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Gase’s Love Of Accountability Must Begin With Himself

Gase’s Love Of Accountability Must Begin With Himself

I'm a big fan of Adam Gase, but he must look in the mirror

I’m a big, big fan of Adam Gase, but he must look in the mirror

 Gase’s play calls are the only constant offensive ingredient for two season

The Miami Dolphins were humiliated by the Jets–who supposedly were tanking it, right.

However, the Jets were jacked up when they played the Dolphins and looked more like a potential playoff team than Miami.

The question now is why? And who bears the responsibility?

Some say the defense, but I say allowing a 30% 3rd down conversion rate, 103 yards rushing with 3.0 per play, 249 pass yards, netting 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and giving up 20 points isn’t even in the same ballpark of bad as the offense.

The offense possessed the ball just about 24 minuets. That means Miami’s defense was on the field nearly a quarter more that the Jets. And actually, if you minus just prior to the 4th quarter and on, which was garbage time, the differential is far worse than that.

So, if you want to lay the lion’s share of the blame, for the second week in a row, it’s on the offense. Below is a break down of every offensive play in the first Qtr. I have a Failure Tally after each play to allocate blame…


Okay, the Jets came out with a look that’s going to be their theme: crowd the box, play tight on the Line of Scrimmage, and show no respect for Miami’s mid and deep passing game.

The first play while a little hitchy with a wobbler by Cutler was accurate, and took advantage of the Jets stacked setup. Aside from a little pressure, this was a winner. Failure Tally: 0



Again, the Jets are playing tight and have just about 8 in the box. Miami calls an off-tackle run to the short side of the field with Julius Thomas as the anchor man in the blocking scheme.



Doesn’t Gase know what everyone else does that Thomas can’t block at the point of attack? Why run an off tackle to the short side that offer little space with a defense shifted to that side and with your worst blocker being the key? Failure Talley: Gase 1 for calling it, Thomas 1 because he can’t block, I’d give Cutler 1 for not audibling out–but I don’t know what his authority is. So for that sake of brevity, I won’t consider his ability to audible in latter plays.

Despite six on the LOS, the Jets have loosened up with two safeties back. Potentially, you have an 8 on 8 blocking assignment.



The inside draw works well and the line blocks perfectly. Three receivers occupy 4 defenders, and Thomas comes down the line and makes and excellent block. This is the type of blocking where he excels: on the move using agility and angles, not… not power. Failure Tally: 0

Gase might be feeling the burden of holding two jobs?

Below, Gase decides to attack the short side of the field again, and the Jets realize space is no good for them, and they go back to crowding the LOS with a one-high look



LB Jets Darren Lee kills the play with a jam, pushing Stills into Landry allowing one defender to occupy two receivers. See the value of jamming, Mr. Burke. Then Muhammed Wilkerson destroys Mike Pouncey to force Cutler out of the pocket and into a desperate pass. Failure Talley: Jets love to jam, and running this play short side was too crowded for the wides… Gase should have know this–bad call. Also, Pouncey can’t handle power since his hip injuries, this will be another reoccurring theme. Failure Tally: Gase 1 and Pouncey 1.

Ahhhh, the theme continues, Jets have 10 defender within 5 yards of the LOS. Gase calls a pass behind the LOS to Landry. Gase is good to call this play at least once a game. The play require Laremy Tunsil to get out and block a corner on the move and Landry to beat a free defender.



Bad call given Jets are now stacking every down and terrible to remain in the play given their setup. Landry gets 4 because, because well he’s Landry, but this tendency of being stubborn and attacking an opponents strength will come back to haunt Gase. Failure Tally: I’d like to give Gase 1 point, but there was good production.

Jets have 10 defenders within 4 yards of the LOS–again… and Gase has a stretch run scheduled. On top of the iffy numbers, Pouncey and Anthony Steen are called to block Pro Bowlers Wilkerson and Williams one-on-one to make this play happen. It doesn’t.



It’s not like Pouncey and Steen are trash in the run game. They had nice blocks in this game and generated 122 yards against a capable DL last week. But how in the world do you think this is putting your players in the best position to win?  Failure Tally: Gase 1 for banging the teams head against a reinforced wall by asking two players to pit their weakness against the oppositions strength in situation that far from conducive for the plays success. Pouncey gets 1 because his lack of strength… again.

Gase needs to fix this offense from it’s concepts to personell

FWI this drive dies after last second time out that turns into back-to-back False Starts, followed by a 3rd and 13 and a safe run. Nothing to see here move along.

3rd drive: Ohh lookie here, Jets have 10 men within 5 yards of the LOS… who would’ve guessed? And what’s the call? RUN! Numbers give an LB a free rush, and an LB & DE stunt free an open lane for another defender to disrupt the play.



Solely to the credit of Jay Ajayi the play generates 4 yards. The crowd and action of the defenders makes the blocking difficulty on this play very high. This isn’t putting your team in a situation for success, and in the long run, the pay per head software says these odds aren’t good. Failure Tally: Gase 1 for thinking he has the 90’s Cowboy Offensive Line.

Don’t be shocked, but the Jets have 8 in the box! Man these tricky Jets are something. Aren’t they?!



Ajayi show why he is amazing as he batters his way to 4 yards, despite Pouncey being blown up by Williams. See several themes here. Jets load the box, Gase runs the ball, and Pouncey can’t handle power. Failure Tally is 1+1+1= 3: Gase gets 1 for being predictable, and 1 for thinking this is a winnable formula, and Pouncey gets 1 for not being able to handle power.

End of the 1st QTR.

