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Dolphins Offseason Hope: Continuity Will Bring Consistency

Dolphins Offseason Hope: Continuity Will Bring Consistency

Tannenbaum wanted a vet coach to bring consistency, Ross wanted Gase for the potential

 Discipline and consistency are the most radical change Miami can make

Barring Steven Ross making a knee jerk reaction or Adam Gase walking away after the season, this inconsistent season will turn into a consistent offseason with the return of all the primary leaders in the Front Office and the coaching staff.

The hope is continuity will bring the discipline Miami craves.

Of course, there are plenty of Fin Fans who aren’t happy that this leadership is returning either in part or as a whole.

I get it, but I disagree with that stance.

First off, any future coach would look at Gase’s two year tenure of 10-6 and 6 to 7 wins and then a subsequent firing and say, “Wow, do I want to work there? One bad season after the Playoffs and I’d get canned.”

Also, I’m sure the Jim Harbaugh and Steven Ross clandestine meeting and the lie to Tony Sparano has left a bit of a bad taste in prospective coaches about the Dolphins owner. Add to that a Gase firing and a rocky QB situation… most football software for bookies would says good luck finding a quality coach.

So, I think giving Gase one more season is wise.

Obviously Gase needs to improve.

Dolphins have been consistently inconsistent… the hope is continuity will change this

Phinsnews has been talking about Gase’s issues of inconsistent play calling and the need to be more disciplined since Week 3. But given the laundry list of issues, it’s fair to say that Gase and the Dolphins had to battle through adversity more than most teams in this league. And even though they’ll have a losing record, a couple impressive performances against top teams, such as the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots flashed the potential–if things ever get right.

The Cleveland Browns are a picture perfect example of a good two-year firing.

And yes… it’s also fair to say a better Coach or better decisions would have made a difference on every front.

Last year Gase made nearly all the right moves–this year not so much. Round three will be the tie breaker.

While continuity is the hallmark of both good and bad franchise, there’s no denying that the better teams in this league like the Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs, Saints, Panthers, Vikings, and Seahawks all have the same head coach for countless seasons in a row.  

Of course they have the RIGHT coach and Front Office.

Continuity at the QB position is key for consistency

Bottom line, 2018 is a make or break year for Gase…  but a third season is needed for a mid-term evaluation. 

Gase, Grier, and Tannenbaum will have to make the most of this upcoming draft to land some immediate Day 1 starters… and it would be very wise to look to the draft for at least one young backup for Ryan Tannehill

QB continuity is a major key in consistency.

One player in particular that I’d love Miami to make a play for is Louisville QB Lamar Jackson.  I’ll go into the many reasons why he’d be a perfect fit for Miami and Coach Gase in another article. But the tremendous upside to this pick is the patience we can have with him because we have Tannehill as the starter… and the “QB whisperer” Gase.  What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins News fans thoughts about how Coach Gase fared this season and what we are expecting from him in 2018?


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  • admin

    “…there will be a circus of cuts in early January and I think some surprises among them …cap costs will be a very large part of every decision, much more than usual due to the cap situation T-bum has put us in …the Suh contract is about to bite us in the petunia …not to mention last years guarantees.”

    Yeah… it will be interesting.

  • Lemmus

    …puh-leeze …don’t let reality interrupt your fantasy, eh

    …Bellicheat was 6-10/7-9/7-9/11-5/5-11/5-11 as HC before he started his current run
    …the Browns fired him, the Pats hired him …you think maybe the Browns regret that decision?
    …Bellicheat had six years with one winning season, Gase is one for two, give me a break
    …most certainly, give Gase one …he will be our HC in ’18
    …and TH will be the starting QB if he heals
    …the phins will win a playoff game, at the least 🙂

    …btw, I do agree with you re Gase/Manning …would hire Manning in a heartbeat at almost any cost
    …but he will be the next Colts hire instead …its where he wants to be
    …and Gase will be here …at least into ’18

  • Lemmus

    …assuming TH heals fully, I think he will be our QB for the future …his accuracy has improved as has his footwork and mechanics …he throws consistently under the 3 sec clock now and finds the open receiver …and finally, he found the long ball at long last …he will never be the one man team that Brady or Rogers can be but he can readily take us to the SB if we fix the holes

    …Jones has accuracy issues and is not a pocket passer …Gase’s scheme doesn’t favor RBs playing QB …but he is talented enough to go in the 1st or 2nd round and that’s the real kicker for me …we have obvious holes and QB, with TH healthy, just isn’t enough of a priority to draft one that high

    …I do think that we need to take one but the problem is where …we have a minimum of one OL need at LG that must be a 1/2 round pick …and both C and RT are definite targets if T-bum cuts Pouncey and/or James …and then there is a standing need for a really good TE that can block as well as run routes/catch …and that’s just the offense …those alone could eat our first four picks and we don’t have a 5th this year as yet …and we still have defensive needs at LB/DE/CB, especially if one or more of our current IR don’t make it all the way back

