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Calling His Own Plays …On Field and Off

Calling His Own Plays …On Field and Off

Gase with headphones

Hey Gase! …Boss Ross “F’ING HATES LOSING!

With Davie awash in pink slips, you might think Gase got the message loud and clear. He’s still calling the plays, taking no prisoners, remaking the coaching staff in his own image. If you’re a Philbin hire and still here today, don’t answer the phone. Probably the best thing you can do, besides ignoring the phone, is update your resume.

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced NFL coach who has worked with Adam Gase in the past, the phone could be ringing …pick it up, it could well be him calling. Dowell Loggains answered. Jeremiah Washburn and Eric Studesville picked up as well.

Is There a Fox in the Phin House’s Future?

Could John Fox, Gase’s former HC in Chicago, be next? We don’t know but it wouldn’t surprise us. There’s more than just a bit of logic to it.

First, there’s many former HCs performing as Defensive Coordinators.

Second, Fox has worked directly with him and several of his staff.

Third, Fox built his NFL reputation on his own stellar defensive coaching credentials including three Super Bowls. 

Fourth, amid repeated rumors that the Phins want to transition to a 3-4 defense scheme, Fox has recent experience in accomplishing such a huge change. And last but far from least, Gase needs a highly experienced DC. It’s the only way he can successfully focus on offensive play calling.

Here’s the thing, Gase simply loves calling the offensive plays. It’s what he built his reputation on, it’s why he’s Miami’s HC today. He made it very clear, during a Dolphins press event late last year, that it was the only thing he loved about the job. So, despite a lot of press and fan criticism, including PhinsNews, he intends to keep right on with the offensive play calling.

Gase: “it’s the one thing I like doing.”

Gase certainly isn’t alone among NFL Head Coaches who call their own offensive plays. The Saint’s Sean Payton, the Eagles Doug Pederson, and the Chiefs’ Andy Reid are 2017 playoffs HCs who do the same as Gase. The Green Bay Packer’s Mike McCarthy does it as well. That’s just four of the twelve current NFL HCs who call their own plays, most of them for teams with winning records. So, it’s not, as sometimes alleged, that NFL HCs don’t, or shouldn’t, call their own plays.

…an experienced DC is the key to HCs calling their own plays

Despite last year’s 10-6 record, Gase has been hammered for bad play calling this year. No one has satisfactorily explained why he suddenly lost his touch …if he did. But one of the key differences between the ’16 team and the ’17 one …besides Tannehill’s knee …is the loss of DC Vance Joseph to the Broncos. Of the twelve teams with play calling HCs, only three had inexperienced Defensive Coordinators …the Phins among them, and they all suffered bad years. Did the loss of Joseph put an extra burden of on HC Gase? Enough to affect his play calling? We can’t say that. What we can say is that the numbers suggest it may have.

To succeed in 2018, Gase should consider replacing his rookie DC Burke. Someone whom he can rely on to fully carry that burden …letting Gase do what he does best.

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  • Dunner

    Fitzpatrick I meant

  • Steve

    Hello Admin

    Mike White has talent looks good and Lauletta who both played in the senior bowl. For myself I don’t know enough to measure a Small School Quarterack skill talents. I believed that strength of schedule and how well these QB’S handle adversity over size and big arm.

    The senior bowl I think alot of NFL team’s get themselves in trouble with the hipe! Vs. Doing their home work over the seasons watching these players developmental phase.

    When you have time watch white and Lauletta highlights. Then watch Luke Falk a 4th rounder and Deon Francois maybe a 6th or 7th rounder who failed from the top due to injury. I can’t say who is a bust or winner with the 4. But I know Falk and Francois are better than some of the top QB’S listed by the expert’s.

    Watch “Mike White (Western Kentucky

    Watch “Mike White (WKU QB) vs Alabama

    Watch “Kyle Lauletta vs. Villa
    Watch “Luke Falk Career Highlights

    6th to 7th round
    Watch “Deondre Francois Highlights


  • Steve

    Hello Dol-Fans

    We have not invested much in going after the Best Quarterbacks.

    The team has used a first-round pick on a quarterback three times — Hall of Famer Bob Griese fourth overall in 1967, Hall of Famer Dan Marino 27th overall in 1983 and current starter Ryan Tannehill eighth overall in 2012.

    • admin

      I’m not sold on Allen.. he is good in one reads, but for me, something about him concerns me. He melts a bit under pressure, and his ball placement can be off. And he doesn’t seem the scholar… not sure Allen or Mayfield would be better than some other options in the 1st round.

      • Dunner

        Outside of his capabilities to succeed in the NFL, he has “IT’ factor. Listen to some of his interviews, he sounds smart, personable, humorous and just sounds like he gets it. Yes sir, no sir kinda kid. That rarely translates to the field, but if it does he is a a can’t miss kid. Like you Admin, I have my reservations, accuracy is the #1 trait for NFL QBs, and that is something he has struggled with. Having said that, if he is there in the second round, I don’t think we should pass on him. Not in the first though, for any QB. LBer, OL or trade down for another second and/or third.

        • Dunner

          OH and if Fitzgerald is there at 11. All day and twice on Sundays!

