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Does Film Study Of Ravens Game Support Gase’s Case

Does Film Study Of Ravens Game Support Gase’s Case

Let the film speak and see if it agrees with Gase

Let the film speak and see if it agrees with Gase

Gase has stated his best skills players aren’t prepared due to a lack of effort… is it true?

Here is a detailed film study of every negative play in the 1st half of the Ravens game to see if what Adam Gase said about certain players not being prepared, due to a lack of study and effort, is true. Or is it really other factors that are the primary contributor to the awful loss? We can’t read minds, so we won’t ever know the why,  but the level of production of the players will go a long to proving or disproving his point.

Here we go:

1st Drive: Starts on Dolphins 25 after a touchback

1st down & 15: Tunsil commits a False Start penalty to open the game, and then follows it up by getting beat inside on the first snap. He has a bum knee, so you need to cut him some slack. But even before the injury, this same issue was occurring. Jarvis Landry gets his hands on the ball and can’t come down with it. Tough catch, but stars need to come down with it more often than not.

During this drive, Landry misses one blocks for sure on Ajayi’s big run for 21 yards that digs them out of the early hole. In the 3rd inset, on the 1st Down after Ajayi’s run, either Ajayi or Landry mess up and kills the 1st Down play. This play is examined closer in a video following this inset.

3rd & 5: After a nice play to Fasano for 7, Miami is in a manageable 3rd Down. Matt Moore has time to throw (4th inset), but with 4 of 5 eligible receivers running routes well short of the sticks, his options are limited. I’m not a big fan of this call… and less a fan that Julius Thomas gets the pass 6 yards short of the 1st.


It feels like 3rd & 5 could have been called better than this.


Landry missing a block on Ajayi’s 21 yard run.










This 1st & 10 is an Inside Zone play with both Davis and Landry pulling. It seems to be a ‘pick ’em’ read for Ajayi. There’s a huge hole on the left and also room to run right. Ajayi delays, Landry takes a step to the LOS appearing to seal for a run right instead of running straight down the line, but by doing so, he opens a clear lane for the CB to blow the play up. Either Ajayi or Landry screwed up putting them in 2nd & 12.


Verdict: Sloppy play slowed this drive and eventually killed it. Tunsil racks up 1 penalty and 1 poor block, Landry has 1 or 2 missed blocks and the ‘drop’ of a contested ball that hit his hands. It could also be Ajayi missed a read instead of Landry missing a block. Either way, yards were there but were lost due to lack of execution, mostly by the skills. Also, a call on 3rd & 6 didn’t seem to be the best due to limited options at  the marker and beyond.


2nd Drive: Starts on Dolphins 9 after poor return by Grant

1st & 10: Landry, Moore, and the OL have poor communication as a blitzing CB over Landry comes in uncontested and unrecognized to kill the play. Landry oddly is standing around looking disinterested. When you look at the blocking assignments carried out by the OL, someone screws up big time (see next inset). Pouncey or Bushrod seem to have mixed up who they should block. Wouldn’t have mattered in the long run as the CB ran in free and Landry was standing around.  Complete disaster. It’s troubling that Moore never even looks in the direction pre-snap.

2nd & 13: Jammed up against their own End Zone in a long situation, the Ravens DL puts their ears back and Suggs makes a play to deflect at the LOS.

3rd & 13: Doesn’t really matter what happens. An Illegal Formation penalty on Landry would have killed the play.


Terrible 1st Down execution on right side of the OL.


Miami gave up a pick on a free DB blitzing last week, and the Ravens are just doing their homework… Dolphins not so much.


Verdict: Execution on 1st down, along with poor field position, killed this drive. Make your own estimation on Landry’s play so far and if it’s trending to be worth 12-15 mill a year.


3rd Drive: Starts on 25 after Touchback

1st & 10: Moore has a pre-planned receiver in mind. Ajayi is wide open with space and the DB has a 5 yard cushion off Landry. Not a wise read. Bushrod loses quickly, but the pressure doesn’t affect the play.

