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Hate Is Great: Fins Look To Spoil Bills Hopes

Hate Is Great: Fins Look To Spoil Bills Hopes

After a terrible season, a bit of joy from Bills fans suffering would be sweet

After a crap season, the suffering of Bills fans would make the taste of poop sweeter

Bills getting the boot in Week 17 would take some of the sting off 2017

The Buffalo Bills once went to 4 consecutive Super Bowls… and to the glee of Fin Fans everywhere, they lost all four. 

Ever since Jim Kelly retired, the Bills have been a team that has been in rebuild mode. Starting with 1999, the Bills have the longest active NFL streak since they last made the playoffs, which is going on 17 years. 

Damn, how I want the Dolphins to make it 18 years.

Buffalo has a chance this weekend to make the playoffs and break their losing streak, but they’ll need to beat the Dolphins and get some help.

Who wants that to happen?

The Bills are an AFC East division rival, and despite the Miami being eliminated from the Playoffs, what better way to end the season then to stick the dagger into the hearts of Buffalo fans everywhere? 

Now that’s good ole’ division rivalry hate, huh? Yeah, I’m bitter… and proud of it! All I can say to the Bills getting ousted–again–is, ‘YUMMY!’

Bills misery is sweet nothings to Fin Fans

Yeah, we might drop down the draft board with a win… but wouldn’t it be worth it to drag the Bills down with us?

Maybe come draft time I’ll think differently… but I have kamikaze on my heart. Does that make me a bad guy?

I just can’t help but remember the good Dolphins teams stopped from moving forward in the Post Season because of those bums up north…

Dan Marino‘s last good years were killed by those blasted Bills…

… And. I. Can’t. Let. Go.

Yeah, it might not be rational or practical, but the thought of seeing those idiots walk off Dolphins territory and into the Playoffs makes me want to vomit.

The various bookie software programs on the market, opened up the Dolphins as a +3 point underdog, and as the week has progressed the line has actually come down to +2 for the underdog Dolphins. There’s actually double the amount of wagers coming in on the Bills. However, the line is coming in towards the Dolphins, which should generally mean good things for the underdog. 

So odds are that an upchuck bag is awaiting me after tomorrow game… maybe come draft time I’ll be happy… but man, it’s a long time till then. Go Fins!!!


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  • dolphinst

    Ugly lost to end the season. Super sloppy and no excuses​ for that. At the same time the officiating has just been atrocious all season and that’s got up boilover with frustration at some point, and the bills were acting I don’t blame those players for fighting back! It was super ugly down in that pile! What a difference a good QB and a oline makes, just look at San Francisco! So if the Dolphins can get the o line fixed up this offseason with some of the promising pieces and Tannehill play well next season I think we could go somewhere. Defense is still built to play with the lead. Anyway this crew has one more year to prove themselves so we’ll see what happens…may the best men prevail!

    • admin

      “At the same time the officiating has just been atrocious all season and that’s got up boilover with frustration at some point, and the bills were acting I don’t blame those players for fighting back!”
      Agree, BUT Landry going back and headbutting and swinging isn’t leadership or smart, and has happened again and again. I love Landry and Gase hasn’t helped him with his tolerance of his behavior, but he was just yelling at Gase last week… too much–even for an awesome player like Landry. Basically, anyone on the team has the right to yell at Gase or start a fight if they feel justified if this is tolerated and OL or QB won’t help as the lack of discipline will come back and bite them at the worst possible moment. Winning cover up alot of ulgy and losing reveals a lot ugly once thought beautiful. I’d hate to drop 15 mill a year on a lyer who thinks he’s bigger than the team and coach. Not saying that’s Landry, but when he gets emotional… too emotional, that’s exactly what he becomes.

  • Lemmus

    …sigh …that was ugly …a microcosm of the entire season

    …Landry is going to cost us 15 mil and we will pay it …how we will pay it is the only question

    …Gase will be back, so will TH, so will the TH Derangement Syndrome club …sigh

    …how bad was this season? …Jesse Davis was our best OL, that’s how bad it was

    …14 penalties in our last game, that’s how bad it was

    …6 points down, 6 minutes to go, our 2 best offensive players get themselves ejected for temper tantrums, that’s how bad it was

    …losing 19-0 3rd quarter, 3rd and 4 on bills 30, we kick a field goal, that’s how bad it was

    …sigh …happy f’n new year, watching the Bill play while we set home …again …that’s how bad it was


    • admin

      “…how bad was this season? …Jesse Davis was our best OL, that’s how bad it was”
      Honestly, he has settled reallly well into the RG spot. He nearly every big run from Drake comes through his hole.

