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Dolphins Roster Cuts… Some Very Surprising

Dolphins Roster Cuts… Some Very Surprising

Many roster cuts were expected... but some were a surprise.

Many roster cuts were expected… but some were a surprise.

Some critical pieces to 2016’s success was replaced in these roster cuts

The Miami Dolphins have made the necessary cuts in order to get to the league mandated 53 man roster limit. Some were very surprising–if not a shocker.

Even the best bookie service on the web would have been hard pressed to anticipate a total turn-over of the kicking core. While the release of punter Matt Darr for undrafted rookie punter Matt Haack wasn’t totally unexpected (and saves Miami 150k in salary cap space), the release of kicker Andrew Franks was.

Miami claimed Cody Parkey off the waver wire and looks to replace Franks. Not saying Franks was the most consistent kicker, but he was a known quantity. It does seem a bit of a gamble to go with Parkey. This could turn out to be a major story line if Parkey either bombs or does better than Franks.

As for Parkey’s play is a model of consistency from 29 yards and shorter, but his accuracy descends quickly after that.

Roster Cuts made some give a double take

As per Joe Schad:

“Parkey has never missed a field goal 29 yards or shorter (17-for-17).

On field goals of 30-39 yards, Parkey is 21-for-23 (91 percent).

On field goals of 40-49 yards, Parkey 12-for-20 (60 percent).

On field goals of 50 or more yards, Parkey is 5-for-5 (100 percent).

Last season, Parkey missed five field goals between 40 and 49 yards, which is a big part of the reason why he was beaten out in camp. And in a loss at Miami last season, Parkey missed three field goals for the Browns, including what would have been a game-winner from 46 yards on the final play of regulation.”

So it would seem that Gase wants consistency above all else, even range.

This is another big call by Gase and will be an interesting story line.

In addition, the Dolphins choose to waive 3 former 2016 draft picks in Thomas Duarte, Jordan Lucas and Brandon Doughty, along with linebacker Neville Hewitt. Lastly, Miami ended up keeping 5 undrafted rookies in CB Torry McTyer, S Maurice Smith, P Matt Haack, T Eric Smith, and LB Chase Allen.

Sam Young getting replaced by Smith was a bit of a surprise. While Young played very poorly, and Phinsnews thought a lot about Smith, Young’s release was a bit of a shock.

A few vets didn’t survive the roster cuts

The Dolphins also signed Safety T.J. McDonald to a 4 year $24 million dollar extension. Clearly McDonald really impressed the coaches, because he received an extension despite not playing a snap for Miami in a regular season game and will miss the first 8 games of the season due to a pending suspension. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the McDonald signing, and I think he’s going to be a huge boost to our secondary, especially when he comes in fresh in the 9th game of the season. However, this is a little bothersome that he gets a contract extension without playing a snap before the heart and soul of our team, Jarvis Landry gets an extension–just saying.

The Dolphins will have the opportunity to tweak their roster and possibly add a player or two that was cut from another team. So the final roster isn’t set yet. One such player that could be a nice pickup is Left Guard Alex Boone who was just cut by the Vikings. Miami could always use an extra Guard, and it has been reported that Boone told the Palm Beach Post on Saturday night that he’d be very interested in playing for Coach Gase. Boone also has previously played for coach Chris Foerster from 2009 to 2015 in San Fran. This would seem like a good fit, so we will see if Miami does end making a move on Boone or not?  What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins New fans thoughts about all the recent moves?


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  • Dunner

    Its time boys!!!5 days till the day, MAYBE! It could be Thursday, could be Friday and it could be Sunday somewhere else. I figured Lemmus would have trouble with our current guard situation. I must say I can’t blame him. But, as mentioned last season, Gase believes as Billacheat does, and that he can scheme around guard deficiency.

    Going unnoticed in all the hoopla this weekend (cuts) was the extension given to McDonald. He is a stud safety and Miami got so lucky to A) sign him for the season and B) have him locked up for the next 4 years. He is all that and more. We now have possibly one of the best safety combos in the entire league locked up for a minimum of 4 years.

    You absolutely have to be ecstatic about what this franchise is doing and done. What a turn around in just 2 years. I know the guard situation is unsettled, but that will come if it is not already here. 2 years ago this once proud franchise was a joke, lost all respect the 70/80/90’s built with a few ridiculous hirings at HC and GM, Clowns (not saying Philbin was a clown, just not a leader of today’s players).

