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Dolphins Cleaning Up Mess In Isle 6

Dolphins Cleaning Up Mess In Isle 6

Gase is enacting a purge of coaches in an attempt to clean up the mess of 2017

Gase is enacting a purge of coaches in an attempt to clean up the mess of 2017

Most of Joe “Queasy” Philbin’s mess …er, holdovers are gone

It doesn’t take the best football betting software providers to know Miami is trailing the perennial AFC East and Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

The Patriots just decimated a decent Titans team. They’re once again in the AFC Championship game, making it a record 7 in a row for them.

Bottom line:  With this level of consistency Miami will never close the gap while Brady is still under center.

Frankly, even good teams usually can’t even beat the Patriots in Foxborough. Try to think about the Dolphins winning .836% of our home games over the past decade.

Yes, we beat them this year …once …on our home field. But we were a wreck in consistency. It’s week-in, week-out quality of  play that’s the key to dethroning this team.

Coach Adam Gase has been cleaning house with coach hiring and firings focused on improving his coaching staff. But are they the right moves?

Team consistency is a mess …a product of poor coaching and ill disciplined players

They have just announced that they will not retain Defensive Line Coach Terrell Williams, and they previously let running backs Coach Danny Barrett walk.

I have no problem with either move, especially letting Williams go. Even though he helped improve our run defense from 30th to 14th in 2017, we also tied for 26th worst pass rush in the league with only 30 sacks.

The best way to beat the Brady’s of this league is to pressure them with steady and consistent pass rush. We didn’t do that this season so a coaching upgrade makes sense.

Miami is only half-way to upgrading the Defensive Line Coach position. Now we have to hire a coach that can produce better results than the one we fired. That’s easier said than done if the recent hire of Offensive Coordinator Dowell Loggains is any example.  His 2017 Bears offense put up even less points this season than the Dolphins did. That makes it hard to be confident that Gase’s coming choice for Defensive Line Coach will have the skills and ability to make our D-Line much better.

The RB’s did quite well under Running Backs Coach Barrett

Barrett sent rookie Ajayi to the Pro Bowl last year and, when Ajayi was suddenly traded this year, turned backup Drake into a fast rising star. So Barrett’s dismissal came as a surprise. Maybe it’s a reflection of how Ajayi was handled? Maybe it’s Gase trying to upgrade the experience level. Barrett has two years at the position and Studesville, his heir apparent, has 20+ years. And just maybe Studesville was Gase’s first choice all along. Gase tried to hire him from the Bronco’s last year but the Bronco’s refused to allow it.

I get ditching some of the staff
I’m just not sure the replacements can clean up the mess

If you want to be the best, then stop hiring guys that are clearly not even close to being the best. And firing those producing real results. At face value, these hires don’t seem to be top shelf, but surprises do happen… at least they do for other teams.

And now that DB Coach Lou Anarumo has been let go, the only two remaining Philbin leftovers on the coaching staff are Charlie Bullen, Assistant Linebacker Coach and, Assistant Wide Receivers Coach, Ben Johnson.

Wide receivers were another disappointing mess this year

We entered the season thinking we had one of the best WR sets in the league with Stills and Landry already stars, Parker promising a breakout year for the former #1 pick, and expecting draft trade-up Caroo to finally prove his worth. Parker proved unable to stay on the field with constant small injuries holding him back. Caroo hardly saw the field. And then Landry started losing his cool on and off the field. Another fine mess.

Lets not talk about the mess at Linebacker …enough with the bad news

Will Bullen and Johnson be gone shortly? Will Matt Burke follow? I think Burke is back, but I’m not so sure Bullen and Johnson will be.

What are the rest of the Miami Dolphins thoughts on our closing the gap with the Patriots with the coaching changes made so far?


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  • Lemmus

    …note that T-Bum comes out of the LB imbroglio with egg all over his face …he gave Alonzo a contract that makes it all but impossible to cut him …and but for the AWOL bit, we’d be stuck with Timmon’s contract as well

    …his 1st round Edge pick had 2 sacks …we could have had a starting G that would have had one heck of a lot more impact than Harris did …but no, we waited until the 5th to get Asiata …how’d that work out?

    …yeah, yeah, yeah Harris will be great NEXT year …tell me, how is Jordan working out? …remember Jordan?

    …best thing Gase has done to date is fire all of the hold over coaches …the one’s who couldn’t develop a Polaroid …now if only he could do the same in the FO …starting with the scouts, eh

    • admin

      “…note that T-Bum comes out of the LB imbroglio with egg all over his face …he gave Alonzo a contract that makes it all but impossible to cut him …and but for the AWOL bit, we’d be stuck with Timmon’s contract as well”

      Nailed it. Kiko ISN’T a WLB. He’s barely a 3 down MLB and McMillian doesn’t seem to be a best fit for SLB… what to do? Thank God Timmons went nuts and he can get canned. Dolphins might be alble to use Anthony at SLB, but they need a WLB. MLB has a log jam now… still think 3-4 is the right road IF they could find a NT.

  • Steve

    John Fox would be a gamble trying not to be negative.

    Fox has coached in the NFL 16 season. Fox had 7 seasons below 500 and while coaching
    Chicago he never made it above 500.

    I’m not saying it want work! But! With everything on the line this season its a Bit Risky.


    • Lemmus

      …he’s coached much longer than that Steve …hes been an NFL HC for 16 years on three different teams …two of which he took to the SB …I’m not advocating for him, but he certainly fits the mold Gase seems to be trying to build his staff around …they know each other very well and Fox has extensive experience as a successful DC

      …otoh, he hit a bad skid in Chicago

      …and EVERYTHING in the NFL is risky …just look at the success rate for 1st round QBs …talk about risky!

