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Fins Hire Of Loggains Doesn’t Scream Positive Change… Does It?

Fins Hire Of Loggains Doesn’t Scream Positive Change… Does It?

While not an expert on Loggains career, his offense suffered many of the same issues as the Fins

Loggains 2017 Offense suffered many of the same issues as the Fins offense did this year

Dowell Loggains has spent time under Gase in Chicago

The Miami Dolphins New Offensive Coordinator is Dowell Loggains.

Let the party begin! We have an OC whose name can easily become the nickname ‘Low-gains’. That should be a riot if the offense flops again.


Loggains resume includes being the Titans Offensive Coordinator from 2012-2014 (Off. Rank# 26/22/29) and the Offensive Coordinator of the Bears from 2016-2017 (Off. Rank# 15/30) . In 2015, he worked under Adam Gase in Chicago as the QB coach.

There’s not much rousing success at any point of his career. But to be fair, he has had only awful QB’s to work with. His best QB’s were Ryan Fitzpatrick and a broken down Jay Cutler for 5 games.

It appears he will play the same role as Clyde Christensen did this season, who seems to have fallen out of favor with Gase. So, the play calling duties will likely continue to be Gase’s responsibility.

Can this turn out to be a good move?

Yeah sure, why not.

Would I bet my house on it with even the best pay per head services?


With Gase calling the plays again, but now with a less experienced coach to support him, it does feel like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Do any Fin Fans feel like this is what awaits the Dolphins in 2018?


Now Low Gains… err, I mean Loggains might end up as the missing piece–we must give it time…

…like one season’s worth.

But while I tried to be positive, I soured fast when I listened to one of Loggains press conferences in 2017 (below), and it sounded a hell of a lot like Gase talking about Miami’s 2017 offense.

For those who feel asleep during the video or can’t be bothered listening to it, some of the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious quotes in this were:

“We need to play better and that starts with me.”

“We play behind the sticks too much.”

“We need to eliminate drops… we need to eliminate the negative runs and negative plays.”

“It’s really hard to play QB when it’s 2nd and 15.”

“We lead the NFL in plays behind the sticks.”

After this conference, Mitchell Trubisky went on to play 12 games with 59.4 Comp %, 2193 yards*, 7 TD’s and 7 Int’s with 31 sacks.

*Franchise rookie record.

Trubisky was a rookie with a bad O-Line–not a terrible stat line considering. But was Loggains a help or hindrance?

I don’t know… but we’ll find out soon enough.

Here’s to hoping for a pleasant surprise.

Maybe this move will sink Gase? Maybe it make him soar? While it’s super early, it sure does sound like 2018 will look a lot like 2017, as far as staff structure goes? There’s no doubt Gase must change to fix this team… and so far, it looks like more of the same.



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  • Steve

    Getting passed the Rams will be a real test. The Falcons have the playoffs experience over the Rams.

    • admin

      You nailed it brother… watched a lot of the game because of you. They looked excellent… still, Brees looked amazing too. This next round with be fun. Don’t think Philly will survive. Haven’t watched any Vikings games. What do you think now?

      • Steve


        The playoffs always put things into their proper perspectives. Defining who’s ready and not ready for prime time. The Viking are a Big mystery, i believed they are a very dangerous team. Drew Breeze is playing Awesomely as a QB and his receiving Corp are catching his footballs. Marcus M. For the Titans is playing like he was in his college days. Cam Newton played well but his receiving Corp failed him embarrassingly. The Jags got passed a wounded Bills team and afraid to say Blake Bortles can’t take them any further than that. The Eagle’s lost their QB Wenz and along went Supper Bowl run for this season.

    • admin

      steve I like the look of this kid if Landry moves on… where would he fall in the draft?


      • Steve


        Are you referring to CJ Moore on the web page you attached.? Have not watched Maryland play this season. But he can certainly catch/yards make the Dolphins squad easy. I read he’s projected a 5th rounder.

  • Lemmus

    A bit off topic but just wanted to note that I’m pretty well convinced that James is done with the phins. His cap hit at 9.3 mil is just too much to swallow given his inconsistency at RT. But the real killer is that Sam Young replaced him at RT when he was injured and has actually well out performed him at the position as graded by PFF. They have him as the best player on the phins for that game and as the 4th best RT in the NFL for the week. Young may well be another Davis find, a guy who has been cut by other teams but keeps trying, learning, and getting better …until suddenly, he’s the man. Both James and Young are UFA. Young will cost ~2 mil. James will likely be asked to take a considerable cut from his 9.3 mil and choose to explore the market instead, given the dearth of RTs. Never thought I’d say this but MJ appears to have been right about both Davis and Young. If it proves out, its a huge positive for the phins going forward and one less OL starter to worry about finding in the off season.

