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In Week 1 Bye Dolphins Season Gets Help

In Week 1 Bye Dolphins Season Gets Help

A surprising loss by the Pats in Week 1 helps the Dolphins season

Even though the Miami Dolphins didn’t get to kickoff the 2017 Regular Season this past Sunday–like 30 other teams in the league, the Fins were able to get a small edge with losses by the Jets and Pats.

While it’s only one game, and nothing is definitive, there were some surprising and positive developments in the losses of division rivals.

For starters, the unbeatable juggernaut that’s the New England Patriots suffered an unthinkable second-half collapse at home against the Kansas City Chiefs. Before this game, the Patriots were 82-0 at home after leading at halftime–which is a record that may never be broke.

The Pats fell apart in the 4th quarter and were outscored 21-0 in that pivotal quarter. In addition, Brady went without a touchdown for the entire game. And the Patriots foundation of excellent defense from last year looked anything but that in their first game.

While the Pats lost–which is always nice, we must remember that there’s plenty of time to go in the season, and they have along history of rebounding.

Let’s not get crazy about the Patriots Week 1 loss, but it was nice

Don’t get me wrong, their defeat is terrific news, but the Patsies aren’t the type of team that’s gonna’ fold like a cheap lawn chair after just one loss.

Pay per head software still back the Pats as the favorite to win the Super Bowl at +550, which is slightly higher than their +300 before the start of the season. And they’re still the odds on favorite to win the AFC conference at +220.

However, the fact is the Champs were banged up pretty bad in Week 1 and definitely showed vulnerability that other teams may be able to take advantage of, if Bill Belichick can’t get it cleaned up.

Next up for the Patriots is a road trip to take on Drew Brees and the Saints. This could be another rough game for the Patriot defense, due the Saints ability to pass the ball… But the Saints laid an egg against the Vikes and looked like a team in disarray. Adrian Petersen even had words with coach Sean Payton, and that’s never a good sign of a team in harmony

The other teams in the division battled each other in Week 1, ending in a victory for the Buffalo Bills.

It’s hard to say if the Bills dominated the New York Jets, or if the Jest are really bad this year.

Dolphins Opening Day starts in Week 2

Personally, I think the Jets are going to be lucky to even win a couple of games… maybe that’s been the plan all along. Their offense looks like it’s on pace to be historically bad this year. The Bills on the other hand have a semi-dangerous QB in Tyrod Taylor who always gives Miami issues. Their defense also looks competent, so Buffalo could be one of these middle-of-the-pack teams that Miami will have to beat out for a potential playoff spot.

It all starts this week for the Dolphins. Miami will begin a gauntlet of 16 games without a bye. And first up is the Chargers. While the score in the Chargers game was a bit misleading, they do have the ability to attack secondaries through the air and have a stout defense. So this game will present challenges for the Dolphins, but a win is crucial… if they want to return to the Playoffs.

What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins News fans thoughts about this opening weekend of the 2017 season and what this might mean for the Dolphins chances of a return trip to the playoffs?



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  • phinfreak

    I expect the Chargers to beat the Fins going away with it. There is no way in hell Fins OT’s will block Chargers DE’s, which spells 4 sacks and 1 sack/fumble suffered by Cutler.

    Fins WR’s wont be able to shake man coverage from those Corners, and I expect the Chargers to load the box to stop Jay-A.

    Add to this the Fins tendency to be unable to stop the run and anyone can quickly see this game will be a blow out for the Chargers.

    LA 31
    Fins 16

    • admin

      I’m going to watch the Chargers game before I make a prediction. But I do hope they load the box, cause they’ll get killed in the pass. They can’t match up with Miami WR core… no way, no how. Now that’s not to say they won’t lose because of it. IF they control their turnovers and do much better than last year’s top 10 in penalties I expect different results than a blow out. I’ll get back to you though after a watch through.

    • Dunner

      Load the box yet be able to stop the pass regularly???? Not the case Freak. With this WR crew you have to pick your poison? Load up and stop Ajayi, or play cover 3 man under, cover 1 and hope you get pressure. The Chargers have decent DE’s, however; I believe the strength of our O-Line is our Tackles which I believe will neutralize their DEs. I would very surprised if it is a blowout in the Chargers favor. Yes, they may have the advantage of already playing a meaningful game and home field, but they are coming off a short week. If there is a blowout I see it in Miami’s favor. Sorry but Denver’s offense does not stack up to Miami’s. Their defense is another story. We shall see, but I’m sure you (Freak) see Miami losing the following week vs the Jets as well….

