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Right From The Horse’s Mouth: Gase Speaks

Right From The Horse’s Mouth: Gase Speaks

Gase gave an interesting interview the other day

Gase gave an interesting interview the other day

Gase has been honest, forthright, and intelligent every step of the way

Coach Adam Gase met with the Media recently for an interview. And I have to say, that the more I hear him speak, the more I have to like this guy.

Gase is a straight shooter that doesn’t sugar coat things. He also portrays a self-confidence and passion that we have not seen form a Miami Dolphins Head Coach in a very long time. In addition, he stands up for his players and treats them as if they were family.

During the interview, Coach touched on a variety of subjects. In an earlier article, we mentioned that the possible negative outcome from paying all these large, guaranteed contracts was the chance that the players may not play up to the same level. This will test the love of money in a contract year, compared to loyalty and character after a contract year.

Coach said he understood the risk. However, he said each of these players that the Dolphins paid to keep were ‘there type of guys’. Gase insisted that these players were in it for the right reasons: love for the organization, coaching staff, teammates, and football. And that was the template he wanted and the template for Playoff success.

The Dolphins have become a new team under Gase

Gase also spoke about the Offensive line and wasn’t too worried about it. He believes that Laremy Tunsil is a special player and will excel at his more natural Left Tackle position. Interestingly, he felt Jermon Bushrod was our second best Offensive lineman with the first being Mike Pouncey. Gase thought Bushrod played very well–even though he was battling injuries and playing a position that he has never played before. He insisted that Bushrod will be much more comfortable playing Guard next season. Bushrod will be treated more like a veteran in 2017 and will not have as many reps in practice. This should keep him fresher throughout the season.

Gase also believes that Pouncey will finally be at full strength next season, and his presence alone will be a big plus for the entire offensive line unit. Lastly, he said that the Dolphins signed Larsen, because they had heard a lot of good things from other coaches and friends around the league about him. From everything he learned, Gase felt Larsen would be a good fit since he has played in the same offensive scheme before that Miami uses.

Gase has earned enough credibility to trust his vision for 2017

Gase also said that he likes the pieces added on defense: Lawrence Timmons, Hayes, and Allen. He said Timmons adds speed and leadership to the defense and Hayes is very good against the run, and should help that department. In terms of Allen, he started by saying that he is happy to get Reshad Jones back, who he thinks is one of the best safeties in the league, if not the best safety, and that Jones and Allen together should be a good duo. Both these players have the ability to play in the box or in the middle of the field.

One other key position that Gase spoke about was the tight end position. NFL football fans would say that Gase seemed to be most excited about this position. Gase was known to heavily incorporate the tight end into the passing game in his time in Denver and Chicago. But it was clear that last year, he just didn’t have the same type of personal at that position to do everything he wanted to do. However, now he has Julius Thomas, a player that was tremendously successful in Gases’ offense in Denver and everyone is hoping they can have similar success together again in Miami. Gase also specifically said that if other teams are going to put a linebacker on Thomas, then Thomas is going to be seeing a lot of balls thrown his way.  In addition, Gase was very impressed by Anthony Fasano’s blocking skills, going as far as saying that Fasano maybe the best blocking tight end that he has ever seen.

Gase is proving to be the best coach in Miami since Shula

Sure he was only talking about things to feel good about. But after hearing Gase, because he makes you feel that there is a plan in place and everything under control, I have confidence, because he has demonstrated both intelligence and honesty, every step of the way.  What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins News fans thoughts about Coach Gases’ recent talk with the media?


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  • Dunner

    Here is a draft simulator you can have fun with and kinda get an idea. I drafted 3 rounds this morning and will go back and do a complete draft later.

    This is how the draft unfolded:

    Round 1 (22) = Lamp, (yes Lemmus I drafted your guard)…. I wanted Reddick badly, but when he was off the board at that moment it came down to Lamp or Watt??? I want a LBer, but I feel that Lamp is more of a sure thing at a position of need and value here than Lamp is, it was hard but I pulled the trigger. Lamp it was 🙂

    Round 2 (54) = J.Wilis, this guy is my sentimental favorite to land on the Dolphins, I just hope he is there at 54. He was in this case so I wasted no time. It was between Willis or Tomlinson (DL, Alabama), can’t go wrong either player, but I think this regime takes Tomlinson. However; hindsight: I would have taken Watt in the first if I had known that guards: Feeney, Dawkins, Johnson, and Isiata were all still there at 54. That is another reason I don’t see Miami taking a guard in the first round, at least at 22. Desmond King (S-Iowa) was a possibility, but I think the FA moves dictates a later pick for a future safety and an immediate special teams player.

    Round 3 (97) = R.Anderson, this surprise absolutely nailed the draft for us. This was kind of a Tunsil surprise here in the third round. Anderson is a plug and play LBer at the “Sam” spot and slide right into the “Mike” when Timmons leaves/retires. I was hoping Sydney Jones would be available in the third but he went in the second round to the Jets. Guards: Asiata (surprise), Isidora, Dunkner, Morgan were there at 97 as well, again another reason that guard is not taken at 22. I did think about taking center Pocic, and get Pouncey’s replacement, knowing that he could be needed sooner than later.

    All in All, if this is the way our first three rounds shake out, I would be elated and our future would be so bright everyone would have to wear shades. We get our guard for the next decade to play next to our LT for that same time. We get our future Cam Wake, then top it off getting our LBer we so desperately need.

