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Lawrence Timmons Violates Team Rules Will Not Play

Lawrence Timmons Violates Team Rules Will Not Play

Timmons isn't at the hotel and his status is for today is in jeopardy

Timmons isn’t at the hotel and his status is for today is in jeopardy

Timmons adds one more piece to the insane picture that 2017 is shaping up to be

Are you ready for this ridiculous situation!!!  (continuing updates below)

Jason La Canfora is reporting that Lawrence Timmons is missing from the team hotel and his status for today’s game is up in the air!

Let me repeat, he’s missing! Has he been abducted by aliens? Lost in a drunken haze? Injured?… who knows?

This is the tweeted quote from La Canfora, “Dolphins starting linebacker Lawrence Timmons is not currently at the team hotel in California. His status for today’s game is undecided…”

Can you believe this?!

Miami will be sorely pressed if Timmons is unavailable. This will put huge amounts of pressure on a thin Linebacking core to stop the run and defend the pass.

Timmons is BIG piece of the Dolphins defense

Joe Shad is reporting that the team doesn’t even know where Timmons is!!!

I’m sorry for all the exclamation marks, but ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!

Now I hope that Timmons is safe and well, but who knows the situation. However you slice this, this is a disaster and a complete let down for the opening day. Not even the best pay per head software has this calculated into the odds affecting the Dolphin chances. But this Joe Shmoe say it’s not good.

Jay Glazer is reporting, “Lawrence Timmons went AWOL yesterday and team been trying to find him, was found today and team trying to get more info.”

Given the situation Timmons is all but a scratch for today and Justin March-Lillard is starting.

I guess I’ll start drinking earlier than expected today. Go Fins!!!

**** Armando Salguero “Lawrence Timmons is not expected to play for the Dolphins today. Something angered him. He’s not with team. Dolphins know where he is.”

****As per Salguero, “Lawrence Timmons not arrested or run afoul of law, I’m told. Still not playing today.”

***** It appears he has quit on the team.

****** As of 12:15PmEST There’s still no clarity on the situation other than Timmons isn’t playing.

*******Violation of team rules is being announced as the reason for his being left behind.

********Adam Gase on Timmons: “I need to figure some things out before I talk about this.”

*** I’m definitely drinking early today.


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  • phinfreak

    I agree, the Fins, in spite of the win, go outcoached on both sides of the ball. Gase’s game plan in the 1st half was ultra conservative, and whats with that boneheaded timeout with the clock running out to give Chargers a chance at that field goal? If it wasn’t for this kickers 3rd miss in a row since week 1 Gase would have handed the Chargers a win.

    Im not impressed by our DC play calls, we cant cover in man, we can’t cover in zone, and we can’t rush the passer.

    …Oh wait, was that Gordon catching a swing pass again?…

    Rather be lucky than good….but luck won’t get you to the playoffs….defense will. Fins lacking, still.

    • admin

      Facts: (your quotes)
      “Chargers DL is better than Fins OL”

      Not this game.

      “Jay Cutler tendency is he holds the ball too long.”

      Not this game.

      “Most improvement is from game 1 to game 2 – this is the Chargers 2nd game, Fins 1st.”

      But not for the Fins it would seem according to you.

      “Chargers have strong run game, Fins notorious for weak run D.”

      Not this game… and even without Timmons.

      “No way in hell Fins win this game.”


      “Chargers lost vs Broncos from a special teams breakdown, typically a FG has high success %, so from an in-game on-the-field perspective the Chargers had the Broncos beat for not a block FG. Advantage Chargers.”

      Wouldn’t that make the Fins, who played on the road with all sorts of issue, and coaching mistakes equal to the Broncos then according to your formula?

      “Re Charger DL vs Fins OL, perhaps its better said to compare the Chargers front 7 (include their stud LBers) vs run to our OL run play. Advantage Chargers.”

      Not this game.

      “But hey, kool-aid tastes good to me too.”

      Ever think ‘hateraid’ clouds your objectivity?

      Not disagreeing with all your points, some are valid. But you’d figure your tone and points would be slightly different after all you said prior to the game, and all the adversity the team went through for the win. 31-16 was you score with Timmons in play. Even if they lost by 3 that leaves your predictions woefully off.

