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Maualuga’s A Dolphin Now, But Has He Turned Over A New Leaf

Maualuga’s A Dolphin Now, But Has He Turned Over A New Leaf

Rey Maualuga is a very big MLB

Rey Maualuga is a very big MLB

If Rey Maualuga can stay healthy, he should help the run defense

Rey Maualuga is now officially a Miami Dolphin.

Maualuga was signed for a one-year, $900,000 deal. The move brings in veteran leadership and an able body to bolster a Linebacker core that is very thin since the injury to Raekwon McMillian.

First, Maualuga is big… and slow. He came into Bengals camp in 2016 out of shape–some reports says grossly fat, and had a hamstring issue that held him out of camp.

His playing time was minimal through the 14 games he played in… and he was minimally productive with 27 combined tackles, 2 pass defenses, and one pick.

But he appears to have tried to turn over a new leaf this off season by documenting his new training regime on social media. With the help of trainers and a new diet, Maualuga hopes to once again be a productive player.

Considering Matt Burke knows him very well, due to coaching him in Cincinnati, and that the Dolphins are hard nosed these days, it would seem his work was legit and not a scam.

Time will tell of course.

If Maualuga fills a run-stop role, then his hire will be a success

It’s hard to say if this move was made for depth or because Miami wasn’t satisfied with Mike Hull as the starter. The Best price per head software is putting good odds on it being a little of both.

Hull looked better in the Ravens game, but with nothing behind him, and his performance being steady at best, Miami needed help and needed it quick.

All things considered, the price, personal relationship, and desperation of both parties, you can’t fault the move. But this will be one more move that will have a bulls-eye on the staff’s evaluation acumen. Burke knows this player very well and should be able to utilize his skills. But on the flip side, while the 900K isn’t a lot by NFL standards, Miami is tight on cash now, so this move needs to produce some good effects. Let’ hope. Go Fins!!!


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  • phinfreak

    Rey is what they call a “throw back” style LB. Back before the NFL became a passing league and it wasnt unusual for an offense to run the ball on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd downs. Rey’s weight has always been an issue, mainly due to his poor diet. His play weight is in the 255 range but he’s a big boy no doubt about that.

    He also has that anger and aggression you want in an LB. His workouts have now changed to feature far more circuit and cardio, more high tempo, fast paced, cross fit exercises, all this to get his weight down and improve his agility.

    My money is on the kid contributing on 1st and 2nd downs.

    • admin

      I think so… but the proof is in the pudding. I think Burke is a smart guy who will scheme up success and Rey is a piece on his chess board. We should be better in early downs as far as run D.

      • Lemmus

        …it’s not Maualuga that has me concerned re run defense, it’s Harris …the guy can’t set an edge if you give him a backhoe …the Ravens ate him alive …I said it when they drafted him …he reminds me too much of Jordan …all pass rush and no run defense …if he can’t play 3 downs, he’s a loss as a 1st round pick, no matter how good his pass rush may turn out to be …we need a DE who can do both …Wake has never been a strong run defender but he can set an edge and play 3 downs …that’s the least we need out of Harris …and so far, we’re not seeing it

        • phinfreak

          Rare it is for a rookie DE , LB, DB, and especially QB to come in and dominate. There is a huge difference in college LT and NFL LT’s. This will take some time to adjust and learn new techniques.

          The biggest item he is realizing already is that he can’t just beat NFL LT’s on speed alone, it will require many nuanced techniques to get around LT.

          Im not seeing Cam Wake sacking the Qb either lately.