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With Raiders Down 3 Corners… Fins “O” Must Attack Secondary

With Raiders Down 3 Corners… Fins “O” Must Attack Secondary

Raiders are down to 3 Corners, one them is former Fin Sean Smith

Raiders are down to 3 Corners, former Fins Sean Smith is one of them

Though the Fins have less rushing talent now, the remaining backs are more versatile

No Ifs, Ands, or Buts, the Miami Dolphins must attack the secondary tomorrow against the Oakland Raiders.

Oakland is down to 3 corners (TJ Carrie, Sean Smith, and Dexter McDonald) due injury. Miami on the other hand has a mostly healthy stable of talented Wides and RB’s with pass blocking and catching skills. While they need to be judicious and run the rock, they must press their advantage on the Raiders weakness to secure a win.

Going over the Bills v.s. Raiders game, one thing stood out: Bills Receivers were open, Raiders LB’s play a lot of over technique and were late, and the Safeties play it safe with predominantly 2 High Coverage. You can’t count on them to play this same look this week for sure, especially if Adam Gase continues to call predicable 1st Down runs and pass plays short of 10 yards.

But something tells me we’ll be witnessing a far different scheme from Miami than what we have witnessed previously this season. And given Oakland’s short comings in DB’s, it’s likely their defense against Buffalo will be similar.

The many insets below are all from the 1st Half (maybe 1 or 2 weren’t, sometimes my organization slips up a bit). But even if I missed a couple, there were certainly more plays of poor pass coverage that I could have added from the 1st half alone, for sure.

The Fins must attack the Defenses weakness for a change



This advantage of receivers over CBs will be mitigated a bit because rookie S Obi Melifonwu is making his pro debut, S Karl Joseph is excellent,  and Reggie Nelson played very well against the Bills.

Without a doubt, Oakland has a crew of capable Safeties that will spell corner throughout the game.

But fielding only 3 Cb’s isn’t ever a good spot to be in, especially when facing a quote, unquote ‘talented Wideout group’.

This will be a huge opportunity for Landry and Co. to prove they are who we thought they were.

I’m without a doubt putting some of Jimmy’s money down with the pay per head services that the Fins Wides produce in a big way.

Looking over the Oakland Cb’s that are still standing:

McDonald (as per PFF, “his passer rating of 117.4 when targeting him, which is 11th highest among 109 qualified corners”) went down against the Bills for a stretch, so Oakland could very well be caught in a pinch where they have only 2 CB’s. If he is in, he’ll mostly square off against Kenny Stills.

I like that match up.

Smith will likely face off against DeVante Parker. If Parker can stay healthy, he should have an excellent opportunity as Smith has struggled a lot this season: ( as per PFF, “Smith has allowed a passer rating of 139.6 when targeted this year, the second worst in the league only to his teammate David Amerson. Smith is also allowing 1.60 yards yards per coverage snap, which is 98th out of 109 qualified corners”).

I like that match up too.

Fins have a chance to prove they aren’t dead

Then there is Jarvis Landry, who will be returning to the slot. T.J. Carrie, a fourth-year player who has been raising his game lately in coverage, will be his shadow in 3 Wides. But in the slot Landry is special. I expect Landry to be diametrically opposite of what he showed against the Ravens.

Landry has to be thinking cha-ching for 2018, so put me down for 3 out of 3 in favor of Miami.

Kool Aid in da’ house. Yeah, boyyyyy!

You know what time it is? Time for the Phins to wake up the hell up!!!


Last, and maybe least, are the Raiders LBs. While they do well on pursuit and shutting down perimeter runs, they struggle with Inside Zones and coverage from what I saw. The fact that they are giving up 120 yards a game rushing might be a hint that they need to sure it up in the run game in a big way.

But it’s their soft coverage skills that must have Gase’s attention.

Whether it’s a lack of skill or because they were over compensating for a wounded CB group, either way their play last week spells good news for Miami.

I hope I’m reading it right.

This is where Damien Williams and Kenyan Drake will have the chance to step up, grab the hammer and ring the bell. I like the odds of both of them against the Raiders soft under belly. Again, this will take Gase calling plays that attack the middle. So far this season he has shied away from attacking the middle at the 5 yard mark.

He’d better not be shy this week.

