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Dolphins Hush Doubt Of Fans, But…

Dolphins Hush Doubt Of Fans, But…

Despite being on their 3rd QB, Dolphins have quieted doubters

Despite being on their 3rd QB, Dolphins have quieted doubt

Doubters weren’t crazy, but their doubt overlooked a crucial point

Sunday’s victory over the Jets, along with wins over the Titans and the Falcons, have quieted all but the most ardent doubters of the Dolphins. But despite these wins, the doubters had legitimate gripes. The only problem with their doubt was that they missed a key point.

Adam Gase is as good or better (depending on your level of doubt) than any coach since Don Shula… and no, I’m not suggesting he’s on par with Shula–just everyone after him. Despite Gase being a bit bull headed in his schemes and play calling and some personnel decision (i.e. inside draws and screens to Landry to nauseum, and Julius Thomas starting game after inept game), he and the team grows, learns, and adapts as the season progresses.

This is the second season we have witnessed this. And a strong part of this good coaching is the ability to over come adversity and to learn. Call it a skill, or a mindset. or even heart, but whatever you call it, don’t call it luck.  Having won 12 games in a row when the margin is seven points or less in a year and a half, this streak isn’t an anomaly, this is part of this team’ makeup. And however you slice it, this asset stems from good coaching.

Just FYI, the NFL record is 14 consecutive games.

But even though there has been success against the odds, an ability to grow as the season progresses, and the art of learning to win from behind is crucial, the Dolphins have lingering issues that have been a primary reason why they were in the hole to begin with.

No doubt Miami needs to fix some things, just as there’s no doubt they are tough as nails

So just as Phinsnews held off calling 2017 a dead season before and after the Titans game, we are maintaining the same steady perspective now.

Here are two improvements Miami must make in order to continue their success against the string of better team they will soon be facing. If they don’t fix at least these two issues, the doubters will have one leg to stand on.

Penalties: Just as a lack of penalties in the 2nd half of the last 3 games was a major contributor to helping Miami win,  penalties the 1st half put them in hole or prevented them from getting an early lead. Last season Miami was in the top 10 in most penalties committed. This year they have 42 in 6 games. Extrapolate out to 7 games, they’d have 49 tied with the Steelers for 11th worst.  An interesting note, Miami has the least amount of Offensive Holding penalties in the league, so there’s hope.

Dropped Passes: Jay Cutler had 180 passes before getting knocked out with 20 drops in 5 1/2 games. With 30 passes and 3.3 drops per game, Miami is dropping over 10% of their catch-able passes! Last season they were ranked 21st  with 2.8.

It doesn’t take pay per head software to realize that Miami will suffer from lack of talent in some key spots all season. That can’t be changed until the Offseason. But all teams have lack of talent somewhere on their roster. The good teams learn to mitigate that lack of talent through smart and disciplined football. If Miami can add brains to their heart, a strong Post Season is a strong possibility. If they can’t resolve even these two elements of their game, all the heart will eventually succumb to sloppy play. Go Fins!!!



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  • phinfreak

    OMG…cant wait to hear the excuses from the homers on the 40 burger Ravens spanked on the ‘ ‘ lpins.

    It is a burden being right all the time, but I am willing to do it for all of you. 😉

    • Lemmus

      …task, task …won’t be much of a burden in your case, eh

      …but I’ll grant you this, last night the damn cat had better moves than the entire phins’ roster and staff

      …the one scene from last night that I’ll take to the grave was LURCH, faking a route, going down immediately at the mear hint of being hit, and then dropping it …perfect example of what’s wrong with this team …wrong play, wrong route, wrong man …dead before the ball snapped for all intents and purposes …and yet there he was …our 6 million dollar man! …I need a memory erase, maybe dementia will save me 🙁

      • phinfreak

        Did you see that screen pass where Williams (I believe #26) trips and falls down for a would be TD against an all out blitz by the Ravens.

        Then on 3rd and goal we’re holding Ravens and Mallet but Mallet play actions and throws TD in the flat, Timmons had responsibility for man coverage, he reads it correctly but falls backwards and the TE is wide open, Alonso tries to make up but is too far to the middle. Timmons could have negated that pass but he…..falls all by himself.

        Watching Gase in post game interviews…he has no clue, no idea whats wrong, and no idea how to fix. Why is he a HC?

