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Fleeced! First by the Pats, Then by the Eagles

Fleeced! First by the Pats, Then by the Eagles

Fleeced! …FIVE former Dolphins in the 2018 Super Bowl

The 52nd Super Bowl features the Patriots dynasty and the revived Eagles. Both of which fleeced key players from the Dolphins to build their own teams.

The Patriots won 2 of the last 3 Super Bowls and seven consecutive AFC Championships. They’re the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl …again. The best bookie website software on the market opened the line at -6. It’s currently at -5.5 for the Patriots. Fleecing the Dolphins helped make them what they are today.

Chris Hogan is a “burner …incredible athleticism” Belichick …but we waived him

The Dolphins know the Patriots all too well. We not only play them twice a year, we also gift wrap them some of their best players. The list of former Dolphins, traded to or poached by, the Pats is nauseous. Most can remember the godawful Wes Welker “trade”. But you need only look at Sunday’s AFC Championship game to see the fleecing continues. Pats WR Chris Hogan, previously waived by the Dolphins, is a starting WR on the Pats 2018 Super Bowl roster. He’s not the only one.

You might think the fleecing is a two way highway …but is it? We waived WR Chris Hogan. He starts for the Patriots in the 2018 SB. In contrast, they waived G Ted Larsen. He started for us in the 2017 flop. You be the judge of who got fleeced?

 Both teams fleeced the Dolphins in the “Sheep Shearing Super Bowl”

Alas, the Patriots are not the only ones fleecing us. The Super Bowl bound Eagles sheared us in a major trade in 2016. Indeed, they did it again in 2017. Two years ago, the Dolphins traded draft picks to the Eagles for CB Byron Maxwell and LB Kiko Alonzo. The Eagles used our draft picks to trade up and take QB Carson Wentz.

Both Maxwell and Alonzo started for the Phins in 2016 in a 10-6 season. Carson Wentz started for the Eagles in a 3-13 season. Although you might think the Phins got the best of the Eagles in that trade, it didn’t last. Maxwell was cut halfway through the 2017 season. Then Alonzo was moved to OLB in 2017 and proved unable to cover on passing downs. Alonzo could possibly be cut in 2018 …except his contract would cost more in CAP than cutting him would save.

On the other hand, Carson Wentz played a huge part in getting the Eagles to the # 1 seed in the NFC. Wentz remains in the running for the NFL MVP Award, despite being injured late in the 2017 season.

Maxwell is gone. Alonzo can’t cover. Wentz is MVP? …we got fleeced!

All of a sudden, in the midst of what was already a poor season, the Dolphins traded Pro Bowl RB Jay Ajayi to the Eagles. The Eagles gave us a paltry 4th round pick in return.

Eagles Ajayi had 99 total yards against the Vikings, their #1 RB by far

Ajayi gave a huge boost to the Eagles running game. In effect, he carried them all the way to the 2018 Super Bowl, despite losing their franchise QB, Carson Wentz.

The Ajayi trade revealed a potential Dolphins star in RB Kenyan Drake. However, he was already here. The question is, can Miami use that 4th round Eagles pick to find another Pro Bowl caliber player like Ajayi? Or will it be another draft bust that can’t even get on the field. As of today, it looks like just another fleecing.

Miami Must Learn From Our Mistakes …do I hear an Echo here? 

Above all, Miami must be the primary benefactor of every player transaction. That is to say, all the way from the waiver wire to the final trade day drama, we must benefit from the move. Else we shouldn’t move them. Although that would seem to be simple common sense, the evidence suggests otherwise. It starts at the top. Mike Tannenbaum and Chris Grier must do a better job. Finding and keeping guys that fit best in Gase’s system.  The best teams repeatedly succeed in player evaluation. The Dolphins need to do the same. Ultimately, we must stop being the team that always gets fleeced.

The Dolphins must become Wolves in the Sheep Shearing Super Bowl


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  • Steve

    Two late round QB’s that will help shape the Dolphins future.

    Luke Falk: Has many of Drew Breezes stye of play.

    Luke Falk
    Luke Falk

    Deon Francois healthy I would take over the 1st round draft picks.


  • Steve

    Watch “Reggie Bush- How are the Patriots continues to have the edge and the Dolphins Talented player’s etc.


    • admin

      Great, great watch… gonna’ use it in an article. Thanks. Gase messed with the culture by bringing in Cutler without Moore having a chance to fight for it. When Cutler bombed it reinforced it. Timmons, Landry, Ajayi, ect. all became bad for the culture. It was a mad house with no one able to bring sanity. Gase set up a peer relationship with his players and when things turned bad some turned on him and more tuned him out.. Landry needs to be allowed to walk and Gase needs to stop being the buddy / wanna’ be leader, IF he wants to last. Sorry for the late reply theflu is beating the hell out of me. Thanks a lot… I missed that interview and it was a good one.

      • Steve


        Glad you like it. Admin don’t you think that you are a little to hard on Gase?

        He has address the coaching. Now it’s free agency and the draft.

        We all would like to see him and Tannehill succeed. I do believed by not drafting two QB’s for the future will cost him his job.

  • Steve

    The above statement:

    The Dolphins know the Patriots all too well. We not only play them twice a year, we also gift wrap them some of their best players. The list of former Dolphins, traded to or poached by, the Pats is nauseous. In addition to our gift wrap players.

    Here’s a quick highlight of the Jags and Patriots play off game played Sunday. This is the classics game plan the Patriots Take over the last 7 minutes in the game. Why do teams self destruct in the last several minutes playing the Patriots?