    And then there is Landry. After looking at everything, I’m of the mind that the phins will transition tag him if they can’t get him signed at a team friendly price before FA starts. The non-exclusive franchise tag will pay him ~15 mil but no one is going to take him because of the compensation cost (2 first round picks). The transition tag otoh, would result in a lower payout of ~ 13 mil, but if Miami refuses to match there would be no compensation from the signing team. It looks like Miami wants to sign him at ~11 mil with performance clauses, Landry is looking at #1 WR money of 15 mil plus. The transition tag would be a lower cost compromise that lets Landry test the market while the phins still retain right of first refusal. The downside is that its still more than they’d like to pay, its all guaranteed, no performance clauses, its only a one year contract …and they could lose him if he is right about his market value. If they can’t sign him before FA and don’t tag him, he can sign with anyone without the phins having right of first refusal. They would likely get only a 3rd round compensatory pick in ’19 for the loss.

  • Steve

    Here’s a little of what the bears fans think about Coach Dowell


    Do you honestly believed he will mastermind a victory against the Pat’s, Raven etc. I don’t think so.
    I predict Gase will be fired by Game 9 in 2018 and I lived in Colorado over 12 years and Coach Vance Joseph the Broncos coach will be fired about the 7th game, Denver only has one NFL team and a coach must performed in Denver without Excuses there. They will not tolerate mediocrity performances and coaching.

  • Randy

    I don’t think this was a good move. should of got someone with a better ranking offense. not someone he knows and worked with

    • admin

      I guess it could be, brother. But what are the positive indicators? Has Gase made any serious change or is it just lip service? Not liking him still calling the plays. The good side of it is he’ll sink or swim faster this way.

      • Lemmus

        I certainly don’t like him still calling plays. Hopefully that will change although he has said before, quite clearly, that it’s the only part of the job that he really enjoys. Thus we can hope but should not expect it to change.

        Regarding staff, try to keep it in perspective here. The reality is that Gase is an HC on a hot seat …win or go home now has to be the expectation of anyone that joins his staff. In that light, the phins have a question mark at QB as well as key deficiencies at OG, TE, DE, CB, and LB …little cap room, their star WR is a FA with discipline issues, and they currently have only 6 draft picks to solve all those known problems. Not a scenario which is going to necessarily attract the best candidates. Thus we have to be realistic about who might actually be available. On the bright side is that Ross has shown no reluctance to pay well for the staff Gase wants and there are several teams in much worse condition. I don’t think this will be the last such change although it could well be the most significant.

        As for Loggains himself, we’ll see …Gase knows him well and he already knows Gase’s scheme …those are both positives from Gase’s PoV. His past record isn’t a large negative to me since it’s highly dependent on factors he had little to no control over. Gase is essentially betting his job on this hire, among other things to come. I’ll defer to him until I’m convinced otherwise. But once more, we fans have grown wary of Gase’s personnel decisions … Foerster certainly, and Burke still in question, come immediately to mind as such relevant staff decisions by Gase.

        I’m looking to see what he does with the OL staff. The OL definitely improved after Foerster’s departure. Whether that was the coaching or the return of Larsen and the Davis shift …or both …it did happen. Can it be better? Of course, but will it be? That will depend on what Gase does to improve it, starting with his staff selection.

        I am bothered by the apparent reluctance of Gase to look outside his own circle for key staff. He’s certainly not alone in that proclivity of course. I’d just be a mite happier if I saw him bring in someone with a proven record of success on the offensive side to at least broaden his views and options.

        Again …bottom line is that it’s his job on the hot seat in his staff choices. He certainly wants to win every bit as much as the fans do. We fans can only hope that he has a clue about how to get it done. 2018 didn’t give us much to cheer about on that issue. However, recall that when push came to shove Gase fired the turnstile twins in ’16 and traded Ajayi in ’17. Both moves took guts in season and both proved successful …the Cutler move took guts as well but didn’t work out nearly so well. C’est la vie mes amis.