      MIAMI 34
      Chargers 20

      • Lemmus

        …it won’t be the OTs they go after Dun, they’ll team the OG on one side or the other to get to Cutler …and if Gase hasn’t broke him of holding the ball too long,they’ll get to him

        …I don’t see them stacking the box, if they do, Gase will put Grant in as a 4TH WR and Cutler will go deep …there is no way LA can cover that combo consistently

        …so they will go after the OGs, one after the other until they find the weakest spot and then put heavy pressure on Cutler …at which point Ajayi earns his keep

        …don’t see a blow out unless our defense folds against the run …but Maualuga has had plenty of time to get in condition at MLB to plug the run …which is what we bought him in to do …if he earns his keep, we should be better against the run, especially with Hayes in front of him

        …but its all ifs until they put it together on the field …if we are going to have a decent season, the first two games are must wins …imnsho

        …side note, more than 4 hours today in the hunt for gas …including the wait …such simple things we take for granted

        • Dunner

          I know and agree Lemmus about the guards. But, the chargers strength is their D ends and not their interior tackle(s). So that match-up favors Miami. Imo

          Remember (as Admin mentioned about their 3-4 D), Ajayi 200yd games came against 3-4 teams. Could he be in store for a big day? Not quiet sure, but I have a feeling Miami’s offense is in for a BIG day!!!

          Go Fins, opening week, finally 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • MadPhinsFan

      PhinFreak… Miami 31 – Charges 17. You underestimate Miami’s front 7. LAC will not be able to produce points in large numbers. Miami Offense will obliterate LAC’s D.

      • admin

        I agree as I watch and re-watch the LA…LA Chargers game against Denver. The only caveat is if James and Tunsil come out as flat as they did in Week 3 of the Preseason. I just can’t imagine that though… Bosa is a man… guy is really, really good. I see us winning and both T’s rebounding. But still doing my homework.

      • phinfreak

        What front 7? Fins have never been able to stop the run – which is what you do with the front 7.

        And I dont see Fins OL blocking anybody on Chargers front, especially their DL and LBers.

        • Dunner

          Man Freak you must have the Chargers going to the Super Bowl???? If thats the case what happened to them last Monday night??? I know, I know, the Dolphins are not close to the team that the Broncos are, right??? Please chime in after Sundays game, Lord knows you will if your right, but when Miami wins I’m sure you’ll be absent for a bit until Miami does lose or to remind us Fin Fans about our over rated team and players (Suh, Wake, Ajayi, Laundry, Kiko, Timmons, Stills, Jones = all proven, not to mention Parker, Tunsil, James, X Howard, Branch, Hayes = unproven)!!! Just saying

    • admin

      Alright I’m in the preliminary break down of the LA Chargers… can’t sink that into my head LA Chargers. I was super impressed with Bosa and Ingram. And if the Dolphins T’s play like they didn’t in Week 3 of the Preseason, then it could be rough sledding. I can’t fault your logic there. At this point, the only retort I have freak is that that was both T’s first game after a long time not playing through the off season and through camp. It’s been a month since then. If both T’s play that bad again, then we are in HUGE trouble. Also, both Bosa and Ingram showed weaknesses in contrast to their awesome pass rush. Gase, if he is as good as well think, can scheme help for the T’s and take advantage of both Ends / LB’s weaknesses. And Last, the 3-4 is very susceptible to the zone stretch, and Ajayi is a much better back than anything Denver has. Also, a side note, last year Denver was ranked two slots lower than Miami in run defense, and they held the Charger to 3 YPC. Miami could very well do the same…. especially considering that the Charger have a banged up and weakish line that will face a strong Miami front– to echo MadPhinsFan. I’m still processing it… but these are my preliminary thoughts.

  • Dji

    I’m sorry but the pats will not win the conference or SB. Every body always thinks the champs repeat. It is rare. And we ha a great shot at playoffs if cutler doesn’t throw picks!