play Guard. As a result Bushrod experienced a learning curve in production, because he had to learn a new position. And these hiccups turned out broken plays that helped contribute to losses.

Miami needs to be especially careful in this upcoming draft, because it appears that Miami is going to go heavy on defense and select at least one or two DE’s, LB’s and DT’s, and it would be wise to select players that have played in or will excel in a 4-3 Defense.

Most NFL football fans realize that a 3-4 DE or LB, playing in a 4-3 defense, has to learn a new position and responsibilities, which unfortunately may prove very difficult to immediately grasp for young rookie players. This transition may even stunt the development of a talented player and lead them to failed careers.

Hey, if it works out, then it’s a touchdown. But more often than not, it ends up and interception. And at this point, Miami needs consistent early picks. If they want to try and find some big play late… great. But a 1st round bust will put the hard breaks on all the good done so far. Go Fins!!!


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  • Steve

    Dion Jordan is about to get a fresh start in Seattle. The No. 3 overall pick in the 2013 draft has agreed to terms on a contract with the Seahawks, a person with knowledge of talks told USA TODAY

  • Lemmus

    …hit piece in the Herald noting the Pats success in drafting future pro bowlers vs the Fins …horrific except for the last two rated drafts where we got one each so far in ’14/15 drafts

    …don’t quite hold with you on picking 4-3 experience vs 3-4 in defensive draftees …that applies when evaluating FAs ala Dansby, et al …but draftees are a different matter …their physical strengths and skills matter much more than which defense their college DC ran …if you had 2 prospects with nominally the same physical,skill, social and intellect attributes that match your defensive needs, then yes, their college scheme experience could be a probative consideration …but that is, imnsho, rare

    • admin

      Hickey made a couple of mistakes (Carr over James), but he made some very nice hits. Last year would have been not so pretty if not for the luck of Tunsil. They pretty much flat lined after that. Howard could be a very good pick, Drake could be a nice pick, and Carroo could be something. A lot of could, but could doesn’t win games. This year will determine a lot about the draft… this year’s draft will determine a lot about this regimes future.

      • Lemmus

        …hindsight …imagine that they had used those 3-4 picks instead of trading up for Caroo in ’16 …as in selecting a true G and a LB or DE…Caroo made zero impact on our season …but a another Guard or LB could have had tremendous impact …could have, not necessarily would have …but we do know the results of not using those picks …for last year AND this year 🙁

        • admin

          I soo agree!!! If Carroo doesn’t become a pro bowl player it was a big disaster. This could retard the teams growth if they flush those picks down the toilet… unless they go super duper in this draft and get 4 starters out of it.