    …best hope is that we lose to Buffalo and I hate saying that …but it could well be the difference between picking 9th and 15th depending on how the dice rolls with the other Sunday games …at 9/10 the pick has a lot of trade down potential where we could still get Nelson/LG and another 1st or high 2nd+ …which we badly need …12-15 could be traded down but the value would be significantly less unless there is a QB drought in the early picks …we won’t know until the pick is upon us but I of course like the higher pick possibilities

    …there will be a circus of cuts in early January and I think some surprises among them …cap costs will be a very large part of every decision, much more than usual due to the cap situation T-bum has put us in …the Suh contract is about to bite us in the petunia …not to mention last years guarantees 🙁

    • admin

      I don’t know anything about him honestly. So I can’t comment… but I want accurate throwers, not RB’s playing QB. We have a WR playing one now… I want a pure passer. And yeah, we can’t get out of the Suh contract till 19. I think this team should be built with draft picks and good FA’s and moves like Hayes, Davis, Anthony, Chase and Smith. Just about every time we go big and spend big, it flops. Suh is the rare exception, but he is too much in cash. I’m fine with playing for a window in 19. If we had been smart and not desperate we could of have made a move in 18. But now so much pressure is on and so much money gone. Timmons must go, Thomas, Pouncey restructure, James gone, replace Moore, don’t spend a fortune on Landry… sorry and hate to say it… but he is awesome but only slot and a bit erratic, move Kiko inside for two downs and get a legit WLB who can cover–maybe Anthony and try McMillian at Slb or get him ready to start in 19 for a cut kiko. In 19 the cap will be nice and maybe then you can add a nice piece after you cut Branch and Kiko… and maybe Suh.

      • Steve

        Hello Admin

        This is the season now that the media will promote their QB’s. Not buying it here! Lamar Jackson would be a nice pick up for the Dolphins but the Dolphins don’t have the Guts to draft him!

        The Miami Dolphins cannot go wrong with drafting Luke Faulk in the 3rd or 4th round secondly! Deondre Francois unfortunate 2017 season ending injury placed him in the 7th round projection in the 2018 draft.
        I would feel really good if we had these two playing behind Tannehill 2018 season.

        Round 3 or 4th round.
        https://youtu.be/ujrw57WUPuQ Luke Faulk Washington State

        Projected 7th rounder
        https://youtu.be/CQkjSSuY9KM Deondre Francois Vs Michigan Bowl game
        https://youtu.be/7eKUcqmi6SA Deondre Francois Highlights 2016 || Florida State QB

        Francois was a redshirt freshmen in 2016 with FSU 2016 record
        10–3 (5–3 ACC).

        • admin

          Yeah, this was Jimmy’s thing… I don’t know the QB, so I can’t say this or that. Lemmus said he’s not accurate and that’s a big strike to me. I want smart and accurate for my QB.

    • admin

      the later pick could… I repeat could be good as it might make the best value Nelson and force Miami to draft him. If they are lower they might not see the ‘value’ in a G that low.

      • Lemmus

        …I agree that T-bum wont take a G at 9 even though he should …but I’m assuming that T-bum, who is known for his trading addiction, would trade a 9/10 down in this QB hungry draft for something in the 15 range plus extra picks in the 1/2/3 rounds …giving us Nelson plus whatever is next on their wish list …and maybe more if Jones or Mayfield somehow drop to 9/10 …which is quite possible

        …but that’s me dreaming the dream, eh …my only problem with it is that there are at least two other teams that will be tempted by Nelson in the 1st …there are a number of solid OT prospects but no C or TE that I’m aware of …if we miss on Nelson or T-bum cant get the trade he wants, we could end up with another DE in the 1st

        • admin

          There are so many reasons to take Nelson… He can’t be that dumb… can he?

          • Steve


            I agree we need to address the offensive line early. The year we drafted James from Tennessee we reached for him early in the 1st half of the 1st round. Meaning we PANIC! We could have traded back for him. But Panic!
            I would not draft a Center/OG in the 1st round unless it’s the late 20’s etc. That means trading back for more draft picks.

            Take Brain Allen he is ranked in the 7th round would be a steal in addition to earlier linemen drafted.

            Michigan State senior center Brian Allen earned All-Big Ten Offense honors for the second straight season, making the second team by both the league’s coaches and media Wednesday. The 6-foot-2, 302-pound Allen started all 13 games in his first full season at center after moving from guard last year, where he was a second-team pick by the media and third-team by the coaches in 2016. Allen has started 27 straight games and has played in 50 career games in his four seasons.

            https://youtu.be/s4101AD3xNg Brain Allen Center/Guard Michigan

          • admin

            I rarely disagree with you, and under normal circumstances I’d agree with you here… BUT the LG spot for Miami in this coming season holds extra weight for a multitude of reasons. I’m trying to get an article out about this very thing, so when I do you can shoot me your thoughts. The last two years I agreed with this philosophy, and even this year I will too, unless Nelson is as good as I’m reading. I need to watch some film on him before I start shooting my mouth. What’s your take on Nelson?

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