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Potential V.S. Production: Sign Landry And Trade Parker?

Potential V.S. Production: Sign Landry And Trade Parker?

There's only so much you can spend on Wide Receivers: Landry or Parker

There’s only so much you can spend on Wide Receivers: Landry or Parker

 Landry and Parker, potential versus production

Now that the Miami Dolphins have come back to reality, and the playoffs are nearly out of the question, Miami is probably just two weeks away from the Offseason.

And when the Offseason hits, what to do with Jarvis Landry will be the biggest question facing the Dolphin.

It doesn’t take price per head software to know Miami will have to spend a pretty penny, if they want to keep Landry. Although, some may say that a team with so many other holes might be better served not spending so much on a slot receiver.  

However, Landry is the heart and soul of this Offense and has been a good soldier by not holding out, or even threatening one, this season–… and has mostly kept his hot head temper in check.

Of course, he did have a costly penalty in the Bills game. But that was really the only unsportsmanlike call he’s had all season…

…so I won’t it against him–well not too much.

As far as production goes, Landry is on pace to break his 2015 reception record of 110 catches and come pretty close to topping 1,000 receiving yards for the third time in his short four year career.  Sure his yards per catch have gone way down to 8.6, however he has been thrown a lot more quick out passes this season which has greatly effected that average. 

Miami needs consistency and that’s what Landry brings

Here’s what you get with Landry in a nutshell:


In the past, the biggest knock on Landry is he didn’t score a lot of touchdowns. However, this season he already has 8 touchdowns, which is only 5 less than the total amount he has had in his first 3 seasons.  

Adam Gase made it a point this past Offseason to resign and reward players that played well with new contracts. So what better example on this team is there then Landry who was drafted by Miami in 2014? 

Landry has never openly complained about a contract like most diva receivers often do, and has been a Pro Bowl receiver… so please just pay the man–within reason of course. 

What message does it send to the rest of the youngsters on this roster, that if Landry doesn’t get paid, then why should they think they will get paid if they outperform their Rookie contracts? Paying Landry only helps to make the locker room see the common and goal and feel the culture of this team.

Now it might get sticky if he wants 15 million a season. But with that being said, I would 100% sign Landry. And I would go one step farther and get rid of Parker. 

Parker could be all world… or he could limp through the rest of his career

Parker has been nothing but a shiny McLaren sitting in the garage that never gets used properly and is more for show.  Expectations are always through the roof for Parker. However, he always flashes and fades after he suffers a minor injury. One nick and he’s never the same. 

So far he has only demonstrated dominance on one route. In year 3 his cuts are still soft and his effort sketchy.


After three seasons of this, the best move would be to cut bait with a trading partner and get a draft pick.. and then use that draft pick to take a shot on another wide receiver.  On a side note, I would have much rather have kept 7th round pick Rishard Matthews two years ago, instead of wasting these two years waiting for Parker to play better and toughen up. 

Honestly, Kenny Stills can get separation on the 9 route and cause concern for the top of a defense… and he can run other routes. He isn’t as tall, so the catch radius is smaller, but I’d rather have Landry and Stills, than Stills and Parker.

This subplot will be as big as it gets. But if Landry wants reasonable money, then Parker’s future should be with another team in a trade this year or the next. What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins News fans thoughts of my general managerial moves with our wide receiving group going into next season?

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  • Lemmus

    …couldn’t agree more except for the need to acquire another receiver …Scott out performed Caroo in camp and preseason …he is currently on our practice squad …trade Parker AND Caroo …both are wasted draft picks that have failed in our system …let someone else take the risk on them now …we have too many holes on the OL,at TE, LB, DE, and CB to even think about using a pick on another WR this year.

    • admin

      Carroo will net you zip. Scott is a FA and not a starter–at this point. He could build himself up, but he couldn’t get snaps this season, so I just don’t have a lot of confidence in him. Right now Grant, Stills, Parker, Carroo, and Ford are the only one signed for 2018. We have many holes and only 40 or so players signed. Ouch… 17 mill is looking scant indeed… time to cut and trim, sir.

  • Tommy

    There is an opinion spreading among Dolphins sites about any coralation between Landry and Parker. This article hints at that because they are implying to trade Parker SO they can sign Landry.

    This is abosolute BS.

    Parker is on the last year of his rookie deal. He is playing for peanuts, relatively speaking, and the Dolphins gain little to nothing if he is off the roster. Parker’s salary will mean NOTHING for Landry. Keep him for another year, and if he plays like has been playing, bench him and put in Caroo.

    You want to really get Landry to sign the 5 Year/$60 million contract he deserves? Cut Ju’waun, Thomas and there is the money to pay him. And seriously, they need to really think about Pouncey and his big cap number. Draft their replacements, which will not cost a lot. That is how you pay Landry.

    Now what I would’ve done, was pay Branch the same as he got in 2016 and not signed him to a huge contract. Alonso should have been paid much less – he was a good tackler at MLB but got beat because of his size, and he can’t cover anyone to be an OLB, so he should have been an afterthought. Those two contracts are why Landry didn’t get his deal this past year.

    • admin

      Hey, Tommy thanks for your thoughts:

      “There is an opinion spreading among Dolphins sites about any coloration between Landry and Parker. This article hints at that because they are implying to trade Parker SO they can sign Landry.”

      I think Jimmy’ thoughts… and they are mine too, given how this season played out, that Stills looks to be a better long term piece than Parker. 2018 Miami is tight and Parker’s contract is worth roughly 3.5 million. His 5th Yr option is roughly 10 mill. Can the Fins pay in 2019 32-35 million for 3 wides? Cn they guarantee Parker’s 2019 contract and roll the dice they can trade him? This off season they will have less leverage than IF they waited till the end of 2018 to see if his value goes up to trade or keep. But they run the risk of waking away with nothing if for the 4th straight year he get nicked and under performs.

      Also, Fins are tight in 2018 and Parker’s contract could support around 25 % of Landry’s contract. Yes, they could–and should cut James… and Thomas and Timmons. But they only have roughly 40 players under contract going into 2018 season with 17 mill… so, you would like to resign Williams, Parkey, Brendel, Denny, Thomas, Hull, Hayes, and Young. If not then you have to replace them anyway.. most of them at least. Then you need to sign Rookies (think that’s around 8 mill) and sign a quality back up QB (moore or someone else) and fill in the OL, TE, DE, CB, and LB.

      Then there is 2019 to consider. Can you keep Stills, Parker, and Landry with huge contracts?

      Every penny counts and Parker could be something or be a bust… 50/50 at this point Thomas–maybe even less. Miami need consistency desperately and the once vaulted WR corp is no longer appearing that. So, They need to acquire some Wr’s too… even if they resign Landry. Right now you can count on Landry and Stills and that’s it. Sad so much was spent on Carroo… who at this point isn’t giving much confidence.

      I agree Branch and Kiko under performed for their price, but Miami was desperate because they had bare cupboards and not a load of cash… so they went a middle road. Kiko can’t cover… never could in zone… he should have stayed at MLB… and yeah, they should have let him play out his contract. Miami thought if they did they would get out priced. So far they are wrong.

      So, while I don’t think they should part with Parker for a song and a dance, it should be an option as so far in three seasons he hasn’t proved much, and they are broke with Landry one of the few consistent pieces half out the door (if it’s reasonable pricing). A Tag of 15 mill would be very rough on the cap and could put a lot of undo stress on this year’s team as you can’t push the money forward with contract manipulation.

      So while I don’t think Jimmy’s and my point are concrete in any fashion… so say they are B.S. is off base given the financial issues Miami is facing… Cutler del is looking worse and worse.