    So excited about Sunday. I am having a opening day bash. Now it seems Miami may not even be playing on that day 🙁 As long as they can pull off a opening day victory against a very good Tampa team that day all will be good!!!


    Side Note: how about the younger players, undrafted players on this team. Some may say “well that shows how weak this roster is”. Not the case my friends, this roster is so close to be an upper echelon roster regardless of experience, draft status. This staff knows the kinda players they want, you can be a DIVA, you can be a ALPHA, and you can be a blue collar player, you can have made a mistake in your college career and still be welcomed here. They all still have 2 things in common; they love the game of football and they play every play like its their last play!!!

    I know; but again I must say “You have to love where we are as a team and a franchise”. Boy did we finally get our HC hiring right. And, the Gase way has and is spreading throughout not only Florida, but the entire nation! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • admin

      I’m thinking Thurs. Friday will be too late if it stays on track. I like McDonald, although his pass D wasn’t too spectacular. At least from what I saw… I might need to look into him. I haven’t studied him… guess that’s now on the long list of things to do. In modern ball the Pats have shown undrafted players is a huge indicator of if you are doing well in the FO and as a team. Cap is key to amassing talent. Too any big expenditures means a thin roster. With teams like this a few injuries is crippling and the long term prognosis isn’t ever good. This is a HUGe and exciting season and I think some good thing are in order… ohh do I hope to be right on this one. Hey, haven’t heard from Steve in a while… guess he’s waiting to make a stylish entry before the season starts!!! Sorry to hear about your bash… but if Miami wins I’m sure you be good!!! I really can’t wait to see my Fins rise!!!

  • Fritz

    I like all these moves. Parkey will be more consistent than Franks. Haack made a lot of sense from the financial aspect even though I liked Darr the Univ Tenn boy from my neck of the woods.

    As far as the Oline, you called it. Jesse Davis is up and coming. I thought he would get named the starter over Steen but I understand why the staff is holding back. I see Davis getting the nod by midseason. I expected Sam Young back as soon on Larsen was put on IR.

    Even though preseason games mean didley, I liked what I saw from Torry McTyer and Maurice Smith, glad to see they made the 53. I am disappointed that they kept Carroo over Stingfellow but again I understand draft pedigree. Now we’ll be facing him against the Jets twice each year.

    Chase Allen over Deon Lacy was a mild surprise but Allen was better on special teams anyway. I’m hoping Neville Hewitt is brought back but it will hinge on his health.

    Overall, we are seeing the team working on developing depth. I think a 9-7 season is likely and if the injury bug stays away the team will be fine.

    Now, I sure hope Irma does not mess up my trip to Florida for the season opener.

    • Lemmus

      …irma looks like its going to split the difference between my homes in West Palm Beach and Lake Wales …damned if I do, damned if I don’t …praying that it keeps heading west another day before turning north …else I’m likely to be up to my waist in gators and pythons, not to mention no electricity or phone for a week or more …and if the eye goes over Lake Okeechobee, it will make the flooding in Houston look like a wading pool when the dikes break …no way in hell they hold with a cat 4 direct hit

      …if it holds its current path up the center, neither Miami or Tampa will likely be able to host the game …they might have to move it out of state

      • admin

        This one looks real scary… Stay safe Lemmus. I don’t like the look of this at all. I’ll pray it turn from you, because this could end up like Harvey or worse… this has been a bad season of storms so far… be safe, sir.

    • admin

      Ouch, Fritz! Unless a miracle happens I don’t see the game sticking to Sunday… it will get moved. Hope you can work it out, but if you fly in early you might have a hard time getting out. Real sorry to hear the issue. I thought Davis would start, but he had some hiccups in Week 4 in Pass Protect. I think long run he is a find. Hewitt was a surprise… sucks he was a pretty good WLB. Allen fits MLB, SLB and Lacy was a WLB… they figure MLB and SLB is more needed… and as you said ST was a big component. Stingfellow is a guy I hope doesn’t come back to bite us. Physically he’s a stud. Wonder what was the reason they passed on him? Well good luck and be safe Fritz. Hoping for a miracle and the storm turns out to sea…

  • Lemmus

    …Parkey had one bad game last year …3 missed FGs against us …that one game screwed his stats …less that game, he’s consistently better than Franks …and consistency is a major factor in the coach’s decision to punt or go for points …Parkey should help, not hurt

    …lots of rap about Landry not getting an extension while they gave McDonald 24 mil …but the difference is that Landry is looking for the money THIS year and we simply don’t have the cap …but McDonald’s contract doesn’t increase this year’s cap at all …just sayin’ …huge difference, there is no slight of Landry in this …the loss of TH resulted in the 10 mil Cutler contract and there went any real possibility of paying Landry this year unless he was willing to settle for a heavily back-loaded contract …and why should he do that?