2nd & 10: Pouncey get demolished going one-on-one with Williams and is driven back, tripping a pulling Bushrod. TE Gray has the blocking assignment of stopping Suggs. Niether Gray or Pouncey have good odds on their assignments. Why not have Fasano on playside? Would you bet your house on those odds? Then why bet a play on them?

3rd & 12: A late move by the Ravens to bring more pass rushers to the LOS leaves a free blitzer coming. Either RB Ajayi doesn’t see or disregards the blindside rusher to pick a second free rusher coming at Moore’s face. It wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the pass, but those hits can end a QB.  Moore misses the open receiver.

Miami continues to sure from defensive movement just before the snap.


Ajayi seems to go the wrong way and Moore miss an open Landry.


Verdict: Short week, inconsistent offense, and back up QB verses a veteran defense: Defense wins on 1st Down. 2nd Down turns into negative yards with questionable blocking assignments. 3rd & very long proves too much… although opportunity for a conversion was available.


4th drive: Dolphins start at their own 16 after a punt with no return

2nd & 6: After a nice first down play with Fasano pulling and making a key block, the Dolphins run a Zone Stretch to the short side (inset 1& 2). This play has netted a high percentage of losing this season as I have documented many times before. Pouncey gets beat with a bull rush and the DT cuts off the backside of the play. Ravens are set with winning numbers protecting the outside. The following inset after this one breaks down how there’s very little chance of success due to the short side of the field and the Ravens alignment. Why wasn’t this play audibled out of, or at least audibled into running to the other side, where space and numbers supported success?

3rd & 5: Tunsil loses quickly, but Moore gets the ball off. Stills earns his money with a big play and a much needed 1st down.

1st & 10: Gase calls a consistent loser in a WR screen the Landry… it continues the losing pattern with a negative yards and kills momentum. Not sure of the blocking scheme in the play design, but it would seem, given Thomas took the outside defender and Fasano went to the 2nd level, that Landry was supposed to go outside. But Thomas, who can block a mannequin, was driven back a step and hindered Landry, even if he had gone wide.

2nd & 14: A nice Draw Play of 5 yards could have broke into a chunk yardage, but Landry’s whiffs on another block and kills the big opportunity.

3rd & 9: Damien Williams gets lit up like Christmas tree in PB and Moore gets sacked. Being far off schedule in 3rd & long gave the Ravens all the edge they needed.


On 2nd & 6, TE Thomas goes in motion and no one follows, meaning the “D” is in Zone. The DT# 93 has outside leverage, the DE is wide, and both are backed by a LB & S with a 2nd DT in 1 technique in the play-side gap, which is the short side of the field… why the hell is this play called??!!!


Landry’s biggest missed block of the night on a sweet Draw Play. The piss-poor block cost the Fins a big play.


Verdict: Sketchy calls (or lack of Qb recognition and adjustment), missed blocks by the skills, and facing long situations kills this drive.

5th Drive: Dolphins start on 25 after a touchback

1st & 10: Counter right (inset 1 & 2) that has everyone blocking perfect, even Thomas! Unfortunately that ‘everyone’ doesn’t include James, who despite having inside leverage can’t hold his block and loses to power… again. This would have been a chunk play.

2nd & 9: Moore has time, but decides to throw to Thomas instead of Landry (inset 3 & 4)… not the best read  available. 3 yards to Thomas could have been a 1st and more with Landry.

3rd & 6: This a weird play (inset 5 & 6). It seems it’s a one-read-or-bust play to Wiliams with Stills setting a pick. If this is the case, it’s a poor play to base a crucial 3rd Down on one read. But Still just stands around. If he breaks into a route, the middle is wide open. Not sure of what to make of this one. A video of this play is below this inset.


James ruins a nice play.


Moore could have made a better read.


Only one option on a big 3rd & 6? Or did Stills not finish?


Verdict: Missed block by James wastes momentum, and then a missed read and weird play kills the drive. Lots of yards were lost in lack of execution. Maybe design flaw on 3rd could be blamed as well.


6th Drive: Kick off return from Drake to 16 of the Dolphins

1st Down & 10: Good protection and a sweet pick up by Ajayi is spoiled by the wrong break out of a route by Landry. The Cb is playing outside leverage and inside help is coming. Landry must make his break into the comeback outside, where Moore throws it. He doesn’t and a good play dies.