Given Ajayi’s exile, this offensive performance will be extra scrutinized

Of course, we can’t have a discussion about Dolphins offense without talking about the Offensive Line. Miami will get Ted Larsen back, but he’ll likely be a back up, and Jesse Davis will probably start for 1 more week.

But really, the key to this week is the wings with Laremy Tunsil and Ja’Wuan James.

For fans terrified of Khalil Mack, remember that both Tackles handled a far more dangerous situation with the Chargers Bosa and Ingram and performed suburb. Now given their ups and downs this season so far, a repeat of excellent play is far, far from guaranteed. Tunsil has struggled with speed and James with power. Mack is the real deal and can produce both speed and power. But there’s history that they could very well end up limiting Mack, if not neutralizing him.

As always, I must emphasis the ever present caveat, the proof is in the pudding… and isn’t that the name of the game for the Dolphins this week?! Go Fins!!!


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  • phinfreak

    Hmmm, Hmmmm, whats the rationalization today?

    Gase has no business being a HC. The offensive game plan was still way too conservative. Fins should have come out 100% no huddle hurry up, 5 wide, shifts and motion, etc. Instead, we get run for zero or negative yards on 1st down, and a dink and dunk passing game – against a team with suspect CB’s!!! AYFKM???

    Again, its a terrible burden, being right all the time…but Im willing to do it.

    Fins lucky, very lucky if they win another game or two this year. Oh and Gase? hahahaha he still can’t figure out the problems…the reason is because he keeps looking at players vs in the mirror.

    • Lemmus

      …now, now freak …that rectal-cranial inversion is getting much worse …or settin’ on that couch in yo momma’s basement has curdled your synapses, eh 🙂

      …Gase was pretty damn good last year after he fired the turnstile twins …I don’t expect he’s had a sudden, complete mental dump when it comes to play calling …I mean, you’re actually agreeing with the rah rahs here …its all Gase’s play calling …and you’re both just flat wrong

      …its his personnel choices …or T-bums …its unclear who is actually holding the leash there and who is wearing the collar …but whomever it is with the leash needs to be chained outside in the midst of the next ‘cane …they’ve dug themselves a huge hole, they have, on the OL …and they just keep digging …I ‘spect we’ll see Chinamen climbing out of it real soon now …no OL though, shame that, ’tis

      …now, unlike you, I don’t pretend to be an all-knowing football guru wise in all things phin like …but I do know a mite bit about it …enough to know that it all starts with the OL …or in the phin’s case, ends with it …no way in hell they can make a 5 wide work with the current OL, eh …that means 5 WRs, 5 so called OL, and poor widdle Cutler all alone back there praying he gets nigh on 2 seconds to set, read, and throw …which in his case is going to be wasted breath …if ‘n he can breath at all, eh …running for your life tends to leave you breathless, it does

      …just thought I’d point that out, you being the guru you are …5 + 5 + 1 = 11, least it always did when I went to school …didn’t have no fancy calculators or smart phones back then so I could be wrong …it’s happened, hard as that might be to imagine …really 🙂

      • phinfreak

        You probably didnt do well in reading class. If you did you would know my criticism of this team is from top to bottom but unlike the homers here I also include Gase. The entire team takes turns failing on the field, OL, WRs, RB,s D, etc that points to the HC.

        I also have written many times here for your benefit that this team sucks. In publik skool edumacation lingo…dey iz biaches, all a dem bums r ova payd hoes. Comprende gringo?

        My calls were;
        This is a 6-10 team
        Gase will be on the hot seat by mid season
        This team sucks (see record in prime time big games for your edumacation)
        Roster void of talent – and the talent they do have underperforms because of poor coaching staff and HC
        Oh, and this team sucks.

        The solution? Someone who is competent, from Florida (vs nuevo yor) with deep pockets buys the team and fires everyone down.

        Draft a QB in 1st round next year, trade up to get a real QB. Dump Tannehill, Cutler is gone anyway.

