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Only Time Will Tell If The Right Players Were Selected

Only Time Will Tell If The Right Players Were Selected

We will see it the Dolphins brain trust selected the right players

We’ll see if the Dolphins brain trust selected the right players

Considering who’s the right player means considering a team’s needs

The Miami Dolphins completed the 2017 draft by also adding 14 undrafted free agents. Many people inside the organization are very pleased about the players they were able to get.

The undrafted players include WR Malcolm Lewis, WR Drew Morgan, WR Damore’ea Stringfellow, WR Francis Owusu, RB De’Veon Smith, OT Eric Smith, ILB Chase Allen, OLB Praise Martin-Oguike, DE Joby Saint Fleur, DE Cameron Malveaux, S Maurice Smith, CB Torry McTyer, CB Larry Hope, and P Matthew Haack.

The Mel Kiper’s, and Todd McShay’s of the world are already giving the Dolphins a sub-par draft grade.

What do they, the Dolphins… or we the fans really know?

Only time knows, and only in time will the truth be known.

But for fans of football, giving draft grades right after the draft is a fun thing to do–even though there is as much real accuracy to it as a blind man shooting behind his back, while using a mirror to take aim.

There are plenty of professionals and amateurs alike making prognostications. However, no one has a crystal ball, and any NFL football fan worth his salt know it takes a couple of years worth of game data to make an accurate and fair draft grade.

The long haul will determine if Miami made the right picks

But reality is, some have more Nostradamus in them than others–and again, only time will tell.

So let my–and your–Nostradamus impersonation begin.

I love the philosophy behind how we drafted: by letting the board come to us, instead of trading up and trading away draft picks like we have done in the past. I’ll forgive them the one trade up for Asiata (because I think he will be a player) by giving up one of our three 5th rounders.

Mike Tannenbaum, Chris Grier and Adam Gase stuck with the best player available strategy by selecting players that THEY had graded at the top of their board, while at the same time drafting players at clear positions of need.

Miami came into this draft needing help at DE, LB, OG, DT, CB and S, and besides Safety, they accomplished the goal of adding players at these positions.

Just on that fact alone, I think the philosophy was a very good one.

However, the multi-million-dollar question that remains to be answered is, did we select the right players at those position?

Truth is truth. And despite fan fervor, truth will eventually hit like a hammer.

By Miami selecting DE Charles Harris, they passed on DE Taco Charlton, ILB Reuben Foster, OLB T.J. Watt, and OG Forrest Lamp, and DT Malik McDowell. Each of these players were drafted shortly after our first round selection of Harris, and each of these players would have filled a need, so it will be very interesting to track each of these players careers to see if we made the right choice.

Grier needs to be more right than wrong for the Dolphins to grow

Lamp and Watt have the highest motor, and would seem the two more likely to make Miami regret not taking them. But Watt is injury riddled, and Lamp plays at less premier position. So in the end, the Harris pick will leave little regret.

On our second pick we choose Raekwon McMillan, but passed on ILB Zach Cunningham, S Obi Melifonwu, C Etan Pocic, S Josh Jones, OG Dion Dawkins, DE Tanoh Kpassagnon, CB Ankello Witherspoon, DE Dawaune Smoot, C Pat Elfein, OG Dan Feeney, and DE Jordan Willis.

This one is difficult for me to gauge. Mcmillan’s play is both unfamiliar and unspectacular. He will be likely have to best Cunningham, and the rest, with consistency. On this one my crystal ball is foggy. I like what I’m learning about him, and I have a feeling he will be a player for the Dolphins, but will he be the best they could have had at #54? I’ll need to seem some snaps to come to a conclusion on this one.

I’ll take any enlightenment on Miami’s other options V.S. McMillan?

None of us, or even Miami will have nailed every evaluation, but as I said earlier, some have more Nostradamus in them than others. Hopefully Miami has more than most of the other franchises. I have heard from many fans that De’Veon Smith could make some real noise. I loved the info and now have all eyes on him. So what are the rest of the Miami Dolphins news fans thoughts about how Miami did this weekend? And what players do you wished we picked instead of the ones we actually choose?


