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It’s Either Home Sweet Home Or Home Sweet Hell

It’s Either Home Sweet Home Or Home Sweet Hell

It's no hype, Fin Fans will play a tangible role in today's crucial home game

It’s no hype, Fin Fans will play a tangible role in today’s crucial home game

Home field is where the rubber meets the road in the 2017 Season

You can’t underestimate the value of home field. The guys who make and lose tons of money based on their knowledge of the game understand that home games bring a sizable advantage. So with times once again desperate for the Miami Dolphins because of a slow start from under performance, the first home game of the year couldn’t come any sooner.

I think at times Dolphins fans who watch from home forget why home field is an advantage: The Fans who schlep their way to the game to scream and root for 3 hours are the unsung heroes.

Look at the Jets game two weeks ago. Home field caused several penalties and slowed down the get off of the play to near zero on the clock more than a few times. That’s tangible help. The Dolphins need that kind of help this week. We need to root for the fans as much as he Dolphins.

Okay, enough pandering, however true it might be.

The Dolphins will have zero excuses this week… ZERO!! The Dolphins are actually coming into the game with pretty much everyone on the roster healthy enough to play, whereas the Tennessee Titans may very well be without their starting QB.

Home field leaves Miami without any get out of jail free cards

Miami has had a normal week, so travel isn’t a plausible excuse.

A let down or over confidence isn’t in play given the position the Miami is in after two terrible losses.

QB feeling his way in a new “O” is out the door as well with three games in the can… two of which deserve the can otherwise known as the toilet.

No ifs, ands, or buts, the Dolphins offense must show something this week. They need to score points and score points in the first half. If Miami gets shut out in the first half again, then Matt Moore needs to put in at QB in the second half. It might not make a difference, but with the season on the line, Gase will have no choice but to throw everything against the wall while there’s hope.

But before that desperate time ever comes, Adam Gase and Jay Cutler need to open up the offense and start taking a few shots down the field. The Titans secondary is definitely not their strength on defense and Miami has the talent at wide receiver to win these match ups. But this was the case last week and Gase preferred to run against stacked fronts… so who the hell knows.

The cards are stacked in Miami’s favor with a home game

The best bookie service on the internet finally came out with the line on this game late in the week and opened it with the Titans as the -3 point favorite. The line stuck for a day and then on Saturday dropped slightly to -2.5 for the Titans. The action is actually coming in almost evenly split, but it’s hard to get a good read on it because at the moment Mariota is still questionable and a game time decision.

My opinion is that Mariota isn’t going to play, and leaving him to a game day decision is just a little ruse by Coach Mularkey, so Miami is forced to split their practice time preparing to defend against both Mariota and Cassel. If Mariota doesn’t play, then I’d expect the Dolphins line to drop to pretty much a pick’em.

If the Dolphins loses today without Mariota in the lineup, and the season takes a near fatal dive from a coach named Mularkey, then I’m not only off the bandwagon, but I’m setting it on fire. Go Fins!!!


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  • phinfreak

    Guys, guys…aside from another notch in the W column this wasnt much of a win, not at all. Less than 100 yds in passing for an NFL franchise?!? WTF is going on out there!?

    Less than 6yds per pass attempt?!? AYFKM? Thats pure play calling and play design. No bueno hermanos!

    Ajayi got what? 75 yds or so? oh oh.

    I guess the Jesse Davis experiment is over – edge Steen.

    Harris? Sure, getting 36 snaps same or more than all the other DE’s he better get a friggin sack and a tackle here and there.

    Oh btw…now we all know why the Oline blows! (sorry but I just had to)

    • Dunner

      Yea keep pointing out the struggles by the offense Freak, because they are plentiful. BUT, I don’t hear you saying much about the defense you called atrocious. Harris may not be the next Jordan! Atlanta will be a big test, will need the offense to do its part, field position, time of possession, turnovers, points, etc.

      In the NFL = A WIN IS A WIN!!! Every team wins a game or two that shouldn’t, and vice versa in the Lost column. No apology needed for a win.

      Dolphins have 2 loses, just like the rest of the AFC East. Just imagine if (when) this offense even plays a decent game??? Lets hope it is this Sunday and beyond.

      I’m sure the Davis experiment isn’t over, just may not come during game time any more.

      Funny reference about the O-Line though.