    …expecting jeers but I really would have liked to see them keep Fales and find a way to trade Moore …I don’t think Fales is done …que sera, sera

    …think we get through the Bucs game and then see some OL vets picked up on non-guaranteed contracts …every OL slot has starter problems and virtually nil backup …there were some 4+ year vets released yesterday that could offer immediate help …the churn at the bottom is far from over

    • admin

      I nearly completely agree. Only thing is the 6 mill for next year with McDonald further tightens a very tight cap. Landry and his due seems to have taken a slight step farther away. They resigned Young and look to start Steen. I don’t see them adding anyone else unless and complete steal is there for them.

      • Lemmus

        …you like what we have at G, I don’t …there are some decent OL vets out there that would be better than our current 3rd stringers (imnsho) posing as starters …the catch is that they’d likely have to sign at the vet minimum with no guarantee due to our cap …that probably puts the decent ones out of the market for us …its not just Landry hurting over the cap, the whole team is taking a hit right now

        …going to be interesting if Cutler has a good year …TH will cost 20+ to bring back next year …or we could trade him and bring in a high pick to set behind Cutler for a year or so …TH would likely bring a 1st or 2nd + in a trade …assuming (I know) Cutler could be extended at half that, it could help solve some cap issues …if Cutler starts hot, look for an extension early

        • Lemmus

          …not a fan of the Herald’s sports writers but Salquero is right on this point …if Cutler can play just decent QB, we have FOUR WRs that can play matchup against any DB set in the NFL …Stills, Landry, Parker, and yes …Grant …all 4 look to be able to out match almost any opponent’s DB set …the DC can’t let any of them get free, assuming the OL can give Cutler time to see the field …if he puts 4 defenders man on man, they will get burned …if they double one of them, another goes free …and if they only put 4-5 in the box, Cutler options to Ajayi and look out gerty

          …it could be wild

          …maybe …IF …IF the OL can stop the pass rush …and that’s what scares the hell out of me …because if TB blitzes and constantly pressures Cutler …who tends to hold the ball too long …then it simply won’t matter who our WRs are …or our RB …and if TB does it successfully, it will be a long miserable season …which is why I cringe every time someone says Davis or Steen or Bushrod or Smith will be “ok” …because they never have been …Bushrod was bad last year …you say he was learning, he’ll be “ok” this year …I say riiiiiiigggghhhhtttt …he sucked then, he’ll suck now …Davis was 3rd string …at best …until Larsen and Urbik went down (who were 3rd stringers themselves on most other teams) …all of a sudden he’s going to be great? …and Steen, he barely beat out Davis

          …really hope I’m wrong and you’re right but I’m not holding my breath

        • admin

          It’s not that I like our Guards, but I do see a good upside in Davis, it’s for where we are with the cap it’s the best we can do. They will be exposed should Pouncey go down. But if the wings play well and Pouncey stay up then they will be functional. Yeah, big if. The one aspect I do like is the depth, especially when Larsen gets back. Still would like some studs. And yeah, Tanny is a real sticky situation. Most teams find their G’s this way. Only a few teams pay a premium for G’s. If this regime is top notch then this should work. If they are good or less then there will be issues. Steen is starting Week one because Davis showed weakness in PD a few times in Week 4. IT was his worst game. Steen will limit the run game, but he has been more steady in Pass protect. I’m not a fan of Steen at LG. I liked Urbik the best… even better than Larsen. So this has been a weird one. I think with Bushrod his ability to be steady, lead, and hit defenders with that 6’5” 320lb frame pays off throughout a game and sometimes his misses are highlighted and his wins are missed. Again, would i want someone better? Yeah, but you can only fill so many holes at once. G’s are real expensive now… real expensive. If Miami can develop and get by with these guys the team will have a big win on their hands.