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Mistakes Must Be Fixed By Gase …Not Doubled Down On

Mistakes Must Be Fixed By Gase …Not Doubled Down On

It's a mistake for the Head Coach to think like an Offensive Coordinator

Mistakes such as the HC dealing with players like an OC must end

Gase’s mistake ridden coaching style is on tape …it’s time to fix it

The future looked bright for the Miami Dolphins this time last January.  Yet the vibe this January is of a team in a downward spiral. The result of a year buried by costly, repeated mistakes at every level …from the FO to the coaches to the players themselves.

A former hot-shot OC, now a young HC, insisted on calling every play while still trying to manage the whole team. While the Defense was on the field, ceding score after score, the HC had his head buried in the sketchbook on the bench with the QB, drawing up the next offensive series. The real OC (in-name-only) isn’t to be seen …what’s wrong with that picture?

The mistakes didn’t end with Gase’s playing OC

First of all, a rookie Defensive Coordinator, promoted from Line Backer’s Coach of a unit that was among the worst performing on the 2016 roster …what could go wrong? In addition, a patchwork coaching staff rife with Philben holdovers …what could go wrong? Finally, an Offensive Line coach sniffing coke in his office …what could possibly go wrong? It doesn’t take great pay per head services to realize a lot!!!

Add a young roster bereft of proven leaders. A season’s worth of tabloid like events. Star players yelling at the HC on Prime Time TV. Then top it all off with an almost record setting pace of penalties.  The result was a near disaster in discipline, production …and most of all, the 2017 Season.

So what’s the moral of this story then? Is only disaster on the horizon? Not necessarily!

Mistakes learned from, often lead to consistent wins

Gase and Co. must not double down on their mistakes.

Mistakes happen. Every regime has their fair share of them …including the Patriots. They win despite their mistakes, we lose because of our’s. Why? Because successful franchises, compared to the Dolphins, learn from their mistakes, they don’t repeat them.

Miami has spent decades doubling down… Gase has gone through 2 seasons of it… it’s high time this madness ends.

Will the mistakes end? That’s the million dollar question

Gase better see the writing on the wall pronto–if he wants to be back in 2019

In conclusion, here’s PhinsNews home-brewed list of mistakes Gase must remedy

  • Stop signing veteran players that are far removed from their best days.
  • Ditch the “strategy” of paying players high guaranteed money.
  • Forget project players in your top 4 picks.
  • Start thinking like an HC and stop acting like an OC.
  • Drop the music in practices and talking trash with your players.
  • Layoff being the players peer and start being their leader.
  • End being silent when a player commits a penalty.
  • Halt being soft on players who cross the line… no matter who they are.
  • Put a screeching halt to arguing with players like an OC.
  • Quit choosing pedigree and talent over committed, hard working, and smart.
  • Most of all, stop hiring friends and start hiring the best.
Stop all of this. It doesn’t work when the tough times come.

Phin Fans want success. We want Gase to succeed. But we Fans will win either way in 2018. Gase will either double down on his mistakes, implode, and be gone for 2019… or he will learn from his mistakes …and this team, that’s really not that far off, will take that next step.


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