    • Fritz

      If you would chose more carefully those things you wish to criticize, then I(we) would be more receptive. As MJ addressed each of your points, it’s clear to me that you want to be negative just for the sake of being negative.
      I happened to agree that the play calling in the first half was head scratching for the most part. But for whatever reason that was, Gase certainly corrected it in the second half.
      After only ONE game, I am not ready to throw Burke in front of the train. I think the defense did well considering that we were up against a potential hall of fame QB in Rivers.
      Anyway, considering all the adversity leading up to this game, I will take the win ANYWAY it comes!

      • phinfreak

        The Bolts had the game won for not a missed FG…for the 3rd time in a row. Not sure what game you guys watched but I saw a mediocre Fins team luck out via missed FG.

        Yup, Fins run game was good, but that was Jay more than the OL. I’ll take an ugly win anytime over a loss, but bad is bad and the Fins are still bad – sorry you homies hate hearing that.

        My perspective is from a playoff contender view, which the Fins are not. That’s not to say they wont win a handful of games against poor teams. The Bolts are notorious for finding a way to lose…and they did just that. Now if you want to crown their ass go ahead.

        The Fins ailments wont take long to raise their ugly head against competent teams. In the end remember, the bolts had the game won on the field.


    • Dunner

      Welcome back Freak, If you’re interested in some of this Kool-Aid we are drinking I’m sure we can manage to get you some. 🙂
      Bosa Who????? James dominated him,,,, PERIOD!!!
      Ingram had moments, but was neutralized for the most part.
      Ajayi had 122yds vs that great Bolts front 7, that must mean we must be one of the top O-Lines, according to you analysis
      It is clear which WR group is and has the more upside, need I say?
      The Bolts stud CBs had all they could (tried to) handle.
      Cutler seemed as cool as the other side of the pillow. Much needed!
      Bottom line Freak is that the Chargers are a decent team, good RB, good QB, real good DEs, real good CBs and Keenan Allen is a stud. However, I was amazed that you failed to recognize ANY of Miami’s players/strengths. It wasn’t perfect, there may have been a little bit of luck involved, but everything Miami went through the past 2 1/2 weeks and the Bolts home opener and Timmons Awol. That is the kind of adversity that good teams overcome, and Freak, like it or not Miami is a good team.
      Miami has an excellent chance to start the season 2-0 in NY this Sunday. I am curious to hear your opinion on this game. It probably is not going to be as easy as many think, but there should and will be improvements from week 1 too week two for Miami.

      Stock up for C.Allen, J.Davis two players of need in two positions of need

  • Fritz

    I thought the Oline played very well today except for the one Tunsel play that resulted in a sack.

    It helps when you have a beast RB that can put up over a 100 and take some of the pressure off the QB.

    Timmons situation is terrible, now what?

    • admin

      Agree. I was pleasantly surprised about the OL. Some of it was the plays calls and gameplan that covered some of the issue. But overall no complaints. That Bushrod holding call was bogus. Didn’t like the refs. Timmons could be very bad or a speed bump… not sure which. Very odd either way. Adam Gase on Timmons: “I need to figure some things out before I talk about this.”Weird.

      • Lemmus

        …first game last year Gase left Ajayi at home for disciplinary reasons …this year he stands Timmons down …we should hope the results are equal or better

        …not happy with either side of the ball but a win is a win …and Jay-Jay looks like a mantra

        …hard to believe the whole game came down to the two kickers …54 good, 44 bad …Parkey UP ++++

        …really don’t want to see a repeat …could not believe the miss …heart stopping …not the way we want to win any game …they beat themselves …we helped but in the end, they lost it, we didn’t win it

        • Dunner

          I can’t agree or disagree Lemmus. In one aspect the Chargers my have lost it (missed 44yd field goal, in another Miami won it (made 54yd field goal). After all, Miami had to get into field goal range to give them a chance to go ahead, and they did!!! Chargers were very fortunate to get the ball back to attempt the 44yd field goal. All Miami (Gase) had to do was get one more first down and they could have run the clock down to seconds and attempt the game winner. We have a great WR core-use them/trust them in those situations. I have to believe Laudry would be able to find a spot 7yds down field for a first down to essentially leave the Bolts with no time left, and no time outs to boot. I do agree we were fortunate to win though.
          The O-Line played decently, the guard play didn’t stick out to much. Nice to have Pouncey back (fingers crossed). James pretty much silenced Bosa throughout the day. Tunsil had one mental breakdown that was costly, Cutler was only sacked twice. Overall not too bad. Not to mention J-Trains 120+ yds.
          Speaking of Cutler, nice to have a QB that can slide right, slide left, step up to buy extra time for a change. We can win with Cutler.
          Laundry needs to be here, stay here, and so does Parker. We need to find a way to keep the trio together.
          The LBers were not to bad, but boy I just wonder how they will defend the Pats when the time comes? Hopefully Timmons saga is resolved soon.
          Nate Allen needs to come down with interceptions when he has the opportunity.
          A win is a win. I expect improvement from both the players and coaches (play calling) in week 2 up in NY. Good chance to go 2-0.