1st & 10: After a nice play by Moore and Carroo, an Inside Draw that offers a decent return is ruined by a missed crack block by Thomas.


1st & 10: Miami makes two big plays to Carroo and Stills for a combined 42 yards, then Moore makes the wrong read and throws into double coverage missing a wide open Ajayi in the flats.


2nd & 10: Landry again has issues coming out of his break. Moore throws outside, but Landry breaks wrong and makes an easy catch a harder one and it bouncing off his hands for a drop.


3rd & 10: No need to explain this one. Everyone remembers it, and even the sports betting software was shocked. Williams trips on the perfect call of a screen, and a T.D. / big play is lost.

Verdict: Everything was in play for a score, but too many mistakes by the skills, especially by Moore and Landry, cost Miami.


Here’s the evidence as best as I could provide it. I’m sure there are mistakes, but overall I feel it’s fairly sound. You make your judgement. Go Fins!!!


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  • phinfreak

    Ship Landry out too, value would be a 3rd and a 6th. Too bad they waited this long to make long overdue changes. None of this will make much of a difference however until the Fins address the offensive scheme and play calling.

    Fins offense looks dated, predictable, and slow. Who fixes the Gase problem?

    • Dunner

      Wow Admin, did Freak just admit that the scheme and play calling needs addressing? I think so. Progress!

      • admin

        Play calling will expand with player who know the PB, and the scheme will move aways from being built around Ajayi and smash mouth to a more full and rounded scheme. This will likely provide much better results and a more complex gameplan to scheme against.

        • Dunner

          Admin, that was the very first thing I thought. The opportunity for this offense to expand and become less predictable. This should also be a competitive advantage for Miami Sunday night. Oakland now must have some uncertainty when preparing on the defensive side of the ball.

          To me this offense was the most predictable offense with Ajayi in there. Now we could see some 5 wide, maybe even a little no-huddle. Wow, imagine that. I was a bit disappointed that it was just a forth, a third seemed more reasonable, however; we’ll take it.

          • admin

            It’ the knee that likely was big factor. If he is playing for 5 more years, then the Eagles have the edge in the trade as it should have been a 3rd. Only time will tell.

      • phinfreak

        Both of which are a product of the lame HC. Gase negos a 4th for a pro bowl running back on an offense that cant run the ball….next he’ll try to trade Tanny and Cutler for Kaper. Doh! This franchise is just brain dead.

  • Steve

    Today miami  needs to pursue a pass-blocking running back now.
     Makes some sense as another big back who can offer added pocket protection, not to mention starting experience. Avialable Carlos Hyde and Jonathan Stewart.

    The Bills have offensive  Tackles  Cordy Glenn 28 years old he will cost. Seantrel- Henderson he is fresh off a 10 game suspension for second drugs offense. Could be a still just for the rest of the season? Can he play very well.

    • admin

      It’s frustrating because Williams can be that guy… he has been off to this season. I think you will see a scheme shift and this won’t be a bashing style O this week. Actually, it might be more dynamic. Carroo seems to be stepping up, Morgan might be pulled up if Landry is let go. I’d love to see another TE brought in, but if they move away from smash mouth, it might not be needed. I think the PB will expand once Landry is gone as well. His mistakes on where to break on routs was very troubling to me. That is HS stuff… at least in this game, his head and heart wasn’t in it. Never thought I’d say that…

  • Dunner

    WOW! Knew something was going to happen via Gase’s words following Thursday’s debacle. Have a feeliing that Drake will become starter and we may see a more open offense w his receiving abilities. I guess it could possibly be Williams, but I think there is more upside w Drake. Kinda hoped for a higher (round) pick for Ajayi, but a forth is better than nothing.

    Who’s next? Coming or going?

    I know Freak, it doesn’t matter, this team stinks, and now they are even worse? I don’t see it that way, I see this as an opportunity for Drake and I’m sure they will calling up Smith from the practice squad who is a down hill runner.

