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Ryan Tannehill Injury On Leg Injured In 2016

Ryan Tannehill Injury On Leg Injured In 2016

With Ajayi and Tannhill having an injury, optimism takes a big hit

The extent of the injury is unknown at the present time

Just like that things can change in the NFL.

Only a few days ago Jay Ajayi got a concussion in a non-tackle contact from T.J. McDonald.

Now the injury bug is back and biting hard.

Ryan Tannehell injured his left leg, the leg that was injured last year while running out of bounds. Trainers helped him immediately to the locker room.

While Tannehill was able to move under his own power and without a noticeable limp, he did walk gingerly.

There is no way to spin this as good. It doesn’t mean this is will end up a worst-case scenario. But considering Tannehill pronounced himself healed in May, this leaves his diagnosis in serious question.

This injury also puts huge question marks in regards to his knee? Did he tweak it? Is the injury serious? Was the knee never right? Then you have to start wondering what will happen to that knee when he starts getting hit?

I was a big believer in him making a full recovery, but this has shaken my confidence that a full recovery is actually the case. Right now the pay per head sites are dramatically dropping the odds of him being 100% in 2017. We can only hope this isn’t the case.

Today even had new Guard / Center Ted Larsen injuring his right arm. The extent of this injury is also unknown. But will little over a week into camp, the injuries are mounting and are hitting critical players.

With so much optimism going into this year, as a fan, it really sucks seeing this happen. Nothing so far has happened that says for sure key players will miss the 2017 Season, but none of these injuries bring good news. Time to cross your fingers. Go Fins!!!




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  • Lemmus

    …reports that Cutler has been signed by Miami at 13 mil for 1 year

    …if true, then TH is going to surgery

    …Gase knows Cutler intimately and would not have signed him if he wasn’t sure of him …he also knows Moore and his limitations

    …Cutler had his best season with Gase as his OC so he knows the system already …it sucks that TH went down but Cutler could be a best case replacement

    …at 13mil they will be over cap so look for some other contract changes or cuts …it could also affect our ability to attract talent from the waiver wire

    …but if true, I’m ok with Cutler

    • admin

      I haven’t seen that report.., but it is reporting that he isn’t asking to have starting position… which makes 13 mill too much for that. If he were to come for 8 or so, I’d be very good with that. Haven’t seen that info can you send me a link, please?

      • Lemmus

        …it originated in Comcast Sports chicago on friday, Yahoo sports picked it up, then dailysnark.com linked it …now confirmed by Adam Scheftler a few minutes ago as done deal, one year at 10 mil base plus up to 3 mil incentives
        …they’ve been blowing smoke up our rectal orifices the past 2 days if Scheftler has it right
        …and at that big a contract, Cutler will start and Moore will mope …and I think it has serious consequences down the line on other player contracts because of the cap hit

    • admin

      Honestly though, if Tanny needs surgery, he will have to restructure his contract. It’s not looking good for him. The kid has a dark cloud hanging over him… a shame.

  • Lemmus

    …I said repeatedly here that the knee brace said more than all the PR hype about the true state of TH’s injuries …if they bring in Kaepernick, I’m done

    …Larsen will now be out for weeks, at least, due to his biceps injury …mj may yet get to see Urbik start at LG …T-bum should be the new bu at OT/OG/C …maybe then he will draft a G in ’18, eh

    …Pouncy still has not practiced in pads …after the PR tripe re TH, how are we supposed to believe the “all is well” mantra re Pouncy …not that I ever have

    …Ajayi still out due to concussion protocol …stats say loud and clear that repeat concussions are a lot MORE likely after the 1st one …especially with his style of running

    …Jones calf injury will linger into the season

    …McMillan gets the start at MLB because Misi is out despite the PR tripe, not because he earned it …and it forces Timmons outside, the vaunted FA we brought in supposedly to play MLB

    …our 1st round pick appears to be a good pass rusher but lousy run defender who will thus be a situational player instead of a 3 down starter …thus, so far, not a single one of our draft picks looks like actually earning a starting position …T-bum strikes again