      And double honestly, Landry’s BS routine has me on the fence if I want him back or not. He is proving to be of little self control or selfish. He would never have pulled this with Belichick… and if he did and did’t fix it he’d be moved. This team needs leadership with discipline–he pulled Drake down with him and that bothers me. And if he gets paid with locked in money, will be feel less or more entitled? Fin Fans want a winning organization like the Pats, but when Gase actually does the right thing…like move Ajayi they scream, but the talent! Winning regimes have discipline first and then add disciplined talent. The more I think about as I write the more pissed off I become… let Landry go and get the 3rd rounder in compensation.

      • Lemmus

        …he appears to be worthy of a start at RG next year …no other OL can claim that right now, which was my point …Davis is a UDFA that was cut by Seattle in ’15 and the Jets in ’16 …hurting for OL, we picked him up for the practice squad in late Nov ’16 …he was literally making his living fixing farm equipment …we tried him at LG without notable success but since his move to RG, he has graded well

        …Tunsil has had an up/down year unworthy of a guy once thought to be the best player in the ’16 draft …his inconsistency and key mistakes have lead many to question his viability at LT, even suggesting that a move to LG is possible if Nelson isn’t there for us in the 1st

        …Sterup literally sucked at LT on Sunday, PFF has him graded dead last

        …Pouncey was once a pro-bowl caliber C …since his hip injury, he has had serious problems in run blocking …PFF has him graded 20th of 25, even his once excellent pass blocking has suffered, now 13th of 35 in pass blocking

        …James is the very model of inconsistency at RT …we took him 19th where most draft gurus felt we had over reached by at least one round …he is great one game, lousy the next …no way an offensive game plan can be schemed around him

        …so when I said “Jesse Davis was our best OL, that’s how bad it was” …that’s what I meant …by every other prospectus, he should have been one of our worst …but no, the rest are so bad that he stands out among them …we will all see if he can continue to improve in ’18 …and I pray he does

        …as for Landry, I understand and agree with the tantrums being a fatal issue if allowed to continue …but that is a big IF …I expect them to resign him in the 14-16 mil range but with stiff contract penalties and a cut clause regarding future in game penalties …he is without a doubt a star in the making if the coaching staff can get him under control on the field …I firmly believe that had he not had the tantrum last Sunday, that we could have, even would have, won that game …we had time and momentum going for us …losing both Landry and Drake killed it

        …as for the coaching staff, rumor has it that Gase is bringing in an offensive guru but not yet committed to handing over the play calling …we both know that needs to happen …once more, the picture of him setting on the bench drawing up offensive plays while our defense is getting flayed on the field says it all …he’s the HC, not the OC

        …discipline is key …I’m hoping that he will bring in someone who knows how to make that happen, its apparent that Gase doesn’t …if he fails to get the discipline under control, he won’t be here in ’18

        …on the defensive side, there is good news …Suh had another good year (8th by pff) …Howard finished 15th of 121 CBs …S. Anthony was not just the best LB in the game, PFF has him graded as the best player overall …good tidings for the new year

        …the Miami Herald has a good piece on how the phins can easily reach 60 mil in cap without decimating the team …which means that Landry can be fitted in as well as Hayes if they decide to keep him …plus another top tier FA at either LB, DE, or TE …but not another Suh

        …praying the QB draft gives Denver one of the top 4 and the colts and bears pass on Nelson …that’s of course assuming TH is firmly cleared before the draft …if not, I have no ideal what we will do and I doubt Gase does either …else, if Nelson is there at 11, we take him …if not, we look seriously at trading down to pick up another 2nd plus …exactly what we will be looking for beyond LG depends on how our IR returns look …but another LB is certainly needed as well as a TE

        …James was made an UFA today but could be brought back at a much lower cost …but do they want him back? …Alonzo is not worth his contract but it would cost more to release him than keep him …Hayes was our best RB DE until injured but is another UFA with no cap hit …and he’s old for a DE

        …Suh, TH, Pouncey, and Wake should all be restructured …its possible Pouncey could be cut …those 4 moves alone would free up substantial cap …when combined with the expected Timmons and Thomas cuts

        …all speculation at the moment but I expect we’ll see a lot of movement sooner than later

        • admin

          Yeah, spent all day doing Jimmy’s on the cap.. $60 would be too much… 40 mill is a wise number without compromising the future. IF Gase hands over the call duties I’ll be very hopeful.. we’ll see.

