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Jesse Davis Finds Himself Key To Dolphins 2017 Season

Jesse Davis Finds Himself Key To Dolphins 2017 Season

Davis has gone from unknown to diamond in the rough, to making or breaking 2017

Davis has gone from unknown, to diamond in the rough, to making or breaking 2017

Jesse Davis has the weight of the season fully on his shoulders

Ja’Wuan James is certainly out this Monday against the Panthers, likely out for multiple weeks beyond that, and possibly done for 2017… and given all things involved, maybe James is done in Miami period.

Due to injuries and up and down play, James has been an inconsistent talent since he was drafted 19th in the 2014 NFL Draft. This season, James has shut down All Pro Melvin Ingram and Khalil Mack… and also on occasion has been beaten like a drum by lesser talents.

Now he’s injured, again with the degree and nature of the injury a mystery.

Yet, ranked Top 10 at his position in 2017, he has been Miami’s best Offensive Linemen.At this critical juncture of the season, James’ absence is devastating.

Depending on the play of Jesse Davis, James’ absence will be mitigated or severely missed.

Phinsnews did a film study on Davis in the Preseason and was one of the very 1st, anywhere, to see his value… you can check out the article and study here. But while we were high on him at Guard, we weren’t as high on him as a Tackle.

Yet to Davis’ credit, he did acquitted himself well at LT for a few quarters in relief of injured Laremy Tunsil, so he may well have improved, we misjudged his ability, or he simply played above his head for a bit. In three days we’ll get a better idea which it is.

Davis may turn out to be the hero of the season

Keep in mind, this is only his 1st season on a 53 man roster, so experience from every game should yield steady improvement… if he’s a keeper at Tackle. And given what Davis is up against this week, this IF can’t be stressed enough. The Panthers have the #1 defense, #2 against the run, and are #2 in the league sacks with 29… and Davis isn’t the athlete that James is.

But the NFL isn’t all about speed and agility.

Strength is without a doubt one area Davis is better than James, who has struggled severely against power, and plays of him getting pull rushed into the QB weren’t uncommon. Davis is a hair taller, but much thicker and has handled some mammoths from Preseason to last week while playing inside. This strength increase at RT could go a long way towards helping the run.

On te dwonside, Davis has struggled on occasion against speed and good hand fighting. A whiff block on the edge could prove disastrous, especially given Jay Cutler’s cracked ribs. It will all come down to technique allowing him to use his size and strength to compensate for his lack of quickness.

He has displayed some good things so far, but can he man the Tacklespot long term?

Then there’s future Hall of Famer Julius Peppers and his 7.5 sacks who he’ll face.

Ouch! Talk about a baptism by fire… If Davis passes this test and he should get a massive tip of the hat.

Davis isn’t getting even a drop of easy in his deput at starting Right Tackle

The other quality Davis can best James in is consistency.

Davis hasn’t given a strong indication in his level of consistency due to his limited exposure, so this is the wildcard. If he can be what he is, whatever he is, even if it’s average, play after play, week in and week out, at least Adam Gase can plan for that.

These are the two million dollar questions: What is Davis and can he be consistent.

It doesn’t take a pay per head bookie software to know the realty is, there is nothing–nothing–behind Davis.

Sam Young is a warm body, too weak to hold up for more than a few plays. Newly acquired Zach Sterup has been busted twice for performance enhancers and served a 4 game suspension. But even if he has cleaned up, he looked raw in the preseason with the Browns. I doubt  the practice squad made him any better.

The last option at Tackle is Jermon Bushrod. After seeing his slow kick step on the few plays he had to come in at Tackle, this isn’t a good option either.

Can Miami get a small miracle with strong play from Davis?

So really, the first and last stop is Davis… scary, huh? With a season on a razor’s edge, Davis gets a white hot spotlight. Will he rise to the occasion or collapse under the intense pressure?

I do believe Davis will hold up and perform well. Only thing I’m nervous about is, will he commit a handful of negative plays that could decide the game?

We have 3 days to see a new Offensive Line with Ted Larsen at Left Guard and Davis at Right Tackle. Winning this game won’t guarantee a Post Season trip, but it’s a must win if they even want a shot a shot at it. Regardless if you believe there’s hope or not, you should be rooting with everything you got for their success… if you are a Dolphins Fan. Go Fins!!!





