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Dolphins Finally Win… What Now?

Dolphins Finally Win… What Now?

The Dolphins must now face the Patriots to show they are improving and not just lucky

The Dolphins must now face the Patriots to show they are improving and not just lucky

Dolphins beat the worst, now they get a second shot at the best

It ‘only’ took 5 weeks of losing and going against a team on a worse skid than us–but fans can finally celebrate a “W”.

So what now?

It was nice to see Adam Gase show no mercy against his former defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph. I don’t want to hear about Miami’s onside kick in the fourth quarter, while ahead 33-9, is a classless move. The same talking heads who are pushing criticism would have applauded Bill Belichick for doing the very same things as brilliant.. but as with the refs, bias for the Pats is a popular way these days. I mean, Belichick and the Patriots never ever run up scores on helpless teams late in the fourth quarter. Right?!

This was a much needed win, but the feel good vibe will have little effect going forward… if it’s a one off and back to garbage football.

The biggest thing about this win was Miami’s ability to establish a running game. With no Jay Ajayi and Damien Willimas out, Kenyan Drake was on his own and showed a lot of promise. He ran hard without a fumbling 23 times for 120 yards, 1 touchdown, and 5.5 yards per carry average.  

Now that’s sweet music.

If Drake keeps this up, the Dolphins will get a big boost

All in all, Miami ran the ball 30 times for 145 yards and a 4.8 yards per carry average. He again showed that when they run the ball well there’s a very good chance thy win. This was the recipe last year with Ajayi, and it’s obvious once again that Miami must focus on generating a powerful running game. You don’t need pay per head software to know that the Dolphins look a lot better and win more football games when the ground game is the one leading the offense.  

Without a doubt this Offseason must include Miami focusing on stabilizing the our offensive line and adding one more solid running back. Fins must revolve their offense around a tough running attack that moves the chains and chews the clock.

No duh, huh?

An extra benefit to this week’s win is that this excellent rushing production also breathed life into Gase’s credibility. In the aftermath of Ajayi getting shipped out, and Williams doing as well as he did,  now with Drake having a very good showing in running, pass block, and receiving, Gase’s name and reputation is getting a little love. With all the criticism aimed at Gase, this win was more than just a “W” in the optics department. But again, everything good that was shown this last game must be shown in the remaining games for it to have a tangible boost on the morale of fans and the team’s image…

…And of course, the Patriots stand in the way. Man, is this ever the time for the Dolphins to step up?It’s a long shot yes, but still possible. Go Fins!!!


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  • phinfreak

    This is the Denver the Fins beat…doesnt say much.Denver ranks No. 22 in total offense (319.7 yards-per-game), No. 16 in rushing-yards-per-game (108.0), No. 19 in passing-yards-per-game (211.7), and No. 26 in points-per-game (17.9). They have the 31st-worst turnover differential this season at minus-16 and have surrendered the third-most sacks this season (36).

    And to further how statistics lie..Despite the 3-8 record and a seven-game losing streak, the Broncos feature one of the top statistical defenses in the NFL. Denver is No. 3 in total defense (289.1 yards-per-game), No. 4 in passing-yards-per-game (201.9) and No. 4 in rushing-yards-per-game (87.2). They’re No. 3 in opponent third-down conversion percentage (30.6 percent) and have recorded 24 sacks (19th). However, Denver has the No. 27 scoring defense, allowing 25.5 points-per-game.

    Stats per Wire. In other words, the Broncos suck and that win changes nothing. The fins still suck. It is what it is.

    • admin

      As per ESPN “Don’t blame the rushing defense for the disappointing record. The Broncos have allowed the fewest yards per rush (3.2), fewest yards before contact per rush (1.69) and the lowest third-down conversion percentage on rushes (21 percent) in the league.”

      context is the key.

  • dolphinst

    A big thing to note from the win at Denver is how much better the Dolphins defense looked playing with the lead, which is what they’re built for. So while it may be unlikely, if they can get a lead on the Patriots they got a shot at winning, especially being at home and without Gronk. I think it’s a great week for an upset. But they will still have to deal with the shifty slot receivers and Dion Lewis who’s playing lights out right now. Getting that run game going right from the get-go to help score some points in the first half will help a ton…

    • admin

      I like that Gase has decided to go with some younger guys on D… that DE M. Cameron, Anthony, Chase and even Taylor. Can McCain continue his play this week? Slots will be big without Gronk– so Verner will be crucial if McCain moves to the bounries. Can this secondary remember their assignments? Will Tank play this week? Can we play low penalty and low turnover football? If Miami does, then I expect a good game. Drake and Davis are legit and will help this O. Bushrod is back so Davis will slide to RT, which will further help this O… but smart play is the key!!!