        Under performers I would cut or tade (if worth anything):

        Jarvis Landry – bark worse than his bite
        Mike Pouncey
        Julius Thomas
        Jakeem Grant – no production
        Reshad Jones – disappeared after he got paid

        • Lemmus

          …now now phreak, as it happens, I’ve always excelled at reading and comprehension …still go through 3-5 novels a week and that’s not including professional texts …I speed read with better than 98% comprehension, tested …so do yourself a favor and go find someone at your own level to compete with in a battle of wits …you might start with the chimps at your local zoo …need to work yourself up slowly so it doesn’t injure your self esteem more than absolutely necessary

          …I’ve often read your texts (time and sanity wasting as that usually is) and yes, you’re an equal opportunity basher …not that it gets you anywhere …there is substantial talent on this team despite your refusal to recognize such …Landry is one, a top notch slot receiver who usually manages to flash more than once in every game, and aside from his recent dropsies, the heart of the offense …four years in and he’s already set NFL records …and you want to cut him …about as dopey an idea as cutting Incognito proved to be …and trading Ajayi will prove to be …so much for your equal opportunity bashing …its just bashing for the sake of bashing …you rarely add anything of value to the dialog and your condescending attitude toward others here wears out your initial welcome rather quickly

          …as for Gase, I find it credulous that last year he was an offensive guru to most here …and this year the armchair HCs like you are second guessing him on every play …just doesn’t make any sense
          …but most play down his personnel decisions that have had far worse consequences for this season than his play calling ever did …and it confounds me that they do so …I’m guessing its easier to pull out one play and say “I’d of done it this way and we’d have scored” than it is to look at the small things that make a team work …or in the phin’s case, not work …reliability, consistency, and completeness of skill set being the things I tend to look for …and too often not find …case in point, Pouncey …once upon a time he was a pro-bowler with all the tools to reliably and consistently do his job, and often excel at it …but that was then, this is now, and he’s no longer reliable, consistent, or possesses the ability to get his job done, much less excel at it …and we knew this last year …go back and read mj’s many posts on just that …and yet here he is …and the phins FO apparently made no effort to find an eventual successor, much less replace him this year …ask Todd Bowles what he thinks of Pouncey …better yet, don’t, he demonstrated it all too well in the first jets game …and proved to be right …such it is with all of the OL, especially the Guards …absolute ignorance of the need for reliable, consistent, skilled players …an open contempt by the powers that be for the necessity to greatly improve the quality there …I mean, they actually paid $3 million for the worst Guard in the NFL to return …and then guaranteed it as well …something that even today, months later, I still can’t quite believe they really did …but, as mj has often said, “he improved” …yes he did, lowest graded most of last year …and so far this year, he has indeed “improved” …all the way from the bottom of the barrel …70th out of 70 …to this Sunday where he had a phenomenal performance …I mean he actually made it into the 60s in the last grading I saw …WOW!! …but Gase believes in him …so he’s our starting RG …may god bless his pea pickin’ lil ole check cashing heart, eh

          …but I digress, this is about you, not the phins …your posts are invariably about you …the phins are only your vehicle for expressing your inhuman talents to we of the lower castes, and your disdain thereof …do me a favor, go play with yourself …but for the sake of everyone else, use protection …and no flashing, period

          • phinfreak

            I didnt read all that blabber up there….what is it they say about brevity?

            BTW, your premise that Gase was some sort of Guru last year is in error. What? getting a wild card berth is such an achievement in todays NFL? One and done getting their asses handed to them in Pitt? Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then, so do the Fins.

  • Dunner

    Gaes could have, should have went for the field goal with 3+ minutes left on forth down, thus getting them within 1 score with 2 timeouts remaining. Plenty of time to kickoff and stop them with several minutes to spare to tie the game.

    The penalty on J.James being in the backfield was absolutely BS and it hurt. The other real costly penalty was the holding call on Laundry. Both those penalties along with the Drake fumble took at the very least 3 field goal attempts away and 3 trips in the red zone which coulda ended in the end zone. 5 first downs called back via penalty.

    Miami’s offense looks so much better, so much more unpredictable. Finally using the RBs in the passing game. 12 receptions from the RBs alone. Much better, actually looked like a pro offense. This offense has suddenly become harder to prepare for. Rather that leads to success or not, we’ll see.

    Cutler was close to perfect, 34-42 3 TDs ONLY 1 sack. So those that only seen the highlights, didn’t see the effective Cutler who was only sacked ONCE!

    The defense played well enough to win by a few scores. Again, if you didn’t see the game, save it, you don’t know. Jones was beat deep, outside of that the CBs played well, were not carved up and minimized Cooper and Crabtree. The only real trouble was contain the TE-Cook. That was on the LBer(s).

    Well, .500 at the half way point. Could be better, could be worse. Now I know some are going to say-rah/rah/rah. BS. .500 is .500, 8 games remain, doesn’t matter if its the tough part of the schedule or not. Win and in, that simple. Pats 2x, Bills 2X enough said.

