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Is Front Office So Desperate They Go ‘Jeff Ireland’ In 2018?

Is Front Office So Desperate They Go ‘Jeff Ireland’ In 2018?

Front Office must say NO to desperation moves and use the CAP wisely

Front Office must say NO to desperation moves and use the CAP wisely

Dolphins win or lose on what Front Office does now. This is their time!

The Miami Dolphins Front Office has a ton of work to do this off-season. The next three months are critical to the Phin’s success throughout 2018. Despite no games being played before August, the team will win or lose this season based on what the FO does now.

Nevertheless, most pay per head sites already have the Phins with a dismal 75-1 chance of winning the Super Bowl next season. In case you don’t understand odds, that means the money guys think we’re going to have another ho-hum year… or worse.  So only the most die-hard fans are predicting the Phins to be relevant next season. But then, what do we know?

This negative expectation, plus the disaster of 2017, a frenzied fan base, and owner Steven Ross expecting results like–or better than–2016 is a mountain of pressure on the Phins leadership to win.

The Phins have A LOT of positions that need serious upgrade.

We know the reasons for this dour view are legion. But the key ones are rather simple:

  1. FO has failed with their blue chips to acquire players who succeed in the Phins system.
  2. Coaches have failed to develop players that the Front Office does acquire.

Given the past 6-10 season, there is a lot of animus between fans and franchise. The perfect atmosphere exists for the trifecta (VP Tannenbaum, GM Grier, and HC Gase) to make desperate moves to save their skins. And just like Jeff Ireland, if those ‘go for broke’ moves don’t pan out, then the Dolphins fans and franchise will be left holding the bag for years to come.

Imagine if Ireland & Quesy hadn’t tried to make Jordan into what he wasn’t to justify the pick?

Front Office must find diamonds-in-the-rough, not highly flawed “gems”

Miami’s crucial needs are well defined:

  • Offensive Lineman (at least one starter, two if James leaves)
  • Linebacker (cover ability is essential)
  • Tight End (complete, both blocking and receiving, Red Zone threat)
  • Wide Receiver (slot: assume Landry gone /deep: assume Parker fail)
  • Running Back (assume Williams gone)
  • Defensive End (assume Wake demise)
  • Quarterback (real backup/development behind Tannehill)

That’s a mouthful for sure. And that doesn’t even include a bunch of other areas of concern such as resigning DE Hayes and CB depth.

PhinsNews has talked about how this regime needs to learn from their past mistakes and not double-down on dumb moves. But we have also talked about how the Phins have made plenty of good moves with their back-end contract and draft picks.

Can, and will, this regime learn from their past errors? Will they continue in what they’ve done well… BUT also add to it:

  1. Not overpaying sub-par players because the FO didn’t prepare well enough
  2. Go bottom-barrel shopping at positions that they are devoid of starter talent in
  3. End up going ‘Full Monti’ in a blockbuster move that ends up a blunder
Above all, desperation is a dangerous trap… it will catch you ever time.

For example, coming off shoulder surgery, desperate Dolphins pushed Jordan to gain a lot of weight fast! And maybe even gave him the ‘roids that got him busted.

Dion Jordan’s Weight
2012 college football season – 240 pounds
2013 NFL combine – 248 pounds
2013 NFL season – 260 pounds (coming off shoulder surgery!)
2014 NFL training camp – 275 pounds
Say what! That’s 35 pounds gained in roughly a year and a half. Yeah right, the Dolphins training staff thought that kind of growth was completely kosher… ‘No way’ were they driving this kid the wrong way–uh-uh!
For every ‘mega-move’ like Eagles with Wentz, there’s a dozen failures

Will Phins trifecta overplay their hand as they did with Tannehill down?

The Front Office must be professional, always putting the organization’s future first. No more hi hos of double middle fingers in the air with an Ireland special. On the other hand, we Phins fans should be sober in our expectations as well. Every issue with this roster won’t be fixed to perfection this off-season.

The odds for the 2019 Super Bowl are already up on various PPH Bookie service websites. It’s no surprise that the Patriots are the current favorite at +500. Neither should we be surprised that the Dolphins are at +7500… 7th worst in the NFL.