      • admin

        tsk-tsk, don’t let this pull you down yet. They sucked not doubt, but it’ no death sentence. I still say, and will present every play of the 1st half when I finish the article, that mental mistakes on the part of Gase and staff and the player make up the vast majority of their issues. The next two games are the breakers. Lose the next two and they are doomed… likely. Anything is possible, but I’ll have to see the high percentage of failure as too likely to dismiss with 2 L’s. But at this point, with some actual time for Gase to assess without any major distractions, nah it’s no death sentence for me. So many factors aligned and accumulated into the whooping. Unlike some, this isn’t pissing contest… I don’t think Jimmy started it with that mindset either. I’ve had to un fan his stuff in edits, so likely this was a rah-rah site. I try to see the under the hood reasons to the best of my ability and present the case. One gets his panties in a bunch, the vast majority get it. I guess rah-rah and then doom-doom when things go bad would be easier, but that’s not me. Anyway, I think this team rebounds. Not saying it’s a 100%, but just look at the amount of missed blocks from WR that game. Landry alone missed 3 huge blocks that would have changed the 1st half. Landry as an example is playing poorly this season. He has had a few plays no doubt, but this season isn’t up to his standards. And on and on down the line. These several days off are key for the players and staff. If Gase is the real deal, you see a bounce (hopefully not a dead cat bounce). If you don’t then it’s time to question him. I look forward to see how it goes… for me it will be a huge fork in the road. I’ll take which ever road seems the most factually honest.

    • admin

      Everything with you is personal, it’ almost hilarious. And as far as being right barometer, given the Fins have gone 12-5 in their last 17 games you don’t know jack given that percentage. I never claimed to know it all like you. I make a point, because well you know THIS IS A BLOG and without a stance and points there is no blog. Everyone else here can disagree without issue, you’e the only who comes here to prove you know it all, no matter how wrong you get it. Again and again I try to be civil to you, but for you there is some deep seeded need to best me, Jimmy and whoever was writing before I guess. Think about that, you always comment with insults and say you hate the bloggers, revel only when the Fins lose, but continue to show. Think about the mentality: either a troll or desperately looking for validation.

      As far as my comments I reply to responses of Jimmy’s, which I only agree with 60% or so. I actually don’t open with my point like you with a jack ass comment, then opinion followed a few ad hominem attacks or straw man arguments. Then when I’m wrong I crawl off never mentioning that I got it wrong, just “don’t crown them, you’ll see spun 50 different ways. I actual present a case, but it doesn’t matter… you aren’t salvageable. But yes, I’ll disagree with you, case presented soon for your detailed critique.

  • Dunner

    WOW! Only saving grace from this (if any), Miami pretty much did the same thing last season vs Baltimore only to rebound nicely to make the playoffs. We can only hope that this season will have a repeat from last season.

    The offense needs to be addressed. THE OC (play caller) should be evaluated. The scoreless first halves need to end, let alone scoreless GAMES. Notice how game is plural. That is ridiculous, dead LAST offense in the NFL, several scoreless first halves. 2 (which really should be 3) scoreless games. 99% of the offensive coordinators in charge of this offense would be FIRED. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Self evaluation please Adam Gase. 32nd in offense, essentially 3 scoreless games. Excuses are up

    • Lemmus

      …Dun, if you saw ANY saving grace in that game, you must be adding some high octane to that Kool-Ade …drink up! 🙂

      • Dunner

        No Sir. Nothing to save last nights performance. The Raiders game has become the season. Gase has created that scenario. Hell with simple. Simple = ZERO. As in points.

    • admin

      Good point Dunner about the Raven–hope it will repeat, although I can’t say it will with any high degree of certainty. But I do love the cool aid talk. How many times have the Fins turned it around amid cries of cool aid. Wouldn’t cool aid tag be more legit if there wasn’t any historical precedence with this regime? Now I’m not saying there was any good from the game or even that the Fin will have a win streak because this O is terribly dysfunctional ATM. But given recent history, to dismiss outright any point that the sky isn’t failing at every down turn is cool aid, especially given the early arc of this regime, seems more due to a jaded fan base rather than objectivity. On the inside I get it. I’m as jaded a fan when not writing about them–I’m a cynical German at heart. But still, it seems to stem more from hater aid (well deserved might I add) because of having to watch a crap team for 20 years more than this regime’s history. We’ll see. The season and maybe the regime will boil down to the next 2 games. Funny how they are both Prime Time. A split and the season lives. I see that as reasonably possible. McDonald and Larsen will both be back. 2 loses and very, likely the season is dead and then all bets are off for this regime and Gase. Jimmy was too buy to write, so I’m putting up two article soon. One is every play of the 1st half, and when you go over the game, you see most of the issues are self inflicted. Does it mean they can be fixed? Yes. Does it mean they will be? Unfortunately, no. But this is big boy time for Gase. He now has time to focus on not only having a late home game, but to look over everything with his staff for evaluation. A good coach will get the split. Great coach will take both. And well you can follow the pattern for the rest.