      • phinfreak

        I know Im alone in this but Im not so impressed by the defense matey. That was Cassel out there slinging it to a 10-10 tie for a while.

        This D ranks 32nd in every category, except one where they rank 31st. Points, yards, pass yards, and rush yards. All last ranked.

        Oh, and zero pics.

        Not sure what defense ya’ll watchin.

        • Dunner


          Miami Defense (per NFL); Yards/Game 309.5 = 8th overall
          Points/Game 16.8 = 4th overall
          Rushing/Game 75.5 = 4th overall
          3rd down % 30 = 3rd overall

          What game(s) are you watching????

  • Dunner


    First, I would like to say that I side with Admin with offense struggles. I’ve said this from game 1 and continue to believe that play calling is problem #1 offensively. Without valid numbers (to tired, short on time), take the Packers for instance……. Oh wait a second, another WR screen……….the Packers are on their second and third string players with 3/5 of their O-Line. Now I’m sorry Lemmus, I don’t believe any of them are better than any of our starters. However, you don’t see a decline in scoring for the Pack. Notice I said “scoring”, because their O-Line continue to struggle to create a line of scrimmage, allowing Rodgers extra time on the pocket, yet they continue to score. I know Rodgers is Rodgers, but as Admin is mentioning it is play calling that sets up players/teams for a successful play or game. Until we start to throw the ball downfield and/or improve offensive calls we will continue to be stuck in mud.

    Now the DEFENSE. What is not to like? How about 4 rookies on the field at one time for the “D”. That is without injured McMillan which could have been 5. These rookies are not out there due to injuries or garbage time. They are out there with the game on the line, they have earned their opportunities. How can the arrow be pointing anywhere but up for this defense^^^^^^^^^^? This is despite the offense continuing to put this defense is tough situations, field position, on the field a lot. This defense will need for the offense to step up vs Atlanta, give this defense a time of possession advantage, keep Atlanta in their own territory, etc.
    This defense was laying the lumber Sunday. Harris looks like a keeper. Tank is nice, and the 2 D Tackles are just what this team needs. Hayes has been a steal and when McDonald returns he will only add to the physicality and shore up the safety spot opposite Jones. Gotta like seeing Timmons out there, he is a player. Maualuga is a great compliment to Kiko and Timmons in the run game.

    If we can just get this offense to produce. The defense is trending^^^^^^^^^

    • admin

      Hey, Dunner you know how much I want to do an article about the D! I tell you, Burke has done some nice stuff with the way he changes it up and is aggressive. Not giving him a grade yet, but so far I like what I see. Still not sure what his philosophy on contact with WR. I heard he likes off, but Howard and Tank both play up and get their hands on the WR on occasion. Both rookie DT’s, Tank, and Harris are starting to shine… still a ways to go, but they are blooming it seems. This could be a big story if it continues. Rey was a very nice addition as is crazy Timmons. This D could be a top 10 D or even higher if the O gets itself together and they stay healthy. But everything comes down to this O. I’m wrapping a long breakdown of the 1st half and have the second half getting put together… it will be every O play. What I’m seeing is an identity is evolving. They are making personnel and scheme adjustments… even some better calls–although that needs the most help at this point. But I do see a faint light. They need to get a TE in that practice squad who can block and be called up if an injury happens though. Coke head isn;t helping matters and this is a big week coming up… so much adversity this season is unbelievable. Again Dunner, the season isn’t lost… there is hope.

      • Dunner

        Goodness, I hope your right. This offense is what its all about, and it needs to figure out how to move the chains, score points, convert third downs, avoid third and 8+, third and longs seems to be every time.
        Atlanta will be a huge test. This defense can not be expected to shut down Atlanta without the offense doing its part; 3 and outs, short field (for Atlanta), time of possession, turnovers will spell disaster for this D.

