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Possible Post Draft Steal De’veon Smith Placed On PUP

Possible Post Draft Steal De’veon Smith Placed On PUP

Tough nosed runner Smith is starting his rookie year on the PUP

Tough nosed runner Smith is starting his rookie year on the PUP

Even if the PUP trip is short term for Smith, it’s not a great start

When De’veon Smith was signed many Dolphins fans were ecstatic about the signing. I had heard his name before and had a vague image of him from highlights, but since I watch very little college ball, I was ho-hum on his acquisition.

Then I was given some clips of Smith, and the potential came roaring to my mind.

His style of play fits perfectly in the NFL: power, aggressive, working in close confines, and down hill.

But Smith went undrafted, and regardless of whether those reasons are real or just perceived, and he must make every opportunity count to earn a roster spot.

And he can’t do that from the trainers table.

The Physically Unable to Perform designation or PUP isn’t terrible, and it could end up as only a very short stint, but then again it could also be longer.

Compound this with the fact that Miami has shown a decent amount interest in Running Back Rashad Jennings (as reported here and many other outlets). And since the Dolphins are one of the handful of teams he is choosing from, the question is why are they interested? It does seem to be more than simple due diligence. Could this mean Smith’s injury is more than short term, or as Francesco Pergolini suggested to me, Damien Williams is in the doghouse and trade-able goods?

PUP put’s Smith in a holding pattern when every rep is needed

There’s in no way to know the underlying reason or reasons as it’s all just guesstimates, even to the best pay per head services can’t say with certainty. But if they are looking at adding another vet back, then they see the RB spot as incomplete.

Given they have Jay Ajayi, Damien Williams, and Kenyan Drake, Miami must be looking to keep four Running Backs, or if it’s to be only three, one of the “big three” isn’t considered to be sticking around long term.

Like many, many things this season, only time will tell.

But back to Smith.

This kid can play and would be a nice find as an undrafted rookie, even if it was at the very least just as depth. But injuries and a poor Pro Day and Combine performances were part of the reason he went undrafted, and whether that  slide was justified or not, he’d better get it going or he’ll be gone. Heal quick Devon and show the world you can be a pro. Go Fins!!!


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  • Lemmus

    …I just don’t see carrying 4 backs …that would almost certainly mean a loss of a WR slot and we have a much greater need there with Landry in hover mode and Parker/Caroo not producing on the field as yet

    …Ajayi is going to get the vast majority of carries …and if he truly has improved his route running as much as posited, then Drake and Williams are going to be spare wheels as it is, granted they have valued specialty roles …a 4th back just doesn’t make sense.

    …Williams has been ousted before and come back …and produced last year in limited play …Drake hasn’t shown much as yet and RBs usually bark early …so there may well be a slot available, just not a 4th

    …Smith didn’t get drafted for a number of reasons despite his film …and the pup certainly won’t help him win a slot …but there is no question that Drake and Williams need competition and Smith has looked like the one most likely to provide it …hope he heals quickly

    • admin

      I sort of agree, but the interest in Jennings is weird. Why grab a vet who’ll have a slightly above vet min for camp. Maybe just a body too help with the younger guys be a pro? Williams has been a bit immature… buy by all accounts Ajayi is on point. Who knows… but with only a few days till camp, it should be exciting. Also, also a lot of these backend WR’s are getting put on pedestals before they earn it… let them show it in camp and preseason. The NFL chews up alot of 1st year wides. But we do have what appears to be a very deep core…