    Have fun:


    • Dunner

      So I do another mock, selecting different player ranking selection. Here is how that 3 rounds went:

      1) Reddick
      2) Willis
      3) Asiata

      Here, we get our LBer, DE and a guard that should earn the starting RG spot. Big pick here was Reddick 🙂

      • admin

        If Reddick manages to fall they should take him without a doubt… not sure he will though.

        • Lemmus

          …if we only take one G high, it will be at LG where Larsen is now slotted …he has never kept a starter position on any team …record looks worse than Turnstile’s before Gase canned him

          …I think there is a reasonable chance that both Reddick and Lamp fall to #22 if there is a run on QBs …lot of QB hungry teams this year and if one is picked high …like #12 Cleveland …then others may start pulling the trigger earlier than they want to …love to see 3 QBs go before 22 🙂

          • admin

            I really like Reddick….but Lamp is so tempting. That could be a big and hard decision. Would you take Lamp or Reddick?

    • Lemmus

      …Dun, Dun, Dun …these are fan drafts …about as real as fantasy football

  • Steve

    Less than a month before the draft the Dolphins have selected who they want with their 7 picks. My focus are those late round players that we can bring to camp after the draft?

    1. QB | Alek Torgersen | Penn
    2. RB | Brian Hill | Wyoming
    3. RB | Marlon Mack | USF
    4. WR | Kenny Golladay | Northern Illinois
    5. WR | ArDarius Stewart | Alabama
    6. TE | Adam Shaheen | Ashland
    7. OT | Taylor Moton | Western Michigan
    8. OT | Julie’n Davenport | Bucknell
    9. G | Nico Siragusa | San Diego State
    10. G | Chase Roullier | Wyoming
    11. C | Kyle Fuller | Baylor


  • Lemmus

    …hhhmmm …don’t think I’ve ever read a “great” article by him …think he has dirt on someone in the ownership 🙂

    …but I do believe he did write one a month or so ago that posited the theory that we didn’t need quality Guards this year because most of our ’17 opponents were running 3-4 defenses …he was likely smoking some really bad stuff at the time …the logic used was irrational at best imnsho, someone looking for an excuse to draft Gs in the 5th

    …the 3-4 can bevulnerable to the inside run if the G/C/G can open lanes while the tackles protect the edges …and WE have a RB that can make chunk yardage if he gets past the LoS, especially if the Gs can block and free Pouncy to get to the 2nd level …but if he has to help either G, it kills a lot of inside run plays …we saw all too much of that last year

    • admin

      That was it… and if you look at the season as a totality, then if you have to choose between G or LB/ DE/ Dt it makes sense that with limited bullets that you go this route. G’s are mostly in a double capacity and that isn’t critical compared to setting the edge, stopping the run and rushing the passer… So, in a sense I could see them grab a G in the 3rd or with their 5ths… not saying it’s a lock to wisdom, but I can see the wisdom through the haze… good memory sir…that’s why I’m glad you are around.

      • Steve


        Less than a month before the draft the Dolphins have selected who they want with their 7 picks. My focus are those late round players that we can bring to camp after the draft?

        1. Edge| Derek Rivers | Youngstown State
        2. EDGE | Tarell Basham | Ohio
        3. DL | Tanzel Smart | Tulane
        4. DL | Larry Ogunjobi | Charlotte
        5. LB | Elijah Lee | Kansas State
        6. LB | Paul Magloire | Arizona
        7. CB | Jeremy Cutrer | Middle Tennessee State
        8. CB | Fabian Moreau | UCLA
        9. CB | Corn Elder | Miami (FL)
        10. S | Xavier Woods | Louisiana Tech
        11. S | David Jones | Richmond

        • admin

          I think they won’t go Guard in the first… I think they will go d and maybe even corner as the value could be very high at that spot at 22

  • Lemmus

    …unfortunately, I can’t forget him saying the same kind of things about the OL last year about this time

    …I feel the same way about Bushrod and Larsen now as I did about the turnstile twins then …neither has proven themselves to be starting quality guards, Bushrod was the lowest rated G by pff last year and Larsen has been bounced by, I forget, 4-6 teams already …warm body fillers that won’t get the job done imnsho

    …as for Pouncy, ok, if he stays healthy …but that again is almost exactly what Gase said about him last year before camp …and we all know how that went

    …you trust Gase on everything, I don’t …not yet …his preseason eval of the OL last year proved dead wrong …why do you believe him now?

    …I’m praying that this is all bs and he knows he needs much better OL help …and is pushing for it in the draft …else TH is going to be testing that knee brace all too often and Ajayi is going to have a ton of negative yardage runs

    …I’m sold on Gase as a coach but not as a personnel evaluator …the real test will come in the draft …if we fail to get a starting G there, case closed imnsho

    • admin

      There is a great article by Salguero… been trying to find it and do a write up, but it makes A LOT of sense. It offered a lot of comfort in my mind. I’m going to try and find it and do the article. I do agree about his vision of last years Guards. But I have to believe that now that he really has on-hand information and time to focus on this particular situation that he is sober and accurate. Of course, he could be wrong, but I do have high regard for him at this point. This will be the hump for me. If he is right on this, then he move to another level in my mind… but if he fails at his point he will descend one level as well.