    1. There is a trend with these teams what is it?
    Seattle Supper Bowl: Passing on the Goal line
    Atlanta Supper Bowl: Passing themselves out of field goal range
    Jags Play off game: Passing themselves off the field/ all three teams handed the Patriots a win. QB Bortles played well for 3 quarters. The 4th quarter he went Tunnel Vision/one dimensional, the Jags abandoned their run game and the Patriots just keyed on the passing game Passing to easy to defend.


    The Dolphins must have a strike package for each quarter: The 4th quarter must be the strongest packaged meaning play action, predominately run to wear down the defense. A good coach will placed Running/Passing balanced. We need a power back and the elusive and supper fast backs. This is why the Eagles will win the Supper Bowls. The Eagle are well coach with talented players. They have multiple play action pass, run packages that the Patriots cannot defend.

    • admin

      I was screaming on that Seattle pass even before the pick… what an ass. Miami’s biggest issue starts with Gase… he can fix it.. will he? He’ll have to eat a decent amount of crow and makes some serious changes to the way he does business. Takes a strong man to admit he’s wrong…

  • Steve

    Taken from Dave Hyde Sport Sun Sentinel Columnist.

    3. Is Jay Ajayi feeling punished yet? The Dolphins were so upset with the running back’s attitude they made an example of him to the rest of the team by shipping the malcontent to … uh, the Super Bowl. Huh? OK, well, this is just another way this past season’s thinking went wrong. If you want to punish someone and send a message about how not to act, don’t trade him to a great team. But, hey, at least they got the second-lowest fourth-round pick in the draft, right? Ajayi? He ran for 73 yards, caught three passes for 26 more yards Sunday and got a trip to Minnesota in February. Take that, Jay.

  • Lemmus

    “But Jay Ajayi is one more game away from having a Super Bowl ring.
    The Dolphins are 53 men away from a Super Bowl.”

    …sweet 🙂

    …I’d say more like 33 men away …but who’s counting …either number buries us.

    • admin

      Ajayi is accepting his role (roe he was asked to have here) because he knows he’s under the spot light. If he was as good as he believed and as well rounded, he would have been given a much larger role… well see in the SB. If he still splits his snaps, then that’s what he is. Either because of injury, lack of work ethic, or inability, he is given limited role in Phily.

      • Lemmus

        …the stats say he was the #1 RB in the win over the vikings …99 total yds on 18 carries and 3 passes …iirc the #2 RB stats were 21 total yds on 6 carries, one of which was an 11 yd TD

        …looks to me like its the Eagles who are changing, not Ajayi …yes, he started out splitting the plays with 3 other backs …but has taken on more and more …we’ll see come the SB …my bet is that if the Eagles win, it will be on his back …ala Dolphins 2016

        • admin

          I hope they do win. But given the score, it was the Eagles ahead and the offense in running downs. If they were behind or tied and in a more balanced attack, would he have seen the same action? We’ll see in the SB. How long will his knee hold out and how long will he need a maintenance day during the week for his knee? If his knee holds out, then Miami looks foolish. Gase should have known what he had and moved Ajayi earlier… or benched him and waited till next season. He screwed up too much and found himself in a desperate– but honestly, Miami can save face by doing something good with the 4th… likely they won’t… but if they do and his career ends up a blip, then Miami might not end up the goat… I also have some swamp land in Florida I’d like to sell you.

  • Steve


    The Miami Dolphins are not seriously committed to winning.

    Brady is 40 years old.

    We need two QB’s drafted in the Mid Rounds to seriously start grooming to take this team to the next level.
    There are two who can start over time.

    Most team’s who have played the Patriots only bring 3 and A quarters game. The 4th quarter is when the Patriots take the game.

    The last 5 to 10 minutes. They are neat mentally

    I do believed the Eagles have to many weapon’s. Play action along with an arsenal of running back packages.

    The key to out coaching Bill Belichick is a 1st half run packaged and a 2nd half run package along with play action.

    The Patriots murder the top defensive because they are left on the field to long. Thanks to the 123 out passing.

    But Jay Ajayi is one more game away from having a Super Bowl ring.

    The Dolphins are 53 men away from a Super Bowl.

    • admin

      I hate see Ajayi rewarded with a ring, but the guy is an a-hole in my opinion. He is a prima donna and I’m glad he is gone. Wished they had received more, but I think his knee and his attitude and much greater limiting factors than we laymen realize. It does make rooting for the SB… which I’m not watching… a bit more difficult… but go Phily.
      You see this article:


      • Lemmus

        …you’re sold on Gase and I get that …me, I look at Ajayi and Landry vs Gase and I’m on hold …we’ll see what this year brings

        • admin

          Nah, not sold, not after this season. But Ajayi was a whiner and had to be sat last season. He’s an a-hole who pouted and stormed out of the locker room after wins when his count was low. Gase has shown a failing in discipline and helped exasperate certain player weaknesses.. I.E Landry and Ajayi. He tries to act like one of the guys and then wants to be the tough coach when it suits him… it doesn’t work. Ask Rex Ryan. I do think if Gase decides to become the HC it could turn around, but I’m not sure he will. He’d need to let Landry go, make a whole lot of right decisions and need nearly as much good to go his way in 18 as went wrong in 17. I’d say 50 /50. It’s hard to stuff the monsters back in Pandora’s box–easier never to open it.

          • Lemmus

            …other than letting Landry go, couldn’t agree more

            I’m on hold re Landry …he has some issues but he never pushed the contract such as to interfere with his play or the teams …I tend to give him a lot of credit for that

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