  • Lemmus


    …any Moore questions this morning? …drink your kool-ade

    …any OL questions this morning? …take another sip

    …any Burke fans this morning? …have a refill

    …so many times Moore had a receiver and flat out missed him …being hit so damn often, running for his life all night …the bad decisions were on full display …he kept throwing into multiple coverage

    …Tunsil was beaten and beaten and beaten …the Ravens lived in our backfield …the entire interior line collapsed repeatedly …any suggestion that our first 3 draft picks should be anything but OL died last night …unless a truly great TE falls to us …but then if they play like last night, he won’t have far to fall

    …Thomas looked like Lurch trying to run routes, Fasano has bad hands

    …Ajayi was crucified …he won’t last at this rate …he needs blockers and there were none to be had …we’re wasting a great RB

    …and then there was our top five defense …oops, they stayed in the locker room …time after time after time the Ravens overloaded for a run and the defense failed to adjust …I’m betting mj won’t see any adjustment on the film until well into the third quarter …that’s on Burke

    …only bright spot I saw was Tankersly …he won more than he lost
    …and Alonzo can hit …ask Flacco

    …not much to show for the worst beat down in prime time in phins history for as long as I can remember …and I watched their 1st game

    …Gase is out of magic rabbits …a toxic OL got even worse and it damned the entire offense …Moore is not the answer at QB, neither is Cutler …and both may be on the sidelines, injured, watching Fales if the OL doesn’t improve

    …Larsen should be back next week …but I’m not expecting any miracles from him …but he just can’t be as bad as Steen and Davis …Tunsil was playing injured and it showed …hell, the entire OL was injury riddled before they even started …but then they were bad before they were injured …and the Ravens took full advantage

    …I think we get McDonald back next week as well

    …but yeah, last night was about as bad as it gets for a phin fan 🙁

    …don’t envy jb or mj trying to write a positive spin into this debacle …but sad to say, phinfreak will have a field day,

    • Dunner

      No Kool-Ade last night, today, tomorrow. I am curious to the changes if any in personal. We know there won’t be any in coaching, though there should be at the OC position.

      OUT COACHED AGAIN!!! Ravens go no huddle on their third possession and we looked lost. Overload again, to no adjustment(s). No creativity. Simplified offense,,,, BS, we aren’t good enough to run a simplified offense,,,,,, then again, maybe its simplified coaching.

      Julius Thomas is nothing but a PILE (Thomas the player, not person). My 13 year old son can tackle him, true story! Yet we put his overweight A** out there and throw him passes in the flat hoping for a broken tackle???? He can’t break any tackles, none, zero, zilch. Gase you need to swallow your pride and admit a mistake when ones made, and Thomas was a BIG FAT mistake, literally. CUT THOMAS and move on.

      I know the O-Line is struggling, but in the NFL, the good coaches find a way to scheme/game plan to help or hide the deficiencies of the O-Line. Notice the little overload wrinkle by the Ravens,,,, oh wait, a couple of wrinkles = no-huddle, overload. Did we have any such moves,,,,, oh wait, we have to keep it simple. FOR WHAT, keep it simple for players that have been here for awhile,,,, no,,,, keep it simple because our staff is simple, and yes that starts with GASE! More stretch plays, WR screens that haven’t worked this season, and of corse didn’t work last night. No inside runs, please, no no-huddle to try and create some momentum, please!!!

      I do not blame the defense one bit last night. Sure the run defense could have been better. But, when your offense is as inept as this offense, any defense would eventually struggle. 2 pick 6’s, constant short fields, constant 3 and outs.

      When Thomas gets cut, Gase should cut Haack needs to be cut also. He is terrible, but I’m sure he is one hell of a practice punter though. I know he won’t get cut, because that would mean Gase and company were wrong, God for bid they admit that via such move. Please bring back Fields, at least we know were getting a 43yd punt EVERY TIME. This kid needs to go. Go get Darr back, Haack is terrible at this point, terrible.

      I was really high on Gase coming into this season. But he is starting to wear me thin. He is directly responsible for this offense, and in other organizations the OC of the 32nd ranked offense would be let go after multiple scoreless games, scoreless halves.