    • Lemmus

      …doesn’t matter Dun, you live in this glass half full world where the QB facing a stacked box, just naturally sets, looks downfield, and throws to the open receiver …that’s how its supposed to work …that’s how it works for Rogers even when his 2nd/3rd string OL is in front of him

      …but here’s the difference Dun …in the real world …the one the phins play in

      …first, Rogers has a much quicker release than Cutler …among manifold other other advantages …the defenders don’t have three or more secs to get in his face …he has time to set, look, throw …and that breaks the stack every time …Cutler has a much slower release and doesn’t set as naturally …if you watch the tape, he’s throwing half the time off the back of his foot(or on the run) because big uglies are already in his face

      …second, comparing the Pack’s OL problems to ours is ridiculous

      “Now I’m sorry Lemmus, I don’t believe any of them are better than any of our starters.” Dun

      …holy maroni! …you don’t believe …there’s a definitive argument if I ever heard one 🙂

      …our FIRST string LG was supposed to be Larsen, the reject from Chicago, who got injured
      …our SECOND string LG was supposed to be Urbik, who took an injury settlement instead of going on injured reserve …he could have been picked up by any team at any time since …we could have picked him up as of Monday …no one has even brought him in for a physical …hint hint
      …our THIRD string LG is Steen who couldn’t make it as a starter last year
      …our FOURTH string LG is Davis who has been in a half dozen camps and never made it anywhere before

      …and you just DON’T BELIEVE any of the Packers 2nd string Gs are better than our starters?

      …you win, I just have no chance competing with that logic …here’s your sign! 🙂

      …dare I say it? …ah hell, I will anyway …I BELIEVE the Pack’s THIRD string G would start this Sunday for the phins …hands down, no contest 🙂

      …now back to reality …last year, Gase made the calls and we won 10 games …this year Gase makes the calls and suddenly he’s incompetent? …c’mon Dun, give me a break, eh …we are not the Packers, its an entirely different dynamic …just look at the tape, don’t try and 2nd guess the calls, just look at the tape …time after time after time after time the OL leaks, run or pass, doesn’t matter …its a sieve, not a dam

      …and yes, the defense looked good against the Titans …but note that I agree with phreak on this, it was Cassell, not Mariota …we’ll take another look after Atlanta where barring injuries, we’ll see our first real offense vs our defense …if they play well in Atlanta, I’ll buy in …but not just yet, eh

      • Dunner

        Even though I am an optimist, I do know the difference between fantasy and reality.
        -First, reality is that Cutler in his best day is no Rodgers at his worst.
        -Rodgers sets his feet when throws unlike Cutler who rarely does, not directly because of O-Line each rep.
        -Believe,,,, I was referencing to the Packers 3rd, 4th string O-Lineman that they are down to being BETTER than our current starters, no others, no mention of their 2nd stringers. No argument other wise.
        -You think, well what the hell, thats worth a lot????? Same as my thought, no difference, “A”
        -I never once said we were the Packers, did I? Get your facts straight.
        -Yea you know offenses, the Saints don’t have a real offense do they? I’m sure if Atlanta has success offensively you and Freak will be the first pessimist on here beating your chest “I told you so”,,,, please.
        -My post was a simple ANALOGY (a·nal·o·gy = a comparison between two things, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification, per Wiki). A comparison for the purpose of explanation, not a comparison because that is who we are (IMO).
        -Last season we averaged 22.7 points/game, ranking 17th, this season 10.3 points/game ranking dead last. REALITY
        -Cutler has 16 drop backs on 3rd down with 6+ yards to go, he also has 6 drop backs on 3rd down with 11+ yards to go (per ESPN) FACT! Is this because of the O-Line? Partly, I’ll give you that, to have multiple multiple 3rd and longs, 6+/11+, can not be blamed entirely on the line. FACT

        -Gase did call the plays last season, do you recall a WR screen on every other pass play, not! Where are the long Stills TDs that got him paid? Does this team practice no huddle? Recall coming out throwing early to dictate the pace and to open up the run in ’16. All variables that were present last year, with basically the same personal. When I speak of throwing the ball down field, that doesn’t mean you need 4 seconds in the pocket to do so, the ball doesn’t need to be in the air for 40yds, stick routes, hook to curl, out route, how about a simple bomb w max protection just to keep the defense honest?
        Until Gase uses the pass to set the run we will continue to rank near the bottom offensively. You don’t think Billacheat would be able to improvise with this O-Line (probably not), you better believe he would.
        Say what you want Lem, everyone is entitled to their opinion, including myself. Gase is off with this offense, to conservative, to cautious, regardless of the O-Line. I’m not arguing about the O-Line effectiveness. Good play callers figure out a ways/schemes to advance the ball and right now Gase is FAILING at this,,,, REALITY!!!!!