    Next Monday nights game for the Fins is HUGE. A win there and Miami has the Bucs and Broncos at home in 2 of their next 3 with the one being a trip to Patriot country. A lose and Miami leaves themselves room for no errors. Which most believe this team is not good enough yet to have room for errors.

    Side note: If you take Ajayi’s 1 long run away, guess what he averaged = 3.2 yds/carry. Odd, the same as he did here in Miami this season. He did have the 1 long run however. Good for the train.

    Penalties and a costly turnover by Drake was the difference between a win and a lose last night!

    • Lemmus

      …rah rah rah sis boom bah …spiked the kool-ade again, eh

      …tell me something …if you take the 42 yd run away from Drake, exactly what did he average? …its a fair question, eh …your reach, not mine

      …if this, if that …rah rah rah …we lost but someone missed that part, eh

      …time to break out the snowflake trophies, it is

      …Cutler had a good game, Carr had a better one …QBR doesn’t count, score does, so sad, tis

      …but just wait until next week …we’ll get’r done then, we will

      …or the next week …or the next

      …one of us just doesn’t get it …we are the worst offense in the NFL …by far …not even close …and why is that?

      …I know, Gase …he has sudden onset dementia …that’s got to be it

      …rah rah rah …the OL are all solid NFL starters, they are, yesirree, you heard it here first …not their fault a’tall …its Gase, tis

      …oh my, that wasn’t “fair” …I’m not being “fair” again …I actually expect results when a “cancer” is removed …except they got the wrong diagnosis …again …that’s malpractice, ’tis …oh bloody hell, they got the wrong part!!

      …they should start T-bum at LG next week, first series …put Cutler in a flak jacket and track shoes …and give the OC back his job, put Gase at RB, same series as T-bum…maybe, just maybe, they might get a clue …but I kinda doubt it, I do

      …clueless in Miami, they are

      • admin

        “oh my, that wasn’t “fair” …I’m not being “fair” again”

        Fair means fair to my words and what they were and meant and what the context was… … but you know that, unless you have sudden onset dementia?

      • Dunner

        Wrong again Lem. You were the one who referenced Ajayi. Not me? No one mentioned Drakes effectiveness or lack thereof. My Ajayi comment was based on Ajayi and not any Miami PLayers. Then again, you know all, even without watching the damn game. WOW, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

      • Dunner

        Again, it must SUCK living in your and Freaks world. Done reasoning with you two, it is a one sided biased battle. Enjoy the damn season that is lost and all the players suck along w Gase. Sure there isn’t much else in life that you two enjoy other than being Hippocrates. Until next Tuesday, have a great F***ing week.

        Fair? You don’t know fair, I don’t care about fair here. I know whats coming = another biased assessment. Even without watching the game you have assessments of the game. WOW! You don’t think I don’t know the O-Line needs help, but last nights performance wasn’t that bad, 1 sack, which by the way came on the first play when James went out. All hail to the king(s) = Lemmus/Freak. They don’t even have to watch the games now to know what is and what isn’t. And that is valid and fair in their miserable world…

        • Lemmus

          …hhhmmm …remind me, eh …when did you “start” reasoning? …we lost, again …to a team we were “designed” to beat …and you rattled off a litany of reasons for the loss …neatly excusing the one constant in this whole sad season …was that you “reasoning” with me?

          …guess that just leaves me ‘n the phreak lobbing hand grenades at each other …though you might like that, “close” being “good enough” for the kool-ade crowd, eh

          …yes, 9 weeks in and we’re 5/5 and miracles do happen …but the thing is, the trade deadline is past and Gase chose to trade our best RB for a low 4th round pick …and not to trade for a decent OL player …I tend to take that as Gase effectively throwing in the towel on the rest of the season …and it pisses me off, big time

          …and your view on the rest of the schedule is tantamount to drawing to an inside straight …pardon me, but I don’t ever draw to an inside straight

          …so we’l chat again come ’18 when you’ll be telling me …again …that no one takes Gs that high and I’ll be …again …insisting that they must …1/2/3/4 …Center, Guard, OT, TE …in the order they’re best available when we pick …not a single damn defender until the 5th, if then …and you’ll …again …”reason” with me as to why they must take a CB/LB/DL/DE instead …simply because you’re unreasonable, eh

          …and then they’ll take a RB 🙂

          • Lemmus


            4/4, not 5/5 …its all Gase’s fault, the mind-meld didn’t work, didn’t work, I say

          • Lemmus

            …by the way, what’s “valid and fair” in my world is the NFL and the phins enforcing the rules on the book …regardless of race or politics …Gase chickened out last night and let 3 kneel on the field …because his rule preventing it was “detrimental” to their preparing for the game

            …for what it’s worth, I’m done with Gase …win or lose

    • Phinfreak

      Great example of coulda shoulda woulda and “we suck but we could suck worse”.

