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Gase and Fins Must End Prime Time Flops

Gase and Fins Must End Prime Time Flops

Fair or not, Prime Time games shape perception of a team

Fair or not, Prime Time games shape perception of a team

Good teams win under the lights of Prime Time

The Dolphins are just hours away from playing their third Prime Time game in a row. Having gone  0-2 so far, and being a heavy underdog against the Carolina Panthers, many say 0-3 in Prime Time is a forgone conclusion.

Maybe, maybe not. We’ll soon know for certain.

Considering the Panthers are sporting one of the best Defenses in the League, allowing only 17.7 points per game, which is 4th best in the NFL, you can’t fault the negative talk. Combine this with the fact that the Dolphins Offense has struggled like a teetering drunk walking a tightrope, things look downright grim.

But the Dolphins now have a scheme that Adam Gase feels comfortable with, a full compliment of Wides, more controlled locker room, and a little extra time to plan and rest his players for this game. Yes, Ja’Wuan James is on I.R., but such is the NFL. This is Gase’s opportunity to prove he is more than just an adequate Head Coach. His current 0-6 record in Prime Time games must change.

Yes, this team needs to add players. Yes, they suffered a load of injuries. But this is a critical game with just about everything on the line… they must find a way the rise about it. They had the chance to make good last week and instead beat themselves with penalties and mistakes.

Prime Time should bring out the best in teams… not flops

To the Fins credit, the Offense was a lot more effective with Parker in the lineup and more versatile running backs with Williams and Drake catching balls out of the backfield. Just maybe, the offense can build off the encouraging performance, but they won’t have the Raiders soft secondary this time to get cheap yards underneath this time.

We’ll get a good idea how this one will go early… depending on how smart and what level of penalty-free football they play, because they have zero chance of winning with sloppy ball.

The pile on predicting the Dolphins loss included the money guys, who have been right most of the time this season. And the best bookie services in the world opened this line with the Panthers as a -10 point favorite, it’s now sitting at -9. There’s slightly more action on the Panthers, but not even double the amount, which means there are some poor souls that are betting their hard earned money on the Dolphins.

No matter what anyone predicts, it will ultimately come down to how the Dolphins and Panthers play. That’s why they play the game. So Fin Fans, get ready to see what Gase and this 2017 team is all about. Go Fins!!!


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  • Phinfreak

    “We’ve just got to kind of see what really went wrong for us,” Gase said.


  • Phinfreak

    Whoop Der it iz.
    Again it’s an awful burden…being right all the time but I do this for you.

    Gase has no business calling plays … unless Peyton Manning is the QB but then who’s really calling those plays? Gase got way too much credit for one good Peyton Manning season.

    Gase has no business being a HC. He got lucky last year and his team regressed this year to embarrassing proportions.

    Who’s the DC? Do fins have a DC? Oh wait that’s Kiko Alonso whiffing another tackle!

    Defending the read option is a college level scheme adjustment. Find have a position coach acting as DC.

    For once in a long time QB is not the problem. Every else is.

    Like I’ve told yuze , this team sucks from the owner on down. This includes GM, HC and entire white powder snorting staff.

    4-12 here we come!

  • Steve


    NOVEMBER 14, 2017 12:00 AM

    We knew the offense was among the NFL’s worst. But we thought the defense was OK, maybe even pretty good. Until now. Carolina totaled 548 yards of offense, including 294 rushing (and 8.2 per carry). Embarrassing.

    Not Yet Ready For Prime-Time Players. Dolphins just became the first team ever to play three consecutive prime-time games and lose them all.

    Miami remains the only team in the league to not score a rushing touchdown this season. Larry Csonka and Ricky Williams are spinning in their graves, and they aren’t dead yet.

    • admin

      Not good brother… seems like each week one guy totally screws up and then the team tanks. Cutler came out looking bad and mad too many mistakes, despite the one good drive. My concern is that Gase can’t get them to play clean. This is one of the all time sloppiest Fins teams ever.

  • Lemmus

    …GOOD NEWS!!! …Phins will have a high draft pick this year, likely top ten or better!

    …BAD NEWS!!! …Phins FO will be making the pick! @#$%^%$&*(!@#$%!!!!!

    • admin

      Never been a fan of Tannenbaum … Grier and Tannenbaum are even having some of their “wins”look to end o\up being loses. I was never a fan of kiko as WLB. He wasn’t a good cover guy. We are locked in… Maxwell was okay as the throw away piece–served a propose last season, Tunsil is looking better, but kiko is looking worse. Trade back is looking better for Eagles at this point.

  • Phinfreak

    0-6 in prime time! That says it all.

    “Hello? Is this Mr Gruden? Coach John Gruden? “

    • admin

      Freak quote: “Cutler’s arm will change how defenses play Fins. Yes, more blitzes, but more downfield plays. Pick your poison. Cutler is a far better QB than fans are aware of, especially Miami fans. I live in Chicago most of year, watched him play last few years. He is a better pure QB than Tannehill ever was, and he played with a worse OL than Fins had.”

      • Lemmus

        …sweeee-eee-eee-eee-eee-eee-eee-eet 🙂

        ps …captcha was 5 – five = ? …wouldn’t accept “phin’s OL”? 🙁

        • Phinfreak

          Cutler is the only player that had a good game.

          • Lemmus

            …sigh …shakes head …here trollie, trollie, trollie

          • admin

            Two of the Dolphins’ offensive linemen caught the eye of the analysis team at Pro Football Focus on Monday, as Jermon Bushrod captured a grade of 81.5. Along with Bushrod, Jesse Davis received a favorable grade of 74.3. Thanks to their play, Jay Cutler escaped the contest without being sacked.

            Unfortunately for the Dolphins, Cutler was unable to capitalize on his increased protection. Inaccuracy and questionable decision making led to the veteran quarterback receiving a paltry grade of 38.7 from PFF.

            Pro Football Focus had this to say about Cutler’s night:

            This was an ugly one from the veteran quarterback, who was probably fortunate to finish Monday night with only one interception. Cutler moved around quite a bit in the pocket on MNF and it often led to unset, inaccurate throws, some just sailing over open receivers. He especially struggled throwing to the left side of the field as he completed just 3-of-11 passes to the left that traveled beyond the line of scrimmage for just 33 yards and an interception, giving him a microscopic 1.7 passer rating on those 11 throws.