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  • Phinfreak

    Oh one more thing. When in the hell was the last time a RT was out due to a hammy?

    A WR or RB yeah, but some big ass that runs a total of 5 friggin yards …backwards? Gimme a friggin break. Something else goin on there.

    Find need to move their best OLmen to G and draft anfmd sign FA T’s.

    Be done wid it.

  • phinfreak

    Why didnt the Fins pick up any of the outstanding FA tackles before the deadline? They should have moved Turnstile back to LG and picked an Andrew Whitworth or any of about half a dozen LT’s.

    Davis at RT?!? Moving from LG???? NFW that’s gonna work well.

    • Lemmus

      …fair question …except there are no “outstanding” FA OTs …if they were “outstanding” they’d be playing somewhere already, eh

      …but there are a number of “serviceable” FA OTs to be had and I’ve said several times that moving Tunsil back to LG should be considered …the problem right now is that no “serviceable” FA OT is apparently willing to sign with the phins for vet minimum …which is what our current cap would allow …they’d have to cut one or more additional players currently on the roster

      …and then again, we don’t know what Gase and T-bum consider “servicable” in FA terms …could be they though there were none that start immediately in this system …whatever, its history, eh

      • Phinfreak

        Whitworth, Duane Thomas now w Seahawks , plenty of starters out there. Certainly several availability prior to trading deadline.

        What happens when you move a LG to T position?

        Ask the Cowboys.

  • Steve


    Since Don Shula retired from the Dolphins Two Coaches have won the AFC Division
    Running the Football with Lamar Smith, Ricky Williams and Rodney Brown. A strong defense and a solid offensive line. These are the facts they had the top running backs in the league.

    Tony Sparano 1 AFC East Division Champion (2008)
    Dave Wannstedt 1 AFC East Division Champion (2000)

    When a team cannot run the football, they are going nowhere being a pass happy team. The run game makes a stronger defense for us and will strengthen the offensive line.

    Shula before Marino understood how important the running game was because he insured he had the top running backs and the top QB’s he did not just go with one.

  • Steve


    We all know if the Dolphins were serious about Wining they would have drafted a top QB in the Draft every other year.

    We will not fine a top QB in the 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th round. 19 QB’s.

    Since Dan Marino!

    Here is the Dolphins losing Formula. The Dolphins drafted Tanehill they were adamant about he’s our guy instead of drafting every other year a top QB in the 1st threw 3rd round.

    The Dolphins losing formula/somehow started 19 quarterbacks since Dan Marino’s last season in 1999
    1. Jay Cutler
    2. Ryan Tannehill
    3. Matt Moore
    4. Tyler Thigpen
    5. Chad Pennington Chad was the only QB we have had since Marino
    6. Trent Greene
    7. Cleo Lemon
    8. John Beck
    9. Daunte Culpeper
    10. Joey Harrington
    11. Gus Frerotte
    12. Sage Rosenfels
    13. Jay Fiedler
    14. A. J. Feeley
    15. Sage Rosenfels
    16. Brian Griese
    17. Ray Lucas
    18. Damon Huard
    19. David Fales November 2017

  • Steve

    We have a lot to look forward to 2018 draft its full of talent.

    2nd rounder: Isaiah Wynn Georgia or (DT Christian Wilkins Clemson https://youtu.be/rEsswczmQzk )
    3rd rounder: Billy Price, C/G, Ohio State or Frank Ragnow, C/G, Arkansas or Will Clapp*, C/G, LSU
    Or Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio State
    4th rounder: Bo Scarborough*, RB, Alabama or Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon Casey Tucker,
    OT, Stanford Casey Tucker, OT, Stanford or
    Tony Brown Alabama Corner Back https://youtu.be/uTRDQl_yp_E

    5th rounder: Jamal Peters*, CB, Mississippi State https://youtu.be/mTUG_xeBjsE
    6th Round: Davin Bellamy, OLB, Georgia
    7th rounder: Rashaad Penny Ultimate Highlights

    Maimi Dolphins needs to trade after this season more players so that we can draft:
    Ethan Wolf Tennessee TE https://youtu.be/7ZlogjJgvy4 or
    Dalton Schultz Stanford TE Best Blocking Tight End in the PAC 12 5-7 rounder
    Duke Ejiofor DE https://youtu.be/zt1XN1utEKc 3rd rounder

    We need more 3rd round draft picks.