        Little nugget for your O-Line Lem (per PFF):
        Miami’s offensive line has been slightly better in pass protection than last season as they were able to improve their pass-blocking efficiency rating from 74.6 (25th in the NFL) last season to 75.9 (tied for 20th in the NFL) in 2017.

        -Use the pass to set the run, we threw it decently last season with the same personal, why not this season? Oh wait, I’ll tell you,,,,, because Gase is struggling to give this offense a identity, not the offense failing Gase.

        • Lemmus

          Dunner: “we threw it decently last season with the same personal, why not this season?”
          …because we simply DON’T have the same personnel this year

          LT: Albert is gone, Tunsil replaced him, good pass block, improving run block
          LG: Tunsil moved to LT, Steen (4th string G) replaced him, stinks at pass protection
          C : Steen is LG/Urbik waived, Pouncy returned after repeated hip surgery, exposed by Jets
          RG: Bushrod still there, still PFF graded horrid run/pass, 70 of 70
          RT: James still there, PFF graded as one of best OTs

          …and with Pouncy out of camp and missing most practices, there is no leadership and no cohesion

          …in a nutshell, that’s why we can’t throw it decently this year …or run

          …Gase didn’t have a lobotomy, the OL had it’s heart ripped out

          …FOUR different starters this year, 2 of which should not have made the 53 …imnsho

  • Dunner

    Zero TDs again, no throws down field. Maybe try running the WR screens the other side, sure that will work?

    Good thing the D has us up at the half!

    Time for Moore, some spark, something, because Cutler/Gase is not working. May be time to let Cutler retire????

    • Dunner

      A win is a Win!!! 1/2 game out of first.

      What a difference in the D for the week(s).

      Don’t look now, that rookie bust (HARRIS) is starting to figure it out. And some people called him D.Jordan. We hit something with Tankersley.

      Offense, what the heck 🙁

      • Lemmus

        …fairs fair Dun, the pup actually got a few bites in today

        …and yes, its a W in the W-L column …the defense is looking up

        …I broke down an actually watched it to day to see if the stats were right about the OL …or mj was right about it being Gase’s play calling …long story short, the stats don’t lie …its not Gase or Cutler …the OL was leaking like a sieve on practically every play …run or pass, didn’t matter

        …Ajayi got a few positive yards today but it was almost all on his own effort …first contact was behind the LOS on virtually every run …that’s not Gase or Cutler, its the OL not getting it done

        …Cutler rarely had time to set his feet and find a receiver …defenders were in his face all day, he was pressured out of the pocket so often, throwing on the run (not his strong suit) it was a miracle he didn’t turn it over more …not even Brady or Rogers could make an offense work behind this line no matter what the OC called

        …home-field advantage was real …114F on the field …home team bench in full shade …visiting team bench in full sun …think that was by accident?

        …enjoy it while you can, Dun …the defense did look good but it was Cassell, not Mariotta …and the offense stank against one of the worst defenses in the NFL by the stats

        ..its week 5, Urbik is eligible to return …not sure what Larsen’s status is …but neither is the cure for what ails this offense

        • admin

          Hahaah, I’ll continue to disagree Lemmus. You might need glasses 🙂 The OL that showed the greatest weakness was the Tackles. I’ll do another article and click off every mistake, and I’m here to tell you Tunsil and James made the most of them. Then their was the continual stacked defense along with the continual screens, runs into the teeth and such. You can’t ask 7 to block 8 or 9 and then say they suck. Defense gets paid too. Notice how when the Fins went to a stacked front against a stacked front they made gains to the tune of 100 yards on the day. Also, go back a watch, when Fasano is in the success rate pops. Count in 3-4 big drops and the game is totally different. Ill break down every O play… it might kill me, but you’re worth it Lemmus!! Only love… even when you mis remember!!

        • admin

          Also, did you hear Ross is telling the players to stand!! Hahhahaa… guy is spineless. Flip flops with the wind. I’d really like to see Bushrod benched for Urbik or Larsen. Steen has been solid enough. ssort of surprised. Glad they stopped with the rotation. It wasn’t helping Davis and his development.

        • admin

          You see the Forester video out of him snorting cocaine?! Ack, never seen a season like this one… unbelievable.

          • Lemmus

            …well, Forester is gone …the OL coach for the past two years …can I get an AMEN!!!!