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  • Hello Dol-Fans

    I have posted highlights of week 17 game against the Patriots about 3 times already.
    1. Secondary would not cover the R/B open for pass
    2. Secondary allowed 5 to 10 yards space gap between receiver
    3. Secondary Slot receivers were rarely covered

    I’m confident that we have a pretty good secondary. I’m not the Coach but I would coach each secondary player to learn who they will cover by name’s i.e back ups and learn those receivers. Bottom line each secondary player will press their receiver and be responsible for that receiver and if they failed they will be on the bench. The Tight End will be press by said secondary.

    Zone defense is a no go with this team!

    We estimate an NFL QB can released in 1 or 1.5 seconds. If we press that receiver it will delay that receiver a second or two. But if they are confused who to cover what gives during practice?

    What’s the Old Saying in order to defeat your enemy you must 1st know your enemy.

    We gave New England receiver 5 to 15 yards gaps and R/B and slot receiver were not covered. I saw 3 players from the right end blitzing brandy but was blocked by two linemen.
    Offensively we passed ourselves into a hole. Please established Rushing Game.
    We cannot used the excuse we had injuries. But Pat’s beat us with mostly their reserved players! What Give’s?

    I think we focus to much on passing and the rest of the team lacks coaching. The name of the game is no your players strength and weakness. Learn how to harness those players strength to the positive and not allow excuses.
    I’m confident we have the team to beat the Patriots but it will not happen if the players are not prepared.


  • Lemmus

    “Lamp plays at less premier position”

    …Lamp played LT his entire time at WK and consistently beat highly rated opponents playing there …he was projected as the #1 G by some draft gurus due to physical build …if drafted by Miami, he would have almost certainly been an immediate starter at LG (as was Tunsil) and could play both LT and C when/if Tunsil or Pouncy were injured …hardly a “less premier” position imnsho

    …otoh, we took Harris, an ILB who will have to beat out Wake or Branch at DE to start this year …unless of course they slot him as a LB and he beats out Misi …but if that was the intent, then why McMillan at 54? …either way, either of our first 3 picks are far from sure things …or even decent bets …to start

    …yes, hindsight will be the ruling factor 3 years out …but on the immediate face of things, this FA and draft looks like a bust imnsho …the only sure draft starter is a 5th rounder and then only because our current Gs are little more than placeholders

    • admin

      Lamp will play Guard, likely not RT. Fact is certain positions have greater value than others. Some of that is the pricing scale; Some of that comes from actual affect on the game; Some of that comes from the athletic level needed to play a position or affect a skillset and the difficulty of getting that talent later in the draft. It’s not a slight to any position. I love linemen. I was a RB and love the trenches. But reality is it’s far easier to find a functional G than a pass rusher, man cover corner, Left Tackle, or QB. From the talent acquisition side they are always looking long term. This was a thin OL draft. They got in the 5th round the near same talent they could have received in the 3rd and maybe the second. Instead they acquired a CB talent that would not be had in the 3rd most drafts. Long term, they got greater value. Next year might be a deeper draft in OL, and they might get a better or equal OL player for a lesser pick than they would have paid this year. Maybe they jacked it up and will jack it up next year, but with long term consequences in mind, they had the right philosophy. Now, they may have had that G last year or this, if they didn’t spend a fortune on Carroo… we’ll see how that move pays off. If Asiata pans out this year or next, this FO won. If this year is lost due to failed G’s and Asiata sucks, you nailed it.

    • Dunner

      There you are Lemmus. I thought you boycotted because they neglected your guard position. I know this staff doesn’t value the guard position, but we must give them the benefit of the doubt until proven other wise. We didn’t get Lamp; but Lemmus, I tell you Asiata is a guard similar to Incognito. He is mean, nasty, plays with an edge, road grader, holds his ground. The kind of mentality that these coaches desire.

      We may have not gotten Lamp Lemmus, but we did get a starting guard, question is which guard spot will he take over? With Larsen in his late 20’s, we could have at least James, Asiata, Pouncey, Larsen, and Tunsil for the minimum of 2 years without resigning or re-working any of their contracts.

