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Dolphins Make Good Roll Of The Dice With Safety T.J. McDonald

Dolphins Make Good Roll Of The Dice With Safety T.J. McDonald

Dolphins rolled the dice to get a good player with little risk to the Franchise involved

Dolphins rolled the dice to get a good player with little risk to the Franchise involved

Dolphins dice rolled more hits than misses in there FA picks last season

The Dolphins lost a prize Free Agent pick up in Safety Isa Abdul-Quddus to an injury last season. Mike Tannenbaum just made a low-risk high-reward role to fill that missing talent by signing Safety T.J. McDonald.

This is just one more good NFL football move, in a string of smart and patient moves, by this Front Office.

Yes, he will sit for eight weeks on a suspension. Sure, there is a risk with all that time on his hands that he will fall into another suspension. And yes, he has failed two tests just to reach this point. But with only a small contract at risk, the roll of the dice is worth possibly having a solid talent on the back end of the season, in a spot that needs help. The nice part is that he won’t suck up a roster spot, till he has been made active. So, there is plenty of time to evaluate and see what McDonald is made of.

McDonald has vowed to change his ways. But we have heard it all before. The irony is with Dion Jordan going out, we are filling his spot by bringing in another talent who has gone astray. But maybe this time, this one is serious… you never know.

Even if the dice come up snake eyes… not much is lost

With this player at least, it won’t cost a host of valuable picks. Instead, it’s a one year contract that will be easy to cut bait from.

But what if he does change his ways? What if he ends up making a few big plays for Miami?

Regardless of if he is on the roster next year or not, if he contributes this season, the Dolphins could come out on the right side of a Playoffs for the second season in a row… and maybe this time they’ll get a Post Season W.

Of course, he could do absolutely nothing. But, listen Fin Fans, nothing ventured is nothing gained.

Last season, Mario Williams and Arian Foster were busts, but Maxwell and Alonso weren’t. I say good job on this one, because whatever way it goes, it was a smart move, and eventually, with enough smart moves, the Dolphins will reach the top. Go Fins!!!


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  • Lemmus

    …its a smart move …starting safety at pro minimum, should be fresh for last half of the season …if he stays clean and performs, he’s rebooted his career with another shot at FA moola …if not, its cost us zip …plus it puts some pressure on Allan to step up his game early on

    …in other good news, they finally dumped Jordan today which clears 3+ mil in cap …hopefully they’re making room to sign Brown

    …someone is going to give Jordan another shot …still think Philbin ruined him by trying to make him a DE rather than his natural OLB …the PEDS bit was a result of him trying to bulk up to play DE …all downhill from there.

    • admin

      I agree: Philbust and Ireland contributed to Jordans failure. I’ve heard the contract is more than a vet minimum, but we’ll have to wait and see. Still not sure with Brown. There issues there when a young guy comes off a good season and interest is low, and he has rumors circling about his personality. I think a prove it contract will in the 3-5 ranges is fair.

      • Lemmus

        …I think he will sign in the 5-7 range or wait for a better offer after the draft and into otas/camps …regardless of his personality, he has proven ability and experience at OLB and that will make him more and more attractive as time progresses toward the season openers …Miami signed 2 LBs in the past month at 8-12 who’s records are very comparable to his, one off a prove it contract and the other a 30 year old likely on his last contract …and with the Jordan dump, Miami has the cap room to give him respect

        …ESPN said it was a vet minimum contract for Mac, hope they got it right

        • admin

          likely on the contract… someone said it was a little higher, but offered no facts. I think I’d rather get a rookie SLB than rent him for a year at 5-7.

          • Lemmus

            …and I’d rather have both …the rookie because the LB depth is deep in this draft and we can get good quality at 2-3 that may not be available next year except in the 1st …the rookie can set and learn while the vets play out their contracts …or provide depth in case one of them doesn’t work out

            …Brown because he alleviates any need to use the 1st pick on a LB, and because a one year contract at his age is a huge incentive to perform well in order to improve his FA market value next year

          • Dunner

            I too would like a “Sam” LBer in the first round. A player such as Reddick, if not drop a handful of spots get an extra 3rd (Jones pick) and then grab Watt, Davis, Cunningham (in that order). This defense, this team needs a young explosive LBer, heck the fan base needs a nice young LBer to grab hold of. I wouldn’t be disappointing if we took Lamp at 22, but I would be if we passed on Reddick if he was still available.

            The McDonald signing could be interesting if Miami is in the thick of it come week 9. A Jones/McDonald tandem could be one of the top safety combos in the league.

      • admin

        Greedy ole’ man 🙂

      • Steve


        Classic case of not doing your home work on these players. I don’t see this management group making this type mistake?