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In Gase Fin Fans Trust… But Others, Not So Much

In Gase Fin Fans Trust… But Others, Not So Much

The great ones see more than most, and with Cutler, Gase has a shot to prove most wrong

The great ones see more than most, and with Cutler, Gase has a shot to prove most wrong

Gase has set up another opportunity to put a feather in his cap with Cutler

With Jay Cutler‘s appearance at practice Tuesday, he’s officially a Miami Dolphin. And listening to Adam Gase, you can’t help but feel that even though this move was made due to a disaster, he’s seems to be very happy with the situation.

However, many aren’t so optimistic.

The odds makers and their betting software solutions programs are betting against this move ending up a success. Before Tannehill went down the Dolphins were +6000 to win the Super Bowl. Then when Matt Moore was the presumed starter the odds slipped to +6500. Now, after the Dolphins signed Cutler, the odds continued to fall to +7000, which shows that the odds makers actually have slightly more confidence in Moore than Cutler.

The prediction above is contrary to what Gase’s sees Miami’s road to success: “Cuter didn’t come here to sit on the sidelines.”

Gase says there’s an open competition at QB, but is there?

While Miami has said that there will be an open competition between Moore and Cutler, the reality will likely be different. It wouldn’t look good on Gase’s part if Cutler doesn’t end up the starting QB this year. You don’t pay a guy off the street $10 million dollars to backup Matt Moore, who is get paid just over $2 million dollars.

But then again, maybe this move is just an expensive motivational tool for Moore? If Moore or Cutler ends up leading the Fins to a successful 2017 Season, no one will complain either way… least of all the fans.

Gase appears to be a rare breed, so who can say definitively what he has planned. For me, in Gase I trust… until proven otherwise.

Given how he turned it around in 2016, and defied all expectations, wouldn’t it be extra nice to see him prove everyone wrong again and have a successful season too!

Tomorrow night’s first Preseason Game will give us our first real indication–man, I can’t wait.

On a side note, isn’t this Ryan Tannehill situation a bit curious?

There’s been no indication of surgery yet–or confirmed extent of the injury. But you’d figure if Cutler was signed for $10 million that Tannehill is done for the rest of the season. No?!

If the Dolphins thought otherwise, then why would they have signed Cutler for $10 million to just keep the starting QB spot warm for 1 or 2 months? Given what Moore did last year, there’s no reason why he couldn’t be the top dog half the season. If Tannehill really has a shot to come back wouldn’t you just bring in a cheaper back-up QB, till he was ready to take the field again?

Will Tannehill return in 2017 or not?

This didn’t happen, which means that even though Miami is saying they are taking their time on Tannehill, they do not have much confidence that he’ll be ready to play this season.

So maybe surgery is assured? I don’t know, but I do know this is very curious. It seems like they, or Tannehill, plan to double down on an avenue of recuperation that has failed miserably.

Sure when Tannehill was on the practice field over the summer, moving around with ease, this seemed like a wise move, because surgery would have kept him off the field and meant missing the start of the regular season. However, now that Tannehill has re-injured his knee without even getting hit in just a single week of non-contact work, it seems obvious that his knee needs to be surgically repaired to make it stronger and sturdier.

Since doctors are more on point than my guesses, I’ll shrug my shoulders and just hope for the best and see how it pans out.

Maybe we’ll end up with three healthy starting QB’s for 2017… Go Fins!!!


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  • Jorge

    Matt Moore is only a career back up because of coach Philbin (the worse Phins coach in history) who drafted T-Hill because of the recommendation of his mentor. Then gave T-Hill the starting job after one quarter of play in the first pre-season game of that year. Moore had been the MVP of the previous year and after the first two games he played that year he caught fire and took an 0-7 team and went 6-3 the rest of the year losing to Dallas by a last second field goal and to the Patriots in the last two minutes. His QB rating was way higher than Brady’s first year (and I’m not saying he’s Brady) in a similar situation. The man is a gamer. He stinks in practice and pre-season but is on fire in a real game. People count the two loses last year against him but it was the eventual SB champion and the Steelers in Pittsburg in a playoff game. As if T-Hill could have won either of those games. In that Steelers game he was 29-36 for 289 yards with a 97.8 QB rating. The man can’t do it by himself! It’s not his fault the defense didn’t show up. It would be a real shame if they pass him up again for someone who has only won 50% of the games he has started in a 12 year career.

    • admin

      Jorge, I’m a fan of Moore too. I wouldn’t want to go into the season with just him and nothing behind him, so understand this move, especially given the relationship between him and Gase and Cutler’s understanding of the scheme. That said, this second year of the regime is increasingly becoming one than can undo all the good that has been done. Now that McMillian is out, questions are starting rise about the wisdom in having him play special teams. Add in doing very little to improve the interior of the OL (yes this is the FO’s job, but he could have asked and he would have received), the approach to Tannehill’s knee, relying on Pouncey, and now Cutler. These are all critical moves that fair or unfair will tarnish his rep if this season flops. Add in a very tough schedule, an uncertain 2017 Draft, and this regime could end up damaged if too many of these moves fail. I love Gase, but this week of injuries and all these other high risk moves is really making this season one that’s on a razor’s edge early. If he pulls it off then he will vault himself to a higher level of credibility… but if not… I do see a lot of good things going on for this team, despite the setbacks, but Cutler is his boy and that decision will do great damage or great good for this season and that one is his 100%. Fingers crossed.