      As some may have thought our FA and draft additions or lack thereof may have been weak, I don’t see it that way. Many, many guru’s had Harris as their # 3 pass rusher in the entire draft (including Miami) and for him to fall to Miami at 22, that is a blessing. In today’s game the second or third highest paid players on teams outside of QB are either the Left Tackle or one of their premiere DE’s. This staff recognizes that and is being proactive. Harris was drafted to be Wake’s eventual replacement, no LBer in mind, that was why they drafted McMillan in the second. Compare this years LBer unit to last year’s several combos, there is no comparison. Just the LBer unit alone makes this defense much better, and if each defensive player other than our LBers makes that anticipated progression, then we will have a defense formidable enough to win games on their own when the offense is struggling. All 3 Lbers are here for a minimum of 2 years again without resigning, re-working any deals, once again, nice! REMEMBER who it is we are trying to dethrone, sorry but Lamp or any other guard will not be able to put the necessary pressure on Brady. This staff recognizes that and is trying to build accordingly. Brady will be 40 this season, move him off his spot, period!!!

      FA starters:
      Stills (yes he was a FA)
      Branch, for now, because Harris will assume that roll by mid season (yes he was a free agent). Don’t forget about the Hayes addition = quality player one a one year deal (Harris steps in)
      Timmons, quality player in the middle who has been healthy throughout his career
      Larsen, questionable starter, but again must give this staff the benefit of doubt until proven other wise
      Bushrod, starter for now, but I see Asiata taking that spot by the start of the regular season, quality back up
      Allen/McDonald, Allen has the edge to start until McDonald returns, then Jones and McDonald instantly become one of the top Safety duo’s in the league, McDonald is that good

      Draft Starters:
      Harris, may not start in the beginning, but may well be the starter opposite Wake by mid season (just in time for Brady games)
      McMillian, easily beats out Misi, and completes our starting LBers
      Asiata, beats out Bushrod by the start of the season and solidify’s our O-Line

      There is 7 starters via FA or the draft and that doesn’t include Harris. Don’t sleep on Tankersley replacing McCain. Here is another name to watch this camp, undrafted FA LBer Praise Martin-Oguike. All the sudden our LBer unit is full and this kid very may well send a veteran out.

      I liked everything they did via FA and the draft. Remember we made it to the playoffs last season despite defensive players (mainly LBers) dropping like flies with an inferior roster to that of the 2017 roster. The draft and FA has created competition at every defensive position as well as guard. The O-Line comes down to Pouncey, a healthy Pouncey = a healthy offense, a potent offense. A potent offense = less time the defense needs to be on the field, a potent offense = leads where the defense can pin their ears back and tee off on the QB (enter Harris). Wake coming off one side, Harris coming off the other and Suh collapsing the middle sounds like havoc (watch out Brady). Not to mention the other DT opposite Suh, if we get any production from Phillips or either of the DRAFTED DTs, WOW! Oh yea, now we have LBers behind this DL that can tackle and punish the WRs that get their little slant passes Brady, and the LBers can rush also. There is a plan, and the plan has been carried out.

      I’m a optimist, so all this is a matter of my opinion, some may see it differently. Reality is on the roster, and this years roster is more complete, more balanced than it has been is several several years. 2016 was an offensive draft, and because of that we made the playoffs. 2017 was a defensive draft and because of that _________????? I like to think it is progression, and that would = division title. Again, REMEMBER who it is we are trying (going to) dethrone and what it will take. We shall see, stay tuned!!!