          1-0 and in first place for the Fins!!!

          • admin

            Jimmy hasn’t sent me an article yet, so I’m working on one now. New news is it seems like Timmons had some mental issues / breakdown, although early onset of CTE isn’t the case. Weird. But as far as the game goes, think of it this way: Chargers lost by 3 to the Broncos in Denver. Denver killed the Cowboys. Miami beats Charger in their house with all the turmoil going on and a key member of their D missing the day of the game. I have watched the game 3 times now. I pulled 40 -50 plays. Lots of stuff came up. When coaches cam comes out in the middle of the week that will help clarify.

  • Dunner

    Just wanted to chime in before I go drink my Kool-Aid. Did not like their final drive even though it lead to a go ahead FG. But, one more first down on that final drive we could have avoided their last possession. Either way nice considering everything then to pile on starting 2 undrafted LBers, one a rookie. 1-0, finally come home then head to NY to face the pesky JETS..

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 AAAHHHH

    • admin

      Totally agree Gase said his calls were off and he is right. First half was called too conservative…maybe they wanted to ease Cutler in? Too many reverses and negative plays. And yeah, two draws and a swing pass… meh at best. BUT we showed huge improvement in run D without arguably a top 5 member of the D. Don’t know what is going to happen with Timmons, but this whole event sucks. BUT we won and Parkey is looking like a brilliant move. Time to start watch the game…over and over and over….

    • Jarrod

      Nothing!!! Joey Porter did NOTHING. I think that’s the point lol.

    • Lemmus

      …the pass defense sucked …Rivers ate them alive on that last drive …no way they should have gotten that close …Burke isn’t looking any better than Joesephs on his defensive calls …soft cover all day long …Rivers had mismatches, checked off time after time

      …the run defense looked decent …even without Timmons …so there is hope

      …but they need to fix that pass defense and soon or our opening roll is going to come to a screeching halt

      • Lemmus

        …what we didn’t see …Ajayi in the passing game
        …what we did see …Landry …all day long …the guy earned his keep and much more
        …what we didn’t see …the long ball …two 31s to Parker and a 29 TD to Stills
        …what we did see …Cutler throwing a strike while scrambling
        …what we didn’t see …a zone defense that worked against the pass
        …what we did see …a run defense that forced Rivers to pass …all day long
        …what we didn’t see …a Miami pass rush …Rivers was rarely under pressure
        …what we did see …Ajayi running …often
        …what we didn’t see …great coaching …especially on the defense

        • admin

          We didn’t see any backs get the ball as far as I remember but the swing at the end.

          Landry always does.

          Long ball was kept low because they were trying to protect from pass rush. But, they tried to hit Parker two more times. 5 deeps isn’t terrible when you consider they only opened up for a half.

          Cutler is excellent on the move… huge skillset.

          With Hull as a nickel that’s terrible… near absurd. He was victimized from 95 yards. Good as a MLB though.

          Run defense outdid Denver, if you minus the 27 yards Harris spotted them.

          Pass rush didn’t sack, but if you go back and watch it again, you’ll see pressures. It will be more than you remember. It was that way for me.

          Ajayi can’t keep that pace. Likely because of the need to take this one and all the craziness, they went to the well often for the win. They’ll throw more this week and use Drake and Williams more.

          No , the coaching was uneven. Very good and very bad. Defense you need to throw Burke a bone given he was down one of his best pieces and it was his first game. Corners played to keep stuff in front of them for the most part. This doable if the run stop is that good every week. Can’t say it will be or won’t. But I’d rather be very good at runstop and meh at pass D than the other way around. Allen is meh and Jones played meh… actually, Jones nearly player poorly. Going over the game again and breaking it down…

  • Lemmus

    …JB “manged” 3 kids under 3? …good God gerty! …take ’em to the vet! 🙂