      .500 yes but this team is last in almost every category measured.

      Where does the buck stop?
      What does this say about the talent?

      C’mon maan.

  • Lemmus

    …well there you go …if you call that “perfect protection” it goes a long way in explaining our widely divergent views regarding this team and this season …but I’ll ask again …why?

    …one of us is suffering from phins derangement syndrome …Gase did his rabbit trick, ran a full pr spin on Ajayi being the cancer in this offense …and fell flat on his face …the cancer shined behind the Eagles OL …the phins had their moments but lost anyway, let Carr carve them up, were forced to try another 4th quarter comeback …and the easy part of the schedule? …poof, its over

    …now that’s not an attack, its simple reality …the rah rah isn’t ..they busted FA, the draft, and this season …the FO hasn’t found a Guard since Incognito and everyone keeps insisting that we can win consistently with 3rd stringers playing the position …how’s that working out?

    …but then, I’m just an tired old curmudgeon who once thought I might live to see the phins return to the SB …fool that I am

    • admin

      Lemmus, you didn’t watch the game… exactly how are you coming to these conclusions? Cutler went 16 for 17 in the 1st half without a sack and little pressure. Miami matched the Raiders O production with their top 5 line for the game, Miam’s OL didn’t give up a sack till the 4th after James went down and Cutler had over 300 with 3 TD’s and his career high in passer rating… perfect might be a bit much, but seriously, how can you fault the O-line’s protection with that stat line and not having even watched the game? Now you could talk about the penalties, one of which was a back breaker… and BS by the ref, you could say the Run blocking could have been better, you could say they need more talent, but to say ‘See I’m right, the OL failed miserably again and that’s why they lost’, that statement isn’t based on what actually happened. I get it. I have never watched the Fins win. I’m miserable too. But to dismiss the fumble, Jones’ coverage, and penalties as not the the primary cause is wayyyy of base. Watch the game.

      • Lemmus

        …no, Gase broke his own rule and allowed 3 to kneel on the field …I will not support that just to watch a game …you won’t see me say another word in his defense

        …I have watched the highlights and read a lot of analysis …I came away with a much different view than you did

        • admin

          We are simpatico there… that was my first real feeling that Gase was losing control… despised it. Made it and broke in in a week… terrible.

          • Lemmus

            “that was my first real feeling that Gase was losing control…” mj

            …oh my lord, I know you didn’t say that …look out! …here comes de phreak with the inevitable “I TOLD YOU SO!”

      • Lemmus

        …while Cutler, Thomas, and Parker were posting all time high grades on Sunday night, here’s what the Herald’s Salquero had to say re the OL

        “Guard Jesse Davis …struggled all night against the Raiders, as evidenced by his 36.6 overall grade. He struggled in both run-blocking (34.2) and pass-blocking (44.8 and allowed a QB hit).”

        …and this

        “Center Mike Pouncey continues to have his worst season as a pro in run-blocking, per PFF. His grade for the game was 29.2 and for the season it is 40.3 which ranks 35 out of 37 qualifying centers in run-blocking.”

        …so tell me again what a fool I am in continuing to point at the OL as <<>> problem on offense …Gase had a pretty good night calling plays …the QB, WR, and even the TE graded highest NFL wide …Ajayi had a season high game behind the Eagles OL …but our OL was graded among the very worst …again …and we lost …again