      • Dunner

        I’m not a big fan of draft grades, but here is a little read that suggests Miami did just fine:


      • Lemmus

        …reality check …yeah, I wanted a 1st round G …because I didn’t think there was a starting caliber G later in the draft …and still don’t …and without one, our run game is toothless

        …Larsen has been cashiered by 6 teams so far …Miami will be his last …I doubt he will even make the team

        …Asiata was one of the pre draft team visits, played LG at Utah and should easily beat out Larsen, Steen, or Urbik for the LG slot …not because he is a potential pro bowler, but because he should be, out of the box, better than they are …and he can fill at OT …in a very weak OL draft pool he lasted until the 5th round …in a strong OL draft pool, he would very likely have been a UDFA …I could of course be wrong but don’t think so

        …Bushrod is past his prime but is a former pro bowler at OT …should easily beat out Larsen, Steen, or Urbik for the RG slot …not because he strengthens our OL, but because he’s better than the other warm bodies competing with him

        …look for Miami to go shopping for another G off the waiver wire unless both Asiata and Bushrod star in camp …ignore anything Gase says, watch what he does

        …our offensive success is going to boil down to the interior OL’s success …including Pouncy’s health …crossing my fingers that the new blood serum therapy works

        …defense wise, everyone is slotting Harris at DE but I doubt that …yes he can certainly pass rush but he is on the small side for an NFL DE …he was a very successful LB in school …shades of Dion Jordan here? …certainly hope not but we’ll see

        …Harris “may” be able to start at LB because of his pass rush ability but I doubt McMillan can if Misi is healthy

        …two 5th round DTs as competition for Phillips says a lot more about him than them

        …I just don’t see how anyone sees this as a successful off season except for the Timmons acquisition …at every other position of need we’re still rolling the dice and hoping someone steps up …praying that Gase isn’t a one year wonder …and that the schedule breaks a lot better than it looks going in

  • Dolphins Last season Running Game

    Undrafted New Comer De’Veon Smith Michigan

    We constantly here that the Dolphins offensive line are best at run blockers! I’m convinced that this is our strength rushing the football. It takes the QB 2 to 4 second to get a pass off maybe Vs. it takes a second for Ajayi to break the line of scrimmage rushing. Along with the New Undrafted RB De’Veon Smith, from Michigan will warrant defenses to try and shut it down but it want happen. The Dolphins offensive linemen are stronger at run blockers than pass blocking which they are attacking the defense by pulling etc. vs playing on the back of their heels pass blocking.

    The upside means less wear and tear on the QB and keep the defense on their heels vs every body focus on the Dolphins QB he has the ball which is one demensional.

    If Seattle utilized Mashawn Lynch vs trying to pass they would have won the Supper Bowl.
    If Atlanta focus on rushing the ball the last 4 minutes they would have won the Supper Bowl But they passed themselves back out of field goal ranged.

    This is the last game of 2016 season against the Patriots. The misstate is don’t get into a shoot out with Tom Brandy he will win every time. The key is control running the ball this will eat up time and will keep Brandy on the Bench. Our Defense blitz in this game the results were they got burnt by Brady plus constantly in the wrong defensive coverages.


    Over the years the teams who can rush the Ball well beats the Patriots. They are best defending the passed. I’ve witnessed this the last 16 years with them. We have beat them rushing Ronny Brown and Ricky Williams in big games.

    We have Supper Bowl Championship due to Larry Czonka punishing defenders, Jim Kick and Mercury Morris running. Teams took noticed to Jay Ajayi last season and this 2017 draft there were 28 R/B drafted.

    Lastly on many of the plays the receivers block for the rusher and many plays they were just in the way of Ajayi! Watching the Patriots their receivers don’t hesitate to knock the secondary into tomorrow.

    There are many who say its the passing game I say their is a balanced. Everybody has to understand their blocking assignments especially receiver’s. Just running a passing route is questionable on rushing plays and passing 3 plays and back on the bench is substandard performance.

    11 players on the field and who, how do I block without drawing a penalty? This is the strength on the Dolphins Team. This is how to out coached Bella check, passing he is proven genius of defending when it counts.

    • admin

      The running game is making a big comeback… look for the worm to turn on RB’s–thank God! Football will always be about the back… even if there are blips on the radar.

    • admin

      These highlights are far more revealing than the other you posted Steve. They show him working in tight space and show the violence of his style working against contact and OL break down. I am now this close (thumb and index finger Cm’s apart) from being a true believer. Thanks for the vids… thanks a lot.

