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Miami Dolphins Need An Additional At Guard

Miami Dolphins Need An Additional At Guard

Miami can "make do" wit what they have at Guard... but likely not much more

Miami can “make do” wit what they have at Guard… but likely not much more

Guard play need to be treated better than a red-haired stepchild

Everyone and their mother knows that one of the Dolphins biggest needs on offense is at Guard.

Sure, Miami has Jermon Bushrod and Ted Larsen, but Bushrod is at the twilight of his career and learning a new position, and Larsen has been more of a fill-in guy for most of his career. Can we start the season with them as 1st string? Yes. But the bigger question is can the offensive line excel with them starting? That’s a whopper of a question.

As a result many NFL football fans are betting that the Dolphins are going to draft at least one Guard, and that it most likely will occur with one of their mid-round picks.

Many draft pundits are still saying that Miami may opt to use their first round pick on Guard Forrest Lamp, which is something I’m fine with. However, since Miami needs more help on defense, they may decide to go defense with their first pick and wait to draft a Guard in the second to fifth round range.  As a result, Miami has disclosed that they have used 2 of their 30 non-local draft prospects visits on mid round Guard prospects.

Guard value has increased in the last couple of years, but few teams pay a premium for it

The first of these Guards that came to visit Miami headquarters was Utah Guard Isaac Asiata.  He’s projected to be drafted in the 3rd to 5th round and excels at run blocking, but needs to improve on his pass protection. He has nice size at 6’3” and 325 pounds and would probably need to be coached up and would be more of a project type player, then a day 1 starter.

The other Guard that the Dolphins have just recently asked permission to have come in for a visit is Western Michigan’s Taylor Moton. Moton was a four year starter for the Western Michigan upcoming program. While he would be a better fit at Guard in the NFL, he does have some veritilty and might be able to play Right Guard as well. One of the first things that stand out about Moton is his massive frame, which is evident from his 6’5”height, 330 pounds, arm length of 33.13, and hand size of 10.75. On a side note, he was moving guys from Ohio State with ease. He is projected as a 3rd or 4th round pick

Of these two players, I definitely am intrigued with Moton, and if we were to draft him in the 3rd or 4th round, this could be a quality value pick that can turn into a starting player by the end of the season. He seems to have the strength and size to already be able to stand his own in the NFL and with the proper coaching he could develop into a quality starting Guard in the NFL.  What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins News fans thoughts about these two Guard prospects that Miami has had come in for a visit?


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  • Steve


    I will bet if these three were brought to camp as undrafted free agents one of them if not all three would make the team if one didn’t make the Dolphins roster I will not post for 3 months.

    1. Patrick Gamble Georgia Tech *****
    2. Elijah Hood Ranked 27th running back *****
    RB Elijah Hood vs Georgia 2016
    https://youtu.be/mXA40uQ-mm0 vs FSU

    3. Seth Russell is ranked 14th Best QB *****
    Heisman Darkhorse || Baylor QB Seth Russell Highlights ᴴᴰ

    Go Dolphins!

  • Guards and Tackle’s whom will be prime players to bring to camp as undrafted free agents.

    1. Jake Eldrenkamp vs Arizona (2016)

    2. Ethan Cooper, G, Indiana-Pa.
    3. Reno Henderson vs Wyoming (2016)
    4. Kareem Are, G, Florida State
    5. Jon Heck, OT, North Carolina
    6. David Bright vs Cal (2016) Right Tackle
    7 Clint Van Horn vs Louisville (2016)
    Clint Van Horn vs Western Kentucky (2014)

  • Admin:
    If the guard Forrest Lamp is there take him! In the second round take another guard.

    These two guards below will be a reached for the second round but they maybe in the late 3rd round.

    Taylor Moton vs Wisconsin (2016) Ranked # 4 best Tackle, Projected 2nd round

    Isaac Asiata vs Washington (2016) Ranked number 5 as guard in this draft. Ranked 16th best OG Projected 2 to 3rd round

    We can draft about 7 O/T and O/G’s undrafted free agents.
    The Dolphins cannot afford to have this conversation next season about offensive linemen. Time to put this issue to rest.