          As for Davis, he’ll be a very good player for this team… he can play and has elite strength. He will likely get extended next season. Guy is good on the right side… that’s where his skillset dictates he should be. I added alot of the stuff you talked about into Jimmy’s article… although, I’m leaning to another year with Pouncey, but with his replacement behind him. This team doesn’t need more that 40 mill. They need cheap low cost finds that will work hard with some smart picks and better coaching. Maybe one semi big buy… maybe on the OL.

          I like Mal as a younger cheaper Hayes. They need guys who will be here in 2019… hayes likely won’t. Find another Hayes. They must be patient. They have plenty of pieces, and a few back that were out for 2017. They just need guys who are serious. I’m on the fence with Landry. His leadership says it’s okay to usurp the staff… other will and have followed… see Drake. Nah, not likely it despite loving him. On another roster it would be less of an issue… maybe they can put a clause in his contract that hits him in the wallet…. then maybe. Right now his behavior is a strong trend.

  • Steve


    The true value in this game is for the Fins to lose for a better Draft position. The Fins organization must figure out how to get better! There’s a big difference in the College Athletic directors Vs NFL Owners. For instance take Irving Myers 16 years coaching with 14 years Bowl games winning 11 of the Bowl games with Utah, Florida, Ohio State, now headed back to Utah 2018. Colleges go for the win.

    JimBo Fisher Texas A&M just gave him a 75 million dollar coaching contract to leave Florida State.

    Nick Saban left the Dolphins to Alabama
    Tom Coughlin I’ve been saying we need him in Miami/He went back to the Jag’s

    That being said I believed that the Miami Dolphins Owner is satisfied just being in the NFL. My point is! This stuff is not rocket science. Stephen Ross stimulations to coach the Dolphins was Tannehill had to be the starting QB.

    Now this organization appear to think Tannehill has had consecutive ACL tears in the same knee a mere nine months apart will be their along with Doughty and Fales as Back up’s 2018. Maybe Gase plan on getting fired? I don’t know.

    Okay we go after a OG at 11th or 12th picked in the draft 2018. Now remember We drafted Left tackle Laremy Tunsil A top linemen in the draft, Who will coached these players to ensure they improved?

    • admin

      Now that the emotion is past, the better pick is nice… but I despised seeing the Bills make the Playoffs… damn Ravens blew it… this was a jinked season for sure.

      But Nelson at RG is key… I still believe that. Sterup proved to be solid and Smith is in the wings as well. Asiata may develop into a RG, he isn’t that far off… it’s the easiest on the OL. So, Tunsil, Nelson, Pouncey (1 more season… and Nelson and Davis don’t need help in RB so that is a boost for Pouncey’s weakness) with a rookie in the wings or Brendel, Davis or Asiata or Larsen or rookie, and Davis or Smith or Sterup and the OL is resolved. NO ONE on this team is a LG. Funny how even Larsen said he isn’t a LG in his recent interview. I’m a nobody but I have said that from when I did his review before camp. LG is such a massive piece on a OL LT 1a and LG 1b. BUT if Nelson isn’t there ( or he isn’t as good as billed) then they need to go another direction. But IF Nelson is a star player at LG they must get him. Anthony looks very good and alleviates some of the LB issues, especially when you factor in the return of McMillian. I really like what I have seen from him.

      It was reported that the tear was a new tear, so it’s two tears on the same knee. So if a top prospect at QB falls to 11, then I could see that. But as Lemmus said they aren’t always as good as Kiper says and if we trade up and miss… the next 2-3 are done. Fales isn’t a #2..maybe a #3. We need a #2 and he must be angling to be a #1.

      In the end, I don’t think Nelson or a top QB will be there at #11, so Miami will need to look at plan C.

      • Steve


        The optimum goal is a Super Bowl Victory. I’m Certain even if we had the number one picked who do we have to improved these players?

        Why can’t we go after the Best Defensive/ Offensive Coordinators? There are five head coaches released today. I’m sure we can bring aboard for Offensive or Defensive Coordinators positions?

