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Tannehill 2nd Tear In ACL And Cutler Signed… What Now?

Tannehill 2nd Tear In ACL And Cutler Signed… What Now?

With Tannehill down for 2017, Cutler is brought on board

With Tannehill down for 2017, Cutler is brought on board

Cutler and Moore will battle it out for 2017 Dolphins QB

Ryan Tannehill is done for 2017 with a second tear in his ACL. The debate will rage later if that means he’s done for longer than this season, but for now, Jay Cutler is the new Miami Dolphins Quarterback… and that should be the focus.

The deal is a one year deal worth $10 million plus incentives.

What does this mean for 2017? Is Cutler guaranteed the starting spot? Adam Gase has said that starting isn’t a prerequisite, as per his conversation with Cutler.

Matt Moore is set to make $1.75 million this season, so maybe there won’t be a true competition.

Beyond the fact that Miami is now spending nearly $33 million on their QB squad, this is a big, BIG win in the face of big disaster.

I can’t say enough about how much of a shame that Tannehill has re-injured his ACL. Say what you want, but he has worked hard, endured a hell of a lot and rarely, if ever, complained. Sadly, it doesn’t take pay per head sites to tell you that good guys do finish last int he NFL.

Cutler as either A1 or A2 on the QB depth chart is very good for the Fins

But now it’s about the team. And this is a win for the team.

Gase didn’t want to rest this season on the shoulders of Moore and Moore alone. It’s understandable. If Moore had started with no one behind him, then Miami would have nothing to back him up. And should he go down, it would have been a real disaster. Now Miami has two viable options. I still prefer Moore–maybe I’m just prejudice against Cutler. I don;t know. But I can’t complain about or fault the move.

Knowing Gase, this will be a real competition at QB and that’s a beautiful thing.

To have both Moore and Cutler battle it out to start will only make the QB position a position of strength. This truly is a great situation for the Dolphins… that is, if Cutler can swallow the back-up role should he lose the competition.

This is the only real drawback: pride leading to dissension.

Some say Cutler is the better QB… okay. He will get the chance to prove it. But if by some fluke he shouldn’t win the competition, will he be humble enough to take the back seat? And for that matter, will the ever humble Moore be able to resist the frustration of sitting and waiting for the opportunity only to have it taken from him again like 2012?

I’ll put my money on Matt.

I’m not so sure about Jay.

Although, Jermon Bushrod says we don’t know the real Cutler that the Cutler we do know is a product of the media’s creation. We’ll time will tell on this one. Gase and Cutler are supposed to be very good friends. First, I hope this doesn’t cloud Gase’s usually good judgement, and second, this will tell once and for all who Cutler really is by how he responds. At the moment, fans should be very happy that the man in charge was able to turn cough syrup into wine on this one. Go Fins!!!


Editors note: Moore salary was printed wrong originally at $7 million, the correct amount is $3.55 million over two seasons.


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  • phinfreak

    Reality check here:

    Tannehill blew out his knee last year, ACL almost always requires surgery for pro athletes. Dogs…a different story. He blew it out again because it was not stable enough and for that I blame the entire medical staff.

    Cutler was signed and paid to come in and take the starting QB role, it is not Moore’s job. He’s a backup. Period. Ignore the window dressing. Cutler’s arm will change how defenses play Fins. Yes, more blitzes, but more downfield plays. Pick your poison.

    Cutler is a far better QB than fans are aware of, especially Miami fans. I live in Chicago most of year, watched him play last few years. He is a better pure QB than Tannehill ever was, and he played with a worse OL than Fins had.

    Tannehill’s career in Miami, with that knee, is done. See RGIII’s knee.

    • admin

      Thanks for the insight Freak… yeah, Gase said so as much that Culter didn’t come to sit on the sideline… Moore is truly loved and Cutler needs to show in clear terms that this is the best mover or the chem side of things might get messed up. I too like Cutler… the good Cutler. I trust in Gase, but as someone on the outside of his career, I dislike the image portrayed. He does offer so much of what Tannehill offers in regards to the deep ball and mobility. It’s just his tendency to appear to quit early and make bone headed plays. I can’t fault the move in anyway. It’s the best move left to be made. Tannehill might be done… can’t disagree with you on at least the good possibility on it. I’m rooting for your evaluation to be correct like never before, brother.

  • Lemmus

    “Matt Moore signed a 2 year, $3,550,000 contract with the Miami Dolphins, including a $750,000 signing bonus, $2,750,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $1,775,000. In 2017, Moore will earn a base salary of $1,750,000 and a workout bonus of $25,000, while carrying a cap hit of $2,150,000 and a dead cap value of $1,375,000.” Spotrac

    …don’t know where JB is getting his numbers …that quote is from “http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/miami-dolphins/matt-moore-4942/” and live in a tab right now

    …the reports on Cutler’s contract are confusing to say the least …ranging from 8-13 mil for the year depending on how the source is reporting it …but regardless, its well more than Moore is making

    …considering that Gase has as much experience with Moore as he has with Cutler …and had a wide number of less expensive options if he thought Moore could carry the team for the entire season …and still offered Cutler a package that effectively caps their cap going forward …even putting to bed any extension for Landry …I’d have to believe that Gase sees Cutler as our starter …unless he flat out falls apart in camp

    …JB could be right …its possible Moore wiil be given an even shot …but the numbers speak for themselves …they hired a starter, not a backup

    …what the cons will be are yet to be seen …is Cutler what the Chicago media says he is? …or is he what Gase, Bushrod, and Larsen say he is? …as well as his numbers …we’ll soon see

    …as for the team …other than Landry …they just want a leader on the field who can win …if Cutler convinces them he is the one, then all will be well …even Landry will buy into that imnsho

    …as for me, I’m back to thinking the OL is again the fin’s biggest problem, not the QB

    • admin

      https://overthecap.com/player/matt-moore/707 this say 3.5 with incentives… either way it was off thanks. This does change the perspective… it might change the outcome, given Gases desire for competition… I hope it’s fair. It ‘s not a bad thing either way and the best case for 2017. Beyond 2017 is where I’m now worrying. That’s a lot of bread for a injured horse.

      • Lemmus

        …the 3.5 is over 2 years …his base for 17 is 1.75mil with a small workout bonus.

        …the more I see re Cutler’s deal, the more I think the first report on Friday got it right at 10 base plus 3 incentives

        …nor do I buy into the questions re his physical conditioning …that had to be right at the top of Case’s checkered before they signed him …I do think we will see a lot of Moore for the next week or so but then it will be all Cutler …unless of course Moore surprises everyone …including Vase

        …the only real doubt I have that Cutler can get it done is his age …he’s on the far side of 30 …but then so are Brady and Rogers …and they both have had great coaches and teammates …this is a first for Cutler …do or die for him …which I like

    • admin

      8 would be awesome and I’d love that. You have me as well… I am concerned for the future of this franchise, even though I’m not concerned for 2017… interesting times to say the least.

    • admin

      … and last, yeah OL is back to the focus. Now with Larsen injured and less money, it will make the O-line that much more difficult to pull together… just how big is Pouncey’s hip?!!

      • Lemmus

        …well we had a really bad streak of luck the past week …we’re due for some good news …how about Asiata suddenly sees the light and earns a start at LG?

        …ok,ok …this isn’t a fantasy site …but hey 😄