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What Would Damien Williams Being A Pat Mean?

What Would Damien Williams Being A Pat Mean?

Damien Williams always seemed to a talent on the verge of blossoming

Damien Williams always seemed to a talent on the verge of blossoming

Williams has all the tools to shine in 2017

I’ll say it: I dread the thought of Damien Williams being a New England Patriot.

The Pats brought Williams in recently offering the possibility of them matching his tender option.

Can you say Wes Welker?

I have always believed Williams could develop into a true player. He has fight, strength, burst, hands, and toughness. Sometimes he gets too cute in the hole and goes lateral when he just needs to get what’s available, and his early inconsistency was a back breaker with Philbust, but any NFL football fan could see he has always flashed skill.

Now, I’m not saying he is Ricky Williams. But, with a little more growth and some better holes, and used as Adam Gase utilized him, this Williams could make an even bigger impact on a season than he did in 2016… especially with a team like the Pats.

I can already see him killing us with screens, flats, and swing passes from Tom Brady. Then there would be the brutal B gap runs with broken tackles and draw plays for chunk yards. This is why I don’t ever want him heading north–ever!

Williams excels in pass protect and receiving

Also, for the Miami Dolphins, Williams brings hard-work ethic and toughness to the field and, as important, to the practice field. He is a leader. And while not the talent of Jay Ajayi, he plays a crucial role that Kenyan Drake hasn’t proven he can assume.

Now that Bill Belichick has brought him in, I’m starting to sweat bullets. Would it be the end of the world if he becomes a Pat? No. But, it could set up a nightmare situation where Williams has a back breaking play against Miami at a crucial moment, or at least helps the Pats stay on top of the division. And that wouldn’t be fun times… not in the least.

So let’s hope the Cheat stay away, even if it just amounts to some peace of mind. Say what you want about the Cheat, but he knows what he’s doing and far too many of his moves pan out… I just don’t want to see #26 be one more. Go Fins!!!


Editor’s Note: Patriots have signed former Dolphins Mike Gillislee which make Williams not longer of interest to them. Could be same nightmare, but different player… at least it’s not Williams.

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  • Dolphins Management on their 2016 draft? Taken from Miami Herald.

    “Candidly, give us a grade of incomplete,” Dolphins football czar Mike Tannenbaum said of the 2016 draft. “We’ll know in two more years. … I think some guys exceeded expectations and I think some haven’t, but I would say it’s a grade of incomplete.”
    If there was any year to get their second-day problem fixed, this is it. The Dolphins’ needs and the draft’s depth — mainly edge rushers and secondary — align. The Dolphins own the 54th and 97th picks, and should be expected to find two quality players.
    They don’t necessarily have to be starters.
    They just have to be good enough to see the field in some capacity.
    The Dolphins didn’t get nearly enough of that from their second and third-rounders last year, and injuries exposed a lack of depth on defense.
    “It’s not just the second or third rounds,” Tannenbaum said. “It’s also the later round guys. If you go back to last year and all the injuries we had … when we were playing meaningful games down the stretch, it was guys on the practice squad that got bumped up. Rashawn Scott. There were so many of those guys, and that’s where you get a lot of pride from. Sure, you want to hit on your second or third round. But I think what we stand for, and what we talk about all the time is trying to develop as many players as possible on our roster.”

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/nfl/miami-dolphins/article145528454.html#storylink=cpy

    • admin

      nice thanks… but, can they find the players? This is the biggest question for this regime and season.

  •   As of Wednesday afternoon, running back Damien Williams still had not signed his restricted free agent tender. The deadline for Williams to sign an offer sheet with another team is Friday.

  • Williams was on my draft board the year he was drafted. New England most likely will tap into his talent. The year’s that Miami focus on their run game they were AFC Champions 2008 and that run game focus help them to make the play off earlier. The Dolphins over the last 16 years rarely developed a serious run game and their focus was trying to fine another QB like Marino threw Free Agency and the only QB that they drafted since Marino in the 1st round was Tannehill.

    If Miami stress Balanced Running and Passing the Patriots cannot stop them. I’ve watched Bill Ba-la cheat lose game against the Dolphins when they were serious about running the Ball. He can’t coach against that. The passing game the Pat’s Coach will beat us every time. The run game and Defense will beat the PAT’s every time. They looked for teams to panic and just passed i.e. Seattle passing on the goal line vs not running Lynch in the Super Bowl.

    A strong run/defense Plus a smart passing game will beat the Raven and Patriots on a 10 degree’s playoff day. I do believed that we should go after RB Elijah Hood ranked 27th in R/B’s once again the experts over looking talent.

    vs Georgia 2016
    https://youtu.be/mXA40uQ-mm0 vs FSU

    • admin

      His first game and first few runs jumped out at me and I thought year 2 was going to be real good, but he flopped with fumble and inconsistency. He was rated as surprise player in 2015 as a 3rd down back. He had a nice comeback in 2016, but I still believe that was just scratching the surface. Looks like with Gillislee going to the Pats on a poison pill deal it will a Dolphins back that they acquire after all, just not Williams.