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Mayfield: Does “Meh” Senior Bowl Affect Our Interest?

Mayfield: Does “Meh” Senior Bowl Affect Our Interest?

Mayfield looks to be a boom or bust pick... can Miami afford not to pull the trigger

Mayfield looks to be a boom or bust pick… but can Miami afford not to pull the trigger

Could Mayfield be Miami’s chance at Drew Brees 2.0?

Free Agency doesn’t begin until March 14th, and the NFL Draft isn’t until April 26th

…so, for now, Phins talk is all about rumors, spit balling, speculation, and reflection.

The most recent rumor started with Baker Mayfield’s Instagram post.  He apparently wanted Wide Receiver Kenny Stills to get him to Miami.

baker_mayfield #GetMeToMiamiMayfield getmetomiami

Will he even fall to #11? Would Miami pick him if he did? Could they trade up to get him?

Whether or not Mayfield wants to come to South Florida won’t affect any of questions.

The primary question: Would Mayfield be the right pick?

Mayfield is the reigning Heisman trophy winner, so there’s that. Of course, plenty of NFL QB flops have won the Heisman. So while getting the trophy is in no way a bad thing, it would have been a lot nicer to see him nail his Senior Bowl performance …and he didn’t.

Now, let’s be real, however the performance turned out, it’s wouldn’t have been the end all be all. There’s no definitive correlation between NFL success and Senior Bowl success

…but given his question marks, it sure would have been reassuring to see him do well.

I have to admit, I’m very intrigued by the possibilities of Mayfield wearing aqua… if he somehow falls into the Dolphins lap at #11.

Although he lacks the “prototypical” size for a QB in the NFL, his arm, competitive spirit, and leadership are indicators of a franchise QB’s. But, there’s a lot more to succeeding in the NFL than just those qualities… ask Tim Tebow.

Both Strengths and Weaknesses Displayed in Senior Bowl

Now, Mayfield is light years more accurate than Tebow, but he does have strong flaws. Some of those showed in the senior bowl, while little of his strengths were on display. It was only 5 passes in total, so again, let’s not get crazy over it. But let’s not totally ignore it either. More to the point, why didn’t he ask back into the game, like Josh Allen did, after his slow start?

What he did well: mobility and accuracy on his first read.


…and what he didn’t do quite so well:


Mayfield is in the mix of around 5 top level QB’s that most NFL Draft “gurus” predict could be the strongest 1st round QB class since the legendary Elway to Marino class of 1983. If  there happens to be an early run on QB’s, which is what many pay per head software providers are predicting, Mayfield may never make it to #11… and I don’t think Miami should sell the future reaching for him.

Will the Dolphins really take the “Best Player Available” at #1

Miami recently said that if a QB happens to be the best player on their draft board, and he’s still available when they select in the first round, they would not be shy about taking a shot on him.  Sure, Miami has a ton of needs that have to be filled. And of course, everyone and his brother says they need to make a blue chip day one starter selection with their first round pick. However, what if we can land a QB that can finally fill the void of Dan Marino? One that can bring this franchise out of the doldrums of eternal mediocrity? It’s hard to argue against making that selection.

I am not saying that Mayfield is going to be the next Marino, or Brees, or the next anything.  What I am saying is that, at the very least it, would give us a young backup that has a higher potential ceiling than any of our other options at QB, including Ryan Tannehill… that is if Mayfield ends up being as good as billed.


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  • Steve

    Once again Baker Mayfield proves the Better QB. Having no valid reasons but not prefered!

     Watch “2018 NFL mock draft: Fi

    Youthful mistake grabbing his crouch on national TV. I think Baker Mayfield is no risked but will be a Plus for any team who selects him

  • Steve

     Watch “First Take reacts to Mel Kiper on Baker Mayfield.


    Mel is trying to permote Wyoming GB Josh Allen.

    Ihe more I read about Baker Mayfield the more I see That he is being black ball. He is a warrior and has lead his team to victory.

  • JD

    If Mayfield falls, grab him Miami. Then we will have to decide if OL or LB is the 2nd pick. If we get OL in free agency, we can pick LB in 2nd and possibly use one or both of our forth round picks to move up and get a TE we desperately need.

    If we go into next season with a new starters at LG, LB & TE, that is all we can ask for.

    • admin

      If they go QB, they must nail it or it might be the nail in this regime. If he is a quality QB they should… but they’d better be right, brother. There is some fine talent that will be sitting there for them at #11…
      “If we go into next season with a new starters at LG, LB & TE, that is all we can ask for.” Those are keys… they should try and go in big in FA for the LG and eliminate one need come draft time. For some reason I think they will pend on an LG this FA…maybe it’s just hope.

  • Steve

    Hello dolphins fans!

    Why is it that some Quarterbacks do well in the NFL and many failed?

    Three important technics they must master are:

    1. Successful under the Blizz
    2. Successful on 3rd and 4th downs.
    3. Successful in the Red Zone.

    Below are the top Quarteracks in this 2018 draft and thier success rating under the above conditions. Now Tannehill took 78 sacks his 1st season blame it on who ever.


    • admin

      Great article, Steve. Thanks. Stidham looks like a nice late pick… need to do some study on him. Wished White was on there… Mayfield did excellent. Don’t like his number of plays from shotgun though–of course the same could be said of Stidham. I think I heard White played a decent amount form under center? If so, maybe he could make the transition. I hate all this one read, shotgun Qb stuff. Thanks again, excellent read. I’m thinking of making a page that just had useful links like this for the readers….

  • Steve

    I’m not a Baker Mayfield fan but the name of this game is can the Dolphins win with him?

    Yes the Dolphins can win with Baker Mayfield. Sinice 2015 he has done well and since 2016 he has been in the college football top 5 qbs in every poll that I have viewed.

    Thats the most important thing is can the Dolphins win with Baker Mayfield?

    • admin

      I too have my reservations… but if he falls to #11, and they pass, and he turns out to be legit… then it would be ugly. I’d prefer to go later in the draft to get the QB… my man crush of White is growing… I think his make or break is all about his arm…

      • Steve


        You really think White could be the man. You could be right. I will stick with Luke Falk and Deon Francois.

        Miami refused to have Diversity in the Quarter back corp.

        Each season it’s the same disfunctional dull pocket passing QB’S.

        The Dolphins must possess the Qb’s that are totally different in their game. Creating 3 effective strike packages.

        Your QB’S White handle himself well when playing Nick Sabans Alabama. Thats handling adversity.

        • admin

          I need to watch film on Falk and Francios… I now little to nothing about them. White stood out because I saw an interview and he broke down the coverage like an ace… so that had my attention. Tannehill was / is a mobile QB… problem is they have a tendency to rely on their legs and the passing game struggles. Gase like mobility a lot, so I’m sure he wants mobile QB. To me, it’s icing on the cake. Was watching a very good analysis of pro success on college statistical benchmarks…. was pretty sound. White had 2 out of 5. Allen had zero. Again, I need to spend whole lot more time in evaluation…

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