        …fool that I am

        • admin

          Again, it’s not that I have ever said the OL is awesome, but it hasn’t been the major problem. First, Davis had a QB hit… 1 at LG for a QB that had one sack on the night isn’t saying he was trash. He had two penalties, but also had a key block that earn a critical 1st down… it’s his second game. Pouncey (as I pointed out months ago) can’t RB at the LOS becuase he is weak due to surgery. BUT with his cap figures they had to keep him this season. Can’t throw 12 mill away. Also, Pouncey is rated top 3 in PB as a C, so let’s not forget that. Both Tackles were aces in PB, I would need to look at the game to see how they were at RB. James shut Mack down ( as I said he could becuase Ingram and Mack are comparable). This is year two of the program, they added Tunsil which was a major expenditure and James is getting abck to his old techs… Foersters tech are being expunged. Now this week we’ll see what Larsen can do. I wont talk about the season, but this past game was not lost due to the OL. They had their best night on O were driving at the 25 for another score when Drake fumbled. They had about 3 big 1st downs lost due to penalties. Landry and a BS call were HUGE. No way this team could rebuild in 2 seasons. They went from 31st in Run D to top 10 in a season and the D, for all it’s weakness, is light years better than last. Remember last season? This is a process. 9-10 wins would be good, post season would be better and a post season win would be an excellent season. This is a process. Now, the troubling things are Tanny knee, Tunsil’s play, Jones and Kiko’s big signing and the play since, Gase’s ability to call and HC, and Gase’s ability to keep control and build dicilpline on the field. Guys will need to be expunged as the process moves forward. Ajayi was one of them. Incomplete back who didn’t study and was an ahole when things went bad… think freak, but a little more girly–Got’s to go. To me, the aformentioned factors, the next game, and the next 8 games in a package, and next season will complete my review of Gase. This team has dealt with more issues than any 1st 2 season of HC that I can remember. In that time the Fin went 14-10 with a PO appearance. The OL will be built, but through the draft. This was the D’s turn… the value of talent was there. Made sense and the results, compared to last season, are amazing. So this in my criteria for judging this regime, and it’s not about the OL being awesome, but given the process and the chips available, I get where they are at. Why sacrifice the future buying an expensive G / C when you can find them and draft them. It’s about the future and today. Yes, Gase letting them override his rules was BS. I wouldn’t doubt Ross had something to do with it. Makes me sick because the excuse was BS. Stay in the tunnel, or knee if the coach and league allows. But to pull this made me wonder if Gase has as much balls as I thought.

  • Steve

    MJ, Admin and Dol-Fans

    Taken from the Miami Herald Sports.

    They’ve drafted 13 offensive linemen in the past 10 drafts – four in the first round (Long, Pouncey, Ja’Wuan James and Laremy Tunsil), one in the second (Martin), three in the third (John Jerry, Thomas, Turner), two in the fourth (Shawn Murphy and Jamil Douglas), one in the fifth (Isaac Asiata) and two in the sixth (Donald Thomas, Andrew Gardner).

    What’s most hurtful is that none of the seven drafted between rounds two and five became a multiyear starter, because that’s where a lot of teams find their longterm starting guards.

    Martin, Thomas, Turner, Murphy and Douglas were busts and Asiata hasn’t convinced coaches he will help even though he’s an old rookie (24) and playing a position where the Dolphins have been deficient.

    Which all leads to one conclusion: This regime and the previous one seem shaky, at best, in their ability to evaluate offensive line talent.

    Adam’s Gase is a young Coach and I still believed in him Period. Until Gase surrounds himself with i.e coaches and a front office who truely knows how to select talent and A owner who don’t demand he start his QB or any player on the team. Coach Gase will be fighting a losing battle. I believed that to be the main reason Nick Saban got the hell out of Miami. We all worked in organization having folks in charged not having a clue what they are doing. As long as they are in-charged in does not matter.

    The deal is get the best proven Supper Bowl offensive/Defensive coaches to help Gase turn this thing around: The Jacksonville Jags turned things around this season by rehiring Tom Couglin in their management. This stuff is really a no brain-er if a team wants to win then you better get the Best Coaches and Management.

    • admin

      The answer to the big question will be resolved over these next two weeks, Steve. Is it the O-Line that’s the main reason for failure, or is it / was it something / somethings else. Either way Miami needs to inject talent into the OL, that for certain. I have never been against that. As for the additions before this regime, it’s not really relevant.

      But looking at what this regime has done:
      Brendel, Steen, Davis, Smith… so far look like good depth players at least.

      Asiate needs to given until next year… but not an ace in the hole so far

      Bushrod… when Lemmus reminded me of the sticker price, I thought differently and say it wasn’t a winner.

      Larsen, we’ll get a look this week or the next, so stilll under review.