    • admin

      I can’t sugar coat this terrible week. But Moore is far from a terrible option. Certain elements of game fits this system better than Tanny. Tanny opens thing up more with the deep ball and his legs, but Moore reads faster is better in the short quick game and is naturally more aggressive. His turnovers deep and 1 or 2 passes per game that are head scratchers does bother me. BUT in a weird way this is karma. He looked to ready to be the Dolphins starter in 2011 and then they drafted Tanny and he became a back up. Now he’s getting his opportunity and is surrounded by heaps of talent and a real coach. This is a far better opportunity than 2012 would have been. Not saying he will light the world on fire, but my only concern is that their is no one behind him. I’d prefer a healthy Tanny, but I’m not depressed he will be the starter… now Tanny having a huge contract and all the issue this injury is bringing, yeah that makes me unhappy. Larsen goign down sucks, but you know me and Urbik. Kap isn’t coming… he doesn’t fit the system and is a headache they don’t need. Jones could erase the injury with enough time, we’ll see. Ajayi does suck… but it could be a one off. I had one and never had one again, and I liked to bang. McMillian was never going outside in my mind. not saying that’s fact. But it doesn’t make sense. Move a rookie outside to a different position. Timmons might have played middle and Misi SLB… McMillian would likely have backed up Timmons. So, I’m not off the wagon… But I’m not jumping for joy either. They have run out of get out of jail free cards.

      • Lemmus

        …whether its Cutler or Moore at QB, a viable zone read option is gone w/o TH …and that was a big part of our offense last year, both pass and run …Gase can game plan without it but still, its a loss …Cutler can throw deep to Stills and Parker but he tends to fold under pocket pressure and there the OL rears its ugly head …Moore would be the short game with no serious downfield threat and that would allow stacking against Ajayi

        …Gase would not have paid 13 mil for Cutler if he truly felt good with Moore starting …besides game plan issues, it gives them all kinds of cap headaches that must be solved short term …as in there will likely be no more extension talks with Landry …if that was ever in the plan anyway

        …we can survive those things if Ajayi/Pouncy/Jones all come back sound and we have no more serious injuries …but I’m not putting any money on that …before FA I had real hope …now not so much

        • admin

          Moore isn’t good deep but at 20-30 yards he is good. I think you could ditch the zone read and not miss a beat if the short game and mid game is doing well and you add in Play action to a solid if not better run game. In my opinion, the Qb action from read of the DE is nice, but a bit risky and more of the cherry on top. Getting the ball out fast and accurate is more crucial and I really like Moore. Culter could be better, but he also, as you said, has that bone head gene and is a bit selfish and anti charismatic. I like both of them at the right price… but if you are going to dump ton on Cutler, I’d take Moore and a solid back up. Doughty and Fales ain’t it.

          • Lemmus

            …keep in mind that Vase has just as much experience with Cutler as he does with TH …and both have had very similar stats and their best years under Gase

            …Cutler has never had a good offense around him, nothing like the fins look like they have this year …except for the OL …Cutler is accurate downfield and has a potential top 5 WR and TE set …no way any team can stack against Ajayi
            …the only com I see is that TH was an iron man and could get out of a collapsing pocket and still hit a wr or run it himself …Cutler has been weak in those same circumstances, at least so far …so the OL will be a bigger factor with him than TH …we will of course see soon enough assuming the report is right

  • phinfreak

    I saw the injury. I’ve had 3 knee surgeries. That was not a tweak. That was a hyperextension injury while planting on that foot. His knee was not fully recovered. He did not have neither the stability nor the joint integrity to make that plant and it buckled.

    I wouldnt be surprised if he crunched some cartilage. This does not bode well for Tanny for this season nor his future. He now has what we call a Chronic Knee.

    Sign Colin Kaepernick.

    Ask me how I know.

    • admin

      I agree Freak, and I think the hyper extension is due to weakness… had that issue with my knee and same thing happened. Tannehill is likely done for the season…. maybe not, but he makes that little cut and then collapses… it’s not good. But, I don’t think the season is done either. Moore is stronger at quick reads and the short and equal to Tannehill in the medium game. He isn’t nearly as mobile and isn’t close to him in the deep game. Moore is a far better option than Kap. Kap doesn’t fit this system. Slow reads, long delivery, not very accurate. Moore is fine and with Parker killing the slants, this system is built for him. In reality Tannehill’s career with Miami might even be done… a contract restructure will need to be done for him to continue because surgery will cancel this season and most if not all of the next one.

      • phinfreak

        Moore is not, nor will be the answer. Theres a reason hes been nothing but a back up all these years. Fins need to move on from T-Hill. His knee will be the second coming of Robert Griffin III if he doesnt sit out a year.

        • admin

          No he isn’t a superstar and won’t carry the team week in and week out, but you can win with him. If miami can run the ball and protect him, he can deliver the ball to highly talented skills and make the occasional play on his own. That’s enough to be successful. To win a Superbowl… not unless the talent level was near max everywhere else. But in the current make up, no. But this season was about Playoffs and one post season win… everything else would be a dream season.