      The Raiders game is the season, and even a good defensive game holding the Raiders to 20 points will not be enough, Lord knows we won’t score 20 with this stale, simplified, un creative, PREDICTABLE offense.

      Kool-Ade has been dumped out. A new flavor awaits, the last flavor awaits. I must keep it simple = sugar/water/powder (and not Foerster’s powder), because I’ve been here awhile, why could I handle another ingredient or two,,,,, please, Ross should be embarrassed.

      • phinfreak

        Like I said….around mid season….Gase finds himself sitting on the hot seat. You heard it here weeks ago. From all yuz posts that seat is getting warm already….

    • admin

      “…any Moore questions this morning? …drink your kool-ade ” QB’s are a product of the entire offense. That display wasn’t about Moore, just as the prior weeks weren’t about Cutler.

      “…any OL questions this morning? …take another sip” Interior OL did pretty well, although Pouney was bullied by Wiliams on 2-3 occasions. Tackles, especially Tunsil continue to under perform and I wonder if his personal issue wasn’t a relapse into weed smoking. First offense is secret. But WR’s and TE’s made up for more missed blocks than the OL. Landry had 3 missed block, one was a back breaker. He sucks at blocking this season. 15 mill is looking more and more remote.

      “…Gase is out of magic rabbits …a toxic OL got even worse and it damned the entire offense …Moore is not the answer at QB, neither is Cutler …and both may be on the sidelines, injured, watching Fales if the OL doesn’t improve” Not sure on this point. Maybe, but not if he is as good as we hope and as good as we need. The next 2 weeks will be a cross roads for me continuing or changing my opinion on Gase. They could very easily turn this around. Most of the failing are just mental and technique mistakes. Maybe these players are weak mentally and it is unsolvable. But if they correct some basic issues, then hope still lives. Gase though needs to solve his own issues first.

      …any Burke fans this morning? …have a refill” Burke was beat by a vet staff. He is a rookie DC, come on now, who walking into a DC spot with a young squad and doesn’t get beat? I think fans might ask too much from a DC with 7 games under his belt and an HC with 23 game and some of most outlandish set of circumstances to face along the way. But I’ll give you the next two game are the season. But Allen sucks and missed his assignment on the TD, one score came from starting on the Dolphins side of the 50 and the Ravens have an excellent rushing attack and RB T and dialed up some sweet music.

      I hope you don’t fall into the freakism of any contrary opinion is stupid. We were here games 4,5,& 6, and several times last season. We’ll see, but I think talk of doom is premature. I’ll do my best to show my point with a detailed analysis on every negative offensive play of the first half.

      In closing, it’s not to say you are wrong, but that an opposing isn’t just simply kool aid–especially given this regime’s history, just as saying a team that’s 4-3 is doomed isn’t hater aid.

  • Dunner

    GEE, what a surprise, ZERO points at half…..

    • admin

      Penalties, poor game planning and adjustments on Burke and Gase, but ST’s has been a huge problem. Nice hit by Kiko though 😉

      • Lemmus

        …the penalties were a big factor in the 1st half, killing drive after drive …if you saw any adjustments in the 1st half, your eyes are better than mine …and yes, even the STs had a bad night

    • admin

      Moore is choking a bit too.

  • Fritz

    This will be a huge test for the Phins. If the Dolphins can win tonight on the road, on a short week, with their backup quarterback, I will feel good about the rest of this season.
    I do believe that Moore brings more to this offense. My only concern about him is that he is either hot or he plays terrible. Fingers crossed that tonight he is hot and gets us the win. Go Dolphins!

  • Samson

    I would say this game on a short week and at a place we never win could be a big let down… But I’m hoping with Moore in there he can rally the troops… I think him and Cutler are very close in talent with Cutler having the stronger arm BUT he seems to be similar to Landry and Ajayi in that he fires up the team… The ravens have given up some big runs which may make the run D look worse than it really is and Williams has missed a lot of time… With as bad as our run blocking is I think it will come down to Moore vs Flacco… Whichever QB plays better their team wins… Lets get this monkey off our back… Go Fins!!

    • admin

      Some great points, especially about the Ravens run D. The same was said about the Jets run D, and then Miami found out the hard way they aren’t soft. Injuries on the Ravens side will be a huge factor. I really liked Davis’ ability to move guys, so I’m interested to see if it’s real or a mirage on my part. He struggles a bit on switches, but that could be because he needs extended play… we’ll see. He need to play a big part in stopping Williams. 5-2 with a strong game by Moore would be sweet, but Ravens are a legit team even when wounded…

  • Phinfreak

    Saying Gase is the best since Shula isn’t saying much when you consider the morons we’ve had.