          • Dunner


          • Lemmus

            …Fitzpatrick is a top five overall …I prefer Nelson if he’s there but no spilt milk if Fitzpatrick was the pick …just don’t see him there at #11

          • admin

            Yeah, Fitz would be a coup if he fell… but don’t think he will. I could see Nelson, Smith, Edmunds, Vita being there at #11. I like all four or a trade down. I know Vita isn’t a need, but he would make a transition to 3-4 / 4-3 hybrid possible. I’d love to see Vita flanked by suh and Phillips with Malv and Godchaux in the 3-4 with Harris as the attacking LB with anthony the other OLB and Kiko and Mcmillian in the ilb with chase backing them in a 3-4. Just a dream and will never happen.

  • Steve

    Are 1st round Quarterbacks worth the Gamble? Would you trust this Management team to draft your 1st round Quarterback? What are the 1st round draft picks selected by this management team currently worth?

    86 quarterbacks drafted in the first round since 1967, six have been selected to the Hall of Fame.

    Well, of the 86 quarterbacks selected, 25 have played on a team that went to the Super Bowl.
    What happened to the other 61 who have not led their team to the big game?

    Suggestion is first-round shoppers beware! The fate of your franchise is more likely to end like Jeff George or Ryan Leaf than Peyton Manning or Troy Aikman.


    The Bottom line is Tom Brady was drafted after the mid rounds and is the best QB for as Winning Supper Bowls.
    A Coach, Management and Owner must be on their game when selecting either in the 1st or 7th round.

    Drew Brees reads his draft profile coming out of Purdue on The Dan Patrick Show, which includes questions

  • Steve

    Tom Coughlin sure helped the Jacksonville Jags in one season.

    John Fox maybe A positive for the Dolphins, Like Lemmus pointed out Coach Fox has Supper Bowl Experienced. Experienced is why we cannot win our division.

    Foolish pride is keeping the Dolphins from victory.

    A. Evidently the owner is surrounding himself with Yes people or just telling him what he wants to hear vs how to build this team from a solid foundation.

    Proof of telling Stephen Ross what he whats to here:

    1.Failure to draft a solid Quarterback in 2017.
    2.Keeping Matt Moore on the Books vs drafting a talented QB’s
    3.Bringing in Jay Cutler vs not training a rookie QB for insurance.

    Base on the Dolphins draft history in the 1st round. I would not trust this group to select a 1st round Quarterback unless he’s after the 23 to 27th picked. Because the Fins react vs knowing the Bust from the Winner.

    • admin

      It think for good or ill Gase is going to do it his way. So be it. William believes Gase can handle the load… I think he would have fared better if not for the heap of extenuating issues… they exposed his weaknesses–as would be expected of any coach given the long and serious list of things that fell into his lap. But Gase’s lack of experience made it worse. Okay,everyone gets a mulligan… this was his. I would have preferred he let someone else call the plays… even Reid figured that out and let his OC call the plays very late this season. I do think stating with Grant and Drake and Tannehill will make for better results. But the NFL season always has it’s surprises. Maybe Gase will take a big step forward… I’m 50 / 50 and Lowgains doesn’t bring much confidence… but I’m willing to wait and see.

      Been doing my best to learned the rooks before the draft… RB Penny, DE Davenport, LG Hernandez, and QB White are guys I really like… Hernandez really has my eye as does White. Still evaluating White’s arms strength, but his brains and accuracy and leadership is excellent… Hernandez I like alot with the 2nd or 3rd…

      • Lemmus

        …if we trade out of the 11th pick, then Price or Hernandez look good to me low 1st or high 2nd …either would likely solve the LG problems …but I’m hung up on Nelson if he’s still around at 11 …he is arguably among the top five overall players in this draft …you just can’t pass on talent like that, np matter what position he plays

        …keep in mind that none of the top rated 5-6 QBs available are ranked as high as Nelson in the overall evals …if you take a QB that high, you’re picking for need, not BPA

        …otoh, keep in mind that this time last year we all thought TH was a sure thing …and we had no backup plan if he wasn’t …its absolutely clear that Gase/FO never considered Moore a true fall back if TH didn’t make it …so what is different about this year? …so far, nothing

        …you guys have been preaching learning from our mistakes …well that is a mistake we need to learn from …a damn costly mistake in both another season lost and CAP impact that may well cost us Landry

        …so I’m not at all certain that, if Nelson is gone and one of the top 5 QBs is there AND on Gase’s board, we won’t take him at #11 …my preference would be a later round but I’d probably not squeal if we went that way

        …the focus has been on the Senior Bowl this week but it could well be that the Super Bowl has more impact on our future …the minute its over, the HC musical chairs will go into high gear …and then the DC options will fall out as a result …I don’t think Gase is through with staff changes …just waiting for some clarity in who is still available

        • admin

          I hope either we get the Panthers LG in FA or Nelson, Hernandez, or Price. IF we don’t get Nelson at #11 Price might not last till the 2nd and maybe Hernandez would be there at #2… but given the cost of LG’s and their value increase he might not be there at #44 either. I’d really hate to see nothing happen in FA and Miami miss on all three… Hope Gase isn’t done with the addition of coaches.

  • Steve


    Listed below reading is about what the top college football programs all have in common.

    “If we say we want to compete on the field with those teams,” Tom Herman, the new coach at Texas Herman added, “we have to do business the way business is done.”


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