Gase can fix this?… If he fixes himself

To be fair, the 2nd Qtr opens with a nice deep play to Parker that turns into a defensive penalty. The Jets loosen up in respect of the deep game, and Ajayi finally finds space for 8 yards. But a phantom penalty on Stills puts them in 2nd and 12. Gase then runs the ball, Jets blitz 3 to make seven rushers, and the play goes for minus two. The rest of the 2nd Qtr is a flop and much of the same.

I’m a huge fan of the Art of War. It’s wisdom is universal and one tenant is, “Avoid your competitor’s strength, and attack their weakness.

Gase must learn this wisdom. Why have these three talented wides and bring them on the field to smash the ball with Ajayi in the face of stacked boxes? If Cutler can’t handle the pass plays, then why is he here? If Gase wanted to be smash mouth, then why not go get high-grade interior linemen this off season? A good coach must take into consideration not just what he wants to do, but what he can do. What will most likely bring about success must always be what a call is about. A coach must consider not only their personnel, but the personnel they are facing. It’s an ever-changing formula of call verse call and player verse player, but this is what it takes to be an Offensive Coordinator.

Maybe, just maybe, Gase needs to choose between being an OC or HC? Playing both roles has defeated most coaches. Still love our coach! Go Fins!!!


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  • Albin

    And aside from the play calling, they were just flat as hell. How many times did the play clock run down to 1 second while down? At one point we took 2 consecutive delay of games. Whoa.TWO!!! And almost many more. They were not mentally ready. They were just kind of walking dazed and confused. Looked like that were all hungover…or STILL drunk. Just an awful performance across the board. Just awful.

    • admin

      Agree, but time management is part of the coaching as well as the QB. Coming out of a TO and not being on the field and ready was slowing calling by Gase. But yeah, the O was flat. The defense played quite well, until they began to get beat down. If maxwell didn’t get hurt and missed the play the TD likely wouldn’t have happened and it would have been 6-0 at half. I really can’t fault the D. This D was built around Timmons and his loss was huge. Offense wise Cutler, Tunsil, Pouncey, the Wides and Thomas were like squirrels run over by a steam roller.

  • phinfreak

    I guess you just proved Gase is part of the problem. THAT does not bode well for this franchise. Add to that mediocre talent and guess what that spells?

    …6-10 season, again.

  • Dunner

    “You need to practice as a team to play as a team. Many guys sitting out throughout the week”. Very few players/teams have successfully accomplished this, not sure if this group was ready for it. Interesting to see where that goes from here.

    Timmons return was kinda a surprise. After I actually thought about it, makes sense for Gase at this point. the player needs the team more than the team needs the player. Gase is putting it on Timmons,,, sink or swim! Smart move.

    Garbage offense,,,, garbage players???? I don’t see it that way (players). Gase must have been referencing the O-Line??? How about the offensive game plan? You think Brady would have went through a entire game in that stuck in the mud mode???? Sink or swim???? We are Dolphins for a reason 😉

    • admin

      Dunner see my above reply to Michael. It’s really all about scheme and gameplan. Gase is trying to take players he has acquired and make them something they aren’t. He isn’t adapting to what he is up against… instead he is trying to force regardless of circumstances. These player are good enough. Flexibility is the key. Philbin was inflexible and tried a similar approach of putting players in situations where they needed to use their weakness to succeed… it failed. I’m just shocked at OC Gase. I expected him to be flexible and actually gameplan with creativity and wisdom. So far, this has rarely been the case. On a good note, he has done well with half time adjusts… Timmons, well it seems a bit desperate to me. But maybe not, I don’t know the situation and would just be making guesses. I was heart broke last week, not by the loss because I knew it would be tough… heck even positive Jimmy thought the same, but by the amateur showing of Gase. Bowels proved to be the better X’s and O’x coach.

      • Dunner

        Agree to a T. I do like Gases’ half time adjustments; however, I did not see an adjustment vs the Jets, only the last couple drives, the last one in particular. I believe there are times when he needs to use the pass to set up the run, the tempo to dictate the pace, etc. I know we have Ajayi, but we also have Laundry, Parker, Stills, I don’t count Thomas, use them to loosen up the box, go a little no huddle to get them winded, and then pound Ajayi into a 7 or 6 man box opposed to a 8 or even 9 man box.
        I’ve been impressed with Gase, but was not impressed at all Sunday beginning, half, finish with the game plan. He was out coached, but his adjustments are usually so good he overcomes his opponents plan/schemes. Not Sunday, Bowels had the better game had did not have to adjust because there was no adjustments by Miami.
        It was it is. What happens this Sunday morning should say lotzzzzzzz

  • Samson

    With all the bad qb’s, coaches and just bad teams we have had in the last 15-20 years I can’t remember a game with that bad of an offensive game. It really worries me about our season. If we were gonna suck we could have saved $10 mill and used Moore. If our offense is supposed to carry us and the jets D made us look like that then what will happen vs Broncos and chiefs? With as bad as our pass D is what will Brees, Brady and Carr do to us? I like things about Gase but the questions are starting to add up

    • admin

      I think Gase is an excellent HC, but my question now is can he be an HC and OC? Last season I said okay, it’s a feeling out stage with Thill. But he know Cutler and he knows this team. You just don’t thrive in throwing short and running against a stacked front. What’s the sense? You would attack the weakness not the strength. That’s what Bowels did defensively. Something just doesn’t jive. Any coach would want the D to crowd the line with three wides on the field. What is the fear? I don’t know, but after watching this game, I was shocked. I felt it during the game and sort of saw it, but after breaking the game down… brother, I’m a huge fan of Gase, but he is THE biggest problem right now.

  • Miguel

    spot on article. great read. love Gase, but he is largely the blame for the offenses flaws over the past 2 season, with is play calling.

    • admin

      Thanks, Miguel. It was hard for me to write because I’m such a fan of him as an HC… as an OC I am very dissatisfied. I hope next week I can write about happy times.