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Landry Investigation Is Another Headache Dolphins Don’t Need

Landry Investigation Is Another Headache Dolphins Don’t Need

While Landry's battery of the mother of his child is unproven... it's a big distraction

While Landry’s battery charge is unproven… it’s still a big distraction

Landry is a leader and this investigation is a big letdown

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Miami Dolphins–ROUGH! Multiple key players were injured in the span of a few practices, headlined by Ryan Tanehill having to miss significant time with another injury to his already banged up knee. 

Now, to add insult to injury,  reports are surfacing that WR Jarvis Landry is under investigation for a battery of a woman.


This investigation is due to an incident that allegedly occurred earlier this year at Landry’s apartment in Fort Lauderdale involving the mother of Landry’s child. Coach Adam Gase has stated that he and the team have known about this investigation from the start and that Landry has been fully cooperating with the police. However, the alleged victim is not cooperating with law enforcement officials, and now the police have passed the case to the Broward County State Attorney’s Office.

A decision on possible charges is not expected to occur this week. So even the early stages of this issue will be drawn out.

Landry is supposed to be part of the solution, not part of the problem

Issues involving the police and hitting women is always very, very bad news–I’m so glad to hear the woman say she wasn’t harmed in any way. But no one can say exactly what happened, and at the moment, all the details have been kept completely under wraps.

However, innocent or guilty this will become a huge distraction for both the Dolphins and Landry… at a time when the Dolphins are loaded with distractions.

Depending on how this investigation goes, Landry could also be investigated by the NFL because they have their own strict rules regarding battery cases. The league isn’t shy about suspending players that are guilty or involved in hitting women. It’s hard to say what the outcome of this will be with so little information available but pay per head solutions are predicting that conviction or not this will work negatively again the Dolphins success.

Could this be one reason why Landry hasn’t been signed long term? Who knows? But this is just one more episode in the soap opera of ‘How The Dolphins Turn’. Fingers crossed that one of my two favorite Dolphins players is getting a raw deal. I don’t want to even begin to think of the juice as a man who batters women. Go Fins!!!


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  • Lemmus

    …its never that simple when money and/or fame are involved …something did happen simply because the police were called …the police are concerned about the legality of what happened and sufficient evidence on which to base an arrest …as are Landry’s lawyers

    …no one else gives a damn about legality or evidence …least of all the media or the NFL …the media cares only about the hits the story will draw …the NFL cares only about the hits it will take if it allows Landry to slide and something later shows they shouldn’t have …neither will let it slide unless Landry is as pure as a vestal virgin …and who has seen a vestal virgin lately, eh

    …legally innocent until proven guilty means zilch when multi million dollar contracts and future HoF athletes are involved …ask Tom Brady if you don’t believe it

    …not coming down on Landry here …just saying that these guys live in a glass bubble and know it …ANY situation in which the police are asking them questions is one which they should have taken any possible steps to avoid …and for unknown reasons, he didn’t succeed in doing so …que sera, que sera

    • admin

      Agree, you play in the NFL you get all kinds of perks and with great power comes great responsibility… and lots of paparazzi and media coverage… being wise is key. Given his hot headed nature during games, want for a sizable contract, and now this–right or wrong– it’s a strike against him. A shame, but glad there wasn’t violence involved. I want to keep loving to watch him play.

  • phinfreak

    The investigation on Landry is as politically motivated as any investigation can get (read Russia-gate). Publicly known facts include the alleged victim stating no physical altercation occurred, police on the scene agreed and left with no complaints, everyone happy and Ok.

    But noooo….some politician wannabe hoping to get his 5 minutes in the limelight starts an “investigation” into nothing.

    Typical politicians, worthless.

    • admin

      Man, we are simpatico for two comments in a row… truly must be end of days… but yeah, it screams of someone wanting face time in their career, using Landry as the spotlight.