  • Lemmus

    …we didn’t just beat a bad team, we stomped on them …its a difference worth noting

    …every part of the team played well, even the OL can hold their heads up for the most part

    …but the penalties and turnovers were still there and could well have killed us vs another team …WILL kill us vs the pats …so though I’m happy with the win, I’m not looking at it as anything more than a game between two bottom of the barrel teams where one had to win

    …that said, the pats on Monday night prime time at home is such a perfect time and place for this team to show the world what they truly are made of …lets hope it happens, eh

    • admin

      “we didn’t just beat a bad team, we stomped on them …its a difference worth noting”

      Yeah true, but given the type of QB play the Broncos had and the skid the team was on, along with the sloppy Fins play, I just can’t even view the score as something other than a baseline and expected. They should have put 17-21 points more on and then I’d have been impressed. Glad for the win and the score, but the key wart was still there. Like I said, I try to keep an even keel approach. Now if they did the same against a quality team or if they won cleanly, then I’d get my kool aid on. Loved the feeling of seeing the Fins win handily and can’t fault your point… I’m just desperately waiting to see the Fins plays a clean 60 mins. Pats at home with no Gronk… and it looks like Bushrod will go to RG and Davis to RT. They need a statement game this season… please, please, pretty please!

    • phinfreak

      Broncos D is last in points given up. Lets see what happens Monday nite. Im expecting the Fins to keep it competitive for the first half….of the 1st qtr. And then it’ll be back to reality.

      • Lemmus

        …iirc, Denver was 3rd best in run defense entering the game

        …as we’ve all said, the pats are the standard, not the broncos …it a home game on Monday Night Football against the Pats …if Gase can’t get them up for a game like this, he shouldn’t be HC …I don’t expect a win but I do expect the phins to make a game of it right into the 4th quarter

        …I also expect Gase to get the penalties under 4 legitimate ones with no turnovers …good HCs produce teams with fewer penalties and turnovers …time for Gase to produce

        …Cutler has been, throughout his career, a hot and cold running QB …he was neither against Denver, just good enough to win against a bad team …it’s time for him to have a hot game …at home …against the pats …on MNFB …a career ending statement on the same field as a HoF’r …a game tape to show his grand kids

        …if only 🙂

        ps …the win against the broncs moved us out of 5/6 draft pick contention, back into the 10/13 zone …whether that’s good or bad depends on your mindset …but a #5 pick when you’re dead set on an OL player means you can trade back into the 13-18 range and still count on getting a top rated OL player …plus acquire a desperately needed extra 2/3 round pick, maybe both
        …otoh, a 10/13 pick reduces the chances of a trade down to almost nil if you need a top rated OT …imnsho, the win was well worth it if there are at least 2 more …but a ball buster if that’s all there is …just my opinion, eh

        • admin

          “…I also expect Gase to get the penalties under 4 legitimate ones with no turnovers …good HCs produce teams with fewer penalties and turnovers …time for Gase to produce”

          Beyond key… I agree. It’s a make or break for him as a coach they need to grow in this.

          “…otoh, a 10/13 pick reduces the chances of a trade down to almost nil if you need a top rated OT …imnsho, the win was well worth it if there are at least 2 more …but a ball buster if that’s all there is …just my opinion, eh”

          If they fall back into the pit of garbage play, I’ll be siding with Freak alot more.

      • admin

        To me this game will be close, won, or a blow out based on penalties and turnovers. Miami has enough talent to make it close… mental fortitude though is in question. I expect Howard to come back down to earth hard-hopefully not though.

        • Lemmus

          …I think Burke may have Howard taking a few more chances because he usually has McDonald behind him now …whether that is true or not will certainly be tested by Brady and his WRs …Gronk not being there as a reliable Brady target may also give our DBs a better shot

          …otoh, the pats are playing for a bye and will definitely press …and I would not be in the least surprised to see Bellicheat call an on-side kick or fake punt in the right situation 🙂

          • admin

            I really never thought Burke was the issue… that secondary was like the three stooges bumping into each other and forgetting assignments. Not saying Burke is a genius, but most of the issues came from players screwing up.

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