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No Surgery For Tannehill’s Knee

No Surgery For Tannehill’s Knee

Ryan Tannell's knee is coming back in 2017 without the cut of a knife.

Ryan Tannell’s knee is coming back in 2017 without the cut of a knife.

Tannehill’s knee looked like a certain candidate for serious surgery

It was decided today that the knee Ryan Tannehill injury against the Arizona Cardinals isn’t going to have a surgical procedure done on it, after all.

As most of us have learned, a sprain is a minor tear. So, Tannehill’s knee has a slight tear in the ACL and MCL. Even with a brace that should be a concern given that no procedure is being done.

Normally, I’d be a little leery — but, this isn’t a normal situation.

No, it’s not that Tannehill is superhuman or anything like that. Here is a list of reasons why this will likely end well, despite not having surgery:

  1. Team doctors and Dr. James Andrews all agree that his knee has responded very well and the knee is already quite stable.
  2. Tannehill went to college for sports medicine and did quite well. Nobody knows an athletes body better than the athlete, except an athlete who knows sports medicine.
  3. This is THE most promising aspect of this recovery: NFL.com reports, “Tannehill had a healing procedure done by Dr. James Andrews a few weeks following the injury, and he may head to Germany for a knee procedure called Regenokine, a form of platelet-rich plasma therapy made famous by Lakers star Kobe Bryant. Essentially, it takes a patient’s blood, spins it to separate the platelets, then is re-injected into the knee.”

1 & 2 are both promising signs, but are both subject to interpretation. The 3rd point is science, and state of the art science at that, so given the success of like likes of Kobe Bryant, I am quite relieved. It’s not to say anything is fool proof, not even the best Sportsbook Guide can say that; but, the three in conjunction are about as promising as you can get, sans a house-call from God. So, after today’s report, I have near zero concern for Tannehill being ready to go as the Miami Dolphins QB in 2017. What say you? Go Fins!!!


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