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Dolphins Trade 2nd Rd Pick For Tony Romo

Dolphins Trade 2nd Rd Pick For Tony Romo

Can Romo, the 36 yr old signal caller with balky back, guide Miami "O"

Can Romo, the 36 yr old signal caller with balky back, guide Miami “O”

Bill Parcells would have made Romo happen

Last night, I had a nightmare that the Miami Dolphins decided to trade their second round draft pick to the Dallas Cowboys to acquire QB Tony Romo. My ‘dream’ continued with me calling my father who is also a fellow Dolphin fan, and when he confirmed the ridiculous move, I shrieked and woke up.

After gaining my senses, I still couldn’t tell if the ‘Romo Trade’ was fantasy or reality, so I scrambled to check the internet to find out what-was-what.

To say I was relieved to find out that there was no such trade would be an huge understatement– HUGE!

But, then it hit me: thank God Miami has a competent Head Coach in Adam Gase who wouldn’t let foolishness like that happen.

When healthy, Romo has shown to have a better passing skill set than Ryan Tannehill — although, his tendency to blow games with ridiculous interceptions might put that in question.

Yet, with Tannehill’s knee looking like it will be healed and be ready for 2017, the hope is that Tannehill’s play is going to continue to develop with Gase’s tutelage. And aside from this knee issue, Tannehill has been an prime example of good health — despite the pounding.

The same can’t be said for Romo, who has had injury after injury.

But, as far as the passing skill set, again that comes back to Gase who is backing Tannehill with excellent coaching and good game-plans. Even with a terrible line in 2016, Gase was able to help Tannehill elevate his game.

So, what will Tannehill’s play look like next year? Especially if they can improve the Offensive Line!

Romo is an excellent QB when healthy and no throwing game ending interceptions

However, for those few who are wondering if this is another Drew Brees situation, where we had the chance to sign an elite QB, but passed up on the opportunity — it’s not. It would be Dante Culpepper 2.0!

Yes, when healthy and supported by a good cast, Romo is one of the top QB’s in the league, and there is no denying that he would excel with the Dolphins Offensive weapons.

BUT, Romo is 36 years old (with a 56 year old back) and at the very end of his career.

And just as no sane Dolphins fan would have any of this lunacy, neither would Gase.

An article I read on the Bleacher Report, a week or so back, proposed just such an insane idea and put the NFL odds at 14-1.


Yeah, and odds of me being Dan Marino‘s long lost brother is 14-1…yeassshh.

But sadly, somewhere in the back of my mind, I wonder if Mike Tannebaum, a Bill Parcells protege, was war-gaming this one? At least until the good news of Tannehill’s knee.

Hey, maybe Gase could become H.C. and GM?

Anyway, this whole ludicrous ‘trade from hell’ event taught me two things: it’s great to finally have someone competent in leadership…and don’t eat Tuna Fish with mayo that’s been sitting out in a bowl for over half a day. Go Fins!!!



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  • phinfreak

    Not sure what the purpose of this was.

    • admin

      Don’t eat tuna sitting in the heat, and the nightmare of desperate moves is a thing of the past with Gase — hopefully, Tannenbaum makes it 2 out of 2 heads of the Franchise are compliant. Jimmy had a bad dream…and wanted to have a little fun — sorry, it didn’t suit your tastes.