  • Lemmus

    “Davis isn’t getting even a drop of easy in his depute at starting Right Tackle”
    …I know …”debut” …but did you have to put it in bright, bold, orange!

    …so far, Davis has proved to be what he was, inconsistent …at best …who knows which Davis will show up Monday night? …that’s a nightmare for a coach trying to game plan against one of the best defenses in the NFL …will it be the solid Davis who played the Ravens …or the rotten Davis who played the Raiders?

    …and lets just add to that a bit …the entire right side of the OL from Center to RT is now composed of players consistently graded at or near the bottom by PFF …no matter how much fandom you throw at that picture, it doesn’t look good

    …think about that …James was good enough to cover some of Bushrod’s manifest weaknesses …now Davis is going to do that? …against Julius Peppers?

    …I know, mj …on any given Sunday, right …but if I were carrying the insurance on Cutler not being carried off the field permanently, I’d be looking to spread that risk around …quick …just saying

    …its one thing to be a phins fan and hope for the best …its another to run nude through a downpour and not expect to get wet 🙂

    …I expect a loss …will I be happy if they win? …hell yeah …but please …actually win it, prove they’re the best team on the field …not just notch another embarrassingly ugly, fluke W …been four too many of those already, eh

    • admin

      “…I know, mj …on any given Sunday, right …but if I were carrying the insurance on Cutler not being carried off the field permanently, I’d be looking to spread that risk around …quick …just saying

      …its one thing to be a phins fan and hope for the best …its another to run nude through a downpour and not expect to get wet”

      You make it sound like I said he will perform like a Pro Bowler… I think I pointed out in at least half of the article the pitfalls. I’ll reiterate, I don’t feel comfortable and it doesn’t look good. But, we will see. Also, he wasn’t terrible against the Raiders… 1 pressure and 2 penalties in his second start. But that’s neither here nor there. This is where the rubber meets the road. I said a close game with 24 pts prior to last week and a win this week would be acceptable for at least holding final judgement. Monday night will be a holding pattern or judgement on my part. Yeah, live by spell check, die by spell check. You’d be surprised at the things you over look when you write and edit an article in a few hours.

    • admin

      James’ season is done…ack!! Terrible.

    • admin

      dThe Miami Dolphins are putting an end to their right tackles season. Ja’Wuan James is expected to be placed on season ending IR later today.”

      I’m not the only one: 🙂

  • Steve

    November and December A very good time to evaluate potential 2018 Dolphins college players.
    The questioned is when will the Miami Dolphins ever start building a positive QB corps. Would any of these QB’s become 2nd to Tannehill and taking over eventually? We must draft a QB in the 1st round who can carry the Dolphins when called apond.

    Josh Rosen 43TD 5 Rushing TD—-27 games
    Lamar Jackson 60 passing – Rushing 46 TD—34 games
    Sam Donald 53 TD passing -Rushing 5 TD—23 games
    Mason Rudolph passing 82 – Rushing 14 TD—38 games

    Rosen vs Darnold vs Allen: Who Ya Got? Rick Neuheisel Breaks It Down for Dan Patrick

    3rd rounder consideration
    Luke Falk QB Solid Day two QB

    • admin

      what do you think is Miami’s number 1 need for next year?

      • Steve

        I agree with Lemus we must address the offensive line with the intent to fixed the problem and not kicked it down the road another season.

        Number one need is to go after Josh Rosen QB in the 1st round he has the best Mechanics in this draft. I don’t think Coach Gase understand how to Coach a QB like Lamar Jackson a serious dual threat. Those two will moved the Dolphins into a serious contender in the future.

        Still draft a QB every other year in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Don’t settle for less we need a primary, secondary and a serious third QB drafted in the next few years.

        These offensive linemen I believe can start for the Dolphins today!

        A high second round Pick: Mitch Hyatt Offensive Tackle for clemson
        A high second round picke: Timon Parris offensive tackle Stony Brook college
        low second round pick: Isaiah Wynn Guard for Georgia Bulldogs

        A high 3rd round pick: Connor Williams Offensive Tackle Texas
        A high 3rd round pick: Billy Price C/G Ohio State
        A high 3rd round pick: Martez Ivey Guard Florida

        We cannot have averaged running backs. We need the Best!

