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How Big An Impact Can Parker Make With A Breakout 3rd Season?

How Big An Impact Can Parker Make With A Breakout 3rd Season?

If Parker, Landry, and Stills are all at the top of their game, who can match up with them?

If Parker, Landry, and Stills are all at the top of their game, who can match up with them?

Parker offers the size, catch radiance, and high point ability to dominate

The Miami Dolphins invested their 2015 first round pick on Wide Receiver DeVante Parker and going into year three, the results have been mixed.

For starters, he has battled injuries throughout his first two seasons and was rarely at 100%. But when he has played, there were bright flashes and huge potential was on display. Unfortunately, potential doesn’t win games. So the most radical addition Parker can add to his game in 2017 is consistency.

Parker is entering the all-important third year, which NFL football fans know is usually the make or break year for Receivers. Unlike positions like offensive lineman, running back, and linebacker where Rookies can come in right away and excel, wide receiver has a steeper learning curve, so it can take young players a few years to finally produce at a consistent level. DeVante has definitely had some big games, where he has showed off his unique combination of size and speed, but as of last year, he was just figuring out how to take care of his body in a professional manner… deep concepts like drinking water eluded Parker in early 2016.

Parker would give the Dolphins core a missing element of size

Last year Coach Adam Gase called DeVante out and said that he needs to take care of his body better and also be able to play through pain. He seemed to respond positively by playing in 15 of the Dolphins 16 regular season games. The big question is will that drive to meet his talent level continue?

Coach Clyde Christensen recently vocally expressed his support for Parker and predicted big things for him this upcoming season. He said DeVante has been around the building a lot more compared to last year. Clyde sees Parker as far hungrier than before.

The next big question after if Parker will get it together, is how big would the impact be on Dolphins and their opponents if he does?

Yes, this is a bit rhetorical, because obviously it would be huge. But I also think many aren’t fully realizing how brutal this core would be on opponents secondary with Parker playing up to his talent. Think about it, all three levels will have a dominating players attacking it. Add to this that Ryan Tannenhill proved to be elite in his deep game and you can see the mounting problems secondaries will have. That’s not to mention the support of Jay Ajayi in the running game.

Yes, the Offensive Line will determine a great deal. I haven’t forgotten about the line play.

DeVante is a good guy who may have just grown up

DeVante’s ability to command doubles on the second level would leave Still one-on-one on the top and Landry one-on-one underneath. You could shift the double anyway you’d like and Miami would have a huge edge over nearly every secondary. Who has three corners of that caliber… and that doesn’t include if Carroo’s light goes on, or if Ford is the find people are pumping him up to be. Personally, this could end up the best Dolphins offense in ages if Parker (and the O-Line too, Lemmus) puts it together. Every other major piece has proven it can get it done… now it’s Parker’s turn.

I’m licking my chops for all the tasty Swiss cheese that could be on the menu… please drink some waters, get some sleep, and take this year as seriously as possible Parker. You could end up the catalyst for something special if you do. Go Fins!!!


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  • Dunner

    Well, all the sudden Orlando Franklin becomes available. Is he someone that we sign and bring in here to replace/compete with, say Bushrod??? He (Orlando) is 29 years old. The Chargers drafted Lamp and Feeney a few weeks ago, so this move seems to be a cap relief.

    I must say that I am highly skeptical about Pouncey’s ability to play the entire season. If it were not for that I would not doubt the capabilities of the line as it is right now. I believe we have 2 bookend tackles. Our guards may still be in question. However; when a veteran becomes available (such as ie: Franklin) along with the addition of draftee Asiata all the sudden you could have the make up of a decent O-Line that has depth as well. Camps are not even here, there should be a handful of players (guards) that will become available such as Franklin has. So, in no means do I think this is our starting O-line come Sept. But, if it is, I think we all can agree that the Larsen, Asiata combo has a much higher ceiling than that of last years combo of Thomas and Turner. That alone gives some hope of a improved line.

    • admin

      Yeah, just read that today. Heard his last two years weren’t hot. But like Lemmus said we could be looking for a nice cheap vet to compete. I’m not sure they should get one unless he is an upgrade. I like Urbik and Bush… not sure about Larsen… but they are around the same level another one on that level wouldn’t help… a level above would. Here’s to hoping for a nice G getting cut somewhere.

  • Lemmus

    …sorry mj, but the only “fact” that matters is that our OL stunk last year and a 5th round pick this year isn’t likely to fix it

    …nor is Larsen …if he was starter material why has he been benched by every team he’s played for …PPF ranked him 44th out of 72 Gs last year …we’re supposed to believe Gase can “fix” him when no one else could? …I’ll believe it when I see it

    …Bushrod was ranked 67 out of 72 …suddenly he’s our fix at RG? …good god gerty, he was going to retire …for good reason …now we’re paying him 3m+ …how’s that work?

    …medical “miracle” at Center with no backup …RT may or may not show up depending on how he feels …LT is rookie at position …may be great …maybe not

    …depth at every position is virtually non-existent

    …just don’t see where the optimism comes from …TH is playing with a brace for a reason …if the line can’t protect him, what then?

    …instead of a pro-bowl G we now have 4 former MLBs …how’s that going to work …maybe, maybe not

    …way too many maybe’s …I like Gase but not this much

    • admin

      It’s okay Lemmus, it’s not that I don’t agree with you, but rather I’m offering another perspective. But I guess in a way I do disagree… this little voice is chirping an alternate ending.

      I see Asiata as the RG–run blocking G. Bushrod as the Left G– due to more pass blocking focused, along with Larsen. Bushrod was good, but got injured and never recovered, and was playing his first year in the spot. My concern is depth at T. Tunsil isn’t all that good at RB and has a history of injuries. James was the best rated linemen despite 4-5 terrible plays that cloud the rest. To me, IF Pouncey does make a recovery… and yes, I was a strong proponent that he never will, and he should be move–until his super secret magic potion treatment. I do think they have depth at the interior, albeit most of it is mediocre. I see Miami having a good flank with both T’s and at the interior with Pouncey. Now, with Tunsil and Pouncey it’s about health– certainly more so about Pouncey. BUT IF those three remain healthy the interior is good enough with exp. to maintain. This line was a disaster in 2016 with injuries, many lineups, and players having an off year (Albert and James). I see them, if healthy, having a 22nd- 18th ranked OL. Alot of this is because they can scheme up help to the line with their very good skill position players. This is what the Pats do. Of course, this comes down to how good Gase really is. Health and Gase being good, not elite, and I see a surprise in this line… we’ll see of course.

  • Samson

    I have no faith in the line. Last year we had Tunsil coming in at LG so there was some hope. I don’t believe a journeyman like Larsen or a late pick will come in and make us a quality o-line let alone a dominant one. If Parker, Stills and Landry just played like last year and our tight ends are better we could be a top 10 offense. But the guards and Pouncey inevitably getting injured again will hold us back. I don’t understand not making the line a priority after all these years

    • admin

      Hey brother. I’m with you, not as much as Lemmus, but I’m with you. But you, Lemmus, others have me altering Jimmy’s new article to hit on this point. I dug into the stats… trying to get it out today. But some interesting facts turned up.