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Pink Elephants And The Richard Sherman Trade Rumor

Pink Elephants And The Richard Sherman Trade Rumor

Rumors are fun to shoot the breeze about... but usually don't amount to anything.

A rumor can be fun to shoot the breeze about… but they usually don’t amount to anything.

Sherman to Miami is just a rumor

Rumors, rumors, rumors are always running around the league. This one is about Richard Sherman getting traded from Seattle to guess who… the Dolphins

This subject came up just before the beginning of free agency, and there was some talk around the web of whether or not Miami would jump into the conversation. Nothing has transpired… or likely ever will.

NFL football fans are trying to predict who the potential suitors for Sherman are, and Miami poked it’s head up as the maybe, possibly, could be spot. The two main reasons are that Miami still needs help at the cornerback position, and the other is that Miami has not shied away from making trades since Mike Tannenbaum has come aboard. Miami currently has around $20 million left in cap space, and adding Sherman would cost the team around $11.2 million per season over the next two years, which means it’s near the fringe of some sort of possibility.

There is a rumor going around that I’m Dan Marino’s love child

However, the reality is, in order to acquire Sherman, Miami would also need to give up draft picks, and this is something that makes this verge on highly, highly unlikely. Just to get an idea of what Miami or any other team may have to give up to get Sherman, it is best to look at the 2013 trade where Tampa Bay Bucs sent the New York Jets a 2013 first round pick (13th overall), and a conditional 2014 fourth-round pick, which became a third rounder for CB Darrelle Revis. Revis was coming off a torn ACL at the time, but he was also 27 compared to Sherman who is 30 and who had a minor knee injury last year.

So, this is pretty much nonsense, because if Miami is truly interested, then it is going to cost them this year’s first-round pick and also another conditional pick. That’s not happening. Trading away draft picks to get players that are in their 30’s is not a winning strategy for a team that has multiple holes to fill on their roster. This would run totally counter to their current model of building the team through the draft with young, hungry and cheap talent.

Yeah, we are all bored and starving for Dolphins news. And much like saying don’t think about pink elephants, you are forced to consider it, even if you try not to. Heck, even the big pubs are the victim of thinking about the pink elephant rumor of Sherman to Miami. Give me the draft already. What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins News fans thoughts about trading for Sherman or not?


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  • Steve

    Considering Seattle signed Dion Jordan for Cheap! And considering the price the Dolphins paid for Dion Jordan and the price that Miami would pay to get Richard Sherman. Reminds me of someone buying swamp land in Florida.

  • Steve

    I really Like Witherspoon because he can tackle and he cover’s really well.

    Akhello Witherspoon, Colorado

    • admin

      Gamble would be a good gamble (couldn’t resist). It would be an effective move, if Phillips pans out. If he is only effective on 30% of his plays, not so much. They need two more DT’s. Likely one will come from the draft and one from the bargain bin of FA. Miami can’t afford to use a high pick on a DT if they want to make noise this year. Phillips must play near his potential… then there is the concern of an injury. This is a paper thin spot, especially if Phillips doesn’t improve.

  • Lemmus

    …I actually saw a pink elephant in Thailand once …I was at the Sattahip Thai air base on a satellite installation contract and a local attraction near Rayong had an albino elephant with light pink skin and pink eyes …sorry, no, he couldn’t fly …at least, to my knowledge 🙂

    …as for Sherman, you might think a bit outside the box here …he’s still a shutdown corner and our defense would almost certainly profit from his presence

    …and though most sane phinfans will leap to howl, keep in mind that despite lengthy negotiations, Landry still has not taken any contract extension offers from Miami …and we do have Caroo wasting away behind him on the bench with another 3 years at a very low cost

    …thus, if they can’t sign Landry at an acceptable price, and knowing T-baum’s proclivity for big trades, I’d not be gobsmacked if a Sherman/Landry deal actually happened

    …having thrown that out there, yeah, I’m bored and don’t think it likely …but its not that far fetched …Seattle does need a #1 WR and Miami does need a shutdown corner

    • admin

      At this time of the year, it sounds plausible. I like the angle. It’s thin, but it’s the thickest part of all the thin in this rumor. If your prediction comes true, you’re king of Phinsnews for 2017.

      • Lemmus

        …the depth at starting caliber CBs in this draft is very deep, upwards of 30-35 of them …one almost certainly available at 54 and likely at 97 …and they are cheap

        …but we also need G/LB/DE plus depth everywhere

        …but Landry is not as of yet, taking the extension offers from the FO …can’t blame him if his agent is telling him he can get much better by waiting …everyone keeps saying he will be extended but all talk/no walk so far

        …that may speak to their eval of Caroo being able to replace him at a dramatically lower cost