    Penalties, dropped passes, that’s coaching. Specifically position coaches.

    Don’t go crowning their asses yet.

    Let’s see after Thursday.

    • Phinfreak

      BTW.. find haven’t won in Baltimore since foreverrr and almost entire OL is injured.

      No bueno against a Ravens D.

    • admin

      The whole point of the article is “Don’t go crowning their asses yet.” So, not sure the point. And as far as drops and penalties, yes some of it is coaching and some is the players and some of it is a small sample size. But if it’s all coaching, then Amendola leads the league with 11 drops and the Pats have 53 penalties, so does Belichick and his staff suck?

      “No bueno against a Ravens D.” given all the injuries that the Ravens have this is a real difficult game to gauge, both before and after. For example, if the Fins win with a load of injuries on the Ravens, how do you gauge the win?

      • phinfreak

        Uh….I guess you might want to alter you post. Ravens 40 burger on Fins vaunted D and wide open O. Patriots win inspite of imperfections.

        Fins collapse due to them. Big difference there hermano.

        • admin

          Your desperation is noted:
          “But despite these wins, the doubters had legitimate gripes.”

          “But even though there has been success against the odds, an ability to grow as the season progresses, and the art of learning to win from behind is crucial, the Dolphins have lingering issues that have been a primary reason why they were in the hole to begin with.”

          “The good teams learn to mitigate that lack of talent through smart and disciplined football. If Miami can add brains to their heart, a strong Post Season is a strong possibility. If they can’t resolve even these two elements of their game, all the heart will eventually succumb to sloppy play.”

          Circular logic forces you into arguments. You omit what isn’t convenient and cling to what serves you. It shows just how insecure you are in your points. Like your quote “Davis sucks”. His first full game he earned 80.2. But all those inconvenient points you make ( and there are alot) are conveniently forgotten by you. It’s more than a trend, it’s a trait, in your case.

  • Dunner

    Dropped passes are a lack of concentration on the WR’s part and in no way has to do w coaching, imo. Said dropped passes are really hurting this team in the first halves. Should there be zero or minimal drops Thursday night, that could be due to delivery/flight/etc from the different QB, most likely the WRs effort/concentration.

    Penalties on the other hand could be a direct correlation of the schedule/travel/fatigue the Fins players have endeavored throughout this wild schedule. The minimal offensive holding calls could be due to the track or zone blocking Miami employs in the run game majority of the time.

    I don’t feel as confident in this Thursdays game as I did going into the Jets game. The Ravens have owned us especially in Baltimore (beat downs). The Ravens are struggling, but their strength is their defense, and we have not run the ball very well vs 3-4 schemes this season such as the Jets (x2), Titans, and now the Ravens. The Ravens do have the worst run defense in the league (per NFL) so not quite sure what to expect. Davis will be starting in place Steen, could hurt. But for me the critical match-up for the run game will be Pounceys effectiveness or lack thereof.

    This game to me comes down to the Fins Defense (like much of the season thus far). With the struggles of the Ravens Offense, O-Line, WR injuries, Miami’s defense could really be the deciding factor in this game.

    Thursday night, Prime time, National audience. New starting QB. Time to show the nation what your made of. Seems like a great stage for Wake/Suh/Timmons/Jones.

    Speaking of Timmons; he may well provide Miami coaches/players with a lot of insight, he has played these Ravens twice/year his entire career and very well could help get the Raven hex off their backs.

    GREAT opportunity for Miami to get to 5-2 and receive a much needed rest with 10 days off after.

    • admin

      Williams had been out for alot of that. He’s back for his second straight game… dude is tough. Suggs though hasn’t practiced all week with a knee… they haven’t said if he practiced today…Orr will be out though.

      I think Davis will do well. Pouncey will get thrown around by Williams unless they scheme well. If Moore can only not throw those few terrible reads a game he’d be a pretty good QB… it’s a long shot, but maybe he finally figured it out… not likely, but it’s possible. Such a big game for so many reasons. Really lookig to see the Ravens final injury report to get a good feel of the situation.

      • Steve

        Hello admin

        Consisering the Fins have only beaten the Ravens once since 2010. The Dolphins have another hurdle tonight. This is a game we can win. Go Fins!

        • admin

          Hey, Steve… the Ravens are really injured, so that’s a big mitigating factor. It’s going to be a tough one either way I agree. Davis and Tunsil are absolutely key! I hope Davis proves himself… so I don’t have to eat my words 🙂 Can’t wait for the game brother… no matter how you slice it, this season has been keeping you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns.