      • Steve

        Yes Lemmus!

        It sure appear’s that Coach Fox will be part of the Dolphins Staff. Maybe he can help bring consistency and discipline to the Dolphins. I’m not sure why he had such a rough time with the Bear?

        • Lemmus

          …I’d not count on him as a disciplinarian …his Bears team was, iirc, 8th worst in penalties …that’s better than the phins (2nd worst) but not enough to base a hire on

          • admin

            Low-gains had issues with penalties… how much was Fox and how much was Low-gains? Who knows. I still think Burke is good enough… guy was a rookie with a issue riddled group of players and still did better than the year before… Burke to me is the least of the issues hampering the Fins.

        • admin

          I thought he would Steve… but I thought it would happen already as they are looking over the roster for FA and the Draft now and everyday counts… I think he may sit this season… but maybe not…

    • admin

      No worries Steve… think Fox and Low-gains don’t get along… and don’t think Fox will swallow being an underling of his former understudy who is struggling.

  • Steve


    You can fault the Dolphins Owner for failure to bring in.

    Experienced/Proven/ Managers/Coaching to the Dolphins.

    Jacksonville 1st Hired Tom Caughlin as President of football operations.

    JACKSONVILLE – The staff is in place, and now it’s official.

    Doug Marrone, entering his first season as the Jaguars’ permanent head coach, on Tuesday announced the team’s 2017 coaching staff – a 19-member staff that includes seven assistants returning from last season.

    Marrone, who served as the team’s assistant head coach-offense/offensive line in 2015 and 2016, spent the last two games of last season as the team’s interim head coach. He was named permanent head coach January 9.

    Vikings Head Coach
    his NFL tenure, Zimmer has been a part of 13 playoff teams and teams that have won 9 Division titles. He coached the Cowboys DBs when Dallas won Super Bowl XXX over Pittsburgh after the 1995 season. The 2017 Vikings rank 2nd in franchise history for wins in a regular season with 13, trailing only the 15-1 club in 1998. The Vikings had 4 players earn Pro Bowl honors- WR Adam Thielen, DE Everson Griffen, LB Anthony Barr and CB Xavier Rhodes. The team had to overcome its fair share of adversity early in the season to get on a roll after a 2-2 start. Case Keenum stepped in at QB after regular starter Sam Bradford went on injured reserve and rallied the offense despite losing rookie phenom RB Dalvin Cook to injury early in the season. 

    I’m thinking the Dolphins have no business in the league. Nothing has changed with them.

    • Lemmus

      …Dolphins were only the 4th team in NFL history to have a week one bye …none of the other teams with a week one bye had a winning season either …and TB, a pre season favorite, had an even worse season

      …the Jags were 5-11 and 3-13 the past 2 years with Marone coaching …Coughlin gets all the credit for the Giants good year but he was fired there because he hit a bad skid the last couple years …now he’s a genius again? …so will Fox be a genius again? …only the elves know

    • admin

      Would have loved to see Coughlin come to the Fins… instead we have, as Lemmus calls him, T-Bum.

  • Dunner

    You think Burke will be back? I too. However, would you hire Fox as the “D” coordinator if the opportunity was there and resign Burke?

    • admin

      I heard rumors of Fox… Fox would likely come in as ass. HC. I don’t think Burke was the key issue. I think talent and youth was. I think Burke actually called a few games very well. I would like Fox to come in. But I think Burke runs a complicated system and some players on the Fins either aren’t smart enough or green or don;t study enough. But I’ll take Fox.

      • Dunner

        I do feel the same for the most part. However; how can TEs be running so freely, game after game after game??? Kiko, probably? Even towards the end of the season when players such as Xavier and McCain started really executing there were the TEs AGAIN running freely. That is what worries me, there never seemed to be an answer or adjustment for this regardless of personal. Concerning to say the least, you can bet Billacheat would have adjusted one way or another with the same personal that were failing. Not that Burke is Billacheat, just a analogy.

        I would be surprised if they fired or demoted Burke and brought Fox into that position. Another name/position would most likely be the case. But if the opportunity presented itself, Gase would have to act accordingly.

        • admin

          Kiko is terrible in coverage… I said that last year when he was playing MLB. He has little instinct for Zone–very little. And in man he is more of trail and tackle than pass defense or force a QB down the progression. I just don’t understand how they couldn’t see it. He was beyond terrible. He was THE worst cover LB by a mile. I also think the terrible O play early burned out the D and add in two S’s who are meh in coverage… it was his first season, so I give him slack when you add up everything else. He has a pretty complicated scheme and over and over guys screwed up in the secondary–lots of young guys there too… playing man when they were supposed to be in zone and vice versa… Contrary to Gase who dialed up his personnel, Burke had to make do with what he was given.

          • Steve


            Did you see former Vikings Coach Bud Grant he looks really good. It would be nice to see his team win a Supper Bowl Title. His error they lost 4 Supper Bowl’s.

          • Lemmus

            …Fox has been a successful HC for 16 years …one of only 6 HCs to take 2 different teams to the SB …he’ll wait out the current musical chairs spasm looking for another HC job …if not, he could well join Gase as DC with the aim of rebuilding his defensive credentials …I doubt he’d take the AHC role since he’d get little credit if we made a run …but as DC, yes

            …keep Burke in perspective …he was the LB coach for Miami before Gase promoted him …I said at the time it didn’t make sense to promote the guy responsible for the 2016 LBs performance …and he had to know Alonzo better than anyone else on the phins staff …and thus should be accountable for moving him outside, knowing he couldn’t cover …as well as for the continued 2017 meltdown at the position

            …I’d shed no tears if Burke was let go and Fox brought in as DC