        MJ and Lemus in this Free Agency 2018 we need to bring two prime offensive linemen.

        Bottom line the QB and RB both need to be able to carry their team.

        • admin

          FA this year will be tight as they are broke, unless they gut the team. Next year they will be flush with cash.

  • Steve

    MJ or Admin

    What is the upside to this season is the Miami Dolphins continue losing they will worked themselves into the top five spots for 2018 draft. Which is a good thing for as bringing a possible Heisman running back some say better than E. Elliot Saquon Barley. Secondly, we could go after Josh Rosen who has the BEST mechanics He would be a great young back up with the capability of taking a starting position in the future. Mike McGlindhey is pretty much the top OT in 2018 draft would be a start to building a troublesome offensive line.

    Either way Three Impact players.

    • admin

      Hey Steve… M.J. and Admin are the same 🙂 I will give up on the season after this game if it’s a loss. I know the chances are considered low that Miami wins, but I think they have a chance. And if they win that means they beat a team that beat the Pats. So I’m on the cusp to agreeing with you, but not there yet. This Monday is the cut off point. But yeah, if they lose this week, then from a sheer talent standpoint losing would be best. I’d take the OL over the RB. But the downside to losing that bad is that Gase will lose all the credibility he has gained and then will risk being on the hot seat next season. Also, if they lose that bad it will say Gase isn’t the Gase I thought he was… So much on the line, Steve.

      • Steve


        I’m still a Dolphins Fan regardless but it does not mean I have to watch poor performances each season.

        I really rooted for Matt Moore the 1st season Tannehill came aboard being a rookie.
        Damien Williams was constantly on my draft board coming out of Oklahoma.
        Drake was on my draft board for Miami being a threat in the secondary and screen plays.
        When I lived in Colorado Springs I rooted for Jay Cutler coming out of Vanderbilt to Denver. He did put Vanderbilt on the map.

        Having a losing season will not be bad for Gase! Why? Coach Gase will have to come away determined to tell Stephen Ross to allow him to Coach this team with the players and Coaches he select and not players he want him to coach i.e the QB was part of Gase getting the Head Coaching Job.

        Secondly going on 7 years and I think we have beaten the Ravens once? And we have never won the Division since 2008 I believed.

        We need a proven defensive and offensive Coordinators who has won in the Super Bowl. Then Gase can run the football operation more effectively. There are coaches out there!

        The problem with the Miami Dolphins is Stephen Ross has failed to bring in a winning team instead he has been trying to sell us his picks. He will not allow the team to draft a serious QB, etc.
        Every draft we go after players who don’t pan out and We never get a 1st, 2nd or 3rd draft pick if we trade our top players.

        Stephen Ross brings in Suh then refused to bring in serious help. In the real world we work with folks we like, tolerate and don’t like. I think Stephen Ross is a Nice Man but a poor Football Owner.

        • admin

          “I’m still a Dolphins Fan regardless but it does not mean I have to watch poor performances each season.”

          Heck yeah, I went through that twice.Once after Marino retired… losing him and Barry the same year was too much. Barely watched football for a few years and then after the loss to the Ravens in the Playoffs. I knew they were doomed and hated Philbin. Ross has been a double edged sword… kinda has bad luck and makes bad decisions, but he isn’t stingy… I hoped he made the right choice with Gase, but the coming out and kneeling when Gase said stay in the locker room and the poor excuse shook me. Seems like Ross came in and demanded they be allowed… I’m tired of sucking too… I give them this game and then I’ll readjust my view. This game to me is a crossroads game for more than the season.

          • Lemmus

            …win or lose, I don’t care …the NFL has to fix the kneeling or its dead to me …they turned it into a political football …a Brady ball with no air in it

            …win or lose, I’m not ready to give up on Gase …look at the greats like Bellichick, Carol, Johnson, Shula …they all had bad years before they suceeded …if Gase gets canned based on phreak’s standards, he’ll go elsewhere and we’ll watch in dismay when he does win it all …or not …you can’t judge an HC by one or even two bad years if things are looking up otherwise …we have a strong core …if not for the 2013 draft, we’d be even better …if anyone needs to be canned, its not Gase …its the FO and those there who have repeatedly failed over the last decade …start with the GM and work your way down!