            …if you think it wasn’t the OL, tell me, do you roll $20s? 🙂 …I’ve been on this G ride for a long time, bro …you’ve been a Gase fan from day one (so have I) and now you suddenly think its all on him …Gase is Gase …he hasn’t suddenly forgotten how to call an offense …his calls are not the major problem …its his personnel evaluations on the OL that is sinking this team …and his coaching of them …he did it last year, he’s compounded the problem this year

            …you’ve defended Bushrod many times here, defended Gase bringing him back with a $3 mil guaranteed contract …I said then and many times since, Bushrod bites as a G …he’s the worst starting G in the pro game …he was last year and he didn’t age well

            …Steen is at best, a backup …and not a good one …he wouldn’t even be starting but for the 2 guys in front of him getting injured …that makes him a 3rd stringer in my book …and he plays like one …the OTs had their hands full trying to do their jobs AND cover the Gs yesterday …and Pouncy had a lousy day of it as well

            …Steen and Davis were behind Larsen and Urbik on the camp roster …Larsen and Urbik got hurt and Steen inherited the job …but think about this, Urbik has been on the wire for five long weeks now and, in a league awash with bad OLs, he’s not had a bite …and Larsen was so good the Bears let him go …think about that, mj …our guards are other team’s castoffs …and those other teams are evidently much better at evaluating G talent than Gase is

            …its just not Gase’s play calling …its the OL not getting the job done against one of the worst DLs in the NFL today …look at the stats, its there …and maybe now we have a clue what’s been going on …Forester, the OL coach the past two years, is a coke head …and read back a day …because I called for the OL coach to be canned yesterday …well before the video hit the net …not because he was a coke head, but because he sucked at his job

            …yes, I hated the Harris and Tankersly picks because they passed over Gs to take them …both had bad camps and failed to earn starting slots …Harris looked like another Jordan in the making …but both of them looked good yesterday, Harris finally showed some bite as a pup …I still believe we’d have been better off getting starting Gs …but I don’t argue with results

            …the defense won yesterday …the offense did squat against probably the worst defense we’ll see this year …betting Ajayi is livid, he was hit behind the line so many times yesterday and still made yards despite the OL fails …it’ll be hot in the locker room today

          • admin

            “if you think it wasn’t the OL, tell me, do you roll $20s?”
            The interior OL mostly is what I said isn’t responsible, and the OL is responsible but it’s mostly on the T’s as their position and pedigree demand higher level of play. BUT, Gase creates scenarios that are highly disadvantageous for them. Ex. running a the wide receiver at the top of play side backside in a fake Jet handoff and no one follows him, so the numbers are even less in favor of the OL.

            “I’ve been on this G ride for a long time, bro”
            And I do believe I agreed with you through most of it. No? Heck, I even mentioned you in several articles. But what I said, like Russian tanks in WW2, they were good enough till better G’s could be drafted because Miami couldn’t afford them–G’s are highly expensive… although, I was in favor of getting a top FA to play LG this year and last. No?

            “…you’ve been a Gase fan from day one (so have I) and now you suddenly think its all on him ” His HC is good, but his play calls have been terrible. Worse than last year. Don’t know why, but they are terrible.

            “his calls are not the major problem” This is where we strongly disagree. To me, plays set the table and must set the players as individuals and as a unit for success. Gase seems to think this decent OL can block like a top 10 OL. He thinks he can line up with 6 blockers against 7 defenders who are nearly always keying on the run with a TE who can’t block and that will be a winning play.

            “…its his personnel evaluations on the OL that is sinking this team” So agree, especially with Thomas and Bushrod who did fall off.

            “…you’ve defended Bushrod many times here, defended Gase bringing him back with a $3 mil guaranteed contract” Actually, I was wrong there, I must have missed the 3 mill part. And maybe I thought too highly of Gase and his evaluation skills.

            “he’s the worst starting G” If Larsen and Urbik had been healthy we very well might have seen him replaced. But, if the rest played well, Bushrod as the weak link in the chain, they would have been okay for this year. But really, Tunsil given his pedigree is the worst. Not in PFF ranking, but due to him being essential positionally and expectations. Their is a big ripple effect. And when I do every O play in an article you can point out where I’m wrong, but from what I see Tunsil made many more crucial mistakes.