  • Lemmus

    …the Moore-ons are out and about, I see …coach after coach after coach has had the option to start Moore and all have passed on him …including Gase

    …but its all because Gase is just plain stubborn …not because he sees what every other NFL coach has seen …sigh

    …and now it’s Cutler’s fault that passes are being dropped …my oh my, why didn’t Gase see that …must be poor coaching, eh


    • admin

      It’s really only been two Philbin and Gase. Once Tanny was drafted the second year and beyond and Campbell’s short stint, had little option. Only the 1st year of Philbin annd now with tanny’s and Cutler’s injury that Moore has had a legit shot. Now I’m not saying Moore is a better option, but I think it’s fair to say given Bushrod and Thomas that Gase does have a bit of a blindspot to “his guys”. We will see over the next few games. Unless Moore can control his 1-2 terrible passes a game, Cutler and Gase will be vindicated clearly. If Moore doesn’t ( and the Fasano throw isn’t one of them) then we can begin talking about it. Gase is my man, but he has shown a tad bit of pride and foolishness as a green, young HC… which is 100% guaranteed in all 1st times HC’s. So infallible he isn’t– despite my man crush on him.

      • Lemmus

        …he’s been in the NFL for 10 years, mj …career completion % is under 60 …never won the starting QB position, always the backup …lot more coaches than just Philbust & Gase have given him a fair shot and decided he wasn’t the man …several teams are screaming for a starting caliber QB but no offers made for Moore …that alone says it all for me

        …I hope he does well, I do …I’m a long, long time phin fan after all …I want us to win it all …but I tend to try and keep the kool-aid level within reason …after all is said and done, I don’t think you’ll ever again hear me call for benching TH …this season has been a real eye-opener

        • admin

          Nothing you said is untrue… not in the least, but consider McCown of the Jets. He is playing damn good, far better than he ever did in his first 10 years. With Moore and McCown it was always a mental aspect that limited them. Not that they’d be a top 10 QB, but skill wise they are in the 11-20 range. It was just reading, progressions and decisions killed them… like many, many QB. McCown is someone who at 35-39 has played pretty well when given a reasonably level of responsibility in his assignment: slightly above game manager. I honestly think if he was on the Fins, Miami would be doing quite well.
          You haven’t been a Tanny hater in the least. But even me who I’d say believed in Tanny am a bit more appreciative of his skillset. Like the Doors once said “Don’t ya love her as she’s walkin’ out the door.”

  • john madden

    You do realize that Cutlers stats in the game were better than Moore’s. I am glad we have MM but he is a backup. He cant maintain a Qbr over 100 for an entire year. Teams adapt and the defense’s change. Jets played single high safety against mo0re challenging him to throw those 1 on 1 balls which we one. I wish we still had RT healthy but Im gonna trust in Gase’s decision going forward.

    • admin

      Hey John, not sure who you are replying to. I think you meant to post in the FB comments above, but I’ll respond. Teams have been playing 95% single high all season that’s why the box was always stacked. It was one reason I questioned Gase because we were in 3 wides mostly early and we still never attacked the mid boundaries and middle to drive them out of single high. Whether it was because of Moore or desperation or whatever (need to spend more time studying the game) we attacked that 12 and beyond and made the Jets pay. Not saying Cutler couldn’t or whatever (it’s a large conversation with many back and forths that in my opinion doesn’t offer anything final until Moore gets 2-3 more games under him this season). I think Gase and Cutler were starting to hit stride though and there was a greater comfort with all involved than any game prior. But Moore did step in will little 1st team practice and had Davis as his starting LT. And as much as I like Davis at G, he got exposed a few times more than Tunsil. Also, if you factor in Fasano not using proper technique, and at best it should have been a incomplete and not an intercept, Moore’s stats explode… although give the size of fasano it could have easily been a catch as well. That one pick torn down Moore’s stats. This isn’t to say Moore is better. I was very much in favor of getting Cutler and also have written about Moore tendency to make very foolish throws 1-2 times a game. If Moore does very well this game, given all involved ( beat up OL and very tough DL of Ravens), then the conversation can begin. At this point we are going to see what Moore can do over a stretch. I’d love it to be a big conversation because having to good QB is a very nice problem to have.

    • admin

      And yes, if anything good can come if Tanny’s injury, those who didn’t appreciate Tannehill are now at least considering they may have underappreciated him a bit.