    • admin

      Dolphins think his knees are shot, less than meh pass block, doesn’t study, is a prima donna, a bit selfish, and doesn’t catch well… he can run like a beast, but I get it mostly. He’s not a guy with his knees and mental makeup that is in the future plans.

      • phinfreak

        Wasnt all this true at the start of the season? I mean what? Did Gase all of a sudden pull his mind out of the fog?

        This team should be featured in C’mon man!

        I won’t make any difference in the outcome of the season or record.

        Fins continue to ignore the main problem – which is starts at the top all the way down to the QB position.

  • Steve


    These are your words October 28th Moore is not the answer at QB, neither is Cutler …and both may be on the sidelines, injured, watching Fales if the OL doesn’t improve” Not sure on this point.

    I agree 100%, That being said we need to draft a Heisman QB winner nothing less in the 1st or second round to play back up behind Tanny and able to be a pure game changer when called to start or finished a game. We don’t need any more professional backup QB’s next season. We have passed on Wentz,We have Passed on Prescott, We have passed on Watson. Time now to move on.

    Then go after offensive linemen.

  • steve

    I read this article this morning. The Miami Dolphins are among the teams active in trade talks as the NFL trade deadline looms Tuesday at 4 p.m., according to multiple league sources.

    The sources did not wish to discuss specifics of what the Dolphins are doing other than to say the team is willing to be both a seller and a buyer — both willing to part with certain players currently on the roster and willing to add players to its roster.

    1st This is a team sport: Who must Go!
    1. Receivers who will not blocked or must asked to blocked constantly.
    2. Offensive Linemen who constantly missed blocking assignments.
    3. QB who has thrown 3 interception or more in a game this season.
    4. Running backs who missed blocking assignments and has tunnel vision.
    5. Secondary players who constantly missed tackles and coverage assignment not studying film.
    6. Defensive linemen who constantly missed tackles and failed to stop the run, sack the passer
    7. Any players who has not studied their opponents fora game this season.

    We are looking at 7 to 10 players need to fine another home without trading away draft pick for 2018.
    If the Miami Dolphins cannot come out of this trade with at least two quality offensive linemen without trading away 2018 draft picks! The organization has failed Coach Gase and the managers should seek another home ASAP.

    The 1972 Dolphins would not tolerate mistakes and they were not as talented as their opponents. We fans pay to watch greatness! We don’t pay to watch excuses!

    The season for the Dolphins is not over! Coach Gase can turned the atmosphere around for the Dolphins.


    You should do these after every game. These are pretty solid in depth analysis I would love to see more.

    • admin

      Thanks, brother. I have done a few this year, working out a system to streamline it. I have OCD and can fall into a hole… this was around 8 hrs. The Ajayi trade says a lot… I think Landry might be next.

  • Tony

    Great article. I think this points to an issue many teams have. The lack of practice time which was negotiated in the last CBA. The first quarter of the season is atrocious across the board. And much longer for some teams. I think the offense will eventually click but I hope it’s not after we’ve already lost the season

    • admin

      I think 1-1 can happen over the next two games. That would let reinforcements arrive and keep Post Season a reality… Bills look legit and Pats are, although with more warts than normal. This will be a big week… I get the feeling that Landry might be gone as well.

    • Dunner

      Good point Tony. I hear a lot of former NFLers say the same thing.

      Admin, I too think Landry is next. Which would mean calling up Drew Morgan to fill that slot position. If Landry is gone, sure hope it is for a second rounder at least.

    • admin

      To add to that Ajayi was missing one day for maintenance on his knee… practice makes perfect… I agree with Dunner that your point has a load of weight.

  • phinfreak

    All this proves is what I have been saying all along and you don’t have to dissect film to know this, and that is that this team sucks. Gase should be an OC not a HC. I mean you don’t have to be a QB whisper to win with Peyton Manning. In 2016 the Bears under Gase were 6-10, Cutler did improve over the previous year which isnt too hard given it was a disaster and Cutler was even benched.

    I just don’t know why anyone deemed Gase a QB whisperer , what did he really accomplish?

    Fins have big problems on the field and it all points at the HC.