    • admin

      Found this video on Smith. I’m a huge believer that the mind is the key on the NFL level. I really like what I’m seeing from this kid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqqe-795E1U

      • Nice Video on Smith. To bad That Smith did not get drafted earlier but Very Good for the Dolphins We got him now. Miami must have both Him and Ajayi in the Back field and commit to a serious rushing game. We waste too many plays passing, getting sack, throwing intersection and back on the bench. We spend to much time trying to proved we can passed. The Patriots cannot defend a well balanced rushing offense with a decent passing game.

        This is not intended to beat down our QB’s But we need balanced rushing/Passing

        B. Tannehill:—-GP–13—- Completed –261—- ATT–389—19 TD—12 Intersections

        M. Moore———GP—4—–Completed —55—–ATT—87—–8 TD—3 Intersections

        Between Moore and Tannehill we left 476 incomplete plays on the field This must have a negative affect on the Defense. We need to limit this to positive Rushing plays.
        J. Ajayi——GP—–15—-ATT—260— Total Yards–1272— 8TD—Fumble’s Lost–1

        Drake———GP—- 16– ATT—-33— Total Yards—179—TD 2—–Fumble’s Lost–0

        D. Williams—GP—–15— ATT—35 —Total—Yards—115– TD 3—Fumble’s Lost–0

        Committing to 60% Rushing and 40% passing should win more games, help the offensive line, bring more balanced to the offense.

  • Mel does a great job but he is not the player and not the Coach!

    I was really impressed that the fins did not trade away their draft picks and gain a draft pick in round 7 in the 2018 draft. Great job there!

    The 7 drafted players will see their time on the field this season without a doubt either starting or back up.

    I like the leadership role that many of these players earned in college and truly hope that it transfer’s over to the Dolphins. This undrafted group will be a key formula to defeating the Patriots this season both games.

    Georgia cornerback/safety Maurice Smith. A grad transfer from Alabama, Smith had 50 tackles, sixth most on the Bulldogs, two interceptions and two forced fumbles in 11 games, all starts. He was a team captain. It has been said that he would have the Starting Nickel Corner Back for the Tide but he transferred to Georgia his senior year.

    • Akron cornerback Larry Hope. He transferred from UM after one year and
    Tankersley was the leader of a championship secondary with Clemson in 2017, but had to work very hard to get there. He spent two years mostly on special teams for the Tigers before earning a starting job and establishing himself as a physical corner who can shut down an opponent’s number one receiver.

    Raekwon McMillan Often considered the quarterback of the defense, linebackers have to get their front seven in a position to succeed, and then find the football. Throughout his career, McMillan did just that — and more.

    DE Cameron Malveaux, Houston Great pick being undrafted.
    • 2016 Team Captain
    • 2017 NFLPA Bowl Game Invitee
    • 2016 Athlon Sports Preseason AAC Third Team
    • 2016 Lott IMPACT Trophy Watch List

    Career: Finished with 52 career games played with 37 career starts … totaled 81 tackles and 17 tackles for loss in his career.

    He will closed out his career among the nations active leaders in force fumbles (11)and blocked kicks (5) Temple Football.

    LB Chase Allen, Southern Illinois His 324 career tackles also prove he can make an opponent pay, and he has proven he can make plays against FBS schools.

    CB Torry McTyer, UNLV
    A tough-nosed, big-hitting returning starter at defensive back Ranked fifth on the team with 50 total tackles, including 42 solo stops and 1.5 TFL … Led squad and finished tied for third in the conference with 10 pass breakups and also added a forced fumble

    OT Eric Smith, Virginia Sounds like a leader on the field.
    RB De’Veon Smith, Michigan performance will speak for it self (He’s got it)

    • admin

      Used this in another response, but it highlights why the Pats are the Pats and what it takes in this modern game to build a consistent winner.
      ” NE is #2 in UDFA’s on their roster.
      – NE is #2 in UDFA’s they signed and are on any NFL roster
      But the #1 team in all of these, the team that has signed, developed and kept the most UDFA’s since 2011 (24 on their roster last year)?” From a Pats fan.