            “…Steen is at best, a backup …and not a good one” I think this isn’t fair. Even by PFF rankings he was what latest 47 or something? That’s 17 players from the worst starter, as a guy who was meant to be a back up that’s not terrible by any standards.

            “…he wouldn’t even be starting but for the 2 guys in front of him getting injured” Agree, but he’s played like a starter… not a quality one, but a starter. Given what he was brought into do, he is exceeding expectations.

            “the OTs had their hands full trying to do their jobs AND cover the Gs yesterday” I disagree, most of time I saw them beat was one one one, But I’ll look to see if that’s wasn’t the case.

            “…and Pouncy had a lousy day of it as well” Not sure, haven’t fully studied the game yet.

            I’m totally fine with being wrong. I mean it’s not like eating a good steak and drinking a nice Guinness, but I’m not going to try and prove a point that’s dead. This why I go to such extreme length to show film. And let me tell you, it’s hours upon hours of work. So when I put it up, point out specifics, if you can. Honestly, I just don’t see how Gase can build a line knowing it’s weaknesses and strengths, build the skills around it, then call the plays that he has given with what the defense if throwing against him… and then blame the line. How many times over the last couple of weeks were there good plays strung out over failure? Were they lucky? I say that the calls took advantage of the defense or were Herculean efforts. Mostly though it was because the call took advantage of the defense instead of attacking the defenses strength in both personnel and call.

            Trust me, even with freak, I listen and look to see the point. I look at the film and try to see what is really happening. I really don’t do pissing contests. Too old and tired.

          • Lemmus

            …well the PFF numbers are in, Steen graded out 25th …not so bad in the run, very bad in pass blocking …Bushrod is consistent …that’s all you can say …Pouncy had a good game by the stats …I had him down trying to cover the G play …you live by the stats, you die with them …Cutler graded poorly as well

            …Maualuga graded well even in that heat …Hull played well on ST …we may have the LB combo to go along with our DL …now if the dbs can only hold up vs Atlanta

            …Fasano got more snaps than Thomas but was the target on the interception …MG got more snaps but dropped a pass and the wildcat pass he tried was well off target

            …Parker in for an MRI, they need him vs Atlanta …Grant got a lot of snaps with Parker out but faired poorly …the shot of him contesting a pass against much taller defenders …and failing badly …would be humorous if he wasn’t a phin

          • admin

            Cutler could have put that a bit lower… at 5’6” not sure if he has thrown a pass that low before. I like PFF, but they are raw scores and don’t add context. Sometimes they grade players higher and I’m like what the heck! Other times it is low and I’m confused. To me they are a solid base, but you really need to look at the tape. Sometimes guys are given a ridiculous responsibility and then when they fail their PPF number drops… that makes it not totally indicative and a fair indictment. Was Steen 25 out of all Guards or 25th of LG’s?

          • Lemmus

            …not trying to make it a pissing contest, mj …just flat disagree with your take on why the offense is doing so poorly …and have no reservations in saying it …its the OL interior, game after game, its porous …watch Cutler playing dodge’m on play after play …watch Ajayi getting contact behind the line play after play …certainly, Tunsil and James have had their moments, but they consistently grade far better than the Gs …fix the Gs and both OTs and C will fix themselves

            …we have a really good 3 WR set this year …and a top tier RB …all with a well experienced QB who knows the game and cam throw accurately …and yet the DCs are stacking the box against us every time and betting successfully that our OL can’t pass protect long enough to let Cutler set, find, and throw …and that they can get to Ajayi behind the line

            …I don’t give a damn what Gase calls, if the OL can’t keep Ajayi and Cutler clean long enough, it won’t make any difference at all …which is why we’re seeing the stacked box

            …I’ve watched your film and read your analysis …and well appreciate the time and effort …but we disagree fundamentally on why certain things go wrong so often …you focus on the play call and conclude that if only Gase had called this instead of that, the world would be at peace …I demur …as you’ve noticed …not to piss on your parade, but because I really believe Gase is the long term answer …if only he can get someone to do a better job of OL personnel evaluation for him …because, after two years of crap, either Gase can’t do it, or he has/had the wrong people doing it for him …but I simply don’t believe that Gase ‘i7 is any less skilled at planning and calling plays than Gase ’16 was …he hasn’t changed, but his personnel have …and for the worse, much worse

            …granted, the QB change is problematic in this …TH had no hesitation in making a change at the line when the defense made it necessary …we know Cutler has a lot more experience and allegedly the same authority to audible …so if Gase has called a bad play, why didn’t Cutler audible out of it?

