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Factors Working Against Stills Return

Factors Working Against Stills Return

Kenny Stills was a big reason for the success of the Dolphins 2016 Season.

Kenny Stills was a big reason for the success of the Dolphins 2016 Season.

Kenny Stills has two factors working against his return to the Dolphins in 2017.

Kenny Stills had a rough beginning of the season in 2016. But, after that, Stills quickly turned it around and became a big play threat and clutch performer. His contributions turned games around, and he was a major contributor in the Miami Dolphins making the playoffs.

Unfortunately, there are factors working against his return.

Price in relation to talent, combined with need at a position, is the rough formula on whether a player is retained or moves on.

Miami loves Stills talented and a leadership. They don’t want him to walk.

But, due to the high talent level at the position with Jarvis Landry, DeVante Parker and Leonte Carroo, who was acquired with multiple draft picks, the price they are willing to pay for his services has a ceiling of only moderate height.

The first issue that will drive up his price, and possibly out of Miami’s range, is the strong interest of the Philadelphia Eagles in 24 year-old Stills, as reported by NJ Advance Media.

Also, let’s be realistic. As we creep closer to March, there will be more teams interested. In 4 seasons, Stills has accumulated 20 touchdowns and a whooping 16.7 yards per catch. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s take ’em home to mom material.

Stills plays a position that commands big bucks

The desire of Stills to test the waters of Free Agency was hinted at by general manager Chris Grier. Miami Herald reported, “We’d like to have him back. It’s his right to test the market and see what he can get, but we’d like to have him back.”

While the Eagles have limited cap space with 7 million, they have several high-priced players they can cut to make plenty of room.

Also, as stated earlier, other teams will be interested in a young, play-making wide-out, even if the Eagles aren’t.

A bidding war will happen scenario, no doubt.

This first problem of competition for Stills services, when combined with the second factor, will likely have #10 wearing another jersey, unless he is willing to forgo a lot of money — a lot!

According to ESPN, “Salary cap expert and former agent Joel Corry believes Stills will try to vault past the deal the Rams gave to Tavon Austin ($10.5 million average, $28.5 million in guarantees) last summer.”

“That’s a benchmark for any receiver that’s not a number one receiver that’s a free-agent now,” Corry said. “That’s one of those deals that I expect teams to try to say, ‘That’s an anomaly in the marketplace and we don’t count that deal.’ I’m expecting teams to try and dismiss it, but agents are definitely going to try and use it.”

Young, deep threat Receivers are a rare commodity in Free Agency

This is what will happen:

Stills will hit the Free Agency, even if for some rare, magnanimous reason he intends to take less to wear aqua.

Once he does hit that market, a couple of teams, flush with cash and huge expectations for 2017, will raise the bar to some ridiculous level similar to what happened last year with Vernon and Miller.

And when that road paved with gold stretches out before him, Stills will take the deal, and Carroo will be responsible to fill the void.

I hope otherwise.

I really, really do.

But, Miami can’t extend Landry and make a huge pay-out to Stills — especially with Parker and Carroo on the roster.

Early in the season there was the thought that Stills would command a contract similar to what Rishard Matthews received with the Titans.

That was a pipe dream.

Maybe the move to get Carroo had a farther reaching rationale than most thought? Maybe Mike Tannenbaum is a little brighter than given credit? We’ll see very soon, either way. I don’t begrudge the kid from getting the most of his hard work, but hopefully a miracle happen. Go Fins!!!


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  • Dunner

    With all being said, that is why the draft is so important. Trading draft picks away is not the way to go, and losing a third and forth round pick in this years draft could potentially slow the entire process. I am on board with trading back this year to recoup some picks, that is if a player such as Howard (TE), Cunningham (LBer), Harris (DE) are not available there @ 22.

    If your draft doesn’t get results you lose. The draft is oh so important in today’s game. Draft well or at some point you lose consistently.

  • Lemmus

    …I think you’re missing a key piece here …what does TH want? …and if he wants to keep Stills, how badly does he want to keep him? …because its TH’s and Suh’s cap hits that will determine whether we might afford keeping Stills and still get the Gs and LBs we need in FA

    …plus, there are Jones, Landry, and Sims to consider …all excelled this year and have earned a significant pay raise even if not bonafide FAs …and that’s just the cream

    …also keep in mind that if TH’s knee is doing well come mid March, Moore will almost certainly become a factor in the trade deals …other than Romo, he’s likely the best QB available in a year when the QB pickings are lean in the draft and FA and there are at least 8 teams looking for a starter …Miami will move him if someone makes an attractive offer

    • admin

      Ahhh, my wonderful contributor — and truly a cool guy for an old dude ;). I think YOU are missing something: the cap. Landry will command a resign of 12-15 mill plus annually. Now, add in Parker, who could be a top 5 receiver, if on his game, or top 15 if not…at worst, 10 million plus to start (he is already 3.5 mill this year). Add in Carroo, who is cheap, but is worth a ton of picks, and will be a FA in 19. This would be a grossly overpaid core, if all were signed, which will drag down the team. It seems to me — and I’m not Nostradamus, despite my ego saying otherwise — that they realized that Stills would hit an exploding WR market and went hell bent for leather to get a top 3rd wide-out. Ultimately, I see it as Parker v.s. Stills. I think they love Stills, but are insane over Parker. Again, I reserve the right to be wrong. My wife has taught me that lesson in spades — but, this is my take and I’m sticking with it; at least until Stills signs elsewhere or with the Fins — or my wife tells me otherwise!!!
      Ohhh, by the way…in the real world , I offer you a great deal of thanks…I’ll let you know when it’s finalized. Your a good man brother.