The recipe is simple for keeping this regime around in 2018. Just prove they are at least competent in every area. All three, Grier, Gase, and Tannenbaum must avoid just one season of having a complete screw up in any area of their game. First, they need to slowly build this roster over the next 2-3 years. Equally important, Gase needs to show he can run a tight ship with low penalties, low offensive turnovers, and a controlled locker room. If they just do those alone, even without a ring under their belt, they will be the best regime since Shula… And then, if they can do this, then we can start demanding another ring.

But first they must put the franchise’s future ahead of their careers and do what’s right for the LONG term health of the team. I’ll say again, desperation is a dangerous trap… it will catch you ever time. Go Phins!!!

What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins News fans thoughts on how Miami should attack the off-season?


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  • Steve

    One would have to wonder how much research was done before Deon Jordan was drafted?

    I don’t know the process but is it proper to performed a proper background check before so much is invested on a draft pick?

    • admin

      Heck yeah, it’s a very thorough back ground check… but really, they wanted this kid to add 12 pounds on a bad shoulder… and then he went to 275… they provided the pressure and likely the drugs… it was the same when I was in college. Everyone knew… it was expected. They drove this kid the wrong direction… he does have to take responsibility, but they drove him and were likely the dealers… they screwed this up every which way…

      • Steve


        Thanks Admin.

        Hey just a little food for thought.

        The best Tight End of 2017 college football season will remain in college.



        • admin

          NP… just giving a little back all the info you give brother.

          • Steve

            Thanks Admin!

            Here’s an Eye opener. Considering some where in the 2018 draft we get a solid QB and sweep up another in the 2019 draft such as Nathan Stanley who has beaten Ohio State, Michigan etc. Who is 6’5 would be the correct way to stablize the QB position for the future.

            For NFL scouts, the season being put on by Stanley is going to force a return to the film room for further evaluation. Stanley is a true sophomore, so he’s not even draft-eligible until 2019, but the tools he’s showing this season are NFL-caliber, even though at times they have been inconsistent.

            Nathan  Stanley

      • Lemmus

        …they drafted him to play edge …big mistake …if they had used him at LB without all the bulking up issues, the story could have been far different …I put this much more on the coaches than Jordan …but then Ireland compelled the coaches to make him an edge to justify his trade up …everyone lost

  • Lemmus

    Tannenbaum scares me …he has trade fever …the “Art of the Deal” is his bible …only, he read the Reader’s Digest version …#11 is so close and yet so far away …not high enough to get the cream, too low to attract beggers wanting to move up

    • admin

      He is the weak link Lemmus… it was his decision to give the high guarantees… it will be his decision to restructure… I do think if a top QB falls they might be in the business for a trade… least I hope so.

      • Lemmus

        …if Mayfield is there at #4, we give Cleveland Landry (Franchise tagged) and #11 …they need Landry and have the CAP …we can’t afford him but get Mayfield in comp …works for me

        …same deal possible with Colts at #3

        …same scenario works if Denver signs Cousins and targets Nelson in draft …if we want Nelson more than Mayfield, trade up still works

        …Landry actually offers a lot of flexibility in draft if franchise tagged …worst case is we get “stuck” with him for a year

        …as always, it all depends on how the pick works out for us …Nelson would be immediate starter and comp for loss of Landry would be minimal …Mayfield would likely set for a year which could mean a high comp pick in ’19

        • admin

          Don’t think they’d go for that… some excellent players are at those spots at more crucial positions. Maybe a later round pick / picks… but the value to move from #11 to top 5 is a lot.. for Wentz it was 6 spots and still a trade back in the top 10 and it cost 2 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and swap of 4ths. I think Landry is considered icing on the cake… super sweet icing, but no one is giving up a top 5 with just a swap of 1st… Problem with the tag is, I see Landry being a bigger problem than last year and protecting his body more than last, which he did sporadically, mostly in the run blocking game. I’m not a huge fan of tagging him unless they plan to sign him–or a predetermined trade. Me personally, either sign him, go light in FA so you can get a comp. pick, let him walk and move on and use the dough to get a stud in FA… I.E. Norwell–if he is even available or wants to come. He’s about the only big spend I see who is worth that kind of dough… that’s just me though… not saying it’s gospel.

          • William

            “excellent player” maybys… almost 50% fails in three years… vs a proven pro bowl, record setting WR just entering his prime… one who has been injury free for 4 years, playing every down in every game… and of course the trade has to be predetermined… with caveats

            …its high value both ways, its up to T-bum to make it work …letting the heart of the team go after we developed him… for nothing?… that’s what’s really crazy

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