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What Level Of Difference Will McDonald & Larsen Make In Getting Wins?

What Level Of Difference Will McDonald & Larsen Make In Getting Wins?

Larsen and McDonald have been long awaited, but is it too late?

Larsen and McDonald have been long awaited, but is it too late?

McDonald and Larsen will help… but is it enough to add “W’s”

A 4-4 record couldn’t feel worse given the tough lineup facing the Miami Dolphins over the next 8 weeks. Most of the bookie software programs out there is saying we should be grateful to be even  at this point. Miami could very well be 2-6 instead. Two 4th Quarter comebacks and a lucky missed field goal by San Diego doesn’t breathe a lot of confidence into 4-4.

The ‘good news’ is reinforcements have arrived at two positions of need.

Safety T.J. McDonald is returning from an 8 game suspension and Guard Ted Larsen from an injured bicep. Both will be playing and starting against the Panthers this upcoming Monday night.

Miami and their fans have been waiting half a season to see them in action… but what level of difference will they make towards winning games?

Most fans are thinking very little. But both men have  one game to prove them wrong.

Since fellow safety Nate Allen went down with an injury, Miami has been forced to use Michael Thomas and Maurice Smith who have definitely had some rough moments filling in. Of course, Reshad Jones too, despite being a star in the box, has made some critical errors in his deep coverage as well. Will McDonald, who is also at his best in the box, help the Dolphins with their failures in deep coverage? Not sure he will, except to help with disguise and make presnap reads a bit harder… but what happens  when QB’s see through the disguise?

Hope is short these days in Miami… Larsen and McDonald at least give a hint of positive

Now that Ja’Wuan James is on I.R, the Dolphins are even more banged up on the Offensive Line since Larsen was injured in camp. Jesse Davis will move to Right Tackle and Larsen will play Left Guard. He isn’t is a Pro Bowl Guard, so you wonder how much will change? Maybe the two men can help dial up the run game a bit and that could have a trickle down effect? Yeah, that might be a bit thin… but not as thin as the OL’s depth is now.

Bottom line, Miami needs all the help they can get, so getting back two starters at this juncture of the season can only help. But will it help Miami in earning a “W”? Honestly, that’s all that matters at this point. With the whole 2017 Season riding on one game, McDonlad and Larsen better be good, or their arrival will be too little too late. Go Fins!!!


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  • phinfreak

    You watch, Gase will rarely, if ever, line up a TE or H to support Davis at RT. Watch.

  • phinfreak

    In short, NO. Will make no difference in the outcome of the game. This game will be decided by Gase’s plan overall and the scheme we use on D.

    If neither of those are creative and represent match up problems for Carolina, nothing else will matter.

    • Lemmus

      …I think it will help the defense considerably …give Alonzo some help in pass defense as well as a substantial assist to stopping the run

      …unfortunately, unless Davis does a Jekyll-Hyde transformation, Peppers will eat him alive and Cutler will be deboned …as always, the OL is the weak point in the offense and its weaker now than it has been, hard as that is to believe …no matter how Larsen does at LG, the right side with Pouncey/Bushrod/Davis manning it is a recipe for disaster …imnsho …and if Larsen isn’t really ready, as early lines indicated, but is being force fed because of the James loss, then you could see mayhem

      …otoh, if Larsen and Davis do a competent job, giving Cutler time and opening holes for Drake, we could actually see a game …mj and Dun would freak, they would, and I’d be pleased as well …but I think that’s unlikely

      • admin

        “mj and Dun would freak, they would, and I’d be pleased as well …but I think that’s unlikely” There is strong irony in your words 🙂

        “Peppers will eat him alive and Cutler will be deboned” grizzly and true…

        So many variables. What’s the level of smart / dumb play? Can Davis play on the wing? Injuries to the OL. Ability to over the TE… I think it could go well, but honestly, I can’t say that with any level of objectivity. If the former things are good to go… heck yeah, but history doesn’t back that trend… I start drinking in a few hours (earliest this season)and I’m likely already in fan mode… what the hell Dolphins win–sure why not.

      • phinfreak

        Big “if”…we all know its a “won’t”. Did you watch Panthers vs Patriots? Finnies wont be able to run the ball against Panther D. That spells trouble for Cutlers ribs. I hear the McRib is back though….