      Urbik, I love him and his injury was a big loss. I’d grade him a good addition because of contribution and ability, but due to his injury you have to say it was an okay add on.

      The elephant in the room is Tunsil. He has under performed and been below avg over the course of this season. The weird absence from camp has me wondering if he did go back to the weed and need counseling. No proof, but that much time with no notice of why? Very odd. But it could be normal, but he seems very off. If Tunsil flops this regime is in big trouble. Maybe cripples it without repair. If tunsil was play very good, this line would look far different.

      So for me, it’s still an evaluation. The next two weeks will likely prove or disprove it all.

      Also, if this team comes out like it has over the next two weeks, then Gase would be under review as well.

      • Lemmus

        …Tunsil did quite well as a LG last year, I’d be looking to draft the best three OL on the board when their 1st three picks come up …we are currently deficient at all three OL positions in consistency of performance

        …which is why I don’t buy most of your film reviews …Tunsil can be very good on 2 plays at LT and then get beat badly on the next …Steen/Davis can be decent to good on the same play Tunsil fails on, and then get beat badly on the next one …Pouncey is much more consistent but the defenses have him tagged as subject to a power rush …which he is …Bushrod is all over the place but he is rarely decent, much less good …James is on/off as well but probably the best of the bunch right now …the end result is that there is almost always one or more defenders in our backfield before the QB or the RB can get the play off

        …that inconsistency is killing the offense …yes, the TE/WR blocking is a problem but its not killing us …no, Cutler doesn’t audible when he should but again, that’s not a killer …and yes, Gase has his moments, but again, he’s not had sudden onset dementia

        …not for the first time here, I’m convinced that the problem that is killing the offense starts, and largely ends, with the OL …until we have five solid, consistent starters upfront nothing else is going to make a real difference …you could put Brady, Gronk, and Bellicheat into this equation and they’d give you mostly the same results …imnsho …although it would be more fun to watch …and Bellicheat would have already cut at least three of the current OL

        …the history with the guards lies in the FO …yeah, we have a new HC and T-bum …but the GM has been around forever as has most of the people below him …and those are the ones that do the scouting and initial player evals …somewhere in there is a failure point re the OL …it needs to be rooted out even if they have to fire the entire FO to solve it

        …won’t be watching the game but I’ll be tracking the play-by-play …hoping for the best and expecting the worst …I’m a phin fan, after all 🙁

        • Lemmus

          …hope you’re enjoying that “win” mj

          …if I recollect correctly, close only counts with horse shoes and hand grenades …the NFL is on a pass/fail grading system, they don’t hand out trophies for second best …which is what we were today

          …here’s a picture for you, eh

          …Carr standing in a perfect pocket, feet set, making his reads pass after pass after pass, picking our dbs apart and barely taking notice of our pass rush

          …then there’s the other picture

          …Cutler hardly ever in a pocket, throwing on the run

          …wonder why that is mj?

          …why can’t Cutler stand and deliver?

          …here’s another film clip for you, …Ajayi running behind this years Miami OL vs Ajayi running behind the Philly OL …the J-Train done left the station, he has 🙁

          …now to be fair, I didn’t watch either game …just the ESPN clips …but unless they photo shopped those clips, the cat’s out of the bag
          …our OL needs one of them there TV make overs …you know, where the wicked witch goes in one door and Sleeping Beauty comes out the other

          • admin

            “then there’s the other picture

            …Cutler hardly ever in a pocket, throwing on the run”

            Never thought I’d say this, but you made a fool of yourself. Protection was perfect MAck did zip, his name was never called… until James went down.

            “now to be fair, I didn’t watch either game …just the ESPN clips …but unless they photo shopped those clips, the cat’s out of the bag”

            OL talent and play had very little to do with the loss… 3 penalties by them, one a almost never called, did have some, though. But ask yourself, why would you make a statement you don’t know to be true… especially on an attack against me? Curious.

          • admin

            And as a far as the “W” comment:

            This was my quote: “Must Gase notch a “W”? No. I’d ‘get’ a close loss given everything involved… as long as that offense produces about 24 points or more without long stretches of pathetic.”


            Far cry from a “W”, but maybe quoting Freak about my quote isn’t the best idea. Lemmus, you’re a great guy, smart, and an excellent writer… but fair is far off these days.

          • Lemmus

            …mj, Beasley has a decent article in the Herald …you should read it …thiMk!! 🙂