            …you focus on why the call was wrong …I focus on why there is someone on Ajayi behind the line …or in Cutler’s face before he’s set …you say its the call, I say that’s putting the cart before the horse …someone up front failed to do their job first …stacked box or not, 9 on 8, I don’t care …if the stacked box worked against BOTH the pass and run …as it repeatedly has against the 17 phins …DCs league wide would be doing it in every game …they don’t because its not effective against even a so so OL …it’s only the phins OL that make it effective …collectively, they stink …sure, Gase and Cutler exacerbate the problem …but the problem starts up front …and will be fixed up front, not by benching Cutler or pillorying Gase …rant over 🙂

            …do note that when Fasano was in as a blocker, they did get a couple of nice plays off …and that Gase, as far as I could see, did not deliberately use Thomas as a blocker this game …but that small change and no rotation at RG were the only changes I saw in the offense …and it wasn’t nearly enough …the worst DL in the NFL penetrated virtually at will

          • admin

            No, I don’t you are. But I write for the blog, and writers have a tendency to want to be right… and you are aces in my book and I just want to be clear I’m just trying to find the truth. If i’m wrong I’ll eat it. Maybe I’m just hard headed, maybe I’m slow, maybe I’m right… eventually the truth to what ails Miami will be fully known. Not totally sure about Jimmy’s vision, but I just think of this blog as a virtual bar where guy are friendly and talk Dolphins football. So, I’m no expert, and I just want it to be clear, I don’t have an agenda… other than I’m a opinionated German. Only respect Lemmus… even though you are wrong on this one 🙂

          • admin

            Also, titans rank 2nd to last in points allowed but after this week they were 18th against the run, 23rd in pass yards, and 21st in total yards… so, they aren’t good, but they aren’t the worst either. But the general point is well taken.

          • admin

            And last, this is where we fundamentally differ: players verse play calls. I think even if it’s the players spoiling the brew, you are wrong. The difference between players succeeding and failing in the NFL is a very slim margin either way, for the most part. Little things separate. There is a reason a defense attacks and moves it’s pieces to a certain areas, it lowers the chances of success. If I attacks an area of strength, I’d better well have superior talent. mostly this isn’t the case in the NFL. Mostly, offenses try to use the advantage of initiative to attack the weak spot. This is what made Manning so great. IF not then you wouldn’t have audibles and team would just line up and the best talent would win. Anyway, I do this week as well and see if I get corrected or it resonates with you. I’ll tell you this: have you noticed the adjustment of outside one runs to inside zone runs? That’s and play action played a big part in the success of the second half compared to the first. I will be a larger part of this offense going forward.

    • admin

      Hey, Landry scored a TD!!! Harris had a few nice plays… he is blossom and Tank did well too. They are # 4 against the run and legitimatley could be a top 10 D. Burke has done well… not great but he has been aggressive a few times and it made a difference. Add in Phillips and McDonald and this D will get better. Allen sucks, Maxwell is finished (likely) and Taylor is quietly doing very nice. Now if Godchaux can stop with the holding calls!!!!

    • admin

      I wrote a comment to you and it didn’t post… hmmm. Maybe I’m missing it. Man, wife is done with school Friday … no sleep for 2 months, can’t wait. I think I’m going a bit nuts… anyway, it was an agreement comment, Dun.

  • Samson

    So Mariota is out. If they lose this game and Thomas is still getting the majority of the snaps and the play calling is bad again…. Then I will be giving up on Gase… Hope he doesn’t make me do that… Lets turn our season around starting today… Go Phins!!

    • admin

      Play calling ticked up, especially in the 2nd half when Gase came to his senses and limited Thomas… although he almost screwed up again with a force feed to Thomas in the endzone. I’m still highly on the fence about Gase–sad to say. He is good, but I notice he gets very fixated. This hard headed fixation is good for an HC, but not for a OC and talent evaluation. Tackles played like garbage, too many drops, and attacks 10 yards and less with some poor route combos was very hard to watch. I can remember 3 big first downs being dropped that were all good plays. Also, Stills can’t run block… Gase should know this… several big plays were lost on his missed blocks.