        Dol-Fans Do we really believed that a Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, Irving Myers or Bill Belichick would tolerate the Miami Dolphins mediocre performances? So what is the incentive for a Dol-fan to purchased season tickets?

        • admin

          I still am of the mind that this season isn’t absolutely indicative of either Gase or Burke… of course it could be. But again, even the great Beli was a disaster when he got his first gig. I also don’t think we are a spot where a top coach will want to go anyway. Ross burned a lot of bridges.

          If it were me as HC, I’d make 2018 done my way-clean or bust. I’d move on from Landry, have open competition at LT with Sterup (not saying he’s better, but if you look at Young and James consistency has trumped talent), I’d move Kiko to MLB and make him win MLB against McMillian and Chase, I’d play Hewitt at WLB with him competing against a Rookie 2nd or 3rd, Play Anthony at SLB and make him compete against McMillian and Kiko, go with Wake, Harris, Branch, Mal and a rookie (mid rounder or if a good prospect is available early), Howard, Lippett, McCain, McTyer, and Tank and get a cover S to compete with McDonald and Jones.

          Gase made hay year 1 because he was serious. Year 2 he cut his own throat with Cutler and then Ajayi and then Bushrod, Tunsil and James, Timmons, Landry, the kneelers, Kiko’s terrible coverage, the coke head, and because he didn’t own up on his own failings a caller Can he undo it? Not sure, but he must gut himself and everyone involved. If he gave up calling it would send a signal loud and clear he is serious. Don’t think he will… but he should. Pride is the downfall of man and humility leds to wisdom. Gase has the talent and brains, but his pride is his greatest hurdle right now in my opinion. Not talent of the roster… or even discipline.

          • Steve

            I hear you Admin!

            I have never been a fan of Landry’s childish behavior on the field, I would never tolerate it. That same behavior will help a team lose a game. I must say we have not seen Jay Ajayi publicly conduct himself like that. But we still have Landry?

            This is my point! There are prior head coaches who would welcome the opportunity working for Gase who will bring discipline and consistency to win. This should not be a strike against Gase but a brilliant move, for him and the Dolphins.

            The Dolphins are very prideful and don’t want to hear the truth. Maybe we will go another TEN years without a play off game. Maybe that is asking to much from this organization?

      • Steve


        Brother! Plan “C” required having some Gut’s and Smarts!

        Quentin Nelson Guard may not be there at 11th picked! I think he will. This would be in our favor by trading back for defensive Tackle Christian Wilkins between picked 15th and 21st.

        DT Christian Wilkins Clemson

        We still have the option to pursue the top five OG in this draft.
        2nd rounder: Isaiah Wynn Georgia
        Billy Price (Ohio State OG) vs Michigan 2016
        Billy Price (Ohio State C) vs Iowa – 2017
        https://youtu.be/c9uMW2mLf4U Frank Ragnow (Arkansas C) vs Mississippi 2016

        Top seven guards
        1. Quenton Nelson
        Notre Dame
        2. Braden Smith
        3. Billy Price
        Ohio State
        4. Will Hernandez
        5. Martez Ivey
        6. Isaiah Wynn
        7. Maea Teuhema
        SE Louisiana

        If the Dolphins paid Jay Cutler 10 million for one year. Then we can go after the top guards in Free agency in addition to the draft. If we don’t have the money then we have a lot of mediocre/lack of discipline/not studding their play books players to cut!


        • admin

          I’ll defer to you as the draft isn’t my strength. But however Miami does it, they must get a quality LG. So far they haven’t done well as far a grading OL talent. I’ll give them this season has had some hit. I like Smith, Davis, and Young. But not sure of it was coke head or not, but Larsen as LG was a joke he even admitted he isn’t one, Bushrod being brought back, and Asiata ( although it’s early). A real FO would get a G mid round… but I trust this regime to find any position later than OL. The last thing, when the rookie contract comes due, team will pay through the nose to keep a good G. Might as well have an elite one you are going to pay, rather than a good one you pay elite prices for. PAts find their G’s like we found Smith and Davis… just not trusting they can do it… of course this speaks to a much larger issue. I’ll look over these linemen… I can usually spot good line play. Thanks.

          • Steve


            What is more cost effective signing a proven super bowl offensive and defensive coordinator or the top five coordinators in college or just keep over paying in free agency for player’s or face the same issues each draft that never really get resolved?

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