        • Lemmus

          Ah well, same old, same old …they hired Washburn as the new OL coach. He held the same position under Loggains with the Bears last year and was the Assistant OL Coach with the phins in ’16 …so again, Gase knows him well and he knows Gase’s scheme. I was hoping for something new. That said, he knows Tunsil and Pouncey …and James if they keep him, which I doubt. There is much to be said in favor of his experience with the key players and staff, the ability to avoid the learning curve an outsider would have. On the other hand, as I said …same old, same old 🐬

          • admin

            A good aspect is Gruden wanted him for his OL coach… Washburn seems far less a nobody than low gains. But who knows, my biggest problem is Gase is still in full delegation mode of the HC position. The communal HC isn’t a winner in my opinion.

      • Steve

        Your illustration of the Titanic says a lot Admin.

        This post season the Bills will visit the Jag’s this weekend. The Bills are a one dimensional team and their running back LeSean McCoy is not healthy don’t think they have enough to get passed the Jag’s Defense. The Jag’s QB is the Weak linked for this team.

        Carolina Panthers will lose going into New Orleans Cam Newton threw about 12 passes towards Tight end Gregory Walter Olsen where he appeared not to know the ball was being thrown to him, in the last game against Atlanta. Cam Newton liked communicating with his receivers in that game and I gave him the Jay Cutler Bone head plays throwing interceptions.

        I think Atlanta Will beat the Rams because of experience. The Rams have done little wrong under rookie head coach Sean McVay. At 31, McVay is the league’s youngest coach and is directing its most prolific offense.
        Behind a unit averaging nearly 30 points per game, McVay helped flip a team that went 4-12 last season to NFC West champions and back in the playoffs for the first time since 2004.
        Quarterback Jared Goff has gone from bust to being accurate and efficient. Running back Todd Gurley churned out a league-best 2,093 yards from scrimmage and 19 touchdowns.
        With wide receivers Sammy Watkins, Roberts Woods and rookie Cooper Kupp, there’s no shortage of targets for Goff to aim his passes.
        But the Falcons have a core of players and the motivation from that painful Super Bowl lesson tucked away. They are older and maybe wiser, but the No. 3-seeded Rams, aren’t fretting over their lack of postseason reps.
        “I don’t think it is a concern,” McVay said. “When I say that, I have a whole lot of respect for experience and what that does and the value that it provides. But I do think that we’ve got a confident group, a mature group for a young football team.”
        How Goff responds to the oversized setting is among the red flags the team’s detractors mention. But after going 0-7 in his rookie year, Goff has thrown for 28 touchdowns and seven interceptions this year in leading a balanced attack. He seems at-ease with the task at hand.
        “I think more than anything it’s a big game,” Goff said. “I think that’s what it boils down to and we do have experience with that stuff.
        “We played a big game in Seattle a couple weeks ago. We played a big game two weeks ago against Tennessee. We played a big game against the Eagles … we had a bunch of big games against top teams this year and so I think that experience will translate mostly to this game.”
        Quinn is familiar with Goff’s offensive coordinator, Matt LaFleur. He held that same position with the Falcons last year.
        “What I have been most impressed by is you have to defend the entire field,” Quinn said of LaFleur’s approach. “When you have a team that has the run, has the play-action, the quarterback-boot and stuff, it makes it real difficult and challenging to defend.”
        The sixth-seeded Falcons will lean on savvy quarterback Matt Ryan (20 touchdowns, 12 interceptions) and a deep running attack spearheaded by Devonta Freeman (865 yards, seven touchdowns).
        Although Julio Jones has had an inconsistent season, he remains dangerous with 1,444 receiving yards and three touchdowns. That being said if Atlanta Beat the Rams in their stadium I think it would be safe to say Atlanta and the Patriots will have a Repeat of the Super Bowl?

        January 6

        4:35 PM

        Kansas City

        8:15 PM

        Los Angeles

        January 7

        1:05 PM


        4:40 PM

        New Orleans

        • admin

          Hmmm interesting, Didn’t realize McVay was only 31!A Pats and Falcons SB would be annoying… but, you might be right. Need to look of the Playoff tree… you think the Falcons could bet the Pats? Matty Ice scares me as he is a choker… experience is huge though.

          • Steve

            Getting passed the Rams will be a real test. The Falcons have the playoffs experience over the Rams.