    • admin

      For value, if Miami can get a quality Guard in the 3rd, then they will have the chance to get maximum value. Now, I’m not saying that will be the case, even if the picks fall in their lap. They haven’t done enough in the drafting dept. to give me the faith that they can do better than above avg. in drafting talent. Last year’s draft could take a big step forward with development and give a totally new look on their moves, but at this point, I’m not sure if they are capable of finding that G in the 3rd or even 2nd for that matter. This is a reason why Stephen and Lemmus are correct to want Lamp. BUT I do hope that they shock the world.

  • Lemmus

    …what the heck is the crack about “a red haired step child?” …having been just such most of my life, I take umbrage, eh

    …as for the draft, first, I flat don’t buy that we’ll be “ok” if we start the 2nd coming of the turnstile twins at LG/RG …if Lamp is there at #22, we take him, period …he is the sole consistently rated starter at G in this draft

    …second, just dump the “he’s only a Guard” crap …Lamp started at LT all 4 years and beat the crap out of his major school opponents in the Senior Bowl …the so called “gurus” have him rated as an NFL G because of his body build, not because he can’t play outside at the NFL level …BUT …big assed BUT …he has proven that he can play exceptionally well against big school, 1st round ranked peers at OT …so he could readily start/fill at LT/RT if needed due to injuries or James taking another dive

    …second, Lamp has successfully played Center as well …and everyone here is well aware that the OL was horrid last year without an injury plagued Pouncy at Center …and no, we’ve so far not taken any realistic step to correct that

    …the simple fact is that we have a huge need for a starting Guard right now …and Lamp not only is as close to a sure fire answer to that as exists in this draft, but he may well be the BPA based on his ability to play EVERY position on the OL …that versatility makes a strong case for him being our best pick at #22 if he is still available

    …I certainly don’t disagree that the defense needs major help early …just that if we don’t get OL help at #22, there is no likely OL starter at #54, much less #97 because the OL depth in this draft is piss poor …and there almost certainly will be a starting caliber LB available at #54 because the defensive depth in this draft is exceedingly deep

    …as for CB/S, I’ll say 2 things …first, there are as many as 30+ such starter rated in this draft which means one should be available at #97 …and second, Revis is still out there as a FA if needed after the draft …he will be relatively cheap and could start immediately at either position vs our current roster

    …and last but certainly not least, pray that Landry shows up tomorrow for voluntary workouts

    • Stephen Fabrizio


      I totally agree. If Lamp is available at #22, then we need to take him. We can still get solid LB’s & DT’s/NT in the 2nd & 3rd rounds. Have a great day!


    • admin

      “what the heck is the crack about “a red haired step child?” …having been just such most of my life, I take umbrage, eh.” With a name like Lemmus, who would figure?! 🙂

      You said previously that Tackles converting to Guard wasn’t what you want to hear, but Lamp never player G, so it’s not cut and dry–although I like him a lot at RG. I DO like Lamp and his ability to play along the entire front. If good as billed that would be awesome… if it’s a true statement on the NFL level. Also, you need to remember that this is a long ball approach Miami is taking. So let’s say this year a top CB falls to you because of teams rushing to needs elsewhere, and then next year you pick around the same range and all the CB’s are taken early and the crop is thin, then you are forced to reach or pay high for 2019. Not saying this is the case, but good FO’s are looking at Drafts current and future, and their roster current and future, when they make decisions. This isn’t to say don’t draft Lamp or draft him. It’s merely to say that the future will come and it must be considered. I don’t know what future drafts hold… heck, I’m a noob on this one, but Maxwell isn’t going to be on this roster in 2019. So, either they must pay out the behind for him or Lippitt or Howard the year after, or get a CB this year or the next. Again, it’s not to say get a CB, but whatever offers the longest benefit to the team is the route I want. Lamp WILL likely be a great piece for Miami. But, what will be the long term price given future draft layouts and ability to acquire CB, DT, DE, LB talent? DE and DT and LB will look ugly and will wash away all the good Lamp can do if there are huge holes there. IF… and I use that word to it’s fullest, as I don’t know Grier is good enough… but if they can get a G slightly lower in grade with less versatility later and get a much higher grade at another position than if they took Lamp, then in combination that would bring greater value. Now, to side with you… Miami has sucked at drafting line talent, except for Tunsil, who even an idiot could have acquired. So, there’s that…