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Dolphins Injury Update: Three Amigos Of Bubble Wrap

Dolphins Injury Update: Three Amigos Of Bubble Wrap

Ajayi's injury will slow his short-term progress, but long term is the bigger concern

Ajayi’s injury will slow his short-term progress, but long term is the bigger concern

Concussions are an injury that’s finally being taken seriously

Now that the Miami Dolphins are practicing in pads, we’re getting closer to the real thing.

With the increase of physicality, there come the inevitable injuries. This is a necessary evil of camp.

The best way to gauge a player’s progress and get them ready for Week 1 is to put them in as close to game-like conditions as possible during camp. However, the downside is that the chances of injuries are greatly increased.

Fortunately, Coach Adam Gase seems to have a grasp of managing his players’ practice load, especially his veteran starters. Gase isn’t afraid to keep key players on the sidelines and in the proverbial bubble wrap. It doesn’t take price per head software providers to figure out that the odds are best for a player’s long-term health by taking this cautious approach.

Sure, this could jeopardize a bit of chemistry with other players, especially in the case of Pouncey and the offensive line. But Gase feels health is more important since he already knows what his veteran players are capable of.

Injury is a key factor in every season for every team

Three key players are in the bubble wrap category: Reshad Jones, Mike Pouncey and now Jay Ajayi.

We all know the Pouncey situation, so there’s no need to beat that empty pinata of news.

As for Jones, he suffered a calf injury about two weeks ago. As a result, Coach Gase has been extremely cautious with him by keeping him out of practice all of last week.

It was only last year that Earl Mitchel was forced to miss 6 games with a calf injury, and Miami definitely doesn’t want this to happen to Jones. Funny how over $40 million in guarantees will do that to you.

To add insult to injury, Jones is coming back from a separated shoulder, so treating Jones as if he was a porcelain doll is without a doubt the smart approach.

It’s hard to say how bad this calf injury actually is because Miami likes to keep all team injuries very close to the vest in terms of severity of the injury. But you need a healthy calf to run, so I all for them taking their time to get him 100%.

It’s now officially confirmed, Ajayi suffered a concussion from the live hitting practice on Monday. Immediately Coach Gase was questioned about whether or not it was wise to do live hitting. He defended his decision by saying this is an important part of getting his players ready for the regular season. Ajayi will now need to go through all the necessary concussion protocols before he is allowed back on the practice field.

Ajayi’s injury forces him into league enforced protocols

Another worry is that once a player does have a concussion the chances of them getting another is greatly increased.

Considering that Ajayi is our feature Running Back, and he runs so hard that he actually looks for the added contact, this could pose a big problem for the future.

Multiple players have had their careers ended prematurely due to numerous concussions. So all Miami Dolphins News fans should be hoping and praying that this doesn’t become a trend. When Ajayi does get cleared to play again, you can bet that Coach Gase is going to be extremely careful with his exposure to contact during practice. For the time being, the Dolphins will now have the ‘Three Amigos of Bubble Wrap’… and truth be told, it’s for the best. What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins News fans thoughts about Coach Gases’ approach to injuries and what Jones’and Ajayi’s latest injuries mean for our team going forward?



*Editors Note: Reshad Jones began practice today… so, at least for him the Bubble wrap is off.

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